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This page is for people who want learn more about Wicca and who want to live a Wiccan lifestyle. This is able to be studied whether you follow a different path, or don’t consider yourself Wiccan per say. You don’t have to be born into a family of wiccans to practice magick. I think it’s important for people to know that anyone who is serious about magick can practice magick and do magick effectively. This is lessons for you to be able to create the life you desire. This will teach you the basics about being able to focus you mind and your minds energies on creating effective magick that works.

Your path is up to you, there is no main big man (or woman) of magick who is going to lay down the Wiccan law if you don’t do things a certain way. It is so important for you if you are new to Wicca to not limit yourself or your beliefs based on the first book you read, website you visit or the first YouTube video or podcast you listen too. This is a very personal life path only for you, so you make the rules and experience magick as you see fit.

This is a practice that has been misrepresented, misunderstood, and criminalized throughout most of time. People often make rude and untrue assumptions based on what they heard and not based on what they know. So make sure you take time to know at least the basics of magick and spell casting, earth based religions and also make sure you are learning from a reliable source who isn’t trying to fill your head with nonsense or of course sell you something useless and meaningless.

Most wiccan knowledge was passed through oral traditions, if you are lucky and had someone who practiced for a long period of time, or comes from a long line of Wiccans then you may be blessed with some of their knowledge. Most of us experience the craft differently, as we learn from books, and the web about basic pagan principles.

Witchcraft is not what you would call ceremonial magick. Witchcraft is earth based, using the earth’s energies to bend or shape the outcome desired. Magick is intuitive; it is something that comes from within your being, your core, your connection to the universe and the world around you. It has no restrictive rules or regulations beside the law of three.

So magick is really something that is and should be an individual path for you whether or not you choose to join a coven or practice as a solitary witch. Magick although highly individualized does have structure. There things to be learned, it comes from practice. As with all things technique is something that is learned. To perform great works of magick takes many years of knowledge and practice but this isn’t to say that you right now can’t perform real working magick spells. Dustin Brown USA Jersey