Spell to Find Lost Things

This is a spell to find lost things. This spell was designed to find something you have lost in your home, but can help you find virtually anything. You can do this spell during anytime during the moon phases but it is best to do this spell during the waxing moon. This spell is simple but you should find the lost things quickly. Also people have been asking me about studying magick on their own. If you want a great home study course then I would suggest you get your hands on this program.

What You’ll Need:

  • white candle
  • concentration

Spell to Find Lost ThingsCast your circle. Holding the lit white candle meditate and concentrate on the item as if it is already back in your possession. While you are concentrating say a chant. You can customize the chant to work in the specific object you are looking for. You can say something like:

by the powers of three by three

please return (X) to me

Release the magick and close your circle. Place the still burning white candle in the highest part of your room (make sure it can safely burn out there) and when the candle is burned through bury the candle stub. While the candle is burning don’t look for the item you lost but clean your house from top to bottom. If it is in your home you will find it. If it is not in your home then when the candle is a stub bury it outside and ask for the lost items return.

Leave all questions, comments, suggestions, and tips about this spell to find lost things below. Did this spell to find lost things work for you?

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