Magick Birthday Wish Spell

This spell was sent to me by Ranna. Thank you Ranna for all the interesting information! Ranna writes:

Many of you will be pleased to find out that the “Happy Birthday” term is pagan in nature. Pagans of times past asked that the God or Goddess give the birthday person good luck. During the times, things changed and people don’t know why they wish another happy birthday.

Even when we blow out the candles we are following a preChristian tradition brought to us by the Greeks. In this tradition on the 6th day of the month the Goddess of the hunt’s birthday was celebrated. The ancient Greeks celebrated the birthday on the 6th day of every month with a sweet cake made with honey and topped with burning candles.

When they blew out the candles the people would make wishes to the Goddess.

Birthday Wish SpellWell… who knew? Also thanks to Ranna for this spell. This wish spell is to be done on the day of your birthday. This spell requires the purchase of a new plant (preferably your birthday flower) but if the flower wont be able to grow in your climate or you can’t purchase one find a young tree growing naturally.

What You’ll Need:

  • Your Birthday! (This is a Birthday Wish Spell!)
  • Your Birthday Flower (a seedling is best)
  • 1/4 of a sheet of paper and a Pen (with ink in your favorite color)
  • Your Birthday Stone

Hold the stone in your power hand charging it with energy. Write your wish on a piece of paper. You can write up to three wishes onto your paper, but I think one is best. If you write one wish fold the paper once, if you make three wishes fold the paper three times. Bury the paper into your plant, as the plant grows so will the energies in order to manifest your birthday wish.

I wish I had this spell on my birthday!

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