Wiccan Spell to Quit Smoking

Is there a spell to quit smoking? Well the obvious answer is yes! This is a modified version of a spell that was written over 28 years ago. This spell is useful to stop drug use of any kind but can also be used as a spell to quit smoking cannabis. Having a habit control your life isn’t health. If you still have trouble with the urge to smoke and can’t get over smoking something like tobacco which is so harmful to your health – then please seek professional guidance. Check out this link for how to quit smoking if you are a teen for more helpful information.

Wiccan Spell to Quit Smoking

What You Need:

  • white wearable charm
  • white running clothes
  • nicotine patch

You must do this spell on the morning of the new moon at 7 am. Take a white charm of some sort and dressed in all white set flame to all your cigarettes. Put on a nicotine patch and your white charm and go for a run. While running (or walking if you are really out of shape) chant mentally or aloud: ‘Goddess grant me health, steadfast this morn, ye path I accept, I smoke nor longer, I deal with things in a healthy way, I no longer wish to smoke’. Run or walk your mile and then go back to start your day.

spell to quit smoking

You should try to run to this chant for 40 days. Start an online journal and let people know you are quitting, start a YouTube channel to document your experience and to watch your own progress. Speak to a therapist or find an online support group to encourage you to not give up. 40 days after doing this spell to quit smoking you should be thinner, happier, healthier and NOT SMOKING!

If you decide to do this wiccan spell to quit smoking – please leave your comments below! Thank you for coming by!

Helpful Notes:

There are many different methods that have successfully helped people to quit smoking, including:
  • Quitting smoking cold turkey.
  • Systematically decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke.
  • Reducing your intake of nicotine gradually over time.

 How to Quit Smoking

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Wiccan Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Thanks to Samantha Moon-shadow for submitting this spell to stop drinking alcohol! When you submit spells you have your choice of free gift so please send any spells you would like to post to [email protected]. This spell has been one that is highly requested and so I am glad we finally have one to share. I do recommend reading the spell through at least once before you try it or leave a question in the comments. This spell is not a spell to make someone stop drinking so you must need the spell to do the spell. You could modify for that purpose if you need to.

Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

This spell should be done on the night of the new moon. This spell requires some banishing oil and three black candles. It may be a good idea to do a wiccan purification spell first. This spell to stop drinking alcohol works best if you already meditate on a daily basis. If you don’t then I suggest that you practice meditating for 21 days prior to doing the spell. You can alternate between complete silence, guided meditations and chanting an affirmation centered around stopping your drinking.

On the night of the new moon dispose of all your alcohol. Afterwards light the candles in a circle around you. Meditate on removing the need to drink out of your life. Tell who you need to sorry and ask for their forgiveness mentally. Write down all the ways drinking has destroyed your life. Release all negative energy and thoughts from your world. Do this for as long as you need too.

The next morning start calling and reaching out to find a therapist. Many do ‘sliding scale’ payments which mean that you decide how much you can afford for the hour. Try to find someone who can do bi-weekly or even weekly sessions in the beginning. If you feel the urge to drink after this then you may need to attend AA. Try to go cold turkey for at least one year to repair the damage to your brain if you cannot do this then you need AA… If you can go without drinking for a year then afterwards you should drink no more than 2x a month and no more than 3 drinks… This means 3 beers, 3 wine coolers, 3 mixed drinks, 3 of any drink that has alcohol.

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Spell to Keep the Truth Hidden

This spell is about dishonesty. Lying or being a liar is never a good thing and is something that should be avoided at all times because they are energy traps, energy vampires that suck your energy and can make you feel lethargic, unmotivated and depressed. Sometimes lies cannot be avoided. While we know honesty is the best policy certain times  – whether it is out of fear, judgement, safety or another personal reason we have chosen to lie. Please do whats best for you and if its a case of physical abuse, mental abuse or sexual abuse this will not work for you and you need to seek professional help to deal with what is happening.spell to hide the truth

If you can do not avoid the person who you told the lie too. You should hand out with them the normal amount and if they outright catch you in the lie you were already caught and should just fess up to the lie.

This spell requires you to have binding oil and a black candle. Write the new truth on a memo card and place it on your it on your altar. Place a mirror on your altar as well. I bought my mirror from a dollar store (for $1) for my altar mirror.

Consecrate the candle for its magickal purpose and light it on your altar.

Look yourself in the eyes and tell your new truth. Repeat this 4 times and ten say ‘so mote it be’ as you snuff the candle.

Do not use this candle for any other spell. Continue to do this everyday until you believe sincerely the new truth or until you no longer are worried about it being an issue.

This spell works very well because you are basically brain washing yourself to forget the old truth and believe the new one only. If you look away when telling yourself the truth, feel uncomfortable within, or think that it is a lie then you won’t see the effects until you start to believe the new truth.

This spell can also be used to removed negative programming, old behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve us. You can enhance this spell through regular meditation.

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Wiccan Spell to Get Over Someone

This wiccan spell to get over someone should be done during the MOON OF DECREASE. This spell is to no longer love someone. You can modify it anyway you see fit. To get the most potent results, this wiccan spell is best done at 1pm. Don’t worry too much if you can’t do it at 1… you can change this spell! This spell takes a lot of dedication and commitment to make it work. This spell to make someone fall out of love with you shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you will you think you might want this person back into your life then think twice before proceeding. You can overcome the spell with a tremendous amount of time and effort.

I went through a really rough time with my family. They didn’t accept me or my friends, my beliefs or clothes… or anything at all! I eventually became homeless and wanted nothing to do with them. I did this spell to get over someone (my ex!). I am getting married and recently had my engagement party in Atlanta (here’s my wedding registry!!) but they weren’t there. It hurt me not to have my brother and sister there for my day but it’s partly my fault. I locked us against each other and they will never be able to stop hurting me in ways only they can.

Wiccan Spell to Get Over Someone

Wiccan Spell to Get Over Someone

This wiccan spell to get over someone does require you to be smart and mentally strong. You can meditate up to 4 days before both day and night to prepare. (Why Meditate?Taoism & Meditation). This spell also requires a black candle, star oil and a letter written in black ink detailing why you want the universe to grant you this separation.

  1. Charge the candle with the star oil.
  2. Place the candle on your altar and light it.
  3. Place the letter on the altar
  4. Say the following 3x : “I no longer need ——-, I no longer love ——-, ——– has no control over my life or feelings.”
  5. Snuff out the candle.

Repeat this process for 40 days. If you find yourself thinking about the person(s), repeat the affirmation quietly to yourself.

These things shouldn’t be taken lightly but with all things on this site – be careful what you wish for. Ever had questions about what your dreams meant? Check out this awesome dream dictionary on the oldest pagan website on the web.

Check out this Guided YouTube Meditation.

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to my PO Box (PO BOX 361704 – Birmingham, Al 35244) for a free gift! Thank you guys so much for visiting… Leave a comment below or answer some others!

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Spell to Get Rid of Someone

The tagline to this website is ‘be careful what you wish for’ and its a perfect fit. We all get so caught up in what we want in the moment and daydream about the future WE want to have, not necessarily whats best for us or how  we can put in the work to obtain our dreams. People email me often about how to obtain lovers that may or may not be meant for them and some have some negative consequences. This is a modified version of a simpler spell to get rid of someone from a website called TheWitchsBrew. See the original spell.

spell to get rid of someone

spell to get rid of someone

This spell to get rid of someone helped me a few times when I casted spells that I soon later regretted. Maybe you did a love spell to hastily? Or maybe you are a popular person with a lot of interest and attention? Whatever the case, if you are looking to get rid of an unwanted lover this spell is perfect for you! – Raven Moon

Some people are wooed by persistent would-be lovers, those who won’t take no for an answer and who won’t leave them alone. This is the ideal spell for such a situation. This spell should work in due time to break the bond of closeness. It should be said that one must carefully consider before doing this spell. If you have feelings for this person or think you may in the future you may want to talk to the person about how you are feeling first. It should be done during the waning cycle of the Moon – that is, after the Full Moon and before the New Moon.

Spell to Get Rid of Someone

Have a roaring fire going, then go outside and pick up two handfuls of dry vervain leaves (you can place them on the ground ahead of time, if necessary.) As you pick them up, shout out the name of the one you wish to be rid of. Turn and go into the house (or cross to the fire if this is all done out in the open) and fling leaves onto the fire with the words:

“Here is my pain;
Take it and soar.
Depart from me now
And offend me no more.”

Do this for three nights in a row. You will hear no more from the unwanted ones.

This spell to get rid of someone can easily be done in front of a fire pit or camp fire with desired effects. Keep in mind the burning leaves will smoke and smell like burning leaves. If you would prefer some level of discretion you may modify the spell as you see fit. You can also use binding oils if you have access to any. You rub the oil on you left palm , scoop the leave with your right and place your left hand on the leaves as you shout the name of the person you would like to be rid of.

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Spell to Speed Up the Day

Have you ever been at work or school and it seems like the whole day is in permanent slow motion?

That was my day earlier. I wanted to crawl into bed and quit work and school and just be at home… feeling less yucky.

I can’t tell you everyone will speed up or the day will magically become 16 hours by some random event but this spell made my day go by in fast forward and I was having fun by the end of it!

Spell to Make the Day Go By Faster

spell to speed up time

This spell simply works on your energies and changing your mood. Modify this spell however you see fit and watch the magick happen in your life.This spell is a simple method to change your vibrational energies to make you happier in your state, where you are… immediately.

Close you eyes.

—Aren’t you so happy to be alive?

—What blessings have you received lately?

—Whats something that you are grateful for?

After a few moments of feeling the energies and vibrations of love (really feel it) say or chant the following : ‘This is my day, this is my love, this task will end quickly with my happiness, so mote be.”

This is a spell of pure energy. The power isn’t from any tools we are using, it is coming from within.

I want to give you guys a good mix of spells. I think I have a lot of spells for people who are just starting but this is for my readers who can raise energy from within.

For me… My day changed within a few minutes? I had really bad cramps today and someone offered me medicine that helped me so much. I received money from an unexpected source. I went on to talk to a great friend. I just had a great day.

You control your day. You control your emotions. You control your life and love. Go out there and manifest something great. What have you brought forth today?

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Bay Leaves Spell to Break a Bad Habit

This spell is a one to use when trying to break a bad habit or change your ways. This spell uses plant magic and fire. The bay leaf is a powerful magickal herb. If you want to break a bad habit try this spell and post your results. This spell can also be used as a wish spell. You should do the first part of the spell on the night of the new moon. People often see results by the time the full moon arrives.

Bay Leaves Spell to Break a Bad Habit

• What You’ll Need:Spell to Break a Bad Habit

  • • • 3 Bay Leaves
  • • • Paper
  • • • White candle
  • • • pen

On your piece of paper, write down your intention to change three times. Each time your write down your intention or wish say the words aloud. This should be written in the present tense, for example “I do not eat cheesecake after 8pm” (I love cheesecake! Someone should make me one!) After you have written down your intention, place the three bay leaves onto the paper once more saying your wish out loud. Fold the paper three times while focusing and visualizing your wish coming true. Keep visualizing until the spell is done. Then fold the paper by three again and place the parchment in a dark place.

Once you are satisfied with your new changes or the habit is broken, charge and anoint your candle with blessing oil. Light your white candle. Take the parchment with your intention and burn it using the flame. This is a way of giving thanks and you may add some words of thanks at this time.

Bay leaves are traditionally associated with wisdom in making decisions and protection from mistakes. Keep your intentions private from others and do this spell alone.
Try this spell and post your results in the section below. Thanks for being apart of my life! I am so grateful to you all!

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Spell for More Confidence

We all sometimes need an extra boost of confidence to encourage us and send us on our way. This spell is designed to give you magnetic confidence by using self affirmations and sound. It was once said that sound was the way to get rid of demons and it was very common to shout when doing banishing work. With this spell we will be tackling some inner demons that block and prohibit our true inner beauty and confidence from showing.Spell for More Confidence

  • A bell
  • music
  • Your voice

This spell should be done on the night of the new moon to signify new beginnings. You should try to do this spell at a time when you will not be disturbed.  You will need to choose a short affirmation that best expresses the quality you would like to gain.

Here are some sample affirmations that you can re write to suit you needs or use as is;

  1. I am a beautiful and confident person.
  2. I am cool and calm in every situation.
  3. I am very pretty and smart.
  4. I never blush around boys I like.

As you see the affirmation can be used to change and create whatever qualities that you so desire.

Once you have your chosen affirmation spend sometime memorizing it. Play the music of your choice to raise your energy. When you are ready and feel your energy is at its peak take your bell and dance with the music. Continue to raise energy with dance and your bell or rattle.

Shout your affirmation and proclaim it to the world. Do this at least three times. You can add candles and incense if you would like too.

Spend sometime every morning and every night looking at yourself in the mirror and reaffirming the affirmation to yourself.

Do this every week as you deem necessary. You can change the affirmations as your grow and move from seeking confidence to maybe another quality you would like to posses.

Affirmations work on many different levels. This spell/ritual is very customizable and earthy, not requiring a lot of tools or correspondences.

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Affirmations have been said to take around 30 days to really work and start changing behavior so commit to at least saying the affirmations both morning and night for 30 days even if you decide you can’t do the weekly ritual.

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Spell to Resolve a Love Triangle

Sometimes when we fall in love other issues from relationships past haunt us and seek us out. We get sometimes end up in predicaments where three people end up in an emotionally draining situation that’s not good for anyone. It would be and it is wrong to use magically influence to make someone do your will. You should try to force anyone’s decision but this spell will help you resolve your relationship problem by weeks end.This spell is best done on the night of the Full Moon.

What You’ll Need:

  • three red ribbons 1ft- 2ft in length
  • a open space

On the night of the full moon cast your circle as you normally would. Lay the ribbon Spell to Resolve a Love Trianglein a triangle and step inside. Say the following when you are ready:

Triple Goddess I ask of thee

Please come to hear my plea

_______, ______, and me

Seek resolution in this time of need

For whom is right is not mine to decide

Keeping it no longer in my minds eye

This will be resolved, (raise your hands in the Goddess V position)

By weeks end.

Stay in the circle and spend sometime meditating. The answers will come to you if you are seeking an answer. While meditating you might discover the next move you should make, whether it be forward or not with the person.

When ready gather the ribbon and burn it inside a fire proof dish or receptacle. While watching the ribbon burn visualize every member of the triangle living a healthy and happy life. Take care not to visualize the person with yourself or the other boy/girl. Just clearly visualize each person smiling and happy.

When you are ready to let it go, say “So Mote it Be”.

Spend the week taking things easy. Don’t got out of dates with the person or see the person until the weeks end. Things should have resolved themselves during the week but if not you should make the next move.

When dealing with love triangles it is easy to get caught up in what we want. We have to equally think about all parties involved and truly whats best for everyone. You can’t force someone to be faithful, but you can be honest with yourself and do whats right even if it means leaving someone you may love.

Fidelity is the real issue when dealing with love triangles and just so you know, you are definitely worthy of true love that doesn’t come with added and unnecessary junk. Being happy isn’t always easy but if you do the right thing the threefold law will always have your back.

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Have You Ever Been In a Love Triangle? Leave a comment below. 🙂

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How to Break a Love Spell

How to Break a Love SpellWondering how to break a love spell? Why did you do the spell in the first place. The threefold law may be lessened but their are always consequences. Some people may be wondering how to break a love spell that they think has been done on them. If you are one of the few people wondering how to break a love spell that has been done on you, then this same spell should work for you. A lot of people have been telling me that the spells I post have worked for them. The most people telling me this are ones who did love spells. Unfortunately these people did these love spells but when it worked they didn’t want to be with that person! I always tell you guys to be careful and weary of karma. You guys have been posting on my Facebook, and leaving comments telling me how well the spells have worked. I am so glad. I know some of you guys are in need of a spell reversal and in this post I will provide one for you.

How to Break  a Love Spell

As I said before for those of you wondering how to break a love spell that has been done to you this spell will work.

What You Will Need:

  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Chamomile
  • 1 white candle
  • water
  • herb mixing bowl and masher
  • a jar
  • the persons photo

Inscribe the white candle with the rune symbol for clarity. Light a white candle and meditate on the person being free from the love spell. If you are doing this spell for yourself then imagine not being in love with the person any longer and being free from this spell.

Chant the following 16 times:

Be free of this spell I ask of the, be free of this spell, as I will it so mote it be.

Combine all ingredients into your herb masher. Grind the garlic, water and chamomile in your herb masher until it is a paste. While concentrating on the spell being lifted put the paste and picture into a jar. While the candle is still lit, go bury the jar into the backyard. Do this spell during the waning moon for the best results. I hope you found this article on how to break a love spell useful. Try to be more responsible with magick, somethings can never be undone and what goes around comes around!

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