Spell for Psychic Protection

This spell was sent to me to a good friend. I was really feeling drained (psychic vampire attack) over the past few weeks after some different falling outs with friends and formers friend etc. I have been a practicing witchcraft for over 1o years (I am now 24) and recently when I started achieving success, focusing on my happiness, trying to give love to the visitors on this site (YOU! THANKS SO MUCH FOR VISITING!),and other things to improve the quality of my life. People around me became unhappy with my success! Friends I thought would never talk down on me, and lie on me did! I have no problem with these people but thoughts and negative energies were sent my way and my friend wrote this spell for me with psychic protection in mind. I haven’t had a chance to do this particular spell but I plan on it!

The people who have in their minds and hearts to hurt me or be hateful to me, guess what? I don’t care! I love my website, I love myself, I love my friends, I love my visitors and I love the Goddess! With all that love I am happy and content. So to my haters, I want to say four things – I am sorry. Please forgive. I love you. Thank you. I release all negative motives and pray that karma is kind in this land where the law of three lives and acts boldly!

I have my own method of protection that has been working, but I am still excited to cast this spell on the next full moon! Here is the email my friend sent!

Raven! I know you said you are busy, and I hope to not bother you but you were in my heart and I though you might need this. Blessed Be!

My friend is something! I had not told this person how I have been feeling or what I have been going through lately but this person has the gift of knowing such things. I am going to share this very special spell with you!

What You’ll Need:Spell for Psychic Protection

  • a black candle
  • a red candle
  • a cauldron
  • mint leaves
  • protection incense
  • protection oil

24 hours before the full moon at 12 am take a ritual bath. After your cleansing fill your cauldron with water and mint. Anoint and charge you candles and allow them to stay untouched on your altar until the night of the full moon. Light a white candle and meditate on the Goddess before bed. Blow out the white candle and wave the candle over the altar letting the smoke disappear over your altar, infusing it with the love of the Goddess.

On the next night at the same time do another cleansing. Skyclad light your protection incense and let the smoke touch everything you own. Let the incense burn and light the red and black candle with a wooden match (not a lighter!).

All the thoughts you send to me flow back to your three times three

Negative or positive you decide but your thoughts shan’t penetrate my mind’s eye

Do no harm I ask of thee, less you fear the power of three

Goddess protection of your seeker

 Take your oil and anoint your body. As you do this visualize a bright blue-ish white energies surrounding you and becoming as hard as steel. When you have done this give thanks to the Goddess and no longer fret, because you are protected.

Interestingly enough my WHOLE BLOG went down when I tried to post this spell. NO LIE! I spent the last night since 2am – 710am working on getting the website back up and running. You guys I am telling you this is now joke. I am so happy and grateful that I didn’t lose my whole site!

Please keep me in your thoughts! Right now I am a little.. astonished!

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