Spell for Protection at Work or School

I don’t know about you, but bullies tend to make life miserable. Sure it’s easy to say how unhappy the person maybe etc., but feeling sympathy for them doesn’t really stop the problem. I would suggest in additional to this spell you avoid the bully (if at all possible don’t speak to them at all!). If the bully is harassing you consistently and maliciously talk to a manager, or school authority you can trust.

You will be protected with this amulet but most bullies don’t have just one target and speaking with someone who can get this bully help they need. Hurting people hurt people. People who are happy and satisfied with themselves don’t go out and maliciously attack others. I am sorry that this spell is even needed.

My personal complaint is leaving high school and entering the workspace only to run into adults who act like children! Don’t ever be a victim; stand up for yourself and what you believe always! You have the right to a safe work place and school environment.

What You’ll Need:Spell for Protection at Work

  • • • A black candle
  • • • A gray candle
  • • • A white candle
  • • • A piece of paper
  • • • Binding oil
  • • • Protection oil
  • • • A small dish
  • • • Four thieves vinegar

On the night of the full moon anoint your white candle with protection oil. Anoint your gray candle with blessing oil. Anoint your black candle with binding oil. Carve your name onto the white candle and charge it with your intention. Light your black candle:

“Your heart is dark at night this spells represents you;”
Light your gray candle with the flame of your black candle
“You may no longer harm me, I neutralize you”
Light your white candle:
“Goddess of light, I am protected”

On the white piece of paper, using black ink, list the name of all of the bullies. Put the list of bullies into a small dish covered with four thieves’ vinegar. Keep the dish with the vinegar on you altar for until the night before the next full moon.

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