Wiccan Candle Colors and Meanings

When it comes to Wiccan and pagan rituals, there are a lot of different aspects that one has to consider. The Wiccan candle colors that one uses in these rituals is based on the type of ritual that one is performing. The meaning behind any of these Wiccan candle colors can vary depending on the source that one uses, but below, one can find a rough list of what different colors can mean or represent during a Wiccan ritual.

A lot of people think that black is a sign of negativity. However, that is far from the truth. The color of black actually represents protection, defense, scrying, grounding, wisdom, and repelling black magic.

When performing a ritual centered on the elements, a blue candle can be used to represent the element of water. A blue candle can also mean will power, weight loss, patience, organization, and focus.

Brown is the color that represents the element of earth in Wiccan rituals, and brown candles are often used in rituals centering around house blessings, concentration, locating lost objects, and animal magic.

Lavender has always been used in Wiccan and pagan rituals, and the color of lavender is supposed to resemble knowledge and intuition.

Light Blue
Light Blue has always been considered a calming and relaxing color, and when used in a Wiccan ritual, light blue candle represent spirituality, peace, tranquility, and protection.

There are a lot of reasons behind using orange candles in a ritual. The meaning behind the color of orange is to promote creativity, intellectual matters, action, overcoming addiction, and even business success.

The color pink, when used in Wiccan rituals, means a variety of things. It has to deal with things like love, maturity, spiritual & emotional healing, femininity, and romance.

The color purple is often used to help drive away evil, to contact spirits, wisdom, and even to break habits.

Red is considered to mean a lot of things, and some of them are passion, strength, fertility, war, and independence. During rituals dealing with elemental aspects, the color red is also associated with the element of fire.

The color of silver is often involved in rituals that deal in moon magic. It is also considered to mean stability, dreams, communication, and psychic awareness.

When dealing with Wiccan rituals, violet is considered to represent the Goddess, and it is supposed to mean spirituality, a connection to higher self, healing, and balancing the aura.

Yellow is connected to most solar magic rituals, but the color is also associated with inspiration, charm, success, pleasure, and confidence. In elemental magic, yellow is the color that represents the element of air.

If one is looking for a color to help with business success, career growth, passion, or money, copper is considered to be the best color for rituals centered on them.

Gold is considered to be a masculine color. Therefore, the color gold represents male energy, masculine divinity, positive attitude, and great fortune.

If one is experiencing a lot of negative influence in their life, gray is the perfect color, because it is the color that is considered when helping to remove negative influences, loneliness, and even contemplation. Robert Newhouse Jersey