Simple Sugar Wish Spell

A really great twenty something, solitary witch gave me an awesome spell to try. We were discussing my sugar love spell when I asked if any other witches used sugar in their spells. This clever and witty witch said although she never has personally used sugar in her spells, she considered using this one.

It is Wicca at is finest, earthy and real, elemental and proper, it is individualized and special, and it is a shame to even post it. You can check out her quaint earthy pagan blog or follow her on twitter.  In one moment I will give you the spell that is my favorite of all my wish spells and then her bio. Leave comments, discuss and learn. Good Luck!

Simple Sugar Wish Spell

What You Need:

  1. Jar
  2. paper
  3. pen
  4. sugar
  5. herb associated with goal
  6. glass
  7. water

This is a twofold spell. Cast circle,invite the elements,welcome the Goddess and God (or do whatever it is you do when preparing for magick) meditate on intent,i.e that boy to notice you,that friend to be a bit more supportive,to get extra money for what you need (need not selfish wants). Place sugar in jar,hold jar and chant:

All i want unto me,unto me,unto me, with the swiftness of sugar bring delight,bring delight!

Now hold the associated herb and chant something more specific to your desire,of your own choosing,(it must mean something to you) whilst also holding the glass of water. Once chanted nine times (completion of goals), mix the herb and 90% of sugar in jar,and place 10% of sugar in glass. Drink the sugared water whilst visualizing success. Write desire on slip of paper,and seal in airtight jar with sugar,place under bed.

End of ritual.

wish spells

wish spells

Hopefully this will help some of you <3 About Closet Hazel:

Twenty-something english solitary witch,lover of love,friend of the cat,eater of chips.

Although millions of you come to this blog in hope of wish spells ideas, and spells that will work for sure, I hope you see the beauty of spells created from within. I think sometimes its easy to get involved with the politics of it all, but Wicca and witchery really appeals to the primitive something in us all, connected to the earth and each other on an more instinctual level. A great spell for all of you to try! Feel free to submit your own spells via email: JW at

You can follow me on twitter and share your thoughts on sugar spells, effective spells, solitary witchery and more. Make sure you sign up for my email newsletter and leave a comment below.

Merry Meet. Merry Part. And Merry Meet Again. <3 Raven Moon.

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