A Spell to Talk to a Cat

This is a spell to speak to your cat. This is definitely one of the cutest pet spells I have and although I personally haven’t tried it; it would be a pity not to include it onto the website!

UPDATE!: I did try this spell and had some wonderful results! My cat doesn’t speak with words. Its more of an understanding. I can hold on to a thought and my little kitty will respond  appropriately. Try this spell! I can say I have tried it and feel really closer with my kitty.

You can watch this video to learn more about communication with you pets (and a lot more!) It will give you even more insight on how to talk and communicate with your little one.

Spell to Talk to a Cat

Who knows you may be speaking to your cat in no time!

For some reason witches seem to be cat owners on the majority. Cats seem olden and wise so maybe that is the draw. I love cats, so maybe I will try this spell to talk to my cat! So here is the spell to talk to your cat!

*Note: This spell only works with cats! Please don’t try this spell with other animals, especially not horses, dogs, birds or reptiles! If you want to try to talk to your other pets you have read my other pet spells!

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Spell to Speak to You Cat

You will need to start this spell by first getting you cat to sit down in front of you as still as possible. Because we know cat-tys like to rub and wander this may be a daunting task already! This may take some some time but it absolutely crucial for the spell to work. Once your cat is completely still get down to eye level with you cat. After you are at eye level stare into your cats eyes. Focus on your cats pupils and clear your mind. Breathe in and out once very deeply. With your index and middle fingers from your writing hand tap your cat on the head three times. Chant this while staring deeply into your cats pupils:

“Tail of rat
Wing of bat
Allow this cat
To chit chat”.

This may seem like a familiar chant, but most of the spells that have these chants don’t have ALL the procedures listed. Only the chant. You will be able to talk with your cat depending on how emotionally and strongly you did the spell. Time varies on how the cat wants it. Usually no more than 7 minutes.

What a cool spell! Make sure you post your results into the comments. Some people are able to talk to their cat, but they can feel the cats emotions and feel the cats can feel theirs as well. I think I will try this spell on my catty, but he may talk my ear off! This is a cute spell none the less, and a great addition to your pet spells good luck!

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Twist the bones
and bend the back.


Trim him of his baby fat.


Give him fur,
black as black.

– Just…
– Like…
– This.

– Open!
– Witches!

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