Spell to Win a Game or Competition

This wiccan spell to win a game works really well. Although this spell is similar to your typical good luck spell it does work better than most. This spell once again relies on the power of the mind. So please keep in mind that it is very important to meditate on a daily basis if you want to change your life. This spell is a great spell to use if you are apart of a team but just can easily be used for solo competitors as well. This spell should be done on the night of the full moon.

Wiccan Spell to Win a Game or Competition

Things You Need for this Spell:

spell to win a game

Write your magical name onto the blue candle. Place three drops of star oil onto the top of the blue candle. Place the candle into your altar and if you have a mirror place it behind the candle. Place the item from the competition onto the altar and meditate in silence for the next 30 minutes. Clearly visualize winning the competition and what you may say or do. Smell the smells from the day and try to use every sensory tool you can from smell to hearing to sight immerse yourself into the day you win.

Come out of the meditation and prepare for the competition for at least 30 mins afterwards. Study, exercise, work on your project – do whatever you need to do to win. Go through this process everyday until the day of the competition or test. You can do the meditation again before bed as well and in the morning of the competition. With hardwork plus the energy of winning surrounding you it is virtually impossible to fail. Try this spell to win a game and let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below.

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White Magic Wishing Spells

This spell was written by Jessica and submitted to me via email. This spell is to make an impossible wish come true. This spell is best done during the full moon at 10:10pm. This spell doesn’t require anything but a white candle. This spell is really simple and apparently it worked for her. Thanks so much for sharing your spells with me. You can submit spells and content by emailing me *[email protected]*.  You can buy a different candles by visiting this site.

The Magic of Wishing Spells

This spell is so simple – all you need is a white tea light candle – oh! and a glass of water.

Cast your magickal circle on a Sunday night during the full moon at 10:10 pm. Light the candle and state your wish to source energy, Goddess, Gaea or whatever name you use to connect with earth.  Place the water on to your altar.

Stay in the magickal and release all negative energy, negative intention and release the energy from your life. (If you don’t know what this means sorry, I can’t explain everything)

Wishing Spells

Once the energy has been released and you feel pure – take the glass of water into your hand. Thank Source for the changing of your reality and drink the water.

Close your circle.

Your wish will either come to you – or it won’t. Its really a matter of fate. You have cleansed yourself of negative energy. You have made the release necessary for the manifestation to happen for you and now you must not be attached to the outcome but must let it appear into your reality.

This spell is for more advanced practitioners of witchcraft and the manipulation of energy. This spell will not be easily done by people who don’t work on themselves on a spiritual level.

If you only done simple spells, only love spells, or basically selfish spells then you probably won’t be able to make this work for you but the information is here for you to try it and to come back and try it again once you have matured in the craft.

You guys are so awesome! I do hope this spell works for you as it did for Jessica. Hey! Did I mention if you submit you own wishing spells you receive a free gift from me? So go make it happen.

Blessed Be!

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Spell to Become Popular

This spell to become popular truly works and it’s all about your intention. This spell will tell you a lot about yourself and with everything else on this site be careful what you wish for. This spell can be modified or changed to your liking. Some people can do spells without magickal tools but I feel that we evolved from being primitive apes through the use of tools. Some of us, me included, still have that connection to our ancestors who lived on and from the land. Tools help us feel the energy to be able to manipulate it. So use the tools that you have and make this spell work.

Wiccan Spell to Become Popular

This spell to become popular works by giving you access and will power to become the ‘true you’. This spell does work from the moment you complete it but more so in the weeks and months to come. I would do some serious soul-searching before doing this spell because some things you wish for aren’t what you thought they were cracked to be.

Spell to Become Popular

Spell to Become Popular

For example, Emily is overweight and wants to become the best looking girl in the school so she does this spell to become popular. The spell gives her the will power she needs to stop over eating but soon she is consumed by being thin. She also becomes popular but she doesn’t help anyone around her – she is just another mean girl. She will eventually see herself for who she is… and who she was all along.

This can work in so many ways so think carefully. You just need a brown candle, attraction oil, a charged crystal (rose for love/attraction, citrine for money/abundance ) a dry erase board and marker (I got mine from the dollar store!) and a mirror.

Write an affirmation about your new life as a popular person. Remember to stay away from vain and narcissistic requests. Example: I am so happy that I always have someone to sit with at lunch. I am so happy that we hang out together and are real friends. I am so happy that I am healthy and able to wear all the stylish clothes. I am so happy that my YouTube channel is popular and for my 1k subscribers! Thank you Goddess!

Say this affirmation everyday with the candle lit and looking yourself in the eyes in the mirror.

You can watch my YouTube video for spell enhancement to help you create your spell reality. If you use the video – which I just uploaded today!! – do it twice per day at morning and at night.

Thank you for sharing this information with your friends! I appreciate you guys! You have changed my life! Try this spell to become popular and watch how wonderful life can be!

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Spell to Get a Boyfriend

This spell to get a boyfriend was sent in by Clara Magi with no modifications made by me. She wrote this spell with out the consideration of moon phases and so this spell is great for beginners. For more experienced witches, you can of course modify the spell with appropriate correspondences and make it more powerful. I think this spell is a wonderful example of not having to do everything “the right way” but achieving desired results.

From Clara:

I wrote this spell to get a boyfriend because I am 15 and was the only girl out of the 9 girls in my class without a boyfriend. I go to a small school and its a Christian one, so you can imagine how hard it would have been to find someone who thinks like me.

I did this spell less than 3 months ago after coming to you website: JUSTWICCA.COM and reading something you wrote about the movie “The secret”.

I didn’t meet my boyfriend right away. I met him after I worked on my self confidence because I felt ugly and thought to myself that no one would like me. So I knew that love wouldn’t come until I loved myself and so that what I worked on first. Remy came into my life after I had been working out and feeling better about myself.

I am so happy and I know that I can create my life like anyway I want it to be like.  So I hope this spell works for someone who was like me. 🙂  — Clara

spell to get a boyfriend

Here is Clara’s Spell to Get a Boyfriend.

  1. Write down everything you want in a boyfriend. Don’t write things that you don’t want on the paper. Just the positive things. I wrote mine in pink ink on printer paper because its nicer than my school paper but I didn’t have things like Raven’s parchment paper. I read the letter and at the bottom signed my name and wrote ‘so mote it be’.
  2. I folded the letter and put it under my bed. I was worried about my mom finding the letter so I placed the letter and the envelope with a love crystal I bought from your shop inside this plastic container I have under my bed with my socks, pjs and underwear.
  3. I understood that I didn’t really feel like I was ‘good enough’ for a boyfriend so I decided to start trying to work on myself and make myself feel good.
  4. I started working out and meditating because I was a size 15 and I felt bad about myself.
  5. When I started to workout and like who I was.. people like changed around me… like magick, complimenting me and telling me I was pretty… I went to a used bookstore/video game/music store with my older sister and I was looking at anime and comics and met a guy that lives IN MY SAME NEIGHBORHOOD, we never met because I go to a private school!
  6. We have been together 3 weeks and we have so much in common! I lost the love crystal I bought from your site but I know its because the crystal is alive and wanted to go help someone else find love.

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Spell to Speed Up the Day

Have you ever been at work or school and it seems like the whole day is in permanent slow motion?

That was my day earlier. I wanted to crawl into bed and quit work and school and just be at home… feeling less yucky.

I can’t tell you everyone will speed up or the day will magically become 16 hours by some random event but this spell made my day go by in fast forward and I was having fun by the end of it!

Spell to Make the Day Go By Faster

spell to speed up time

This spell simply works on your energies and changing your mood. Modify this spell however you see fit and watch the magick happen in your life.This spell is a simple method to change your vibrational energies to make you happier in your state, where you are… immediately.

Close you eyes.

—Aren’t you so happy to be alive?

—What blessings have you received lately?

—Whats something that you are grateful for?

After a few moments of feeling the energies and vibrations of love (really feel it) say or chant the following : ‘This is my day, this is my love, this task will end quickly with my happiness, so mote be.”

This is a spell of pure energy. The power isn’t from any tools we are using, it is coming from within.

I want to give you guys a good mix of spells. I think I have a lot of spells for people who are just starting but this is for my readers who can raise energy from within.

For me… My day changed within a few minutes? I had really bad cramps today and someone offered me medicine that helped me so much. I received money from an unexpected source. I went on to talk to a great friend. I just had a great day.

You control your day. You control your emotions. You control your life and love. Go out there and manifest something great. What have you brought forth today?

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Spell for More Confidence

We all sometimes need an extra boost of confidence to encourage us and send us on our way. This spell is designed to give you magnetic confidence by using self affirmations and sound. It was once said that sound was the way to get rid of demons and it was very common to shout when doing banishing work. With this spell we will be tackling some inner demons that block and prohibit our true inner beauty and confidence from showing.Spell for More Confidence

  • A bell
  • music
  • Your voice

This spell should be done on the night of the new moon to signify new beginnings. You should try to do this spell at a time when you will not be disturbed.  You will need to choose a short affirmation that best expresses the quality you would like to gain.

Here are some sample affirmations that you can re write to suit you needs or use as is;

  1. I am a beautiful and confident person.
  2. I am cool and calm in every situation.
  3. I am very pretty and smart.
  4. I never blush around boys I like.

As you see the affirmation can be used to change and create whatever qualities that you so desire.

Once you have your chosen affirmation spend sometime memorizing it. Play the music of your choice to raise your energy. When you are ready and feel your energy is at its peak take your bell and dance with the music. Continue to raise energy with dance and your bell or rattle.

Shout your affirmation and proclaim it to the world. Do this at least three times. You can add candles and incense if you would like too.

Spend sometime every morning and every night looking at yourself in the mirror and reaffirming the affirmation to yourself.

Do this every week as you deem necessary. You can change the affirmations as your grow and move from seeking confidence to maybe another quality you would like to posses.

Affirmations work on many different levels. This spell/ritual is very customizable and earthy, not requiring a lot of tools or correspondences.

READ:White Magic to return your lost love

Affirmations have been said to take around 30 days to really work and start changing behavior so commit to at least saying the affirmations both morning and night for 30 days even if you decide you can’t do the weekly ritual.

More Beauty Spells

More Self Help Spells

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Spell to Get the Job You Want

This Get a job spell with this job spell submitted by Angik Magick. This spell to get the job is simple easy and effective. Job spells are really more practical than money spells, and although sometimes it is better to write your own wiccan job spell, feel free to use the one below. I work at home doing witchcraft and writing about it.

This get a job spell is very simple and very effective. Sometimes the simpler the magick spell the more effective the Wicca magick is. I am a big believer of less is more and magickal spells don’t have to be elaborate rituals done for show.

Get a Job Spell

Get a Job Spell

Get a Job Spell

Take a little extra something with you when looking for a new job.

Dress a green candle with essential oil of rosemary, and place it in a holder on your altar.

Light the candle.

Now, place your hands down on the altar on either side of the candle and gaze into the flame.

Picture yourself getting an interview, being made a job offer, and even getting a first paycheck.

Tell yourself that you are worthy of employment, and that you are getting a job you will enjoy and that will meet your financial needs.

Get it all firmly planted in your mind, and believe it to be true.Spell to Get the Job You Want

Let the candle burn for a half hour, then snuff the candle out. Or you can blow the candle out, if you blow the candle out imagine the smoke rising from the candle carrying your will out into the universe, creating and manifesting you desires.

Burn it on consecutive nights until it is no more.

Use this wiccan job spell to get the job you want! Green candles are wonderful for job spells, luck spells, money spells, and things dealing with prosperity. I always use a green candle when doing magickal workings like this, although I sometimes use gold and white candles as well. To make this spell your own or carry some of the magick with you take some of the wax from the candle with you in a little pouch.

Have you ever tried a spell to get that job you wanted? I tried plenty of money spells some working almost immediately and others taking sometime. My goal is to earn enough money to travel this year and to build a big website where you guys can get real information for free. Leave comments, tips and information for others to read below. Try this get a job spell and let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment below.

This spell is perfect for the new year because you can change your whole life by simply changing your money situation. This was the first spell submitted to the website and I thank Angik for such a lovely contribution. Thank you so much for visiting the website please take the time to like the post and share it with your friends.

You can submit your own spells via email. [email protected] or you can make your own online book of shadows on our witchcraft message board. Sign up for the board and get instant access to even more spells and information.

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Goddess Luck Spell

 A Spell to Ask for Luck

This spell will not work when the moon is waning. Cast it on a Thursday before the full moon. If it can be done during Sagittarius, all the better. You can strengthen the magic by wearing blue clothes and loading the candles with sandalwood essential oil. You need to know your birth number. Calculate this by adding together the day, the month and the year you were born, then adding the digits of the answer together. If this results in a two-digit number, add these together.

You will need:

  • One white altar candle
  • One blue taper candle
  • Several coins
  • A sprig of white heather
  • A sprig of clover
  • A piece of gold or silver jewellery
  • Amber or citrine crystals
  • A piece of paper
  • A pencil or pen
  • A fireproof dish

Write the number down on the paper and place it on the altar. That done, kneel in front of it, light the white candle and meditate on your heart’s desire, visualizing your wish coming true. Light the blue candle and use its flame to set fire to the paper with your birth number written on it. Put this in the fireproof dish and as it burns, softly say these words:

Guardians of this space I pray,
Good luck be with me every day.
Pray bring to me some good news,
And change my fortune that I do not lose.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Now focus on the smouldering paper and see in the vapor all bad luck drifting away from you. If time allows, keep focusing your mind on good fortune coming your way until the blue candle has burned out. Thank each element for its blessing and close your ritual in the usual way.



Get the Ability to Create Your Own Destiny and Get What You Want Instantly! I’m talking about the Power to Create or Destroy What Ever You Want to… As You See Fit! Develop real magick power.

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Daily Wishing Spell

This is another wishing well spell. This is probably the simplest way to make a wishing well.With this spell you make a wish every day and forget it. Expect it to come. One of the secret methods to making your magick work for you is simply belief. Don’t worry, wander or whimper about the situation. Just set and forget it. With this in mind using this daily wishing well is a great way to bring wonderful things into your life magickally.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 candles (in various colors)
  • 1 seven day white pillar candle
  • a large bowl (any kind will do!)
  • superglue
  • spring water (the bottled kind if fine IF you can’t get water from a natural source, of course, well water works the best)
  • sandalwood oil

Wish SpellsGlue the white candle into the center of the wishing well with the super glue. You may have to leave it overnight for it to adhere properly. Fill the bowl with the  spring water and add 9 drops of sandalwood oil. Light a colored candled and  hold it in your hands. Drop 3 drops of the candles wax into the bowl and say “May my wish come true.” Do this with each of the candles. The different colors of the candle wax represent different desires and wishes for example, red represents love, health and passion. The more colors the better, but don’t fret if you don’t have many colors. You can add them to your well over time by anointing the candle with blessing oil and saying “May my wish come true”, just as you did before.

Don’t use black candle wax or ever wish anything negative into your wishing well. While black isn’t inherently bad it represents binding and that’s not what we want for our wishes.

Every morning take a coin and make you daily wish. Do this for one year without emptying your well. When your well becomes full take the most of the coins out leaving behind a few (to keep the luck) and do something kind or generous with the money. Don’t spend it on yourself!

After a years time has passed you well is now even stronger than before. If you need a wish to come true sooner you can now take a coin from your well and bury it in the earth. Your wish will come true sooner.

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Simple Sugar Wish Spell

A really great twenty something, solitary witch gave me an awesome spell to try. We were discussing my sugar love spell when I asked if any other witches used sugar in their spells. This clever and witty witch said although she never has personally used sugar in her spells, she considered using this one.

It is Wicca at is finest, earthy and real, elemental and proper, it is individualized and special, and it is a shame to even post it. You can check out her quaint earthy pagan blog or follow her on twitter.  In one moment I will give you the spell that is my favorite of all my wish spells and then her bio. Leave comments, discuss and learn. Good Luck!

Simple Sugar Wish Spell

What You Need:

  1. Jar
  2. paper
  3. pen
  4. sugar
  5. herb associated with goal
  6. glass
  7. water

This is a twofold spell. Cast circle,invite the elements,welcome the Goddess and God (or do whatever it is you do when preparing for magick) meditate on intent,i.e that boy to notice you,that friend to be a bit more supportive,to get extra money for what you need (need not selfish wants). Place sugar in jar,hold jar and chant:

All i want unto me,unto me,unto me, with the swiftness of sugar bring delight,bring delight!

Now hold the associated herb and chant something more specific to your desire,of your own choosing,(it must mean something to you) whilst also holding the glass of water. Once chanted nine times (completion of goals), mix the herb and 90% of sugar in jar,and place 10% of sugar in glass. Drink the sugared water whilst visualizing success. Write desire on slip of paper,and seal in airtight jar with sugar,place under bed.

End of ritual.

wish spells

wish spells

Hopefully this will help some of you <3 About Closet Hazel:

Twenty-something english solitary witch,lover of love,friend of the cat,eater of chips.

Although millions of you come to this blog in hope of wish spells ideas, and spells that will work for sure, I hope you see the beauty of spells created from within. I think sometimes its easy to get involved with the politics of it all, but Wicca and witchery really appeals to the primitive something in us all, connected to the earth and each other on an more instinctual level. A great spell for all of you to try! Feel free to submit your own spells via email: JW at JustWicca.com

You can follow me on twitter and share your thoughts on sugar spells, effective spells, solitary witchery and more. Make sure you sign up for my email newsletter and leave a comment below.

Merry Meet. Merry Part. And Merry Meet Again. <3 Raven Moon.

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