Spell for a Safe Flight

Thank you so much for visiting my little website. It means a lot to me and I hope you will visit often! This is a spell to cast before you travel on a plane. I am very excited because this year I am going to pretty much, travel the world. I haven’t be on too many planes and so I wrote this spell to make me a more comfortable on the flights.

What You’ll Need:

  • a white candle
  • sandalwood oil

Annoit the candle with the oil and light it. Spend time meditating on the flame before chanting the following three times:

Safe and Sound throughout my travels

As I will it so mote it be

Walk though the whole process in your mind. See yourself getting up, getting dressed, Safe Travel Spelldriving to the airport, going through search, getting on the plane, having a great flight, and arriving safely. See the whole process in its entirety and try to be as detailed as possible. Feel the feelings of being safe and arriving safely at your destination.

You can modify this simple spell a lot of different ways. You can place your favorite necklace around the white candle (after you cleanse it) to make a spell charm. If you do this hold the charm while you are going through the process of seeing your flight. See yourself with the necklace as you safely travel. Then place the necklace around the white candle and let it burn out completely.

I have a really exciting traveling year ahead. I charmed my necklace and plan to wear it on every flight!

You can leave questions, comments, suggestions, tips, and everything else in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Just Wicca and thanks for being apart of spreading the word and helping the website grow. Good luck to you all and have a safe flight!

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