A Mirror Spell of Protection for the Home

The Wiccan beliefs uses a number of different spells for protection. For people that follow Wiccan they believe that Goddesses will protect their home if they perform the spell in a certain manner. The Mirror Spell for Protection of the Home will make sure the home and everyone in it stays safe.
To complete the Mirror Spell of Protection for the home an altar has to be constructed. This can be done by placing a censer in the center of an image of the Goddess. The altar should also have nine white candles around it. Protective incense such as the sandalwood scent of frankincense should also be placed on the altar.
A person will then light the candle that is closest to the image of the Goddess and say “Lunar light protect me”.
Each of the candles is lit one at a time and each time a person will repeat that phrase. A person will then hold a mirror and invite the Goddess into the home.
The mirror is then held against each candle to reflect their light and make the picture of the Goddess almost glow.
The mirror will then be rotated clockwise around the candles pickup up speed each time.The mirror will also reflect the other areas of the home so the Goddess can offer her protection to the entire house as well.
Since this spell is being done with the best of intentions a person should end the ceremony by saying “ In no way will this spell cause me to suffer any adverse effects”
Wiccans believer if they honor the Goddess she will protect them from evil. With some much evil in the world the Wiccan beliefs will help keep the home safe as well as the family that lives in the home. This is just one of the many spells that the Wiccans use for protection.

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Spell to Keep Your Job

Are you worried about keeping your job? We all at some point can be worried about being laid off or fired from our place of employment. This could be from something you have done wrong or no fault of yours at all either way this spell will help you keep your job and succeed at it. This spell will take 21 days to secure your job with daily work done by you. This is your chance to prove that this job means a lot to you and that you want to excel. Try this awesome spell to keep your job and keep it for as long as YOU want it.

Spell to Keep Your Job

spell to keep your job

spell to keep your job

What You Need:

  • a purple inked pen
  • a white piece of paper
  • a real commitment for excellence
  1. Write down everything you need to learn to become the best employe in your company.
  2. Exercise every day and meditate 2 a day.
  3. Go to bed early and rise early.
  4. Master everything on your list one by one.
  5. Drink 50 ounces of water per day.
  6. Visualize your success at the company and end it by saying ‘this or something better’.
  7. Light a green candle every Thursday and meditate on what you are doing right.
  8. Give yourself 10 weeks for peak performance to secure your job or get a raise. If after 12 weeks you still are in limbo then you should try to look for another job.

This spell to keep your job has worked for hundreds of people and if it has worked for you then please leave your experience below. This spell is a great tool but you have to do your job and work with the Goddess to prove yourself and you value. Rarely does this spell fail and end with you losing your job. I personally only know of 4 cases where the spell didn’t work to keep them at their current job – they were laid off or had another better opportunity waiting for them.

There are times in our life where a job or position has to come to an end for out personal growth and movement to the next level. If you are unsure of where you are in life  then give this spell three weeks. During these next three weeks I want you to do the following: always show up to work early, journal daily, workout everyday, drink a gallon of water, try your best at work, write your new resume and look for a better opportunity. At the end of the three weeks you will either have a better job or you will be better at your current one.

Thank you for being the best part of Just Wicca. I love you and I support your dreams.

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Spell to Overcome Fear

Fear is something we live with daily. It can cause resentment and pain, as well as keep us from living the life we truly desire. People complain often about the lack of happiness and joy in their life but sometimes we have to look as ourselves. What’s keeping you from obtaining your desires? We can’t let fear keep us from taking our dynamic action! We have to overcome fear so that we can take action, get results, try new things and ultimately create our destiny. You are responsible for your life at this point. Overcome fear and do the work to manifest everything you ever wanted. This spell to overcome fear will help you do just that.

Spell to Overcome Fear

spell to overcome fear

Spell to Overcome Fear

What You’ll Need:

  • white candle
  • a journal
  • essential oil
  • gold charm
  1. Take the white candle and place three drops of the oil of your choice on the top of it.
  2. Place the gold charm to the left of the candle.
  3. Light the candles and write down all your fears on the first half of the paper.
  4. After writing down your tears try to release the negative energy and the write down solutions to your fears on the second half.
  5. Tear the first half of the paper and set it alight with the candle flame. Watch it burn in a fire safe dish.
  6. Take the second half of the paper and put it under the candle.
  7. Meditate on the flame. Keep focus on the solutions to the problems and what you need to do.
  8. When you are ready you can let the flame burn down or you can snuff it.
  9. Say so mote it be to end the ritual.
  10. Take action!

The end result of this spell won’t come immediately. You will become braver with every interaction and every hurdle or challenge you overcome. This isn’t a passive spell – you must now take your power into your hands by living it. You now have the ability to overcome all obstacles that stand in your way. Doing small but meaningful things everyday to overcome your fear will motivate your through the bad times until you are standing on the edge of your new tomorrow. This spell can help people overcome weight issues, abusive situations, work related issues and every other obstacle that stands in your way. Leave your spell results in the comment section below along with your modifications. Thank you for being the best part of Just Wicca. I love you and I support your dreams.

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Spell to Ward Off Negativity

This spell is to ward of negativity. This could include almost anything from gossip about you to general negative thoughts or emotions. This is another simple spell because I know most people don’t have a full collection of wiccan tools and oils so I try to focus on the power of the mind in creating the life you want and avoiding the more complex rituals. Please leave a comment below to let me know how this spell worked in your life. This spell can be changed or modified many different ways to get your specific desired outcome. Good Luck and Blessed Be!

Spell to Ward Off Negativity

Spell to Ward Off Negativity

Spell to Ward Off Negativity

Do this spell on the night of the waning moon. In Wicca, the waning moon is utilized to break negative habits or curses. If you want to go the extra mile then try to do this spell on a Saturday night (Saturday represents binding) at 12:13 am. This spell doesn’t need very much and all the items are super easy to find.

What You’ll Need:

  • A red apple
  • black thread
  • a needle
  • a gray candle
  • banishing oil (optional!)
  1. Charge the candle with the oil of your choice. How to Charge a Candle for Magick
  2. Take some of the oil (if you have it) and place a small amount on the thread.
  3. Thread the needle and tie a knot to the end of the thread.
  4. On the left side of the apple, push the needle through to the other side. (Be sure not to pull the knot through!)
  5. Take the needle and stick it in the middle of the gray candle.
  6. Light the candle on your altar or in front a window within sight of the moon. (Not always possible 🙂
  7. Say the following chant (or even better — write your own!!) : Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring me your protection right soon, protect me from evil, keep me safe – protect me from gossip, negative people and fakes, as I will it so mote it be, bind the evil 3 x 3.
  8. Let the candle burn down or snuff the candle and bury the spell items. (Please make sure to use organic/biodegradable items if you choose to dispose of the items in the traditional way.)

This spell shouldn’t take long to start producing results. You may wake up to find that a bully has switched schools or that a former friend may reach back out to you after explaining personal issues that caused a rift in your friendship (that’s what happened to me… lol). D.J. Humphries Womens Jersey

Spell to Fly without Wings

This spell to fly can work with alone or with a group of people.  Although the most powerful thing about this spell is the chanting… if you add all the items that are additionally suggested then you chances for making this spell work increase dramatically! If you can do this spell on the night of the full moon then try to do the spell at exactly 11:11 (starting chanting). This spell doesn’t require much and you can customize this spell anyway you want!

Do you know your magickal name?


Spell to Fly without Wings

spell to fly without wings

Feel Lovely! Use this spell to fly!

What You Need to do this Spell to Fly Without Wings:

  •  Your Magickal Name
  • White Candles
  • A chant of your own

Place the candles around the person you want to leviatate if you have candles. Have 1 or 2 people repeat your magickal names over while your hands are placed lightly under the body (just your fingertips should be under the persons body). The rest of you guys – including the person in the middle should start chanting to fly. I always think it will be more powerful and give you a greater chance of it working super fast if you write your own chant to go with this spell to fly without wings but here is one to use if you can’t:

“We will fly on Salem’s great  broom, Goddess seeks the light of the moon, Power shall float to thee, as we will it so mote it be.”

This spell to fly is fun and easy to do. I would recommend this spell to almost any one who is curious or a beginner in the craft. This spell is almost perfect to do at sleepovers and is probably one of those spells that are going to be really fun and give you guys a great secret to keep even if it doesn’t work as planned. Keep in mind the goal is to make the person levitate but it can manifest in many different ways for up to a year! You could have lucid dreams of flying more frequently, float or feel like you are floating while sleeping or meditating and finally find yourself more… floaty… this could manifest in looking more graceful while walking, being able to dance way better or being faster while walking or running!

Try this spell and let us know exactly how it worked out for you in the comments below! Bojan Bogdanovic Jersey

Mind’s Eye Protection Spell for Home

This is a spell to protection yourself or your home. I am placing this spell under the home and protection categories so you can find them easily. This spell can be done as a home protection spell to protect the members of the house hold or as an individual protection spell.

Mind’s Eye Protection Spell for Home

What You’ll Need:Protection Spell for Home

  • • • Your mind
  • • • Strong visualization techniques

You can do this simple protection technique whenever you think about it or if it is a home protection shield do it whenever you go away.

Spend some time in quiet meditation. Envision a white protective light surrounding you or your property. Completely form the energy shield in your mind’s eye. See your energy rising and forming into a powerful protective shield.

Ask your guardians for protection of you and your home. You can add a white candle and chant if you want to but this spell is intended to be done without any items or additional supplies.

This spell is simple and relies in your belief in your own magickal abilities. This spell can be done at any time whenever you feel the need. Most people expect or want lengthy protection spells but keep in mind your connection with the God and Goddess is inherent. Asking the divine for love, help and protection can be done without a ton of tools.

Try this protection spell and let me know what you think! Thank you for visiting my page you all are helping the community and website grow by sharing and liking and all of that and I just want to say thanks!

Leave all comments thoughts and suggestion below and I’ll make sure to answer and approve it within a day or two. I am a little behind because I am focusing on adding great content on the website but in the next few weeks I am making it my mission to answer every comment!

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Simple Spell to Break a Curse

While I usually only talk about things I am familiar with; I also try to answer questions and emails you guys send. This spell took a little research on my part because I am not familiar with curses, etc. This is a simple spell to break a curse that may have been put on you. I have no idea how you would be able to tell if you are cursed or not. People seem to agree it is something that you feel. Traditionally the person would actually need to be invited into your home  leaving behind something that is cursed. While most people agree that curses are only given strength the more you believe in the curse, this seems to not always be the case.

This spell is more of a process.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 white candles
  • chalk
  • 1 black candle

Draw a pentagram on the ground. Place the white candles on the five points of the pentagram and place the black candle in the center. The black candle is representative of the curse. Once the candles are lit say the following:

Because I am good I am surround by light

Because I harm none Goddess lend me your might

Evil shall leave my door

As I will it this curse is no more

Envision the curse leaving your body. See yourself surrounded by white, protectiveBreak a curse light energy. Repeat three times “This curse is no more”, and snuff the candles.

Do you believe you are cursed? Know anything about curses? Please leave questions, comments and everything else below. I am very interested in what you guys think!

Also, I know I say this a lot, but thank you so much for visiting my website. and it is because of you (yes YOU!) who I do this for. I love my little website and I love the Pagan, Wiccan, and Witchcraft communities so much. While everyone might not agree with everyone else I have found such a sense of community with you guys and I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate cha!

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Spell to Protect a Child

This simple technique is based on an old nursery rhyme which began life as a prayer. It protects a child as they sleep and introduces them to the idea of being able to make use of their dreams. Many children go through periods of having bad dreams and this technique teaches them that they need not be afraid while in the safety of their own bed.

What You’ll Need:Hide spell to protect a child

  • • • Glass of water
  • • • A clear quartz crystal
  • • • Few drops of lavender oil
  • • • Pine cone


? The articles above represent – in order – water, earth, air and fire and have several significances in protection spells

? When first activating the spell, hold the crystal in your hands for a few moments to activate its protective powers. Do the same with the glass of water.

? Drop the crystal into the water and add a few drops of lavender oil.

? Visualize your child shielded from all harm.

? Hold the pine cone in your hands and ask for its powers of regeneration to be activated. Place the charged glass and the pine cone together on the bedside table.

? Repeat the words:
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
Bless the bed he lies upon
Four corners to his bed,
Four angels round his head:
One to watch, one to pray,
And two to bear his troubles away!

? Obviously if you have a little girl you will use the words ‘she’ and ‘her’ instead of ‘he’ and ‘his’.

? Each morning throw away the water in the glass – this is not for drinking – either down the toilet or outside your door since it is by now ‘contaminated’.

? Renew the water each night, repeating the rhyme as you do so, and refresh the other objects as you feel it necessary.

This way of working is unobtrusive and does not frighten the child. If you make the last part of this spell an aspect of the nightly routine, as your child grows up he or she might like to participate in the actions and words and should develop a sense of security because of them. If your child has nightmares, use the pine cone as part of your soothing technique by giving it to him or her to hold.

Credit: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells

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Trick Spells: Spell to Fly

This is another one of the greats spells sent in to the website. The writer suggests you do this spell on a Sunday during the waxing moon. I love levitation spells. One of the first spells most of us have tried would be the light as a feather stiff as a board spell, this seems to be a variation of that spell.

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 white candles
  • white dove feather
  • will power

spell to flyAfter a ritual bath dress in your robe and cast your circle. Place the white candles in a circle around you and and light each candle clockwise. Sit or lie in the circle and see yourself flying, while holding the feather. Repeat this variation of a well known classic chant:

“Light as a feather, not stiff as board, I am now flying”

You should feel yourself levitate as you chant this silently to yourself. This spell won’t give you the ability to levitate on command or fly straight in the air after school but your should feel the levitation sensation. Your will power and concentration will determine how high you will be able to levitate.

Meditation and concentrate are key elements to making any type of magick grow. Try to meditate daily to increase your focus, concentrate and empower your magick. These things aren’t learn overnight so don’t be to discouraged if you try a spell and it doesn’t work!

Have you tried this spell to fly? Have any tips and information that might be useful to others? Then please share all your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting the website. You can send in spells by using the contact buttons on this page. If you like this spell to fly please like it, share it and send it using the share buttons below. This helps my website grow and also encourages me to post more spells 🙂

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Witch Garden Blessing

One of the things lost in modern witchcraft is a thorough connection with earth and nature. Many witched are making a return to traditional uses of witchcraft and are including  homegrown herbs and homemade oils more and more. If you have you own with garden and would like to bless it, try the following spell. After you scared garden is blessed you may use it for any nature, sun or lunar rituals you endeavor.

This spell is best done on a Sunday night during the waxing phase of the moon. You may want to add a cleansing ritual before you do this spell. This spell is to bless and protect you magickal garden and to prepare it as an outside altar for other magickal or nature based workings.

What You’ll Need:Witch Garden Blessing

  • a compass (bronze if possible)
  • blessing oil
  • Fire: A Orange Candle
  • Water: A Birdbath
  • Air: Wind chimes
  • Earth: Stones

Bless, charge and consecrate each of the items. Cast your circle as you normally would and place the items on the ground the direction that corresponds to each element.

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Stand in the center of your garden:

Gaia, Mother I ask for you to join me

Bless this land given by you

Make this land safe and a pure haven of my spiritual energies

Guide me and infuse the soil with your light

Sit down in the center of your circle. Place a drop of the blessing oil in each hand and rub them together to gather energy. Build the energies into your hands and when you are ready and your hands are filled with energy place them palm down onto the earth and say: So mote it be.

Stand and do a complete 360 turn three times to seal in the energy. You should take a pinch of dirt from you garden and place it onto your altar.

A lot of modern witches don’t have the privilege or having a herbal garden or an outside place to conduct spell castings and outside rituals. If you don’t have an outside area don’t be saddened or discouraged lots of witches don’t have and outside area for magick until they by a home later in life. It is not mandatory for magick but if you are serious about exploring witchcraft a green thumb can go a long way in expanding your witchcraft herbal knowledge base.

Let me know what you think of this spell in the comments section below. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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