Stone Wish Spell

This is a wish spell that uses stone. You don’t need any other items but you can include a white candle some where in the process. Magick is with us all the times. You don’t always have candles. You don’t always herbs, you don’t always have the ‘right’ tools for the job but you have you heart, you have you mind, and you have your connection to the Universe. Magick lives inside of you, and while correspondences are wonderful they alone will never do the job alone. Your concentrate, mind, and focus creates the energies that create the outcome you desire. I love the simplicity of this stone wish spell and I hope that you will find some use for it as well.

While I have found this spell will work with any stone, river stones seems to workStone Wish Spell best. Find a smooth stone, it can be any type, any color but it should be a smooth as possible. Once you have the stone find a quiet area where you can meditate. Quiet your mind, meditate with the stone in your hand. Be one with your surroundings. Feel the wind and climate. Connect with Gaia.

Let your thoughts flow into you wish. See you wish as if it has already come true. You might want to say the affirmation, “My wish has already come true. Thank You.” Do this for awhile and when you are ready release the energies into the air. Raise your hands while holding a stone like you are offering it to Gaia. As you do this give your thanks.

Bury the stone in the ground and forget about your wish.

This spell can be done any time, any day, any moon phase and for any reason. I wouldn’t do a wish that has negative repercussions because for this spell you are spending a lot of time raising your personal thought vibrations. This spell is so simple that I think you all should try it. I know I tell you over and over to focus your mind, and meditate daily… but its true! While not absolutely mandatory it will increase the effectiveness of your spells.

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