Spell to Make Someone Call or Contact You

This spell is very simple. This is a good spell to use if you have been out of touch with someone for some time and want to open the doors of communication. While this spell isn’t design to bring an ex back into your life, this isn’t a spell I would suggest. I will post a variation of this spell in the love spell section a little later.

You should do this spell on a Wednesday when the moon is at its highest. The moon should be in its waxing phase.

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 lavender candles (if you don’t have lavender use dark blue, or green)
  • a charmed pen
  • high quality parchment paper
  • fire proof dish or fire safe receptacle

spell to make someone callLight the 2 candles side by side with the dish in the middle (give adequate space in between). Write a letter to your friend with the charmed pen. You can ask a question, ask them how they are doing, tell them how you are doing, etc. Afterwards put the letter in an envelop as if you are going to mail it off and address it to the person. Take one end of the letter and light the tip with the flame and take the other end and light it with the opposite candles flame (be careful! it will burn quickly!).

Place the burning letter in to the burning dish and clearly visualize the person with as much detail as possible.

You will receive some information about the person, someone may walk up to you and mention the person, you may run into the person on the street, get a call out of the blue but soon you will receive a reply.

While this spell is simple it is very effective. Thank you for visiting the website. Please share, like, or spread the news about the site using the widgets below.

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