Drawing Down The Moon

The moon is a mysterious orb that appears to watch over us during the night. Harnessing the energy and power of this luminous body can aid in everything from spiritual growth to prosperity and health. Learning the different phases of the lunar cycle is important for mastering the energies for the appropriate magical manifestations. The full moon is of course the most mystical phase of our attending satellite.

drawing down the moon

The full moon has for centuries, been associated with madness and high crime rates in large metropolitan cities. Hospital emergency rooms fill to the brim with victims of domestic violence and gang related gunshot wounds. Madness in some, collaborates with this time, and many myths and legends are born of the full moon.

But for those who are more in tune with our sacred cosmos, the full moon is a time of joy and celebration of new beginnings. Preparing oneself for receiving the puissance of our magnificent sentinel is a deeply personal experience. Having an open mind and heart are key to obtaining the success and gratification that is sought in drawing down this vigil antecedent. Preparing the space with candles and incense on the altar play a crucial role in performing magical rituals, even if the space is outside. Weather permitting, the best way to drawn down the full moon energy is outdoors. Start by preparing the magic space by burning sage to cleanse the area, then call the corners; North, East, South, and West so the appropriate Guardians can import their energies to the ritual. Once the circle is cast, the thaumaturgy can proceed.

Aside from its negative connotations, the full moon can cast an invigorating spell upon the practitioner and his or her magical intentions. The blessings acquired from full moon conjuring serve to provide not only a deeply spiritual transformation, but this observation beneath our most familiar celestial body, can remind us of the power of the Divine that is all around us at all times. Gaea is our home and Luna lights our nocturnal journey. We should honor our craterous sentinel through all her cycles, blessed be!

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The Dark of the Moon

The phases of the Moon have historically been linked with the various incarnations of the feminine Goddess, with the dark phase of the Moon usually seen as the Crone in most forms of the Pagan religion. The accepted role of the dark of the Moon has changed over time, but remains a period of introspection for the majority who follow Pagan rituals and understand the high esteem this form of the female Goddess should be held in.

The Dark of the Moon

In periods of prehistory the Moon was seen as the heavenly incarnation of the female Goddess, with the dark of the Moon often seen as representing Winter. During these periods of history, Winter was seen as the renewer of life and not a period to be feared, which led to the image of the Crone being associated with the dark of the Moon as the bringer of Winter and the renewal of life for the Spring growing season.

Over time the belief in Pagan religion was eroded and the accepted view of the dark phase of the Moon was altered to a more sinister outlook towards the divine feminine. Although, the dark phase of the Moon appears to have always been seen as the Crone, the addition of a fearful aspect of the image represented the fear of the human race towards the darkness of night and undergoing introspection.

Throughout the dark phase of the Moon period each month no rituals are generally performed, instead those who class themselves as members of the Wiccan culture undergo a period of reflection and soul searching. The period known as the dark of the Moon appears directly before the New Moon arrives and brings with it the hopes of a new season as the Goddess Diana takes her place over everything. Prior to the arrival of the Maiden, the Crone appears with the dark of the Moon and allows every person the chance to reflect on their life and determine their way forward with the arrival of the New Moon.

Because the New Moon and dark Moon are so closely linked together the rituals performed during these periods often use similar materials and words to represent the removal of the old with the dark of the Moon and the rebirth of the New Moon.

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The Waxing Moon

This article will help explain the waxing moon and its special meaning. Wiccans believe in both religion and magic as sources of reverence and power, and an esbat is when those two elements coincide in the form of a ritual or religious service with a focus on a magical element. Specifically, esbats occur in accordance with moon cycles and are celebrations of the Goddess, who is represented by the moon. The Goddess is one of two important religious figures in Wiccan religion. She symbolizes femininity and is worshiped alongside the Horned God, or father, who represents masculinity.


The moon has four cycles, allowing for a possible four esbats per month. The four stages of the moon’s cycle are new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Learning the four cycles and their purpose is important for every Wiccan, but especially important for female practitioners of magic, or witches.

The Waxing Moon

The waxing moon occurs after the new moon, which symbolizes a time for beginnings, however the waxing moon symbolizes a time for growth. For this reason, it is important for the focus of the esbat to be on an enterprise that is in a state where it will benefit from growth. This requirement can take many forms and covers a broad area.

waxing moon

For example, an obvious and ancestral example might be a ritual to help enhance the growth of a field after it is planted. Similarly, modern day Wiccans might perform a similar ritual for their gardens. However, there are other modern-day applications as well. An offering to increase the profit of a business, for instance, or for a relationship to rekindle or flourish.

How To Perform the Esbat

Esbats are held in the evening after the moon has risen. Ideally, for the waxing moon esbat, the ritual would be held when the moon has reached one-fourth of its ascension cycle. To begin, cast a circle and set up an alter. Afterward, rely on an experienced member of your coven to speak a prayer or spell, or perform one silently, before placing something symbolic of the growth you desire to occur on the alter. Esbats usually conclude with a final spell or prayer and a celebration, which includes seasonal food and drinks.

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New Moon Ritual

If you are part of the Wiccan ritual, you can do a ritual when there is a New Moon. The first thing that you should do is cast a circle. You can cast a circle or purify the area to make it sacred. You should perform outside to get a good look at the new moon as well as the sun setting.For this ceremony, you should bring a white candle, a handheld mirror and a small bowl should be put on the altar. You should perform this ritual at sunset.

As soon as the sun drops below the horizon, you should be able to see the new moon rising. If you do this ceremony with ceremony, you should make the children feel part of the ceremony by having them spot the new moon. As soon as the new moon is in the sky, you should unwrap the candle and speak:

Welcome back, Moon!
We’re glad to see you.
Another life cycle has passed
another four weeks gone by
and our lives have moved to the next level.

You should set the candle on the altar and light it. You should face the moon and speak:

Today is a new 24 hours,
and a new 4 weeks begin.
As the waters flow, and the moon goes above us,
we are grateful that The Moon has returned.
She watches over us, ever vigilant,
yet always not the same,
and we are grateful for her light.

The children present at this ceremony should wave to the moon and thank her for coming back. You should then turn to the east to where the sun is rising in the morning. You should pick up the mirror and hold it until you can look at the new moon in the mirror. You should then speak:

Bring us your intelligence, your guidance,
Your protection, in the coming 4 weeks.
You are with me at every step,
watching and showing me the way,
And I am grateful

After placing the mirror back on the altar, beside the candle, you should pause to think about new beginnings and new commitments. You should heat the small bowl, full of blessing oil, then put the water on the foreheads of the people in the ceremony. You should speak:

May the moon, bless you.

If you are alone, you should put the water on your forehead and bless yourself for the new moon.
You should end the ceremony with closing the circle.

Psychic Dreams

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Wiccan Names of the Moon

During the ages, cultures from Europe to North America have kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full moon, meaning a new name every month. There are many reasons for different cultures having different sets of names, like being in wildly variable regions where weather is not concurrent between places, and the timing of seasonal changes may be skewed. This guide specifically explains the English moon names, beginning in January and ending in December.

wiccan names of the moon

January is the Hunger moon, named for the European harshness of winter during the beginning of the year. Wolves during this time roam the countryside looking for food, which is hard to find, not only for wolves but, for everyone. This month is a time to plan ahead from a spiritual perspective.

February is the Snow moon, as certain parts of the world are blasted by thick blankets of it during this time. This is a good time to bolster your spells for the home and family.

March is the Sap moon, for this is when tree sap first begins to bleed from the bark. Magic that heals is made best this month.

April is the Pink moon, mirroring the nubile beginnings of the flowering season. This is the time to foster relationships.

May is the Flower moon for obvious reasons. Spring is under way, and such is the time to turn those fostering relationships into commitments.

June is called the Rose moon, or “la lune rose,” as cited by the French. Half of the year has now passed away, and this is the point in time where it is good to be proud of your accomplishments so far. Also it would be wise to begin pondering on what is left for you to do before the rest of the year is gone.

July is the Buck moon. Moose and deer grow their first antlers during this time. This is when one works on physical things, like the body, or handiwork.

August takes the name of the Sturgeon moon, named after the fish, which it is now the season of. Give thanks this month to the Great Spirit, and to yourself.

September is the Corn moon, or the late Harvest moon if it does not show itself during August. Clear up life’s issues now, for it is a good time.

October details the Hunter’s moon. At this time align yourself with the natural world.

November is called the beaver moon. The cold sweeps in, and culture dictated that this was the time to gather beaver pelts to keep warm for the coming frost. Set protection for yourself and others this month.

December is the final moon, the Cold moon. This is when you stay indoors and turn your attention to home, especially your ritual space, for the new year comes upon you soon, and the cycle begins anew.

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Wiccan Blue Moon Esbats

Have you ever seen two full moons in one? This is an extremely rare.  For the followers of the Wiccan religion the rare phenomenon of having two full moons appear twice withing one month of a particular year is called a ‘Blue Moon’. The phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ comes from this rare occurrence.  This moon is so powerful and can help you accomplish a great task. You may be interested in reading my ‘Once in a Blue Moon Wish Spell’.It is our belief that these moons can be used as a very powerful tool for the manipulation of energy for manifesting your desires. This is a great moon, primarily used for setting goals for manifesting your future desires and quality of life. The moons aren’t static, meaning you have plenty of time to accomplish your goals before the next occurrence of the Blue Moon.


These are the next 4 Blue Moon Esbats:

  1. July 31, 2015
  2. January 31, 2018
  3. March 31, 2018
  4. October 31, 2020

The last blue moon was in 2012. I personal made goals for my finances and health. I made my own ritual on the night of the blue moon. I cleanse myself with an unpublished personal purification spell and made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish. Because my Blue Moon spell is a personal one, feel free to use some of the information above to create a new personalize ritual.

Some people ask me how I keep track of all the important dates and moons. I have a few books of shadows. One of my books is dedicated solely to the calendar of wiccan events and dates. I will look in my book in the beginning of each month and transfer the dates into my personal date book. This gives me time to look at the moon and moon phases of the month and decide what rituals or spells I would like to do and prepare for.

Let us know in the comments how you keep track of the personal dates of the esbats, sabbaths and other wiccan calendar.

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Once in a Blue Moon Wish Spell

This is a great spell it is intended for the Blue Moon, but you may do this spell on any full moon with similar results.

This spell is to be done on the night of the Blue Moon. The next Blue Moons dates are : August 31 2012 – July 31 2015 – January 31 2018 – March 31 2018 (two chances in 2018!). The Blue Moon is a time for goal setting for the Wiccan. Because the times in between the Blue Moons vary giving you plenty of time to complete your goals.

Once in a Blue Moon Wish SpellWhat You’ll Need:

  • a blue pillar candle
  • myrrh oil
  • black marker

Anoint your candle with the myrrh oil. Bless and consecrate your candle. Write your name on the candle and write your wish on your candle. You may need to wait until the oil dries before writing on the candle.

Take the candle in your power hand. See yourself filling with white light until it overflows surrounding you with white light. See the white light gathering in your hand and flowing into your candle.Light your candle and make your wish.  Spend time mediating on the outcome. Let the candle burn out.

Wish spells are probably the second most popular type of white magick spells. This really speaks to the hearts and minds of people. We all want love. We all want to fulfill our dreams. Wish magick may be deemed wishful thinking by some, and for me its not offensive! Our thoughts not only become things but they dictate they way we see life. Holding to the concept of out thoughts become things, this wish spell will require some pretty intense thought. Wish spells have been cast through the centuries, whether tossing a silver coin into your wishing well, making you own daily wishing well, wishing on a star, breaking a ‘wish bone’ or blowing out your birthday candles, we all have used our thought energies to make a wish. Have you ever had a wish come true?

Leave all questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions, rants, raves and all others in the comment section below. I would love it you would share your wish success stories to encourage others. Thank you so much for visiting Just Wicca. You are the reason I add 5 spells a day to the website. It is because of you that I have met so many awesome people. Its all for you. If I have helped you in any way then I am happy! It fills my heart with happiness to write about the thing I love the most and share it with people who are just like me. Thank you. I am very grateful to you. 🙂

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