Spell to Have a Vision

This divination spell was designed to aid you in having a visions. Vision quests are things traditionally done by Shamans. Many Wiccans have taken to vision quests but they ARE NOT easy to achieve. They take time and practice especially because entering into a trance state is not as easy as you would think (who thinks its easy anyway?). This is one of the reasons why I shout about meditation and the gift of meditation in almost every post lately.

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If you want to learn to open your mind, your third eye, astral travel, energy manipulation, or to become psychic, it is my humble opinion that mediation is the first step. Learning to control your mind is essential when trying to do more advanced divination like go on a visions quest. And best of all its a free way to get your foot in the door.

Traditionally shamans would ingest something (usually containing a hallucinogenic herb) before they enter their quests. Native Americans usually fast before their quests. Because I can’t in good conscious tell you to do either, meditation is the safest way I personally know to enter a trance or trance likeĀ  state. You can also accomplish this with self hypnosis.

Spell to Have a VisionYou WILL be making oil said to aid you in your vision quest journey.

What You’ll Need:

  • base oil mixed with :3 or more of the following herbs: yarrow, mug-wort, jasmine, lavender (charged)
  • lavender incense

After doing a cleansing ritual light your incense. Take your oil and anoint the base of your feet, the tops of you feet, the base and top of your hands, both shoulders, and your third eye chakra. Do this in order from the third eye to the base of your feet.

Sit in your favorite meditative position and when you have quieted your mind simply say the following:

Ancient wisdom, third eye,

journey me through the sky,

bless me the information I seek,

as I will it, so mote it be

Maintain your meditative state until your have the vision or go on your vision quest. This for me has happened within 30 minutes, but if you have never done this before expect it to take an hour or more.

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