Spell for Beauty

spell for beauty

source: public domain

This spell for beauty really works well if you start it on or during the full moon. This beauty spells is simple and really effective. Most witches do their witchcraft on the night or eve of the full moon until the end of the full moon. In order to obtain real perfection you must feel confident and have a lot of self esteem. This spell will help you focus on your outward beauty.

How to do a Spell for Beauty

What you will need for this spell:

Hold a special charm, or beautiful stone. Charge a pink candle with your intention and say a beauty affirmation you have written. You can say for example:

“I  am very beautiful.”

“I know I am beautiful inside and out.”

Say a beauty affirmation for the next 21 days and take time to groom yourself very carefully during this time. My friend does this spell to attract love. Because she loves herself and sees her beauty she allows the world to see her special beauty as well.

I would suggest you go further and start a beauty, hair, body, meditation, manifestation and visualization routine into your life for the next 21 days as well. If you want remarkable change then find a routine that will work over the next 3 months. I recently started a big spell and life process. I am going to do this spell and routine for the next 3 months and I plan to see remarkable results with the help of the goddess.

You can start your own life changing journey whenever you want to. Go on a quest for more beauty, money, love or anything else you want. You can change your life and live a magick life. I do everyday 🙂

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