Spell to Increase Psychic Powers

I believe we all have inherent psychic ability. For me it boils down to “The gifts you don’t use, you will lose” – if you aren’t mediating, exercising your mind (and your body), or practicing some simple techniques on your own, then this spell won’t help you. If you want to open your third eye or have a vision, the first key and first step is meditation. I don’t recommend this spell for people who don’t know how to meditate. If you can’t control your thoughts and quiet your mind this spell could be disastrous for you.

What You’ll NeedSpell to Increase Psychic Powers

  • Strong Yarrow Tea
  • a silver necklace
  • a light blue candle
  • a purple candle
  • a white candle

On the night of the full moon cleanse yourself and cast your circle as your normally would. Drink your tea and after fully ingesting the tea being with your white candle:

“White and White guide me in light”

Take your necklace into your power hand and three times clockwise circle the necklace over the flame. (Not to close, or it will burn!). Take the white candle and light the purple candle. Take the purple candle:

“Purple and power give me sight this hour”

Take the mirror and clockwise circle it around the flame just as before. With the purple candle light the blue candle and while circling as you did before say:

“Blue, Blue only show me what’s true”

Place mirror behind the candles and repeat the following three times:

“As I stare in to this flame

Let no evil thoughts enter

My psychic vision is not the same

It is now birighter and bigger;

As my third eye gives me sight

and three times i repeat this rite

I give perfect thanks and love

To the Goddess Hecate on clouds above

Now let this begin, As I will it it will end”

Blow out the candles and thrice repeat “So mote it be” sleep with the necklace under your bed or wear it/carry it with you as a charm.

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