Quick Job Spell

spell for a job

Spell for a job

This is a great spell for a job. This is a solid spell and if you are looking for a job or even a new job then trying this spell is definitely recommended.

Spell For a Job

It’s simple, just write ‘[Name] needs a job in which he earns good money, which he enjoys, is challenged by and able to do, with good fellow workers and a nice boss, with good prospects, in an honest and reputable firm. I ask that the right job become available in this area, and that those interviewing candidates look beyond his low spirits and obvious demoralization and see his skills, education, mind, abilities. I ask that this come about in such a way that is correct, work for the good of all concerned, and harm none.’ on a piece of paper (not recycled).

After you say your chant, which you can use the one above of write your own. Preferably one that rhymes, call upon the four elements, burn the paper (air and fire) and wash the ashes into the earth (water and earth). After you do this spell for a job you need to be actively looking, searching and calling about your job believe me it is out there, but I am under the impression that some things are going to fall in your lap and some won’t. Show the universe how much this means to you. Actively pursue your goals and wishes.

You can of course do this spell for yourself, friends, family, or whomever. Sometimes I do world spells, or spells to send positive energies to the world as a whole. I incorporated some elements from this very spell to make a bigger scale spell.  On another note I wouldn’t do a spell or magickal working on or with someone who didn’t want to actually get a job, or has a problem with magick. A lot pf people feel it is intrusive to do workings on someone without their permissions.

This spell for a job is really something I would suggest. I have seen some really remarkable things in context to these spells. Try them and leave me a comment below. 🙂

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