Psychic Spell to Communicate with Someone

I am placing this spell in both the communication category and the psychic category because this is actually more of a psychic communication spell. This spell requires a bit of supplies, so it is not easily done by everyone. You can ask the person a question, tell the person something or just spend time feeling there energies. You will need to be able to be mentally aware as the person may not have as strong of a connection with you, as you do with them. When the answer comes it will come to you telepathically. The easiest way to decipher if they thought  came from you or if it just came from you imagination its timing and feeling. If you have the feeling of a though ‘popping’ into your head while you are doing something completely unrelated to the person then the though may have been given to you. This is hard for some than for others. The ability to quiet your mind through meditation helps tremendously.

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Spell to Communicate with SomeoneWhat You’ll Need:

  • a purple candle
  • a pink candle
  • a white candle
  • a silver candle
  • a crystal ball, or a bowl filled half way with spring water
  • a photo of the person who you are trying to communicate with

Light the candles in the following order, the purple candles should be to the right of your ball, the silver to the left, the white in front and the pink directly behind.

Place the photo underneath your ball or bowl of water. While staring into the ball imagine you are staring into the persons eyes. You can write a chant to say at this time but I don’t say one. Feel the person as if they are there in the room and imagine the person looking to you, being aware of you.

Ask the person the question or tell them what you want to tell them. You should see the response or hear in in your minds eye. Blow out the candles and give thanks, you can return the picture to its normal place. If you do receive your answer right away then as you blow out the candles run the picture through the smoke of each candle clockwise. Place the picture under your pillow.

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