Celtic Pagan Horoscopes

Celtic Pagan Horoscopes

The Celtic pagan horoscope, often more commonly known simply as the druid horoscope is a Celtic chart of predictions based primarily on nature and the earth (rather than on the movements of the stars or other heavenly bodies like most other traditional horoscopes). The traditional druid horoscope generally contains twenty two different, “Signs,” all of which are based on trees found in the natural world. They are: The Apple, The Birch, The Fig, The Horse Chestnut, The Lime, The Olive, The Rowan, The Willow, The Ash, The Cypress, The Hackberry, The Ironwood, The Maple, The Pine, The Siberian Fir, The Beech, The Elm, The Hazel Bush, The Jasmine, The Oak, The Poplar and finally, The Walnut.

Here’s a breakdown of what each of the druidic signs mean:

1. The Apple: Those whom fall under the sign of the Apple are generally considered to be very sensitive, especially to other people’s emotions, as well as their own. Due this sensitivity, they are often exceptionally honest which is both a blessing as curse as it makes them invaluable friends, but also people whom are easily taken advantage of. Affinity for water.

2. Birch: Those under the sign of the birch are extremely modest and often underplay their abilities. However, they do not like making moral judgments and are also very imaginative. Birch’s also often lack passion and drive. Affinity for water.

3. Fig: Those under this sign are often logical and fiercely independent. Despite their reason oriented nature they do not enjoy argumentation or indeed conflict of any sort. Affinity for fire.

4. Horse Chestnut: Just to a fault and extremely moralistic. Those whom have this sign are also emotionally delicate and can lack confidence but are very tolerant. Affinity for fire.

5. Lime: They are emotionally unstable and despise stressful work, but are not lazy and have great ambition. They are also very calm and watchful. Affinity for fire.

6. Olive: The Olive is very logical and emotionally balanced, easily overcoming internal conflicts. However, they are often somewhat aloof and shy. Affinity, fire.

7. Rowan: They possess exquisite aesthetic taste and have a proclivity for art. They are highly individualist but often require a muse and become dependent on another. Affinity, fire.

8. Willow: The Willow is very capricious which renders those under this sign mysterious. They often have wandering and unfocused thoughts and act in the moment on emotion rather than reason. Affinity, water.

9. Ash: Filled with passion and very demanding those under this sign are often seen as egotistic. However, they are often fair and magnanimous. Affinity, fire.

10. Cypress: Very adaptable and dreamy, which can be a very double edged sword. Affinity, earth.

11. Hackberry: People with this sign are very theatrical and often crave the attention of others. They are quick witted and willful. Affinity, fire.

12. Ironwood: Very reasonable and pacifistic. Reserved and also very cautions which can be both good and bad. Affinity, air.

13. Maple: Seeks new and potent experiences, sometimes to their detriment. Very original and imaginative; affinity, air.

14. Pine: Both sentimental and impulsive, those whom are under this sign always know what to do, or at least think they do. Affinity, fire.

15. Siberian Fir: Very posh and sophisticated, the fir is witty, whimful and very hard to please. Affinity, air.

16. Beech: Very calculating and detail oriented, sometimes to a fault. Affinity, earth.

17. Elm: Humble and responsible but can often fall into the habit of moralizing. Affinity, fire.

18. Hazel Bush: Mean spirited and brave in equal proportions, hazel’s are often charmingly devilish. Air.

19. Jasmine: They are downbeat but very swift in both mind and body. Dislikes dependency and sentiments. Fire.

20. Oak: Outgoing and heroic as well as tyrannical and overbearing. Fire.

21. Poplar: Quite insecure with themselves, they are easily confused by empathetic and loyal to a fault. Water.

22. Walnut: Extremely confrontational and strategic, with shades of both magnanimity and ruthlessness. Fire.

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