Sugar Wish Spell

What You’ll Need:

  • plate of sugar
  • a white candle
  • a red candle
  • a green candle
  • a yellow candle

Adhere the white candle to the plate of sugar. You can do this easiest with glue, but you should be able to adhere the candle to the plate by taking a lighter to the bottom of the candle and sticking it to the plate. Hold it in place and check to make sure it won’t move or fall over. Place the sugar around the base of the candle. Place the remaining candles around your white candle.

Sugar Wish SpellLight your red candle:

Perfect Love, I wish for (make a wish for your love life)

Light your green candle:

Complete Wealth, I wish for (make a wish for financial life)

Light your yellow candle:

Total Happiness, I wish for (make a wish for you happiness)

Light your white candle:

Universal Mother, I give thanks to you.

While all the candles burn meditate on the fullness of the flames. See yourself as deserving. Visualize being completely and utterly happy. See yourself with the man or woman of your dreams (try to visualize the qualities you want in your mate NOT a specfic person). See yourself with the job of your dreams, being able to spend the money on the things you want and need. See yourself with filled with a complete and joyous life.

After this spell take action in achieving your goals. The Goddess will be with you every step or the way… through difficult and through joyous times the Goddess will be with you; guiding you on your way.

This spell is AWESOME. I know I am posting so many wish spells it may be hard to choose the one for you. Its okay! You can do this spell or take it and change it up to suit your needs. With the hundreds of spells on this website it would be hard to choose the best spells for each and every occasion. I am aiming to give you some different ideas of how to incorporate magick into your life. I hope this spell will help you!

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