Overcome Depression Spell

This spell is to uplift your energy and to help you do your best to fight depression. This spell uses simple tools that you may already have available in your witchcraft cupboard.Doing this spell on a Sunday would be best but you may do this spell during any phase. Make sure to read over the spell and make any changes prior to beginning the process.

overcome depression

Overcome Depression Spell

What You’ll Need:

  • Protection Incense (herbs or oils work fine also)
  • Yellow 8″ Taper Candle

You will need to find a workplace area or your altar that you can leave undisturbed for 3 days. If you have to put away your tools or use them for another spell then at the very least leave the spell candle out in the open and unmoved.

Gather your tools and put your intention into them by imagining how good it feels to be joyful and happy. Try not to let any negative thoughts enter your mind. Prepare your spell area and concentrate on the purpose of this spell.

First you should take a purification bath with your favorite oils, bath salts and herbs. While bathing you should let go of any negative thoughts and start to think about happy memories, imagine them if you have to but try to make them feel as real as possible. Do not think of anything negative.

After you are done with your bath go to your spell casting area and cast your circle. Light the incense and imagine a large, yellow ball of light surrounding you and your spell casting area.  Hold the yellow candle and focus your energy into the candle.Light the candle and say:

‘This candle is a representation of the love I have for myself and the energy the Goddess has blessed me with.’

Place the candle in its candle holder.

Sit and watch the candle burn down. Concentrate on how good it feels to be happy and visualize the fog of depression being removed from your life. When the candle is a third of the way burned chant:

As this candle’s flame is done, my mind is bright and depression is gone.

Blow out the candle. Repeat this ritual for the next two nights.

On the last night of the ritual, after the candle has burned down and the leftover wax has cooled to the touch, gather the wax and throw it in the trash. While throwing each piece of wax into the trash can, envision your depression being thrown away and yourself becoming happier.

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Spell for Mental Calm (Wiccan Meditation Spell)

Whether it is psychic warfare or dealing with the day-to-day stress of modern living, we must seek calm for our mental health. Achieving balance in all areas in life is something that is elusive but a necessary aim. This a spell but in many ways this is a meditation for inner peace and soundness of mind. I implore you to discover ways to enhance your brain. It this practice of mental fortitude that gives you new neural pathways in brain enhancing all elements of your life. If you are interested in more ways to train your memory (for remembering chants or doing a spell without a reference paper) then check out this brain training program (affliate link).

Spell for Mental Calm

Wiccan Meditation Spel

What You’ll Need:

  • earth
  • blessed water
  • new age music (optional)
  • follow this process 1 or more per day
  1. Dressed in white (if you are doing this as part of a larger ritual, if you are adding this to your daily practice wearing white isn’t a requirement) ground yourself under a large tree, if this isn’t possible you may alter this to your situation (opening a window, sitting on a deck or going to a national/local park).
  2. Place the enhanced water on both palms and your temples.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose while thinking of light and breathe out, exhaling out the worries of the day, of the past and of the worries of the future.
  4. After awhile you will enter into your trance state. If thoughts come creeping into your moment of connection let them come and go refocusing on the light. If you try to fight these thoughts you will lose your connection just let them flow.
  5. You will know when this moment of lucidity is ready to end. Give thanks and return to your daily life.

This spell is a wonderful way to connect to the earth. This has some elements of ‘grounding’ the process of connecting your bare feet to the earth. This process has been said to cure illness, balance your levels, ease stress and many other wonderful benefits? Have you tried earth grounding? How have you added this component to your spells? Leave your ideas below or join us on the witchcraft forum.

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White Magick Healing Spell

This spell is by the author Pamela J. Ball. This spell is quite powerful and is very well-known. This version contains modifications that have worked well for me. I hope this spell will inspire you to create your own version. Leave your spell changes in the comment section below or join us on the Witchcraft Forum. Thank you for continuing to support Just Wicca.

This spell uses knot magick. Knot magick is good for getting rid of illnesses; this spell is one that will help to do this. Knots work to bind things and this spell works on the principle of binding the illness into the cord, so is a form of sympathetic magick combined with positive mental attitude. This is a white magick healing spell.



  • 20 cm (8 inch) length of cord
  • Pen and paper
  • Container of salt
  • 1 white candle

?Do a minor purification ritual before starting.

? Mark the cord six times so that you have seven equal lengths.

? Light your white candle.

? Take a few deep breaths and feel your energy connecting with the earth.

? Repeat the following words six times and tie a knot in the cord each time:

Sickness, no one bids you stay.
It’s time for you to fade away.
Through these knots I bid you leave,
By these words which I do weave.

? Put the cord in the container of salt (this represents burying in the earth).

? Create a seal for the container with the above incantation written on the paper.

? Dispose of the container, perhaps in running water.

? Let your candle burn down.

The number six has particular relevance here: it is widely accepted as the number of the Sun, which is
restorative and regenerative. I have also added other elements of the Sun by doing this spell on Sunday and making sure to add yellow tools to my altar. You can add other elements like incense, other candles and lemon herb.

How did you enhance this awesome spell? Please let us know and thank you for being the best part of JW.

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Wiccan Spells for Healing

Wiccan Spells for healing come in many different rituals and chants. This is the simplest wiccan healing spell in my book of shadows. I wrote this spell when I was first started doing witchcraft spells. I was young and I had done plenty of minor magickal spells to know that it was real. I wrote this spell to be done on the new moon to heal my sever constant headaches and bad asthma. The main ingredient in this spell is coconut oil. I guess this could be called oil pulling BUT I also used some essential oils in a mix to help the process along. You should read more about the health benefits of oil pulling after you do this spell. I always suggest keeping a journal to document your spell experience because sometimes we don’t believe a spell worked but if we look back on our document we realize the spell worked wonders.

Wiccan Spell for Health and Healing

wiccan healing spell

What You Need:

  • a light blue candle
  • a dark blue candle
  • coconut oil
  • a glass of water
  • healing crystals
  • a pentacle on a string
  1. Place the light blue candle on the left and the dark blue candle on the right.
  2. Place the healing crystals and stone around the candles.
  3. Light the candles and place a .5 tbs of oil in your mouth and start swishing -you must do this for at least 15mins and at MAX 20mins.
  4. While swishing, take the pentacle in your dominant hand and let it spin over the candle. water.
  5. Say the following statement – ‘I am radiant health -this or something better’ do this for the full 20mins.
  6. You may not have the strength to hold the pentacle for 20mins, just do it for as long as you can.
  7. Spit the oil into the trash can (not the sink or toilet – and don’t swallow it!) and then rinse your mouth out with warm water.
  8. Afterwards drink the water and state so mote it be.

While you only have to do this main part of the spell for the first day, you should continue oil pulling for the next 20 days for a total of 21. You can find coconut oil for $4 or more. Have you tried this spell for health and healing? Leave a comment below and thank you for being apart of the JW community.

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Spell to Keep Someone Alive

This spell does not guarantee the ability to extend the life of someone BUT  for some this spell will help you give someone some more peaceful time on this earth.  This spell was passed down to me from an other gypsy friend from the mountains of Tennessee. This spell was used as part of a coven ritual in the past but I don’t have access to that original spell just this modified version. This spell does include a lot of hard to find items and for this spell I cannot recommend any modifications. If you do this spell and the dying is in pain the person may die to end their suffering. This spell is very unpredictable and it is my sincere hope that you think deeply before trying it.

Spell to Keep Someone Alive

spell to keep someone alive

What You’ll Need:

  • personal token from the person you want to heal
  • a white candle
  • a white rose
  • a mason jar
  • sugar
  • a silver coin
  • holy water
  1. Place the sugar, white rose and silver coin into the mason jar.
  2. Pour holy water over the rose and seal the jar.
  3. Place the jar on your altar and place the candle on top of the jar (if you have blessing oil use it to charge the candle).
  4. Light the candle and take hold of the personal token – sit in quiet meditation while raising your energy.
  5. When you are ready start reciting a chant from your own personal book of shadows or say the following: “Goddess of healing waters, shine deep – bless the one I love with a long life”. Make sure to focus and visualize the person as healthy and happy (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT).
  6. Keep the jar on your altar for 2 days. Each night light the candle and repeat the incantation.
  7. On the third day bury or flush the contents of the spell jar and return the personal token to the person.

Have you tried this spell to keep a loved one alive? This spell is a great addition to healthcare and/or lifestyle changes to keep your loved one living a happy and healthy life as long as possible. This spell will work perfectly if the person has a strong need to stay here on the earth plane and can make changes to their life and diet to keep them cognitive and healthy. Sometimes spells will not work and while we change our lives through magic and intention – occasionally the Goddess/Universal Source energy has other plans that are set in stone. T

Try this spell and let us know if it worked for you. Thank you for being the best part of Just Wicca. I love you and I support your dreams.

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Wiccan Magic Health Spell for Health and Happiness

Magic health spells can be used for many things from healing the mind to healing the body. You can find more wiccan healing spell for free on this site but if you can’t find the spell you want then take a look at the online book of shadows for more information. If you are a beginner then take a look at the wiccan spells for beginners for more information and tips.

This magic health spell was written to keep up and happy attitude and wonderful health. As with most spells this is NOT a substitute for a proper physician’s care.

Wiccan Magic Health Spell

Wiccan Magic Health Spell

Wiccan Magic Health Spell

Face east in your sacred area and spread your arms like you are doing the sun salutation in yoga. Afterwards chant the following:

“As above so below, I am healed. I thank thee Universe for my health and radiant smile. Mabon awakening in the east.  As I will it”

As you repeat the chant envision a white healing light entering your body and infusing your cells with this healing energy. Gather the light energy to the center of your being and hold it there. After a minute expanding the energy into a circle around you. Repeat this process until you are ready. End this mediation magic health spell by gathering the energy into your body and simply stating ‘so mote it be’.

This wiccan magic health spell promise results before the next full moon. If you don’t receive the reuslts you want by the next full moon then it is okay to redo the spell. This magic health spell can be enhanced by adding healing oils, candles, herbs and incense. Magic health spells are something every witch had in her book of shadows. If you try this spell please leave your tips and suggestions in the comments below.

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Wiccan Spell to Heal Pain Fast

Looking for a spell to heal pain fast? Read this wiccan spell to get rid of physical pain and I do have a huge amount of wiccan healing spells but this spell to heal pain fast is one of my favorites. There are more than one version of this spell and you can modify it however you see fit. This spell is really easy and perfect for the wiccan beginner.


Spell to Heal Pain Instantly

spell to Heal

Spell to Heal

This spell to heal pain does need amethyst. If you can’t get your hands on a piece (buy it from me!) you can use fluorite. It is useful if you know how to meditate (Why Meditate?) so if you haven’t been meditating for at least 20 minutes a day then you are missing out and it can affect the effectiveness of this spell. Tale the crystal and hold it in the hand that is closest to the pain such as, if the pain in your left knee hold the candle in your left hand and if the pain is in the center you can hold it in your writing hand. Try to clear your mind and focus on your third eye.

Visualize a soothing, healing light. Imagine this light starts at the base of your body and slowly makes its way upwards, healing and filling your body with light along the way. Silently chant the following while visualizing:

Beautiful bright healing moonlight

heal me with all your might

Focus the healing light to the center of your body and then once again expand the light throughout your body. Focus your third eye on the pain point and move the light energy to this area. If you do not feel relief do the spell until you do. End the spell by adding ‘So mote it be’ to the end of the chant.

You can add candles or new age music to enhance the mood and environment of this spell to heal.

I am so happy that you came by and I really hope you got a lot from this spell! I did mention that this is one of my favorite witchcraft spells to heal the body and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section. This will be an interesting week for a lot of us and for me so wish me luck!

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Flower of Light Magic Healing Spell

This is another re-write of a classic wiccan spell that uses the flower of light. I take the time to re-write old spells because I believe that the more personal the connection to the spell is about how powerful the spell is as well. This wiccan healing spell is one of the easier spells for wiccan beginners. This spell uses some really common herbs and oils for spell casting. If you don’t know how to make your own St. John’s wort oil then you can buy my healing oil and use it as a substitute.

The FLOWER OF LIGHT Healing Spell

flower of light

What You’ll Need:

  • St. John’s Wort Oil or Healing Oil
  • 2 Yellow Candles
  • Yellow Flowers (whatever is in season is fine!)
  • Large white or yellow cloth cut into the shape of a circle

NOTE: If you make the oil for this spell it should be blood-red.

Place the circle in the middle of the floor in front of your altar. Take the oil and place a few drops on the cloth. Take the oil and with it anoint both of the yellow candles. Divide the flowers into two yellow sections and place the flowers on the edge of the cloth on opposite corners. Sit in the center of the cloth. Take the anointed candles and place them directly behind you and in front of you. Inspect the flowers and pick the 2 that look to be in great condition. Take each flower and hold it upright on top of your palm. Clear your mind and send electronic impulses to your third eye. Chant for 20 minutes:

I come to ask of thee to heal my body

Healing light I ask that you surround me

I am now relieved of the burden of illness

To finish the spell go out into nature and sit the flowers under the most elder tree.

This easy spell will work for anyone. If you have questions about the flower of light or any other aspect of this spell then please leave it below. Thank you so much for coming and supporting Just Wicca. I have been a bit worried because some of the changes I made changed the site’s traffic for a bit but I know because I am working hard everyday the website will be back up in no time. 🙂

Whats an animal familiar?

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VooDoo Healing Spell

This ancient voodoo healing spell had been posted everywhere on the internet. This is my version of this super common voodoo healing spell and it is the one that has worked the best for me. This spell is similar to poppet magic and you should take some time to get a little familiar with all kinds of magic as a new witch. This very effective spell is simple enough for beginners who need spells that are easy to do. This spell does benefit from a strong connection to the earth and psychic abilities. You can learn to cultivate your abilities by meditating daily.

VooDoo Healing Spell

VooDoo Healing Spell

What You Need:

  • a white voodoo doll made of cotton or linen – The white voodoo doll is commonly used in rituals for healing.
  • Healing Oil
  • 2 Red Candles

Take a permanent maker and write the person’s name on a piece of paper. If you can write it on a red piece of paper then that is better but if you don’t have access to red paper you can use white or whatever you have. Take the healing oil and anoint both the candles and the doll with it. Make sure not to use too much oil! Place the candles on each side of the voodoo doll and light them. After meditating on the flame and taking in the color of the candles you can say a chant or say a prayer and conclude your voodoo healing spell.

What do you think of VooDoo healing spells? Are you afraid of Voodoo magic in general? This is a great simple spell everyone should try once. I know voodoo is something that seems foreign and creepy but don’t close your mind too it. Even if you don”t do traditional voodoo, you can take a lot from it to perfect your own spell crafting. Remember to send your self-addressed stamped envelope for a free wiccan bookmark.

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Spell for Improved Memory & Concentration

This is an updated version of a common spell for improved memory and concentration. This spell has been posted everywhere through the years and I wanted to share my version of the spell. I have seen a great increase in my mental capacity since doing this spell and I believe everyday that I challenge my brain and memory I am regrowing that connection in my brain. I try my best to improve every day and that is how my habits produce wonderful results in my life.

Spell for Improved Memory & Concentration

Spell for Improved Memory

What You Need:

Start this spell for improved memory on a Thursday (preferably on the night of the full moon). You will do this spell for 9 days in a row.  Place 1 drop of star oil onto the palm of your hand and rub it over the candle to raise energy. Also place 1 drop into the the yellow candle and light it. Take a moment to meditate on the candles color and its flame. Once you feel ready chant the following 5 times:

Goddess be with me for I am here,

O bright and brilliant yellow I have a request for thee,

I seek your power, please enter my mind

Improve my memory, give me powers of great concentration,

I remember all that I see, perfect inform, complete in nature,

As I will it so mote it be.

This spell should begin on a Thursday so please keep that in mind. This wonderful but simple old spell is a great addition to any witch’s book of shadows. Try to write your own version of this spell to add to your book and let us know below how you changed it. You should be able to find the most common version of this spell with a little effort but I like to post how I changed the spell and what actually worked for me.

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