Magic Mirror Scrying Spell

Have you ever wanted to see a vision? Maybe you need to receive a message about the current situation you are in or guidance on a path to take or maybe you are simply curious about the future, no matter what the aim – this is the spell for you. I have tried this spell many times with varying results. I do encourage you to meditate daily (day and night) for the best results in this and in all of you magical practices. Try this spell and leave a comment about your experience.

Black Magic Scrying Spell

scrying spell

I believe in your power… UNLEASH it to the world.

What You Need:

  • A clear crystal ball or scrying mirror
  • sea water or sea salt water
  • a silver candle
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Vial of black paint
  1. You will need to cleanse, charge and consecrate your scrying eye with the sea salt. If you have a crystal do this after sitting the ball in the sun.
  2. Mix very fine St. John’s Wort with the black paint and paint the back half of it. As you paint say the following chant: ‘Universe I am so thankful for all that I have (truly feel gratitude in your heart for something -big or small!), thank you for blessing me with a clear and true vision -so mote it be!’.
  3. Allow the paint to dry fully under the light of the full moon.
  4. Once your scrying ball is dry, take the ball into a dark room and sit quietly in front of it. Stare deeply into the crystal while concentrating deeply on your question or request.
  5. Do this until your answer comes to you.

NOTE: Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t powerful enough to see a clear vision. You may see flashes or letters or shapes… it will be up to you to decipher it. If you don’t get a clear answer you should monitor your dreams for the next 7 days… it will come.

Thanks for letting me come into your heart and share my secrets with you. You can leave a message below about your experience with this spell. I believe in your power… UNLEASH it to the world. DJ LeMahieu Authentic Jersey

Spell to Open Your Third Eye

This is a very easy spell to open your third eye. This spell is very helpful in helping in the activation of the third eye chakra.  Your third eye chakra is very helpful in recognizing you mind’s power. The third eye is technically the 6th chakra. By using this spell you will find yourself becoming more open to receiving the thoughts, emotions and intentions of others. The third eye is locate just above the eyebrows in the middle. This is the chakra that is associated with clairvoyance, out of body experiences, the ability to see the auras of others, visualization and precognition.

Spell to Open Your Third Eye

Spell to Open Your Third Eye

Spell to Open Your Third Eye

What You’ll Need:

  • Purple candle
  • star oil
  • amethyst stone
  • a full moon
  • lavender incense
  1. After during a simple purification bath, take the time to light the lavender candle and incense. Place them on your altar if you have one. If you do not have an altar then try to place them on a safe area where the life of the full moon beaming down on the items.
  2. Take the amethyst stone and place it in your right hand. Using you left hand – go in a circular clockwise motion over your right hand.
  3. Chant the following: “Open my third eye, Goddess bless me with your sight.” Say this as many times as your want until you feel the energy at its peak in your hand and body.
  4. Place the crystal under your pillow and do a guided mediation to enter sleep, lucid dream, have an obe or astral exploration.

The spell to open your third eye is complete. You can do this spell every 28 days until you see significant improvement in your psychic ability. Carry the stone with you daily and be sure to keep a journal! If this is your first time doing a spell like this then you may notice an increase in ‘Deja Vu’ or dreams at night that happen during the day. As you continue down this path these feelings will intensify and will become more and more frequent.

Please leave use a comment if you have tried or modified this spell to open your third eye and any results. This spell is simple and easy but the rewards for completing this spell is amazing beyond belief. I would suggest doing this spell every full moon for one year if you truly want to expand your psychic ability but if this is too much of a commitment do it as much as you deem it appropriate. Robert Quinn Authentic Jersey

Spell to Walk Through Walls

This spell to walk through walls was submitted by Lorna Celt and its intended purpose is for you to walk through walls. For me, this is only something I can do when astral projecting but the goal of this spell is to do so while conscious. If you have experience with working with your light body then this is a great spell to try. Please tell me if this simple but mind exhausting spell works for you. This spell doesn’t require a lot of before hand prep work but this spell can be modified to suit your personal needs. Leave a comment below and let us know what changes you made to this spell.

Spell to Walk Through Walls

Spell to Walk Through Walls

Statue of Marcel Aymé

This spell to walk through walls can be down any day during the week. You may have to try this spell every night for weeks before your first successful attempt.  Keep with it and believe in your power. You will either get the real physical ability to walk through walls or will fully activate your life body and with it be able to do a lot more than just walking through walls. If you haven’t meditated daily then I suggest you start! If you have an amethyst crystal then you can use this to enhance your spell.

What You’ll Need:

  • a comfy place to lay down
  • blue candles
  • white paper
  • pen with blue ink
  • 45 minutes or longer
  1. Start by lighting the blue candles. You can do this around your bed (only if its safe!) or by placing the candles on your altar. Please keep the candles away from all things flammable and in a fire proof dish.
  2. Write your intention on the paper. Draw a stick figure of you and a circle around it. Fold the paper and place it under your head.
  3. Next you must work on quieting the mind with deep trance, hypnosis or meditation. If you have trouble with this try using the search bar to search for tips. You can also find guided meditations on youtube. At this point you should be laying with the paper under your head.
  4. Meditate and see yourself walking through walls. If you are still conscious when you feel a tingling senstation on your third eye chakra try moving your hand through a solid surface nearby. Please remember! Even getting this very tip of your figure through the solid surface can take many attempts.

Have you tried this spell to walk through walls? Do you know of another spell for us to try? Please leave your comments, tips and suggestions in the section below. Don’t forget to enter our contests! Larry Csonka Authentic Jersey

spell to have prophetic dreams

Most of us are curious about the dream state and this spell to have prophetic dreams helps to abate that curiosity. The dream plane is a wonderful place that’s different and the same for everyone. The dream space is an enigma, it is deep and expansive but allusive but near. There are no words that come with the power of knowing the astral plane and not limits to what you can create there. So! If you ever wanted a spell to dream what you want, use this one! I am so excited for your results.


spell to have prophetic dreams

spell to have prophetic dreams

spell to have prophetic dreams

What You Will Need:

  • a purple cloth
  • dream herbs (yarrow, mugwort etc.)
  • a yellow string (yarn, cord, rope etc.)
  • 1 large all night candle (make sure the candle is safe!)
  • white paper
  • a purple inked pen

What do you want to dream? Do you want to see the future? Do you wish to dream of you and your current spouse? Do you have a question you need answered or a problem solved? How would you like the question to be answered? Remember this spell to have prophetic dreams is just for you and what you want to dream about so be as clear as possible.

Light the candles and place the cloth in the center. Write down what you wish to dream about onto the paper in great detail and fold the paper into a triangle. Place the paper in the center of the cloth and place the herbs on the top of the paper. Bind the cloth with the yellow cord and place it under your pillow. The answer will come to you in your sleep within 9 days.

NOTE: Keep a dream journal to make sure you don’t forget the dream and your answer!

Dream divination is a common practice in Wicca and witchcraft. You really don’t know the power of the mind if you haven’t explored it. You can do so much with your mind and really cultivate its power and growth. I do have to warn you to be careful what you wish for when using this spell to have prophetic dreams. Nazem Kadri Jersey

Spell for Improved Memory & Concentration

This is an updated version of a common spell for improved memory and concentration. This spell has been posted everywhere through the years and I wanted to share my version of the spell. I have seen a great increase in my mental capacity since doing this spell and I believe everyday that I challenge my brain and memory I am regrowing that connection in my brain. I try my best to improve every day and that is how my habits produce wonderful results in my life.

Spell for Improved Memory & Concentration

Spell for Improved Memory

What You Need:

Start this spell for improved memory on a Thursday (preferably on the night of the full moon). You will do this spell for 9 days in a row.  Place 1 drop of star oil onto the palm of your hand and rub it over the candle to raise energy. Also place 1 drop into the the yellow candle and light it. Take a moment to meditate on the candles color and its flame. Once you feel ready chant the following 5 times:

Goddess be with me for I am here,

O bright and brilliant yellow I have a request for thee,

I seek your power, please enter my mind

Improve my memory, give me powers of great concentration,

I remember all that I see, perfect inform, complete in nature,

As I will it so mote it be.

This spell should begin on a Thursday so please keep that in mind. This wonderful but simple old spell is a great addition to any witch’s book of shadows. Try to write your own version of this spell to add to your book and let us know below how you changed it. You should be able to find the most common version of this spell with a little effort but I like to post how I changed the spell and what actually worked for me.

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Spell to Make Someone Contact You

Have you ever wish that someone you loved would suddenly come back into your life? Then try this spell to make someone contact you. Sometimes we lose touch with people we love. It could be do to betrayal. Maybe you lost touch with that special someone because you misunderstood them. Sometimes we need time away from the people we love to realize how important they truly are to us. This spell to make someone contact you should work within three months or three full moon cycles.

Wiccan Spell to Make Someone Contact You

This spell will require that you have a wiccan altar and that you know how to cast a circle. When I first wrote this spell 9 months ago I did a purification spell on the Sunday before the waxing moon before I did this spell. I used this spell to contact an ex friend who moved away and eventually we just lost touch. I randomly met a mutual friend while thrifting and she gave me my friend’s number. This happened within three months of me doing the spell.

What You Need:

Start the music…. On the first day of the waxing moon cast your circle.  Charge your candles with 2 drops of the star oil and 1 drop of the attraction oil per candle. Place the candles onto your altar in a triangle with the white candle at the top the blue candle at the right and the green candle to the left. Meditate in silence until the words come to you revealing why you and your friend truly fell out of touch and how to regain that friendship.

After this project your soul image to the next plain and meet with your friend. Apologize and ask for forgiveness (even if you did nothing wrong!). After you part ways in the dream word (after catching up or talking etc…) thank the Goddess for this chance to meet with your friend and wake from your meditative state. Snuff the candles. 🙂

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Spell to Astral Project

I am posting my first effective spell to astral project. This spell works easiest if you already have a daily meditation routine and have a lot of control of your mind. This isn’t a spell that will work easily for everyone on their first try and while this isn’t the most complicated spell out there, I can say with confidence that it worked for me. You can change or modify this spell to astral project any way you see fit. The most important thing for this spell to work is your energy. Make sure you raise energy before proceeding.

Spell to Astral Project

Spell to Astral Project

What You Need:

  • Meditation Routine
  • Comfy Place to rest
  • white candles (optional)

Lady gatekeeper of mind and body unity

Unshackle me from my earthly domain

Lift me into your nights sky

Let me gaze into the stars from the clouds

Then allow me to safely return

So Mote it be!

This is what I usually say before astral projection. I have a specific pattern of doing things that night. My own person astral projection ritual. This allows my body and mind to know what is coming next and to not feel so tense. If I just try to have an OBE without being fully comfortable then I start to fell anxious. The feeling of having an astral projection is definitely one to get used to and don’t be discouraged if you find yourself floating above your body – freak out – and then slam back into your body – it really does get easier with time.

I always speak about the importance of training your mind through meditation and physical activity. You can slip into an OBE with ease and comfort once you get used to the feeling of being body-less. Seeing people that you know or even have only met through the internet is really interesting…. but can be really scary!! We all leave our bodies at night when we enter the dream state…. are you ready to see what awaits you?

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Spell to Live Forever

Have you ever wondered is there a spell to live forever? Will you.. still be you… in the future? Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone we loved could live a longer happy life? I wonder if we will have android friends and servers in the future? Will artificial intelligence grow beyond humans and leave to go and contemplate their own existence? Will people think hipsters look stupid in 2040? I think it is everyone goal to live a very fulfilling life. Here’s a spell to live a longer one.

What You’ll Need:

  • a copper penny
  • a forest
  • a old tree
  • luck oil

This is such a simple spell to live a longer life that really relies on how in tune to you are with nature. I think a lot of forget that wicca and paganism are earth based religions. It is our connection to the earth that allows us to change the way our reality works. We can change this world because we are one with the world. I think that’s the true beauty of our beliefs.

Spell to Live a Long Life

Spell to Live Forever

Go out into nature. While holding the copper coin (make sure to rub a drop of the luck oil on the coin on the side with the face) meditate under the oldest tree under the forest. Get lost into your mind and envision your whole life exactly how would like for it to play out. Try not to use specifics in terms of mates because all of that changes. Just see yourself and feel the feelings of happiness, success and fulfillment.

After you have finished meditating bury your coin to the left and under the tree. You should come back in one weeks time. If the coin has turned colors then you will live as long as this tree.

You should usually do this spell under the waxing moon but if you can’t do it at night as long as you do it the day of a waxing moon then it is fine. For those of you who can’t get to the forest to do this spell to live a long life – go seek out a family tree of some sort. Nico Siragusa Authentic Jersey

Under the Pillow Spell

Have any questions about this post? Read the forum discussion here. (After five posts you’ll receive an awesome gift!)

Mojo bags, dream pillows, under the pillow spell; any way you want to title these they come out to be the same things. Have you ever wished your dreams were more peaceful or that your dreams could help you solve a problem? Find the correct herbs to make your magick dream pillow and make your dreams be all you hoped they could be. I will provide you with a list of herbs and what they will assist with in your dreamworld. Also consider using candles; choosing the right color of course, and anointing your candle with oils that will aide in you dream journey.

under the pillow spell

Dreams can be the eyes into the world or even ourselves that shows us the part that our conscious minds overlook and do not allow us to see. Our fears to face the truths are put aside when we are dreaming and we are open to all sorts of possibilities. Dream pillows can help to focus those dreams onto what we need to achieve.

Take some cloth of your choosing, you can use colors that are believed to work best for your type of spell or you can let yourself be drawn to a color or pattern of cloth to use. If you are crafty you can sew a fancy little pillow/pouch to place your herbs in or you can just put the herbs into the cloth then gather it closed and tie it shut. As you are sewing or tying the cloth closed with the herbs inside, see yourself in a peaceful sleep, feel yourself entering the dream you are seeking. Now, as you place the bag under your pillow say:

                                                “Andromeda, Goddess of dreams

                                                    Protect and guide me as I sleep.”

As promised, here is a list of herbs that can aide you in your sleep and are often chosen to be used in dream pillows.

Anise seed – used for its calming effect

Chamomile – used to induce sleep and bring pleasant dreams

Cinnamon or Cloves – to bring you romantic dreams

Jasmine – induces exotic and romantic dreams

Lavender – is quite relaxing, induces sleep, and helps to bring vivid dreams

Hyssop – works to defend against nightmares

Lilac – peaceful dreams

Marjoram – brings comforting dreams

Mint – used for clarity and visions

Mugwort – Problem solving, wards off bad spirits, as a symbol of health and hope

Passion Flower – calming

Rose – induces sleep and brings relaxation as well as peaceful dreams

Rosemary – repels bad dreams

Thyme – induces sleep, brings peaceful dreams

Willow – brings you connection with and power in your Dream world

There are other herbs that can be used in your dream pillow or you can use a combination of herbs. There is no need to over-do things, the herbs are just one tool to be used in combination with your spell casting and envisioning your dream pillow working. Never underestimate the power that you hold within yourself, use herbs, incenses, oils, and spells as the tools to combine with the power you already hold within yourself.

Always remember, the Earth, Air, Water, Fire; all of the elements are there to help us and we must always take care of our environment. Be in tune and be one with the environment and take care of what nature has given us and it will in turn take care of us. The powers that are held within the elements are endless and wonderous; the powers within ourselves are as well.

Safe travels, Peaceful dreams,

Blessed be,

Caitlynn Timms

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Can I See My Future?

With psychics I believe they can only give you probable futures. As we know our life path is determined by every action we take. Considering the fact that we all have free will, free will of yourself, and the free will of others, you life can turn out numerous different ways. In cases of asking psychics about love and relationships you should consider the free will of both parties involved. They both have to make a commitment to wanting the same outcome. They both must be willing to pursue the relationship on a deeper level. This is one reason why I shy away from love spells with a particular person or a specific outcome. You should be asking for what is right for you, not for just what you want.

Can I See My Future?Some psychics can tell you a probable future based on what they see today, but things happen, decisions and choices are made, and you probable future can be completely different. So what is true for today might not necessarily be true for tomorrow. So there really isn’t a way for someone to be told their final futures. Psychics are people limited by what their visions allow them to see. Opening your own third eye might be able to give you more reliable and informative information as things change and evolve. We are actively creating our futures in every moment. You are creating your future right now in everything you think, dream of and pursue. Be an active part of your life goals by creating them with action.

So for all of you who want to know the future I would say let go and know that creating your future is way more important than knowing your future. You should trust yourself and listen to your heart. You matter, and I truly feel we know what is right and what is wrong for us. It may not be what we want but learning to accept life as life comes is that maturity all humans seek. Remember what you focus on is what you bring to you. So if you find that in your life you are manifesting things you don’t want, then you know that you are worried or fearful of something, and that focus, that intense focus is manifesting things you don’t want. Try to focus on happier thoughts that are based on things you do want. Just allow yourself to know what it is you want.

Knowing what you want and allowing your energies and thoughts to focus their draws those things to you. When you worry about how to get the things you want you are setting up road blocks to your end goals. So practices focusing on the things you want. And letting go of the how to get it.  That is what manifesting is.

You should be manifesting the things that you want instead of focusing on wanting to know the future. When you ask about what your future may be then you are implying that you don’t have any control. That you can only know what your future is and you can’t control it and that isn’t true we are always manifesting what we want or don’t want.

Be aware of your thoughts and monitor your feelings to create your future.

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