Spell to Get What You Need

This is not a spell to get what you want. This is a spell to ask for what you are need. You need one candle in the color that corresponds to your need. For example, if you need money for a bill you would use a green candle for money, red for health or love, etc. You can change this spell many different ways, still using the money example, you can place the bill on the altar as well.

This spell is to be done on the new moon (signifying new beginnings) as the moon moves into waxing. If the new moon falls on Sunday night the spell will be even more effective.

Spell to Get What You NeedWhat You’ll Need:

  • a white candle for truth
  • a indigo candle for wisdom (its okay if you don’t have an indigo candle!)
  • a brown candle for stability and grounding
  • a candle to represent what you need
  • a square card with your need written on it
  • optional: blessing oil (you can read how to make blessing oil)

After casting your circle and anointing your candles with the blessing oil. Light your white candle:

Truth I seek, fulfill this need

Place three drops of the white candles wax on to the card. Light the indigo candle:

Wisdom in all matters, fulfill this need

Place three drops of the indigo candle wax onto the card. Light the brown candle:

Materialize a way, fulfill this need

Place three drops of the brown candle wax onto the card. Light the representative candle:

Universal love and guidance please bring —————, fulfill this need

Set the card on fire. When the card is done burning release the ashes to the wind giving thanks to the Goddess for your abundance. You may snuff of the candles for reuse.

I hope you all enjoy this spell to get what you need. This spell has been very effective personally for me and I am interested in hearing your results.

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