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In this site I (Lady M. Raven Moon) talk OPENLY AND HONESTLY about everything from magick, magick materials, crystals and glass bowls, herbs, spells that have worked for me, manifestation, the law of attraction and many other interesting topics (check out our free love spells).

HOW I BECAME A WITCH – An introduction by the webmaster Raven Moon.

I was actually raise in a christian household but my aunt and grandmother always practiced witchcraft. I would watch as someone in our family would be sick and my mom, grandmother and aunt would take an egg along with salted water on her bedside and the would sprinkle her with the salt water and rub the egg over her entire body.

They would then place the egg under her bed for the entire night and she would be able to sleep soundly. Then the next morning my mother would crack the egg and the egg was filled with a dark liquid. (This old spell is very common) They would repeat this ritual every night until the egg yolk was normal.

We always did little spells and we always had a small garden filled with herbs. My father was VERY good at gardening and actually grew some really big and delicious herbs, plants and vegetables.

My mom and her family though had always practiced witchcraft. Every year we would do a scrying with eggs and water. And basically very member of the family takes an egg and holds it close to their heart and asks a question. Put the egg into a clear glass of water, so you will be able to read the images the yolk makes in the morning. Because the goddess would tell you what it is that you should look forward too in the year. It was fun, and we all did it. This is another ritual that are common in many Scandinavian households.

It was beautiful upbringing and I felt so comfortable with myself and nature. And knowing that I had power to speak to God and Goddess and they would answer me. Having that power within is something that stays with you your entire life. Its a overwhelming feeling of strength, love and comfort.

SO that is my story (and I am sticking to it) Check our Witchcraft Forums and tell me yours!

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