Job Promotion Spell

For those of you with a job try this job promotion spell for a new position with your same company or a raise. This a great job promotion spell and I job promotion spellhope you have great results with it. If you decide to try this spell make sure you leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you! Or you can share this job promotion spells by using the share buttons at the bottom of this post. I wrote this job promotion spell myself when I was younger so I hope you will enjoy it and put it to good use!

Job Promotion Spell

What you will need:

Do this job promotion spell on Sunday. You can use a red or gold candle, but I usually would use a gold one. Charge your candle and light it. Meditate by the candle flame and say the following chant eight times:

“Like a giant golden star”

“Through the heavens I soar”

“Doing everything perfectly”

“Giving me honors plentiful and more”

“To bestow upon me the thing that I see”

“A new promotion, as I will it so mote it be”

This great job promotion spell used powerful colors like gold and red. Some people see orange as a power color and use orange instead. I prefer the gold because of the gold stars you would get when I was younger. I can easily use the golden star reference but you should use whatever is best for you. Do this spell during the waxing moon because it is a time for increase. This time for increase is the perfect correspondence as your rank or title grow as your job position will grow. Have you tried this job promotion spell? Please leave a comment below and let me know how it worked out for you.

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Lost and Found Spell # 1

If you own you own home, or just live in one, you may find this spell very useful. This is a really great and totally useful lost and found spell. I am constantly loosing my keys, cell phone, wallet, important documents and more.This is a great lost and found spell. This post actually contains to lost and found spells. One lost and found spell is from Charmed, a TV show.

So a friend of mine named Korsha Moon Mountain, forwarded me this very useful and easy to remember finding chant. Since using this well known lost and found spell, I literally don’t like have to worry about losing something important to me. It works well in a bind, and if you are like me and loose something you just put down then add this spell to your book of shadows!

Lost and Found Spell

When you find you self in a bind and looking to find something that was lost to you, relax and repeat this simple (but effective) chant!Lost and Found Spell

“Mother Goddess, I am too weak,

To remember the lost things I seek,

Help me locate what I have lost

I have looked and pondered and thought,

Bring me my item I so desperately need,

as I will it so mote it be.”

Simple little chant for finding things both BIG and small. So go out there and find something now! This lost and found spell is different than the one that appears on the television show Charmed. That chant is different. It goes like this:

charmed lost and found spell

Charmed lost and found spell

“Guiding Angels,
I ask your charity,
lend me your focus and your clarity,
Bring me to the (name of what is lost) at this time,
Restoring me that and my peace of mind.
With harm to none,
This spell be done.
Let it be not reversed,
Or placed unto me as any curse.
May all astrological correspondences
Be correct for this working.
As I will it,
so mote it be.”

I actually tried this spell when Korsha first forwarded it to me, and found $5 dollars in a old coat jacket! Not much… but enough to buy me some coffee.

It also makes a great addition to your online or offline book of shadows.

Another variation of this spell includes making a cinnamon broom and saying the chant while making a sweeping motion with a white candle lit. That version of this simple spell works really well, and if I am looking for a really important item, I often take the time to work the lengthier version of the finding spell.

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Spell to Find Lost Things

This is a spell to find lost things. This spell was designed to find something you have lost in your home, but can help you find virtually anything. You can do this spell during anytime during the moon phases but it is best to do this spell during the waxing moon. This spell is simple but you should find the lost things quickly. Also people have been asking me about studying magick on their own. If you want a great home study course then I would suggest you get your hands on this program.

What You’ll Need:

  • white candle
  • concentration

Spell to Find Lost ThingsCast your circle. Holding the lit white candle meditate and concentrate on the item as if it is already back in your possession. While you are concentrating say a chant. You can customize the chant to work in the specific object you are looking for. You can say something like:

by the powers of three by three

please return (X) to me

Release the magick and close your circle. Place the still burning white candle in the highest part of your room (make sure it can safely burn out there) and when the candle is burned through bury the candle stub. While the candle is burning don’t look for the item you lost but clean your house from top to bottom. If it is in your home you will find it. If it is not in your home then when the candle is a stub bury it outside and ask for the lost items return.

Leave all questions, comments, suggestions, and tips about this spell to find lost things below. Did this spell to find lost things work for you?

Thank you so much for visiting the website. I am so happy and grateful for this websites rapid and steady growth. Thousands of you visit this website everyday and I am very happy to post and provide the information you are seeking.

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Sugar Wish Spell

What You’ll Need:

  • plate of sugar
  • a white candle
  • a red candle
  • a green candle
  • a yellow candle

Adhere the white candle to the plate of sugar. You can do this easiest with glue, but you should be able to adhere the candle to the plate by taking a lighter to the bottom of the candle and sticking it to the plate. Hold it in place and check to make sure it won’t move or fall over. Place the sugar around the base of the candle. Place the remaining candles around your white candle.

Sugar Wish SpellLight your red candle:

Perfect Love, I wish for (make a wish for your love life)

Light your green candle:

Complete Wealth, I wish for (make a wish for financial life)

Light your yellow candle:

Total Happiness, I wish for (make a wish for you happiness)

Light your white candle:

Universal Mother, I give thanks to you.

While all the candles burn meditate on the fullness of the flames. See yourself as deserving. Visualize being completely and utterly happy. See yourself with the man or woman of your dreams (try to visualize the qualities you want in your mate NOT a specfic person). See yourself with the job of your dreams, being able to spend the money on the things you want and need. See yourself with filled with a complete and joyous life.

After this spell take action in achieving your goals. The Goddess will be with you every step or the way… through difficult and through joyous times the Goddess will be with you; guiding you on your way.

This spell is AWESOME. I know I am posting so many wish spells it may be hard to choose the one for you. Its okay! You can do this spell or take it and change it up to suit your needs. With the hundreds of spells on this website it would be hard to choose the best spells for each and every occasion. I am aiming to give you some different ideas of how to incorporate magick into your life. I hope this spell will help you!

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Money Wish Spell

Gold Coins

Money Wish Spell

Money Spells: Money Wish Spell – Spell for Getting Money

Money Spells are money wish are really easy and effective. You can do this spell practically anytime and receive some real results. All you have do is use your visualization skills and use your magickal creation power. I guess I would say, for optimum results you should do this spell on a Thursday, Sunday or Friday of the full moon or waxing moon.

Money Wish Spell

What you will need:

  • A lucky charm or special coin
  • Powerful visualization skills

See how much money you need. See yourself with tons of riches. Visualize yourself receiving the money.  This is how you are charging your coin with your intention. This will make your magickal creation work faster, more effectively and get you the results you want from the universe. Meditate on your wish. Meditate and dream about you having what you want. Money wish spells like this are really powerful. While holding your charged charm or special coin, you should say a chant you have written for this spell. If you want a sample chant or you want to use mine then read below:

Silver and Gold, return unto me

By the witchy powers of three hundred time three

The money I require is mine to keep

Make your way to me, immediately

Money Wish Spell Notes

It is a simple but really effective chant for me when I do a ritual like this money wish spell. Carry your coin with you while forgetting about the spell. Soon you will have then coin with you and receive the money you need. Some people thank the universe for the money at the end of their chant, some people thank the goddess for blessing them with the money, and it really just depends on your path. You can do it any way you want and still receive some real results. This is an amazing money wish spell.

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Spell to Get What You Need

This is not a spell to get what you want. This is a spell to ask for what you are need. You need one candle in the color that corresponds to your need. For example, if you need money for a bill you would use a green candle for money, red for health or love, etc. You can change this spell many different ways, still using the money example, you can place the bill on the altar as well.

This spell is to be done on the new moon (signifying new beginnings) as the moon moves into waxing. If the new moon falls on Sunday night the spell will be even more effective.

Spell to Get What You NeedWhat You’ll Need:

  • a white candle for truth
  • a indigo candle for wisdom (its okay if you don’t have an indigo candle!)
  • a brown candle for stability and grounding
  • a candle to represent what you need
  • a square card with your need written on it
  • optional: blessing oil (you can read how to make blessing oil)

After casting your circle and anointing your candles with the blessing oil. Light your white candle:

Truth I seek, fulfill this need

Place three drops of the white candles wax on to the card. Light the indigo candle:

Wisdom in all matters, fulfill this need

Place three drops of the indigo candle wax onto the card. Light the brown candle:

Materialize a way, fulfill this need

Place three drops of the brown candle wax onto the card. Light the representative candle:

Universal love and guidance please bring —————, fulfill this need

Set the card on fire. When the card is done burning release the ashes to the wind giving thanks to the Goddess for your abundance. You may snuff of the candles for reuse.

I hope you all enjoy this spell to get what you need. This spell has been very effective personally for me and I am interested in hearing your results.

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Magic Spell for Good Grades

This is another spell for good grades and study success. I always tell you guys that magick is an enhancement for your life and not a cure all. If you don’t put in the effort it doesn’t matter which spell you cast you won’t have anything to draw on. School can be rough and sometimes overwhelming but this spell for good grades should help you do pretty well. This is a charm bracelet to give you success on your test.

Spell for Good Grades

Magic Spell for Good Grades

Magic Spell for Good Grades

What You’ll Need:

  • • • A green candle
  • • • A white candle
  • • • A yellow candle
  • • • Good luck oil
  • • • Green, yellow and white ribbon.

After studying on the night before the test, anoint your candles with the good luck oil. Place the green candle to one side and the yellow candle to the other side taking care to leave room in the middle. Place the white candle towards the middle back.

Light the candles and say the following while holding the ribbons in your power hand:

Lord and Lady please hear my plea, Help to study and succeed, holding fast to all I’ve learned, setting in motion as this candles burns, on this test I take today, I will get no less than an A!

Take the ribbons and while braiding clearly see the test paper with your name on it with and A! See yourself acing the test and all the answers coming to you easily. When you are finished making your bracelet place a drop of the good luck where you tie to combine the ribbon. Let the bracelet sit between the flames until the candle burns down or puts itself out. While the candles are burning spend some additional time looking over the material.

Wear the bracelet on your wrist or ankle on the day of the test. You can also place the charm in your hair. In the morning or right before the test repeat the incantation. Do this spell for good grades for the A you need!

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Spell for Lost Pet

Animal Spells

wiccan animal spells

Wiccan Animal Spells are an nice addition to any book of shadows. You can find spells to find a lost animal, spells to speak to animals and more.

Animal Spells: Find Your Lost Pet

You must be in a meditative state with one green candle for luck, one white candle for wishing, one blue candle for health, and one red candle for strength. Get a scared bowl filled with pure water, and light the candles around the bowl.

Look at the water and visualize your pet.

Chant “Lost love return to me, lost love its you I seek, mother goddess I ask of you, let this wish of mine come true”.

Chant the spell over and over while visualizing your pet, remember him or her perfectly, and imagine them coming home. You can also hold something that they like, a toy, or a jar of treats to help you settle in the right mindset for this magickal working. Be in the moment as you find them, feel the feelings you feel, all the while chanting and meditating deeply.

Do this Wiccan animal spell everyday for one week, if the pet hasn’t return within one week, wait one week and try again.

This is one of hundreds of free wiccan animal spells on this site and I hope that if you have a lost pet then you will some success with this spell. Wiccan animal spells are interesting in general but this one is very useful and practical on a much broader level.

You can leave a comment or ask a question about this wiccan animal spell or use the search bar to find a spell that will work for you. I would try to modify or write a few of my own wiccan animals spells to have in your book of shadows. Good Luck! I am interested to see if this spell works for you guys 🙂

Magick is a wonderful gift given to us by mother earth to manifest anything that we want in life. I believe in the power of manifestation, witchcraft and magick, and I know that is real because I used magick every day. For those of you who don’t use magick often, or not at all it is my recommendation after you read a bit more on the subject that you consider getting witchcraft exposed.

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Spell to End Bad Luck

Sometimes it seems like no matter what we do we can’t get past a spell of bad luck. Seems like our lives are just one accident after another. I know the feeling! Even though it is possible to be happy and cheerful doing the bad times, no one enjoys a series of unfortunate events. This is a spell to end that bad luck streak and get you moving into the positive.

Spell to End Bad Luck

What You’ll Need:Spell to End Bad Luck

  • a white candle
  • a black candle
  • a candle to represent you
  • a green candle

Do this spell during the waxing moon. Cast your circle as you normally would. Light the black candle:

Bad luck, disappointments, enemies and things despised, this is you

Meditate on all the bad things/luck you have been having. When you are ready to move forward and forget this luck, never to let it disrupt your life again light the white candle (with the flame from the black candle):

Truth, love, purity and kindness cancel out this dark night

Snuff out the black candle. Light your green candle:

Luck, prosperity, abundance in all things, let it be so

Take the white candle in your power hand and take the green candle in your opposite hand, use both to light the candle that represents you:

Now my luck has changed, I give thanks to you

Line the candles on your altar so the candle that represents you is in the middle. Meditate on happiness and peace of mind. If you have trouble with this try a guided meditation.

You will see a sudden change in your luck!

Oddly enough I seem to have the worst luck around my birthday! Maybe its because I never really had a good birthday or maybe its me not wanting to get older – but around my birthday I usually have pretty bad luck. Maybe next time my birthday comes around I’ll do some precautionary work!

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Full Moon Wish Spell

This full moon wish spell was posted in response to an email I received. You can modify this spell in many different ways to make it work for you. You can also use attraction oil to enhance your spell crafting. This spell is best done during the full moon but some people have done this spell in many different moons with success.

 Question from William.

“I really don’t know what all this mean, but I think I believe in this. So I want to know do you have a spell that can make someone do everything I ask the person to do. I mean the person is not here with me but I really  want the person to do all I ask from the person. Do u have a spell that can work like this?


Answer – A spell to Control Someone – Full Moon Wish Spell

Full Moon Wish Spell

Simple White Wish Spell

Before I give you a spell to work with, please keep in mind you intentions must be pure or else it will not work, and if it does work while your intentions are not pure you will be in danger of bringing a curse to yourself.

Magick should never be used to eliminate free will from someone – even someone who is hurting you. If that is the type of spell you are looking for try a free protection spell.

If you are try to help someone with this spell, I would suggest a simple wish spell to protect the person and yourself.  (Intent is everything) Remember everything you do is under the rule of the THREE FOLD LAW and can be harmful and dangerous to your self and the person so be careful and do good.

UPDATE: I removed the spell to “control” someone. Instead I have placed this awesome wish spell here in its place for your personal use in attaining your desires. GOOD LUCK!

Make sure to please keep your candles in a safe place.

Full Moon Wish Spell

Or for a weaker spell, try this simple spell below:

Place 3 candles in the highest place within your home, on a plate with sugar and a white flower. Do this on the night if the full moon for this full moon wish spell to work best!

Send your prayers up to your goddess and ask for three wishes.

Ask one for money, one for love, and one difficult wish.

On the second day, do a simple cleansing spell to cleanse and purify you mind and body, to make your pure wishes happen faster.

On the third day write the wishes in your diary, journal, mail the  as a letter to a friend, or email them as a letter to your friend.

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