Magic Spell for Good Grades

This is another spell for good grades and study success. I always tell you guys that magick is an enhancement for your life and not a cure all. If you don’t put in the effort it doesn’t matter which spell you cast you won’t have anything to draw on. School can be rough and sometimes overwhelming but this spell for good grades should help you do pretty well. This is a charm bracelet to give you success on your test.

Spell for Good Grades

Magic Spell for Good Grades

Magic Spell for Good Grades

What You’ll Need:

  • • • A green candle
  • • • A white candle
  • • • A yellow candle
  • • • Good luck oil
  • • • Green, yellow and white ribbon.

After studying on the night before the test, anoint your candles with the good luck oil. Place the green candle to one side and the yellow candle to the other side taking care to leave room in the middle. Place the white candle towards the middle back.

Light the candles and say the following while holding the ribbons in your power hand:

Lord and Lady please hear my plea, Help to study and succeed, holding fast to all I’ve learned, setting in motion as this candles burns, on this test I take today, I will get no less than an A!

Take the ribbons and while braiding clearly see the test paper with your name on it with and A! See yourself acing the test and all the answers coming to you easily. When you are finished making your bracelet place a drop of the good luck where you tie to combine the ribbon. Let the bracelet sit between the flames until the candle burns down or puts itself out. While the candles are burning spend some additional time looking over the material.

Wear the bracelet on your wrist or ankle on the day of the test. You can also place the charm in your hair. In the morning or right before the test repeat the incantation. Do this spell for good grades for the A you need!

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