Full Moon Wish Spell

This full moon wish spell was posted in response to an email I received. You can modify this spell in many different ways to make it work for you. You can also use attraction oil to enhance your spell crafting. This spell is best done during the full moon but some people have done this spell in many different moons with success.

 Question from William.

“I really don’t know what all this mean, but I think I believe in this. So I want to know do you have a spell that can make someone do everything I ask the person to do. I mean the person is not here with me but I really  want the person to do all I ask from the person. Do u have a spell that can work like this?


Answer – A spell to Control Someone – Full Moon Wish Spell

Full Moon Wish Spell

Simple White Wish Spell

Before I give you a spell to work with, please keep in mind you intentions must be pure or else it will not work, and if it does work while your intentions are not pure you will be in danger of bringing a curse to yourself.

Magick should never be used to eliminate free will from someone – even someone who is hurting you. If that is the type of spell you are looking for try a free protection spell.

If you are try to help someone with this spell, I would suggest a simple wish spell to protect the person and yourself.  (Intent is everything) Remember everything you do is under the rule of the THREE FOLD LAW and can be harmful and dangerous to your self and the person so be careful and do good.

UPDATE: I removed the spell to “control” someone. Instead I have placed this awesome wish spell here in its place for your personal use in attaining your desires. GOOD LUCK!

Make sure to please keep your candles in a safe place.

Full Moon Wish Spell

Or for a weaker spell, try this simple spell below:

Place 3 candles in the highest place within your home, on a plate with sugar and a white flower. Do this on the night if the full moon for this full moon wish spell to work best!

Send your prayers up to your goddess and ask for three wishes.

Ask one for money, one for love, and one difficult wish.

On the second day, do a simple cleansing spell to cleanse and purify you mind and body, to make your pure wishes happen faster.

On the third day write the wishes in your diary, journal, mail the  as a letter to a friend, or email them as a letter to your friend.

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