Spell to End Bad Luck

Sometimes it seems like no matter what we do we can’t get past a spell of bad luck. Seems like our lives are just one accident after another. I know the feeling! Even though it is possible to be happy and cheerful doing the bad times, no one enjoys a series of unfortunate events. This is a spell to end that bad luck streak and get you moving into the positive.

Spell to End Bad Luck

What You’ll Need:Spell to End Bad Luck

  • a white candle
  • a black candle
  • a candle to represent you
  • a green candle

Do this spell during the waxing moon. Cast your circle as you normally would. Light the black candle:

Bad luck, disappointments, enemies and things despised, this is you

Meditate on all the bad things/luck you have been having. When you are ready to move forward and forget this luck, never to let it disrupt your life again light the white candle (with the flame from the black candle):

Truth, love, purity and kindness cancel out this dark night

Snuff out the black candle. Light your green candle:

Luck, prosperity, abundance in all things, let it be so

Take the white candle in your power hand and take the green candle in your opposite hand, use both to light the candle that represents you:

Now my luck has changed, I give thanks to you

Line the candles on your altar so the candle that represents you is in the middle. Meditate on happiness and peace of mind. If you have trouble with this try a guided meditation.

You will see a sudden change in your luck!

Oddly enough I seem to have the worst luck around my birthday! Maybe its because I never really had a good birthday or maybe its me not wanting to get older – but around my birthday I usually have pretty bad luck. Maybe next time my birthday comes around I’ll do some precautionary work!

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