Once in a Blue Moon Wish Spell

This is a great spell it is intended for the Blue Moon, but you may do this spell on any full moon with similar results.

This spell is to be done on the night of the Blue Moon. The next Blue Moons dates are : August 31 2012 – July 31 2015 – January 31 2018 – March 31 2018 (two chances in 2018!). The Blue Moon is a time for goal setting for the Wiccan. Because the times in between the Blue Moons vary giving you plenty of time to complete your goals.

Once in a Blue Moon Wish SpellWhat You’ll Need:

  • a blue pillar candle
  • myrrh oil
  • black marker

Anoint your candle with the myrrh oil. Bless and consecrate your candle. Write your name on the candle and write your wish on your candle. You may need to wait until the oil dries before writing on the candle.

Take the candle in your power hand. See yourself filling with white light until it overflows surrounding you with white light. See the white light gathering in your hand and flowing into your candle.Light your candle and make your wish.  Spend time mediating on the outcome. Let the candle burn out.

Wish spells are probably the second most popular type of white magick spells. This really speaks to the hearts and minds of people. We all want love. We all want to fulfill our dreams. Wish magick may be deemed wishful thinking by some, and for me its not offensive! Our thoughts not only become things but they dictate they way we see life. Holding to the concept of out thoughts become things, this wish spell will require some pretty intense thought. Wish spells have been cast through the centuries, whether tossing a silver coin into your wishing well, making you own daily wishing well, wishing on a star, breaking a ‘wish bone’ or blowing out your birthday candles, we all have used our thought energies to make a wish. Have you ever had a wish come true?

Leave all questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions, rants, raves and all others in the comment section below. I would love it you would share your wish success stories to encourage others. Thank you so much for visiting Just Wicca. You are the reason I add 5 spells a day to the website. It is because of you that I have met so many awesome people. Its all for you. If I have helped you in any way then I am happy! It fills my heart with happiness to write about the thing I love the most and share it with people who are just like me. Thank you. I am very grateful to you. 🙂

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Paper Wish Spell

This simple paper wish spell was sent to me via Facebook.  I want to give a big thanks to Lochrit for sharing this spell with me. I appreciate and love all of you! This spell should be done on a Thursday in the morning before the sun rises or as the sun is rising. Lochrit Stone writes:

My sister gave me this spell out of her Book of Shadows. This spell won’t create a miracle overnight, but I always get my wish.

Simple Paper Wish Spell

Simple Paper Wish SpellWhat You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • a yellow marker
  • fire
  • fireproof dish or receptacle
  • a yellow candle
  • vanilla incense

Cast your circle and light your incense. You can make your incense or buy vanilla incense from amazon. If you can’t get access to vanilla incense you can purchase a vanilla scented candle. It is preferable to have the incense though, I would choose another corresponding incense over a scent candle but it is a matter of personal preference.

Using the yellow marker draw a pentagram on a piece of paper and write your wish on the back. Fold the paper in three times (fold the paper in halves three times).

Light your yellow candle and say the following:

Beautiful Lady of the Moon

Thank you for the night

Sun’s Morning I invoke thee

Make this wish come true

Place one drop of the yellow wax onto the paper. BLOW (YES BLOW) the candle out holding the paper over the candles smoke, sending your wish both out into the universe and on the paper. Keep the paper in the highest part of your room. When your wish comes true tear your papers in little piece and throw it to the wind. Alternatively you can burn the paper and throw the ashes to the wind.

This spell is so simple and I am in love with it. I am going to try and get all the wish spells up for you guys today. Thanks so much for visiting Just Wicca and helping it grow!

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Spell to Attract Friends

Having friends that you can depend on through all types of situations both good or bad is very important. That sense of community is important. We all want to be accepted by a group of people and we all want to have people in our lives with similar goals, thoughts, ambitions, feelings and ways of thinking.

This spells works well if you are constantly trying to improve yourself and your life. You can also supplement this spell with a daily affirmation. You can find wiccan friends on my Witchcraft Message board or the Wiccan Pen Pals Page.

This is a spell to attract multiple new friends into your life. This spell works fast and is very effective. Try this spell to attract new friends and tell us your results in the comment section below this post.

AD: Wiccans Do It Better Shirt

Do this spell during the waxing moon on a Sunday

What You’ll Need:

  • multiple ribbons or yarn strings in various colors
  • a yellow candle
  • good luck oil

Cast your circle and gather your supplies. Anoint your candle and light. Gather the yarn and braid the various colors into a friendship bracelet. As you do this chant:

“Interwine and interwoven, may our friendship never be broken;

True friends attract to me; as I will it so mote it be”

spell to attract friendsDo this until your bracelet is made. Put three drops of the good luck oil onto your friendship bracelet and wrap it around the candle as it burns down. Wear the bracelet and be the friendly person you are. Friends will  naturally be attracted to you. Place three drops of good luck oil on your bracelet every three weeks.

Not only is this spell meant to attract friends but also luck. You must try your best to maintain positive thoughts and actions. Its not always easy to be a positive person but you can start by telling someone you love them daily, and tell yourself you love and accept yourself. If you don’t love and honor yourself first, how can you expect others to do the same?

I love you. All of you. I don’t know where you have been, or what you have been through. I may not ever know. But I love you and you all are always in my heart. Its my goal to show you all how much you mean to me by making this website the best it can be. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on this blog. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this spell to attract friends. You can leave comments, questions, suggestions and everything else below. Thank you so much for visiting JustWicca.com!

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Stone Wish Spell

This is a wish spell that uses stone. You don’t need any other items but you can include a white candle some where in the process. Magick is with us all the times. You don’t always have candles. You don’t always herbs, you don’t always have the ‘right’ tools for the job but you have you heart, you have you mind, and you have your connection to the Universe. Magick lives inside of you, and while correspondences are wonderful they alone will never do the job alone. Your concentrate, mind, and focus creates the energies that create the outcome you desire. I love the simplicity of this stone wish spell and I hope that you will find some use for it as well.

While I have found this spell will work with any stone, river stones seems to workStone Wish Spell best. Find a smooth stone, it can be any type, any color but it should be a smooth as possible. Once you have the stone find a quiet area where you can meditate. Quiet your mind, meditate with the stone in your hand. Be one with your surroundings. Feel the wind and climate. Connect with Gaia.

Let your thoughts flow into you wish. See you wish as if it has already come true. You might want to say the affirmation, “My wish has already come true. Thank You.” Do this for awhile and when you are ready release the energies into the air. Raise your hands while holding a stone like you are offering it to Gaia. As you do this give your thanks.

Bury the stone in the ground and forget about your wish.

This spell can be done any time, any day, any moon phase and for any reason. I wouldn’t do a wish that has negative repercussions because for this spell you are spending a lot of time raising your personal thought vibrations. This spell is so simple that I think you all should try it. I know I tell you over and over to focus your mind, and meditate daily… but its true! While not absolutely mandatory it will increase the effectiveness of your spells.

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Good Luck Spell for Winning Money, Gambling, and/or Investing

This spell is for Good luck with winning money, gambling and/or investing.

Perform this spell when the Moon is waxing and before you gamble, enter a contest for money or make a new investment. It is best performed when the Moon is in Taurus.

Take a green taper candle and a pin. Scratch the words “I Am the Money Winner” onto the candle. Anoint the candle with 7 drops of myrrh and 7 drops of rosemary oil. Do not blow out the candle – let it burn all the way down.

Now cast your circle: light a white candle and walk slowly round the circle to cleanse Spell for Winning Moneyits energy.

Then walk widdershins (counter-clockwise) and whisk negative energies out of the circle with your besom or a branch (one that has fallen naturally and still has live shoots on it). Walk deosil (clockwise), waving burning sage to reinforce the Fire and Air energies.

Add a few pinches of salt to the water then walk deosil around the circle, sprinkling the water on it to reinforce Earth and Water energies.

Walk to the East of the circle and say:

Welcome, Wind – you blow to me my good fortune.

Walk to the North of the circle and say:

Welcome, Earth – you ground me in wise choices.

Walk to the South of the circle and say:

Welcome, Fire – your flame lights my way.

Walk to the West of the circle and say:

Welcome, Water – you flow my abundance easily to me.

Welcome, Elements, to my Circle of Light!

Call upon Abudantia, Roman Goddess of luck, abundance and prosperity:

Abudantia, I call thee, before I cast the die.
Shine on me your light, so Chance favors me now.
Guide my hand and instinct until the perfect moment comes.
Let great money flow to me, like a perfect tree that grows.

So Mote it Be.

Lastly, create a chamomile solution with powdered chamomile flower and unscented oil. Rub this onto your hands before you gamble or begin any new investment.

For added potency to this spell, wear an amulet, such as the Native American Thunderbird symbol, a four-leaf clover, or an Aladdin’s lamp. Rub the amulet before you gamble or make your investment.

Remember always to key into the Goddess within and listen to your gut instincts as they instruct you on what contests or investments to trust and which to leave behind.

Have you ever won money? Do you think you manifested your win?

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Get the Ability to Create Your Own Destiny and Get What You Want Instantly! I’m talking about the Power to Create or Destroy What Ever You Want to… As You See Fit! Develop real magick power.

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Spell to Change Your Luck

This spell requires 7 (yes seven!) candles and its a very intense spell for a life overhaul. I told you guys a little earlier that I wasn’t having the best of luck… Well in a matter of minutes you guys came to my aid with some awesome spells for good luck. Thank you so much! This spell was sent to me by my friend Death Potter (what a coool name! I love harry potter!). Death Potter writes:

Raven! I hear you have been having some bad luck! Try this spell it works for me every time. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you so much Death and thanks for the good luck bro! This spell is to be done on the night before the full moon and Death suggests you(I) do a cleansing ritual before hand. You can use the search to find some of the purification rituals.

Spell to Change Your Luck

Spell to Change Your LuckWhat You’ll Need:

  • black candle to represent the bad luck
  • gray candle to neutralize the bad luck
  • white candle to move into the light
  • green candle to wish for prosperity
  • red candle to wish for love
  • yellow candle to wish for happiness
  • orange candle for speedy changes

You can anoint all the candles (except the black candle) with good luck oil if you have it.Light the black candle and think of the bad luck. Light the gray candle to neutralize the bad luck. Light the white candle to stop the bad luck and move into the positive. Light the green candle and make wish for abundance. Light the red candle and make a wish for your love life. Light the yellow candle and make a wish for your happiness. Light the orange candle and ask for a speedy delivery.

Spend some time before and after you light each candle meditating on the candles purpose. As you light each candle you may want to add some words or a chant whatever feels right and comfortable to you. Let all the candles burn down. Gather the left over wax of all the candles and place it in a wooden box. Place the box under your bed and don’t remove it for 3 months. After three months you can do the spell again.

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Spell to Achieve a Goal

What Makes a Good Goal?

  1. Its realistic – if the goal is impossible to achieve.. then you can’t achieve it!
  2. You Want it badly enough to do whatever it takes, passion, drive, motivation to succeed are essential to achieving your goals
  3. You take action to achieve the goal, this requires that you do something.. ANYTHING to move you closer to your goal. Even something small

How to Achieve Your Goals:

  1. Have an achievable goal
  2. Write it down
  3. Make a plan to achieve your goal
  4. Work towards achieving your goal everyday
  5. Review and keep track of your progress (or lack thereof)
  6. Give yourself a deadline

This spell will aid you in achieving your goals. Spell to Achieve a Goal

What You’ll Need

  • A candle that represents your goal (red for love, green for money)
  • The right rune symbol
  • a carving tool, if you have a burin then use it
  • myrrh oil

Anoint your candle with oil. Find the appropriate rune symbol that represents your goal and using your burin carve it into your candle. Light your candle and meditate quietly on your goal. Feel the feelings of accomplishing your goal and see yourself as already have completed this goal. Do this for seven minutes each night at seven pm for seven days if it is a short term goal that can be accomplished in 7 days if not do this as a jump start to achieving your goals or until your goal has been achieved fully.

With the new year right around the corner we all have goals we want to achieve. My goal for the new year is to make this site as big, and as informative as it can be. You know I don’t claim to know it all and I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I work towards my goal everyday. No excuses, just do it.

Get the Ability to Create Your Own Destiny and Get What You Want Instantly! I’m talking about the Power to Create or Destroy What Ever You Want to… As You See Fit! Develop real magick power.

Get the Ability to Create Your Own Destiny and Get What You Want Instantly! I’m talking about the Power to Create or Destroy What Ever You Want to… As You See Fit! Develop real magick power.

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Get the Job Interview Spell

For this particular spell it is best done on Thursday,

Day of Jupiter, and on waxing moon.

Candles That Correspond to your zodiac sign:

ARIES = red
TAURUS = green
GEMINI = yellow
CANCER = silver
LEO =orange
VIRGO = yellow
LIBRA = pink
AQUARIUS = all colors
PISCES = mauve

What you will need for this spell:

2) Green Candles

1) White Candle or Black Candle

1) Candle of your corresponding Zodiac Sign located above.

Incense: Cinnamon, Patchouli, or Sandalwood.

Success Oil: Cinnamon Oil, or Patchouli Oil

Herbs of Success you can use 1, or mixture of multiples of: Cinnamon, Clover, High John the Conqueror, Patchouli, and Vanilla.

A copy of your Resume

A photograph of yourself/ if you can’t access, or do not have a photograph your full name on paper will work just fine.

Also runes if you wish to carve on the candles.

To start the spell off:

1) Do a ritual cleansing bath asking the universe to remove obstacles out of your path, and cleanse your spirit of negativity. Also cleanse your sacred space of negativity.

2) Cast your circle

3) Cleanse, and concrete your candles plus you may have the option to carve money symbols or runes, or even ruins of success on them, dash a hint of success herb on them.

4) Light incense circle around your sacred circle.

5) Light the black candle, dash a hint of success herbs on the photograph, and resume. Then place your picture, and resume below the black candle. Then meditate on the walls, barriers, or obstacles being torn down, and seizing your new opportunities. Chant this spell: “O Great Universe I come to thee with perfect love, and trust. To open great paths for this opportunity I seek. May no harm come to none as well as myself. May this come in the most correct way so shall it be. So mote it be!”

6) Place the light black candle of to the side and now light the remaining candles. Place the green ones on opposite ends of your picture, and resume. Now visualize yourself having the job that you so desire. Visualize your first check coming to you, and happiness surrounding yourself. Chant the following spell: “I call upon the Universe, Bring me this Job I need. Bring me good relations with my fellow workers, and employers. May they see me compatible in all ways possible. I ask this of thee in perfect love, and trust, please make it just. Bring harm to no one, and myself. This I ask of thee. So mote it be! ”

7) Place the green candles off to the side, then take your zodiac candle, and place it on top of your photograph. Visualize your success at getting this job, and further meditate on good things to come from the job. Chant this following spell “This Job I need, I cast this spell, in perfect love, and trust, Bring me what is just. I (Your name) ask of the universe if it is meant to be, bless me with this job I seek for that I thank thee. So mote it be!”

8) Meditate further on until you feel drained. Then snuff the candles out. Place your picture, and resume up in a safe place until you get the interview.

9) Close your circle, and thank the goddess/god and the universe for all that they have done.

10) You may light the remains of the candles to seal the spell’s power until they are no more. Dispose of the candles properly either burying them, let them wash away into moving water. When you get the interview, picture in your pocket, or purse. Then take the resume with you to your job interview.

11) Remember be patient and be positive. Blessed be, and good luck!

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Spell to Dream of the Future

There are plenty of people who are interested in seeing their future. This is a spell to do that. This Spell to Dream of the Future is design to help you dream of your future but you may dream of a future other than yours. If you are dreaming someone elses future and not your own and this isn’t what you desire spend some time meditating daily to learn to focus your mind. This Spell to Dream of the Future was sent to me by Ashland, who sent me quite a few spells I will be posting either today or tomorrow. Thanks so much Ashland for sending in your awesome spells and helping the website grow.

Spell to Dream of the Future

Thank you for posting my spells! I have a few more I would like to share….

Spell to Dream of the Future

Spell to Dream of the Future

What You’ll Need:

  • light blue paper and a pen (blue ink is best)
  • psychic oil
  • the appropriate candle for your goal
  • purple candle
  • purple cloth
  • herbs: mugwort, ash leaves, bay leaves, passion fruit, and jasmine
  • a silver candle
  • yellow ribbon

How to Make psychic oil:

  • 5 drops of lemon grass
  • 2 drops yarrow
  • 1 drop sandalwood

Do this Spell to Dream of the Future right before bed. First decided your goal. Do you want to see your financial future? Do you wish to see your love future? Do you want to see an important event in your life, like marriage, childbirth, or career? Decide exactly what you want to see. When you decide this charge each candle with your intention. You might want to repeat “This I now see” as you charge each candle. After you charge each candle anoint the candle with the psychic oil.

Light your candles. Spend some time meditating on what you want to accomplish with this dream. Don’t put thoughts about HOW you want your future to look. Just concentrate on knowing the future. When you are ready write your goal onto the paper. Take the cloth and place the herbs in the center. Place 9 drops of the wax from each of you candle onto the paper and place the paper onto the center of you herbs. pull the cloth together to form a herbal pouch and secure it with a yellow ribbon. If the candles can burn safely left them burn as you go to sleep. If the cannot burn safely snuff out each candle in the same order you lit them.

Place the herbal pouch under your pillow. You should receive the answer that night. If you don’t then you probably forgot your dream. You can reuse the pouch again. I wouldn’t use the pouch more than 3 nights in a row. You should sleep with your dream journal near you so you can write down the details of your dream. If you wake up during the night -DONT go back to sleep, write your dream down first.

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Spell for Good Grades

This is a spell for good grades. You should do this spell on the night before the test. You should have already prepared for the test but this spell will help you to do better no matter what. This is a great spell for students and you should keep your charmed pencil with you as you do all of your tests. This pencil will become a good luck charm aiding you in all of your school tests. You can use the pencil on everything school related but don’t use this pencil for anything not school related! You can pick a pencil with a style or design that you like but I wouldn’t because most teachers want you to use the standard number 2 pencil for all your tests.

What You’ll Need:spell for studying

  • • • A white candle
  • • • A number 2 pencil
  • • • A permanent marker
  • • • Good luck oil

Anoint your candle with good luck oil. Anoint your pencil with the good luck oil as well. Light your white candle:

On this day this item is charmed, I will get all A’s and harm none, Brilliant is how everyone will see me, as I will it so mote it be!

Take the pencil in your power hand and charger it with your intention. See yourself getting all A’s throughout the year using the same pencil. Run the tip of the candle through the flame once, taking care not to burn the candle. Draw a small pentagram on the pencil with the permanent marker. If you can, draw a small pentagram on your test paper as well.

Say the same chant before you take a test. You should see a good result!

This spell is to help you get good grades on any test you take but is not a substitute for study! The results of studying and this spell got me through high school. And I actually did this spell before taking my ACT and got a 31 in the English section! That’s almost the highest score… I know right!

Thank you so much for visiting Just Wicca! I hope this spell helps you in reaching your educational goals. Leave me a message in the comment section below!

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