The Waxing Moon

This article will help explain the waxing moon and its special meaning. Wiccans believe in both religion and magic as sources of reverence and power, and an esbat is when those two elements coincide in the form of a ritual or religious service with a focus on a magical element. Specifically, esbats occur in accordance with moon cycles and are celebrations of the Goddess, who is represented by the moon. The Goddess is one of two important religious figures in Wiccan religion. She symbolizes femininity and is worshiped alongside the Horned God, or father, who represents masculinity.


The moon has four cycles, allowing for a possible four esbats per month. The four stages of the moon’s cycle are new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Learning the four cycles and their purpose is important for every Wiccan, but especially important for female practitioners of magic, or witches.

The Waxing Moon

The waxing moon occurs after the new moon, which symbolizes a time for beginnings, however the waxing moon symbolizes a time for growth. For this reason, it is important for the focus of the esbat to be on an enterprise that is in a state where it will benefit from growth. This requirement can take many forms and covers a broad area.

waxing moon

For example, an obvious and ancestral example might be a ritual to help enhance the growth of a field after it is planted. Similarly, modern day Wiccans might perform a similar ritual for their gardens. However, there are other modern-day applications as well. An offering to increase the profit of a business, for instance, or for a relationship to rekindle or flourish.

How To Perform the Esbat

Esbats are held in the evening after the moon has risen. Ideally, for the waxing moon esbat, the ritual would be held when the moon has reached one-fourth of its ascension cycle. To begin, cast a circle and set up an alter. Afterward, rely on an experienced member of your coven to speak a prayer or spell, or perform one silently, before placing something symbolic of the growth you desire to occur on the alter. Esbats usually conclude with a final spell or prayer and a celebration, which includes seasonal food and drinks.

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