Wiccan Love Spells

These wiccan love spells are free for all to use, and very effective. If you are curious about doing a love spell or have some questions as to if these spells are safe and wise to do, my only advice to you is to take the time to really concentrate on what it is that you want, and also try not to do a spell to manipulate someone who has made it clear they aren’t in love with you. I never recommend doing spells out of haste, especially love spells. You have to be careful what you wish for.

You can try these magic love spells, but I assure you forcing someone to be with you is not whRetrieve A Loverat you truly want… you want a true friend, true partner, true soul mate, and a true love. There are spells below dealing with every category of love magic from break up spells, love spell to get your ex back, love spells to find a boyfriend and more.

Always be wise about the spells that you are going to cast and use your own best judgement. Love spells are fun but they really aren’t something to play do just for fun. For legal purposes you have to say things are for entertainment purposes but this is still really powerful wiccan spells.

If true love is what you are seeking then keep in mind that spells for a specific person to fall in love with you are not what you want. No matter what is that you want your situation or love life to be, you must be wise enough to know the difference from your wants and your needs.

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Over time I will add spells for breaking up, getting married spells, cheating love spells, making up spells, and relationships spells. As well as links to Gypsy Love Magic, Italian Love Rituals, Celtic and Pagan Love Rituals, African & African American Love Rituals, Irish Love Lore and Magic and other interesting Pages.

113 Responses to “Wiccan Love Spells”

  1. yen says:

    raven,pls help me…i got this guy…we have the same feelings…we love each other.it came to the point he open to his family that i have a kid. which they reacted negatively saying why she,having kid.instead of single.and now he has a confusion because i have kid. pls help me.clear his mind that having baby is not a hindrance in our relation speacially to our feelings… i love him so much.i dont want him to live me.

  2. nae says:

    Me & my fiancé broke up last year & he just moved out & we have 2 daughter’s together I am jealous when it comes to other females calling his phone

    • If you are jealous you probably have reason to be. He needs to be trust worthy and see your worth. I say let him do him and work on yourself. If you don’t run after him or try to emotionally manipulate him — he will be back before you know it.

  3. shelley says:

    My boyfriend and I just broke up..l am at lose, things seemed good one day and the very next he is telling me that he no longer wants to see me. I do not understand why..I do love home very much and I do believe and feel he loves me..so any help in get answers..

  4. nice asprec says:


    my fiance broke up with me last October he said he needed time but he ended our relationship after a month, after I gave birth to our daughter. I need him back because I love him so much, we broke up because he was fed up with my jealousy. Please I want him to be back with me not just for myself but for our daughter too. Please please please…help me please..I need him to come back soon..

  5. Leney says:

    I am new to this and a little hesitant. I am a practicing Catholic. I would like to talk to you via email privately if at all possible. Thank you.

  6. AnnMarie says:

    Hi I’m looking for a love spell that will make ME fall desperately in love with my boyfriend/child’s father. We’ve been together for 3 years and the fact that I’m not attracted to him/in love with him is causing major problems in our relationship. Plz help!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lady Raven moon I had like to talk to u by phone my situation is a lot bigger than just one or two sentence so if u have some kind of contact number please do email me

  8. krisa says:

    Could you recommend a spell that will have people somehow cross paths? Enough boost to bring about the opportunity to bring about a friendship.. for a specific person. I have tried several honey jars in the past with no success. Thinking there might be a candle spell as manifestation seems to be less wait.

  9. mary says:

    Im trying to find a spell to make my boyfriend of 8yrs fall back in love with me??

  10. Laura says:

    Hi I’m trying to get my ex back. we thought we were soulmates and then a ton of drama happen so no he doesn’t want to talk to me. any ideas???

  11. Yvette says:

    My ex and I have been seperated now for 6 months we lived together and were still intimate off and on but the last month he started seeing this new girl I know he still loves me and I love him very much it’s aches my heart to be apart. our breakup had a spell interference which I broke but he hasn’t returned. I really miss him what spell could I do to get him back?

  12. aqua says:

    is there a spell that would be good for helping a partner be happy about a potential pregnancy? theres a chance i may be, unexpectedly, and my partner freaked out about the idea of it saying he didnt want more kids (he has one from a previous marriage and it was a difficult divorce process). if i am (i’ll find out soon… but i have an eerie feeling i am) i will want to keep the baby and i want him to be supportive and on board with the pregnancy and making a family. i was planning on trying a sugar love spell, to help sweeten him to the idea of it, and soften the argument we had about it the other day. do you think this would work or is there another suggestion you have?

  13. angelica says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me nd a want him back I love him so much I wanna do a love spell but all I have is a red candle can I still do a spell with just that?

  14. JR says:

    Hi my husband of 5 years has filed for divorce saying he is unhappy and this is what he wants. He still lives with me and keeps pushing me for the divorce. i dont want this and i want our love to come back what can i do to stop this and brin gour love back

  15. Eugenie says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me nearly 2months. He said he is not in love with me. He don’t love me the way I love him. I always have drama. Additionally, he can’t forget the incident last year we had a argument over my dog and his sister boyfriend. I really love this man very much. I hope that’s something miracle will happen whereby he will change to better person in terms of more loving and understanding and return back to me with lifetime happiness. I am so depressed and felt my life is so empty at the moment. I hope you can help me. Thanks a million

  16. Ruby says:

    Hello! I need some help
    I am very confused as I’ve never tried any spells nor am i knowledgable. I am strongly believing my ex is under a love spell the reason why we are no longer together. After doing some research and gather information i’ve realize that there is no other explanation but to come to realize he could be under a love spell. to make long story short, my ex and i were very great together we distance for 3 months a yr ago just to realize we were good together and loved eachother. Things were great he has 2 daughters with 2 different ladies. His ex gf was a one night stand, he confessed he never loved her, as if it was forced due to the baby, they had a cylying relationship and spoke negatively about her claiming she was possesive, jelouse and drama. she had 2 bfs after and seemed she liked one in particular and again had an off and on relationship. 2 months she began to reappear as she was no longer with that particular person and showed up at mutual events with my ex my ex and i venture on a getaway with his family and it was great on our return he still calmed to love me though he began to act a bit wierd with anxiety, sleepy and out of zone comeing back home he suddenly stopped contacting me as if he was mute. I didn’t want to nagg as i thought he needed space and send him my regular love msg that he loved so much but never a reply, 2weeks later the ex send me a msg saying they were back together even though he knew he was a liar they were back, I took it as if she was laughing at me and that she had done something. As i nver knew love spells were possible i am believing he is under a love spell. Is there a way to find out if indeed he is under a love spell? I need help because i still love him very much and i am seeing he is not happy as he is forced again. Any suggestions please? thank you for reading…

  17. Ruby says:

    Hello There.
    I really hope i can grant some help here. I have never tried any spells or am not much knowledgable. But base on simple reasearch, I suddendly got wondering thoughts. My ex boyfriend and I had been dating for a while and everything was great. He has an ex whome was with other guys, she had 2boyfriends after their breakup. There is one in particular that seems she liked because they go back and fourth. 2 months ago me and my ex boyfriend venture and she suddenly began to reappear they have a kid together but my ex boyfriend confessed that he forced himself to love her or that he doesn’t undersand why he was with her and always talked to her as evil, possesive and jelouse and inform me that her twin sister is the same with his cousinet they always use to get involve in cyling relationships. Too make long story short my ex boyfriend without anything suddenly stopped contacting me, a big distance as thats not him as everyone in his family had said that he loves me and it was about time he found a great girl. Well, She emailed me saying they were back together and as i try to contact him to hear it from him, it seems he is mute as i was shocked. I need help to see if in clearity he is under a love spell. Is there a wasy to know??? thank you for reading hope to hear some good input…

  18. Fareda says:

    i ve been with a guy for ten years and he has be on and off, but just recently he told me it over ,pplease i need a spell to bring him back to me forever

  19. Anannya Sarkar says:

    Please help me. I love a boy with whom i was having relation for 2 years.. but few months ago he left me.But i still love him. and i want him back. please help me..

  20. Anannya Sarkar says:

    I had a relationship with a boy for 2 years.But he broke up with me.Please help me.give me some love spell so that i can get him back.I really love him. Now we are not having so much contact that’s why due to less communication we are moving far away from each other.I just want his love back. I don’t want to loose him.

  21. Gilma burgos says:

    Hi im new um im 12 yeah :( i look like i have 15 and i cut ……. Ok to much information lol :) but i wanna know about the magic things like i wanna be something not ordenary i wanna be extrordinary something out of this world soo i need help :D thanks !!!

  22. crr says:

    Just wanted to take the time and thank you! I used one of your love spells to get my ex back! Now we’re back on track just were we left of;) with yoyr spells and me really believing in it worked out better than I expected thank you

  23. Aruna says:

    I want my husband back in ma life with the family. We have been seperated for 6yrs and he never call me and meet me. He has change his no. I still loves him and want him back in my life like before.

    • Aruna says:

      What can i do? Can you do any spell for me to bring him back? I have seen the spell but its not working and some of the ingredient i didn’t get. please help me… I need him badly in my life. Let him and his family forget the past and my family accept them…Please save our marriage.

  24. lynn says:

    Hello Lady Raven,
    I was wondering if there was any spells to cast for giving a present. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and so I was thinking if I could do one where I will always be on his mind and for him to love me. We have been apart and arguing a lot for the past few months. Kindly let me know if there is a spell for something like this. Thank you.

  25. Marissa says:

    I just want my first boyfriend to actually care we broke up and to call me.

  26. Maritza says:

    Hello: Just wanted to say that i am new here and i was reading all the comments about getting your boyfriend back. I am 38 years old and i have been with my boyfriend for 7 years, Just yesterday i found a girls number on his phone and found out they have been talking. He got upset and left and i have not heard from him. I truly love this man to death and i want him for me, He loves me but there is something pushing us away, please help me regain my relationship i cant lose this man. please Raven help me out my email address is uninvited1974@gmail.com

  27. Lisa says:

    if we use these spells will there be any consequences? :S

  28. MissAJ says:

    Hello Lady Raven,
    You seem to have lots of wisdom and may have some insight. I completely understand that it is the will of the universe and what is meant to be is meant to be. Since I have first come across your site I have done much research and reading of the spells and comments. My attempt is not to go against someones will but to have one more opportunity, conversation…anything and my heart and faith is there 100% purely and I have kept a journal/book of shadows of my own. 3 moons ago I first tried the make someone love you spell, I had full beliefs this would work and I felt the energies a week later in hopes for him to come back into my life (been since last October). I almost felt the energies were so strong it made me a little crazed thus I thought the energies didn’t get to where they need to go. I did the spell to a T except used red yarn (that’s the only difference). Upon reading further and on Karma I realized more so I really didn’t want to go against one’s will but to open his heart. Maybe it really is time to let it go. Last Friday I did the bring your ex back spell with candles blessing the gods, asking for removal of any obsticals and no harm to be done. I tried calling today all in all the same response, no answer. Again I concentrated, meditated and used the spell to a T using attraction oil from a local shop and adding some of my own chants into this spell. I did not burn the candles out and have thought to relight them to continue meditation but have not. I know patience is a key and what will be will be but I just want some sort of communication….anything. He hasn’t spoke to or responded in 4 months. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions? There is so much on here that is really is hard to know what might be the best solution.

    Thank you for all your wisdom and knowledge Lady Raven!

  29. Catfish says:

    Oh that’s good but which spell is best for me bc I like her now & she knows it & I really don’t have time to look for the right one on here. If u can say which one it is I’d really appreciate it thanks again for giving me hope :)

  30. Catfish says:

    About a few months ago I met this girl online. We talked all the time til the wi fi got knocked out of my room. We talk but not as much. Lately I’ve noticed she doesn’t write back to some of my messages. I’m worried I’m gonna lose her & I’ve felt close with someone online & i think I’m starting to have feelings for her. Basically can any of these spells make us closer & if so which one??? Please & thank u this means a lot to me.

  31. Nebahat says:

    Hello. I have never done spell before… Should I learn for mediation to concentrate when I do spell… Because I have heard before that concentration and trust is very important when doing spell.. Which one would you suggest me to do for getting my husband back in my life? We are not divorced yet but we both are separated as he doesn’t wants due to misunderstandings and many other big big big problems.. Please help me. Reply me please..

    • Hiya!

      Even if you have never done a spell before it can still work for you, the chances ARE greater if you learn to concentrate, meditate, quiet and focus your mind.

      I would do a purification spell and then maybe a spell for forgiveness and love.

      Blessed Be!

  32. sarah says:

    Oh n they spell i did was over 7 days of burning candles every night for 1 hr the night the last candle burned down he rang within the hour he called to say he was coming to see me :)

  33. sarah says:

    I did a love spell a while bk i was at my mums n heard a song playing in the distance n the words of the song was “you put a spell on me” i went shopping n saw a product name called cauldren that id never seen before..my ex has left again he still loves me that i know for sure so going to do same spell again hope it works again!

  34. m says:

    Thanks for answering so soon! Well I have been casting pretty much back to back…. They do all have the same goal though so I hope I won’t have confused it too much. I will try your tips- especially the not fretting and the meditating! After all, there’s not much I can do about it now. I’m such a pessimist that I can’t stop myself thinking it isn’t working- and also not wanting to get my hopes up in case it doesn’t and I would be crushed! But positive. I will be positive.

    I love this site, it just seems a friendly place to be

    • Sometimes I feel like I fail you guys by not answering the comments as quickly etc. But this site is friendly and its my personal goal to make it so much better for you all in the future :)

      DONT WORRY! :)

      Blessed Be and Thank you so much for visiting the site! :)

  35. Doing spells back to back to back does muddle the waters and confused the energies and the universe. Because each wish might be slighty different. TIPS:

    1. Wait one full moon cycle to see results. If you don’t see results, try a cleasing spell and try again after another moon cycle.

    2. While waiting for the results of the spell… DONT FRET! Trust yourself and the universe and let go of it. Don’t hold it in your heart.

    3. Meditate Daily. Even if its for a few minutes or a few hours. Clear your mind and envision the outcome you deserve.

    4. Intention. Don’t constantly think about it not working. Remind yourself and reassure yourself throughout the day with thoughts like ‘My spell is working!’ ‘I’m so happy and grateful!’ ‘I feel it happening!’

    Good Luck! But remember some things aren’t meant to be, but once you’ve done the spell properly it will be on you to be self aware enough to notice the signs the Universe is sending you :)

    Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  36. Gold says:

    I need my lover back… :'( <|3

  37. anonymous says:

    My situation: I started dating a med student, fell in love with him knowing that he was gonna have to move due to schooling. Problem is we both developed very strong feelings for one another which made our goodbyes very painful. It doesn’t look like he’ll be coming back to my area due to his obligations. Perfect for each other, absolutely perfect. Is their a spell you can recommend if any at all, or just best to let things be?

  38. Tinakori says:

    Thank you for your spell. He contacted me today. Nothing said about getting back together. Hope something happens soon. Should I do anything else to make him suggest we get back together ?

  39. Ali says:

    I am looking to get my ex back. I am dreaming of him nightly and he said he would take me back but because I did something that everyone agrees is not a good enough reason not to, but anyway, he wont. I can tell he still likes me, yet he feels I betrayed him. (he is a Taurus, and fits the personality description perfectly) I love him and would pick him from everybody else in the world. Please help me find a spell to help him make the choice to take me back

  40. Jc le roux says:

    Hi.I really lik this guy I work with and we flirted and kissed. but thing went south afterwards so I did a love spell that I don’t know if it will work. I want it 2 work.this is what I did every day of the week between 00:00 and 1am. Ingredients: 2 photo’s (me and him) plus a red candle carved with our names and my wants? Plus 4 pink candles and lots of white ones. I also have both police clearance papers ( vinger prints and all). Took some red string and bind it all. While chanting into the red candle and thinking of us being as one and all around LOVE. The chant: I l love u (name) u love me. I need u (name) u need me. I want u (name) and u want me. As I think of u u will think of me. As I love u, u will love me. As I want u. (Name) U will want me. I love u and u love me. As I will it I can undo it. So mote it be. I chanted this about 9- 10 times. Then watch the candle burn out. Do u think this is a strong spell..I have never done any magical spell in my life. But believe magic can help.

  41. manix says:

    I’ve been doing some spells but the only ones that work are Love Spells why? I don’t understand why the other spells don’t work?

  42. Lucy says:

    I enjoyed doing ur spells , they really do work.xx

  43. nicky says:

    Thanku so much i tried a spell and cant beleieve how he spoke to mr today i was crying so badly till yesterday . How long does the casted spell work . Theres a spell of meditating i dnt remember the name i tried it can i do it frequent thanku so much

  44. Juju says:

    also forgot to mention that during the time he wanted to be with me they were broken up and he was getting over her just fine until that weird dream showed up and then the next day he was a completely different person :(. As i said I really love this man and I really want to have another chance at being together without another person interfering… They are now together again and I just want him back in my life… I feel as if the world is crashing down beside me w/o him. We have even spoken about marriage but then this happened and now he tells me he wants to leave her in a way but for some reason he cant :(…. Please can anyone help me? By the way sorry for the long post :P.

  45. Juju says:

    My ex fiance is currently in an abusive relationship w/ someone else is there any particular spell that I can do to break these two up for good and make him come back to me and love me? He has told me he wants to be with me before but then all of a sudden he had a weird dream and desired the other woman instead of me… I feel that she perhaps did a spell and I just want to get him back. Im truly devastated without him :(. Can anyone point in the right direction to which spell(s) would be good for this?

  46. Emma says:

    Hey I recently split with my ex three weeks ago we have a 15month old together. I know he is ment to be with me, he still loves me but says he loves someone else and can’t be with me. I can’t just except that this is it we deserve a second chance I love him more then life itself can u recommend anything, Plano refuse to give up on us

  47. nima says:

    hi i want to use one of these love spells(to make someone love u) but i am afraid if i use it i never find a real love and and no one love me in future and i will have a bad fortune because it said use it when you really love and want someone but i dont want her somuch i just like her and i am 14 years old so young to have a real love what should i do?please help me,tnx

  48. Ccy says:

    My bf broke up with me few days back and I really love him and believe we can do better if we have a second chance but he just keep reject me and pretty much annoy with me! I lives in Asia , and a Asian is there any spell that works for me please I’m devastated I need to get him back! Please help!

  49. Cee says:

    Karren what spell did you use? I want my ex back we have 9 month old baby together and i want this family back i refuse to give up

  50. raz says:

    I really like this guy and I’m traying to get him to like me back I can’t get picture off him so I need a spell that work without a picture please help me !!

  51. taliah says:

    my ex is in dating someone and i need him back but he hates me what do I do?

  52. mary says:

    merry meet Lhady Raven Moon..i am just a beginner that will like to be a practitioner of casting spells and i love the things that i have read in your site maybe not all but its helpful like you said that there are things that are not meant for you..

  53. Anonymous says:


  54. sjoy says:

    hi, please help me. we really love each other but its the distance that has started hurting us :(

  55. joanna says:

    can you help? cause i really love this guy but he live in canada!!!!!

  56. sjoy says:

    me and my bf have been in an LDR for 4 years and are fed up. please suggest a spell to bring us in d same city.

  57. Anonymous says:

    can you do more spells than one at a time??

  58. Eddie Chang says:

    I didn’t email you in a while. I just want to tell you everything has changed. Before life was hell, now its like heaven on earth. It’s really amazing how my life changed with your very powerful spell.
    Eddie Chang,

  59. Felicia says:

    Do you have lesbian spells?

  60. jessica says:

    I really want my ex back but I don’t have the ingredents and my love for him is stronger now than ever please give me a spell that will return him to me for ever

  61. evee says:

    my boyfrined dumped me a while back, do you think you can post a spell that dosnt invovle candles XD? haha, just something simple. a spell to get him to come back to me? :3
    thank you, and blessed be

  62. Emily says:

    First, I wanted to thank you for these spells; I must confess that the good luck that I have had for the last two months have been amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for this; things that were on the far ends of my imagination just some months ago have materialized, and I must say I am very content with what was brought about by your effort.Emily

    • Its not my effort… Its the act and art of energy manipulation! WOOT! I’m glad the spells are working for people it mean so much to me. My whole goal with this website was to encourage and empower… If I am doing either of those things… then I am so happy and sooo grateful! Thank you soo much for visiting!

  63. sally says:

    I am so happy to inform you that my boy friend and I got back together on Sunday. I don’t think that things would have worked out the way they did if I hadn’t done the leave my man alone spell. I think by doing so, it allowed him to realize and remember how wonderfully happy we made each other, better yet it made (I know not literally made but you know what I mean) miss it so much to nearly break down into tears twice in public when he was trying to tell me about it.

    • Serenity Ruby Moon says:

      Hi Sally I am very happy for you :), Also I have a question what spell did you do on this spell? :D Anyways You both deserve all the happiness, and love. Blessed be <3

  64. mari says:

    theres this boy i like and he likes me back.he told me what he felt about me but he hasnt asked me out. i want him to. what spell do you recomand that is fast and i can do anytime

  65. Anonymous says:

    I want him to talk to me and be my friend again

  66. Michelle says:

    I am “Michelle”, a college grad with a highly professional job. I was looking for answers & I got them. I was heartbroken that my boyfriend decided to leave the relationship, a friend introduced me to a spell caster, so I had him cast A Lover Retrieval spell. Within a week of the spell casting, he called “just to talk”. After some pleasant talks and catching up, he asked to see me again. He is absolutely crazy about me now and DOES see the good in me that I had hoped he would. We are back together now happily & even planning on getting married. This is the spell I used.

    Good Luck
    Michelle Baines.

  67. Carolina says:

    i wanna do a spell of a guy that i saw at the library , that now goes to my school. i’ve been seeing him lately . i wanna talk to him but i’m afraid. i dnt even know his name, what spell do i use on him ? please help

  68. Karren says:

    I did a love spell from this site and it worked!

  69. Ashley Thomas says:


  70. Siya says:

    the spell works but at its most powerful at full moon at night on friday.

  71. Siya says:

    light up the lavendar as if its incense and meditate or do yoga while breathing in the incense when your finished snuff out the candles

  72. Melscara says:

    I would really like a powerful love spell to get the lover I love to love me back. I would really love a spell that works because none of them seem to! Is there a love spell to get the boy I want to love me in a romantic way?
    Please help me!

  73. Anonymous says:

    I want a powerful working spell to bring my ex back, I dont like there being tension and hate anymore between what happened to us. Please is there a spell to bring him back and hopefully win him over? Please help me

    • Raven Moon says:

      I will put some love spells up later today. I will try to find a simple ex back spell.

    • Siya says:

      im an expert in witch craft all you need is yellow cloth on your table. 3 yellow candles, 4 lovely red candles, 1 white candle, and lavendar, mirrior. light the candles chant five times. spirits of love obey me spirits of truth obey your master. I am beautiful on the outside
      I am wonderful within
      I am special unto myself,
      So let the love come in!

      Negative thoughts, they vanish
      I now toss them out
      Negative feelings, be banished,
      To let my love shine out!
      so mote it be.
      And bring my lover back (if you broke up with a girl or boy if not dont say bring my lover back or the spell will go wrong)

  74. Victoria says:

    I really want a love spell for a date to homecoming. I just really want someone to take me. Is there a spell for that?

  75. Annonmious says:

    I want a powerful working spell to bring my ex back, I dont like there being tension and hate anymore between what happened to us. Please is there a spell to bring him back and hopefully win him over? Please help me

  76. PRYSCILLA HILL says:


    • Raven Moon says:

      Feel free to try one of these real love spells. But you should really be thinking, does he want you back?

      • Karren says:

        I did a spell and it worked i got my ex back in one and he is moving to the same city i live at. i think you really have to be meant to be for this spell to work. i am amazed and happy. i loved him my whole life and now we are back together thank you for putting this spell up for me and answering my emails.

    • mehbooba says:

      Can u do the spell for me please?

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