How to Get Your Ex Back

Get You Ex BackThis article will tell you what you need to know to get your ex back. This isn’t a bunch of rules but it is my advice. Take my advice and get your ex back. All of my Facebook friends have been messaging, instant messaging, and commenting on my blog a lot asking for love spells.

You can try my sugar love spell or this simple true love spell.

If you are more familiar with witchcraft and Wicca then you might want to try my spell to make someone love you. These three spells are wonderful and effective and free.

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Spell to Get Your Ex Back

Love Spells: The Joining of Souls

This spell is definitely not ethical, but it is very effective. Remember that magic is a two-way street, and that you will be equally bound. Sprinkle dried white roses with almond oil and burn them inside a magic circle as you recite the spell. Add slips of paper with your names written on them if you have trouble getting the roses to burn. Say:

By all that lives on land and sea
by the incoming and the outgoing
by the odd numbers and the even
by the power of three times three
thy waking thoughts shall be of me
from now throughout eternity
no peace or increase shall you find
until your hand is joined in mine
I bind thee heart and soul and mind to me
I bind thee eyes and thoughts and loins to me
I bind thee to me forever
with cords of velvet longing
by the white rose and the rosemary
by the caverns and the groves
by the silence of the mountains
by the chasms and the standing stones
I bind thee forever to me
with cords of silken danger
Isis, Astarte, Ishtar
Aphrodite, Venus
I bind thee to me forever, so mote it be



  1. Estrella says

    Hi-Is there anyone that can tell me what it means by saying “magic circle”? I am also confused on slips of paper stating our names on it. Do you mean one letter at a time on a piece of paper or two pieces of paper with my name and his name on the other? Also how many rose pedals? If someone can please elaborate on the directions for me please, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    P.S. How long after does the spell take place to work?

  2. Amaris says

    Would it be considered selfish to cast this on someone? :( i really want to get back with this certain person, but im scared i’ll feel guilty. Am i manipulating him casting this?

  3. LRB says

    So I thought that I would share my results, so I cast the spell on Halloween after undergoing a week of purification. I ensured that when I cast the spell I projected all of my heart into the universe.

    The next day I wasn’t contacted by my ex, but by a girl that comprised all of the qualities that I have ever wanted in a smoking hot package. So the universe will listen to you, but you may get an unexpected result as I did.

  4. Ashley says

    Hello, curious to whether or not this will work for me…my husband and i beeb married for 7 years . About 4 months ago he started accusing me of cheating. He is incarcerated. Well we separated (his choice) and to this day he accises me, says he wants the truth or we will never get back together. I told him the truth yet he wont except it and says he dont believe me ans refuses to get back with me. I dont know whag else to do! Do you believe it will work for me?

  5. Naina says

    I find this site very informative , thnx.
    I have a question do I need to buy the white roses or can I just pluck it from a neighbour’s garden and how many roses ?
    Would appreciate a fast reply.

  6. Mindy says

    Question about a spell that would work best to get My ex boyfriend Back i understand that i can’t be so one sided but if a spell gets us Back together and we work out that would be a good thing right?

  7. Rob says

    Hello, I have a important question,, for me anyway. I like to get my ex back and as it seems, this spell is just for that. I feel deeply for her, an intens love and she broke up with me cause of some negative issues lately. But she still cares for me greatly and we are still talking to eachother.
    I like to speed things up and I think she still loves me but cause of the negative issues and stuff the love is putt away to deep to see or feel it right now.
    To get an idea of our relationship.. we were both out of a job, no money and i whas to focused on the future instead of her.
    What I really want is to reconnect with her, getting that passion back and see if things can be as they were before the negativity. We were for a long time together.

    Well now my important question… I read through a lot of websites about wiccan and casting spells. Many websites state that casting a spell to let someone love you backfires cause the intentions are not pure. The other person should give you permission to do the spell. is it true that if I cast this spell… that I can lose her forever? Maby not now but after a while? Is it true that if I cast this spell… even with good intentions… that I will get more bad luck or so cause the rule of three?

    Please answer this question for me.

  8. Heather says

    Mine story is complicated. My ex and I had been together for almost 5 years when I ended it, the first time. We got back together a few weeks later. We were back together less than a year, before I ended it again. Although I’ve tried to date others, I can’t get over him. We have been “apart” for ten months, but he recently called and we talked for 8 hrs on the phone that night, even talked about why it ended. Since then we have hung out every night almost. He says we are only friends, but I want him back. I really do love him and feel that we have a connection. From the beginning, we trusted each other and supported each other. Do you think this spell will work for me?

  9. erick says

    i paid a lady to do this type of spell for me…its been 2 weeks today n i see nothing…do i have to be patient or did she bs me?? she did read my cards 1st n i was amazed with what she told me about myself. what do i do??

  10. corinne says

    I don’t have the right stuff for this eg. White roses only have red and also dont have alomond oil can i use something else?

  11. Emma says

    I tried this spell today and am hoping to get my ex back I am pregnant with his child and there is still so much love between us but stressful times with employemnt and arguments has causes him to move away to stay with a friend, we talk everyday but and I want him to come back and realise that we have something special and I will love him and take care of him for the rest of our life’s, I hope this works for us as I have run out of ideas. I will try to repeat the spell on the full moon if this makes it more effective. But thank you for your spell and I home him to return to us soon xxx

  12. Healing says

    So I did the sugar love spell to ask for forgiveness, and then did this spell (get you ex back) on the full moon, super moon in June 2013. My ex finace left me 6 months ago, he refused to talk to me…he just cut it off. He was hurt cold and mean, refused my calls, email etc…after the super spell and this spell both times he picked up the phone, and we spoke…..after the spell on the full moon I reached out again and we spoke for over an hour…..he is still hurt, will not see me…..we’re not getting back together anytime soon….but we’re now at the least talking……I feel the Love is still there….did the spell work, you tell me?

  13. inlove says

    Hi i am going to do this spell on coming full moon…please suggest how many roses do we use in this spell.

    • Carissa says

      “Sometimes called “the flower of light”, one of the meanings of white roses is everlasting love – love stronger than death, an eternal love, undying and all sustaining. White rose speaks of a love that is sustained more by loyalty, reverence and humility than by red-blooded passion. So, in its capacity to worship someone till death, the meaning of a white rose is unchanging loyalty that endures beyond all else.”


      Seems to speak to the type of spell this is for.

  14. up for anything says

    ok so I’m a complicated case here. I have never done any magic in my life. ever. I was raised against it. however after the split with my boyfriend after almost four years of a happy relationship Im desperate. if I know nothing of this will this still work for me? are there any three fold law effects or harm that will come to him or me? I honeslty only want a second chance to love him and take care of him.

  15. Missing something says

    Well I tried this spell this morning….. In hopes of getting her back . I know we were meant for each other it’s just that her friends keep getting in the way. I believe in fate since in three years three different people that I met told her about me and on the third year we met. As a matter of fact of them was a lady who read her cards….. If there is any thing else I can do please let me know I feel so empty with her …..

  16. Amy says

    I had a break-up with my boyfriend. I need him badly back in my life. Our caste is different and hence was the reason for our break-up when it came to marriage. Is there any spell for making this marriage possible?

    • says

      Amy, thank you for coming to the site. If you are looking for a more specific spell, take time to learn about the craft and write your own. I am always adding spells to the site. Please check the love spells page for another spell that you may be able to rewrite for your specific needs.

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  17. danniekitten says

    do I really have to burn the roses,,, i dont want anyone to see me do this…i dont even have white roses…
    anyway to change it up but still have it work???

  18. SoSad2012 says

    My Boyfriend and I recently broke up …he texted me the next night saying that he hopes we can build us back up again, that he cares about me but needs to clear his head, he doesn’t know how long this will take and that he can’t expect me to wait around for him. Is this the right spell for me? I believe that we are fated to be together. It was a great union but the last 2 months have been difficult and strained..I’ve no idea what happened….

    Also, do I have to use Almond Oil as I wish to do this spell tomorrow night (Friday, Full moon) and do not have access to any place in my area where I can purchase it.

    Please respond and wish me luck!

  19. JoeyT says

    OK, I am a gay man that is(I hate the word but it fits) desperate for a return lover to me spell. I will be using this spell with all the hope that it works. A few years ago, my ex found some emails that I had corresponding to someone else with intent to cheat on him. I never did and I never would go through with it because I love him so much. We were going through a tough time at the time. I swore to him that i wouldn’t go back to the website were i was correspondig.
    Last month, he found on my iphone that I had gone to the site but only to look at naked pics. He knows that I wouldn’t cheat on him but he was so mad that I went back tot he site. he broke up with me and I have been devastted since.
    I truly love him and want him back and I want to try the spell. Please wish me luck! I want to prove to him that I am faithful and want to earn his trust back. Thanks!

  20. Raven Firestorm says

    I was wondering, do you have to use the white roses and almond oil ? I’m allergic to both. Can I just use our names on paper and burn them using the chant ? Will it even work that way ?

  21. Anonymous says

    hi can i ask what the mote bit means at the end means is it ment to be make it be instead of mote it be.

  22. jenny says

    Heya I’ve been so sad lately about my ex boyfriend and I really like us to be together does wishing to the universe actually work and how do you put more energy to make this spell happen because this is my desire

  23. Anonymous says

    Congrats Jonah! I’m glad everything worked for you. :) did you use this spell or another in this site? Also I’m curious how ur friend used this site in 2007 when as far as I can tell it has only been up since 2010?

  24. jonah says

    I came to you full of desperation, I was hopeless and at times felt helpless. I used every spell casting service on the internet, all of them promised guaranteed and fast results, which neither happened. I came to your site through a referral of a friend who had successfully used your services, this was back in July 07. I have followed your advice, read your site from start to finish many times over, each time I gained something new. My wife and I are back together, and I know that it is because of the help that I received from you. Thank you so much for all of your help!

  25. Genevieve says

    I just wonder if you think this spell will work for me? It’s a little bit complicated, and I want to share my story and ask opinions of those who know the spell.

    I believe my ex and I are truly meant to be: fated. However, he has bipolar disorder and is prone to snap decisions.

    Tuesday we were making plans for him to come with me on my family vacation in six weeks (with my mother and sisters), and for our one-year anniversary (also in six weeks). He said he loved me more than anything. It was a truly magical date, “intimacy” out under the stars, beauty.

    Wednesday he was depressed randomly, so we didn’t talk (he wanted to be alone). As I said, he is bipolar; it happens. I worried for his sake, but didn’t think much of it.

    Thursday (yes, two days later) he broke up with me, saying he had just “suddenly” realized that he no longer loved me–a random epiphany he had in the middle of the evening, with nothing to predispose it. The same thing happened with a friend of mine and her bipolar boyfriend; it’s sadly common. They did end up getting back together after he had another “epiphany.”

    The only thing that happened was a sudden loss of love. He says now that he thinks of me as “someone he knows”–not even a friend or someone he cares for. He has an unmanaged mental illness that I’m almost sure caused this to happen; he was so devoted to me before.

    There are so many small… things that make me positive we’re meant to be. Not least among these is an amazing spiritual link that has been forged between us with neither of us the wiser.

    I’ve tried the spell, but I modified it just a bit (adding “as long as I desire” in there on the off chance that we turn out not to be meant). I also opted not to do the circle in almond oil and roses, but merely held an item of his to myself and said both of our names together before beginning the chant (I’m a firm believer in the physical as merely symbols to channel magick, and choose to use what best helps me channel my own energy). Now I’m feeling so much positive energy coursing through me, like I made a good step forward, but I can’t be sure.

    Do you think the spell will work for me?

      • Genevieve says

        Not yet. But I’ve received some “intelligence” (okay, nothing that special, a friend told me :P) that my ex has told his friends recently that he still has feelings for me, and when they asked if he was ever going to ask for me back, he responded, “I don’t know.”

        Which certainly isn’t no, so I refuse to give up!

        I’ve repeated the spell numerous times (alone and with a friend in a similar situation), but going by the letter. It DID work for my friend, though!

        On another note, I’m making a sigil of the text of this spell (a large one, so I may turn it into a multimedia hypersigil, not sure yet). Certainly can’t hurt.

  26. annnomyous says

    I had problems getting the paper and flowers to burn all the way I still have flowers left what can I do to make sure they burn right? I’m planning on trying again while the moon is still on waxing or do it on full moon for more power. Please help.

    • says

      Most people don’t know that! Sweet almond oil is easy to make and can be used for different reasons through out the spell process. Sweat almond oil is often used to attract love :)

  27. Ally says

    What kind of magic circle? And do you just sprinkle the almond oil and roses into the circle? Does it have to be inside or outside?

    • Lin says

      Im going outside for mine to be more one with earth energy :D. But it doesnt matter if it inside or out. Plus girls from the craft movie did all their spell outside. ^^ I figure me going for it.

  28. annnomyous says

    I was told that I shouldn’t do this spell but my conscience says to do so I don’t think this spell is evil. Please help.

  29. Lin says

    Thank you raven :) Ill try this on the next full moon. And use my cauldron that needs and cry to be used. Plus roses at the store are like 3.99 a rose <3.

  30. Lin says

    I have a question about this spell I know there’s no candles listed in this spell can I use candles? And use my cauldron to burn the items into? Is there a good place to buy almond oil from?

      • linda says

        Is this spell just done in one day? And Is it better to do a cleansing spell the following day to banish negativity in the room and yourself?

        • Karren says

          Hey. I did this spell on a the full moon last month and my boyfriend and I got back together. I just did what the paper says. I am not even like a person who has done many spells and it worked for my my boyfriend called me at 3 am the night i did the spell and said he was thinking about me. (we live in different states, that and the fighting is why we broke up because we didn’t have a way to see each other). Anyway I did this spell to get my ex back and i had tried other loves spells none from here though.

          but I wanted to tell my story because this spell worked for me and i and my boyfriend is moving to my city so we can be together and I am so happy.

          I tried this spell and it worked. i woudnt tell my friend this spells you know i dont think they would react good to my being a wiccan. but i know it works.

          thanks so much and thanks to the owner she will answer your emailed and she is nice.

          • Annonymous says

            I got like 3 spells i am trying to dock down to one solid one to do on the next full moon. I am trying to find one that is most likely to work, I want my ex back in my life. Its been sad without him :(

          • sai swaroop says

            Hi.. Please suggest any good spell to bring my lover back, I love her lot, in this life again I wont accept any other girls except her, please suggest any good spell, I am begging you, this is my mail id

      • ace says

        oh my. i only read this spell looking at my darling’s picture. no ingredients, no nothing, and the night after he came rushing to me and said sorry!!!

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