How to Charge a Candle for Magick

Charge a Candle for Magick

Charge a Candle for Magick

A lot of people have heard of charging their candles for magick, but some people still don’t know how. This will give you a brief overview of how to charge your candle and hopefully give you some information as to why it is so important when using candles to do this. This can make your magick more potent and more effective. This is so simple and easy to do, once you see your magick working even more effectively with the use of charged candles then you will realize the importance of charging your spell.

The only thing you need is the candle that you are going to use with the magick runes, or symbols already inscribed into the candle, the candle holder and that is all. You can have a match and lighter on hand if you plan to let the spell or magickal working be the candle with the runes which is such a simple way yet powerful way to do magick.

What you will need to do is place the candle in your power hand. Your power hand is the one that you write with. Place your opposite hand upward toward the sky. Visualize your goal, at the end of this working what is it that you want to have accomplished? Visualize and imagine the hand being filled the energy of the God/dess. Now see the universal mother energy combining with your intention. With this combined energy flowing through you and filling your whole body, push this energy into your spell candle.  You are the conductor and have control of this energy given to you by the God/dess. Push the energy into the candle, you may also speak aloud your intention.

You can place the candle into the holder and light it if you are doing¬† a candle magick working. Or you may proceed now with the full magickal working or spell casting. For me it seems to work best if I do my cleansing ritual, layout my tools, and then charge my candle before doing the whole spell. It may take some time, and some people tend to think that certain spells shouldn’t be as lengthy but for me my magick is almost guaranteed to work when I follow these procedures. This is not to say you must do this this this and this to receive a certain result, but it can make you magick more effective. Lengthy spells for me have always worked well and I must say that during this time I feel and intense connection with the God/dess which of course plays a deep part. Make sure to leave a comment below and tell us all how you charge your candle or how this ritual worked for you.

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