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Looking for a Love Psychic? True love spells can be powerful ways to attract a true love to you. True love spells work and are a great way to find someone who might be perfect for you at the time.  True love spells have their flaws, but overall they are effective ways to find a true love using magick.  I included a free true love spell in this post, and please make sure to leave me a comment telling me how it has worked for you. Remember to signup for the newsletter to receive free spells, magick lessons, and prizes from This spell is a simple one, but for a more power red magick love spell but a top witch click that link.Love Psychic

True love spells are not perfect and sometimes you may not always get what you want. You could ask the Love Psychic or attempt to to the spell on you own. People ask me why are spell outcomes so uncertain? Well there could be a number of reasons you attract a true love using a spell, but in reality this person isn’t perfect for you. One reason you may attract love with a love spell but this person ends up not being your true love can be mindset. Mindset and your mental vibrations have a lot to do with the effectiveness of your love spell.  So if you just want a impressive guy, someone really attractive, you may get the attractive guy but will you be completely compatible? Probably not if when doing the true love spell you only focused on the superficial, you might just out grow as soon as you get him or her.

Another reason why doing a true love spell won’t work how you planed may simply be you outgrow that person, or outgrow what you thought you wanted. Say I did a true love spell when I was 12 and got the perfect guys for me then, more than likely the things I want as I grow older and mature might not say the same. Since your spells, especially true love spells, or find a true love spells, are effective by my mental state and my perceived notions of what I want are surely to change over time. In this post I also included a great true love spell for you guys to use. Need a Love Psychic? I have a prediction for you….be careful what you wish for…

True Love Spell

Three Fridays before the full moon Friday, mix lavender, rose petals, and salt. Make a fire, and throw the mixture in the flame while chanting these words:

“Lovers lane and true heart speaks;

Bring to me the lover I seek;

Let them see their; love shall rise;

United our flame; with Lovers eyes”

Repeat 3x, then write the lovers name on a piece of white paper. (Or if not a particular person, but you are hoping to find love, alter slightly by drawing a your ideal mates body and think heavily on his personality, looks and traits). Throw the paper in the flame, and meditate on the person.

On the Friday of the full moon, do the spell one more time, and place the ash in a satchel with rose petals, wear the satchel until you meet your love, which should happen within a few days. Continue to mediate every Friday on your love until they arrive. So what did your Love Psychic tell you?

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  1. Misty says

    I’m new. Been enjoying your site a few weeks now. Have attempted to cast a few spells. Have done a sour jar things like that. I suppose it’s still too early to tell if they are working. I read where people cast spells and get results very quickly. This is frustrating for me since I myself have yet to get or see anything manifesting from what I’ve done, making me doubt myself. Is there a way to link up to experienced people in my area for me to learn more about Wicca and that could help me with my spell casting. I’m in Tulsa Oklahoma.

  2. T-the sad girl says

    Hi lady raven, i know i’m stupid for even falling in love with a guy i havent even met face to face but only talked on the phone and play games online, we we’re having a kinda difficult relationship and he was my first serious relationship where i put all my trust and love for only him. I just want to see him in real life and talk to him but 3 days ago he sent me 11 message saying goodbye at the end and deleted me off of everything i could contact him on, i feel so stupid because before i met him i was so knowlegeable about love and relationship. I have no more friends because i only used my free time for him and i have no one to talk to about this, all i can do is cry and now i’m debating in whether to cast a love spell on him, but i also think he was cast a spell or idk he is a fake and a poser.I just feel sooo stupid. He also had 2 friends who was madly in love with him so i don’t konw if any cast a break up spell or something.

  3. Tyler says

    Lady Raven I feel so bad for you just reading through these comments… if you people wish to practice the craft you must read up on the basics. If this spell doesn’t seem to work for you write your own if you must!

  4. J says

    If there isn’t a full moon on a Friday for months, can I still do it? Should I pick a full moon on different day, or a Friday without the full moon?

  5. Luna says

    I am unable to work with fire and i wanted to know if there is a way round that or an alternative, i would be very grateful if someone could provide me with assistance.

  6. Sasha says

    Does anyone know of a spell to keep a person away of a specific place? Not away from me or a person but a specific place. Thank you

  7. Anonymous says

    Does it have to be preformed on Friday? Because I need him to fall in love with me before summer ends and the next full moon/ Friday is in October!

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi there,
    My ex & I dated for 5 years in which we also lived together, we broke up in 2011 & stopped speaking about 6months ago. Lately I’ve been dreaming of him a lot & thinking of him out of the blue. I randomly get moments in which I feel telepathically connected to him & am almost positive he’s just as torn as I am. It may sound crazy but I feel it in every inch of my body that we are meant to be. He’s the air I breathe. Would you advise me to go on & perform this spell or should I let time heal our wounds & get on with life? I miss him everyday…

  9. says

    hello raven moon

    is there any spell for doing marriage wid ny lover ?? i want to marry him actually he z ready to marry bt hs mom creating a problm so i want a spell to marry him

    m in a big problem plss raven

  10. Anannya Sarkar says

    please tell me some spell so that i can get my boyfriend back.. i want him to come back to me and love me as he loved me previously leaving that girl who is just a third person in our relationship.. I want his love back in my life..

  11. Anonymous says

    can you combine spells for instance, a true love and love spell. there was one where you have a photo of both of you tie red chord around and place in a jar with dried rose petals, if so could you add the ash to the jar to see if this person is your true love? or is this just bizarre

    • says

      Merry Meet and thank you for visiting Just Wicca!

      You can always enhance this spell by adding your own elements or substituting hard to get items.

      Magick is so personal and it works off the energy of the host -you.

      Please make this spell your own and let us know how you changed it and how it worked for you!

      Thank you for stopping by and Blessed Be!

      PS. Find more information on the Witchcraft Forum – after 7 posts you get a free crystal :) Just use the contact form with your username and personal information (Name, address and preferred crystal:)

  12. Pockets Full of Posies says

    I am really anxious to try this spell, but I am curious if this will
    1) Work on either gender
    2) Will this work with someone who thinks of you in a completely platonic manner?

    I know that I really shouldn’t try this if the person I love can’t return my feelings, but I am currently in the process of weighing out pro’s and con’s. Having this information will greatly help with the decision making process, and I will be grateful for any assistance!

    • R says

      I think what the author meant about “mix lavender” is actually “mixing the lavender with the rose petals and salt”, hope that helps! =)

      • Invader K says

        Thanks. Idk why noone was replying to me :/. But i have two questions if you don’t mind, And thanks you honestly made me smile when you replyed, I kind of felt as if i was being ignored -_-

        1. Can the lavender be ANYTHING thats lavender like soap,shampoo etc?

        2.It says make a fire? Make a fire in what? how do i make a fire in the house without causing any damage(I’m sorry but if i do this spell it would be my first spell ever, So as you can see I’m very clueless)

        Thanks “R” :)

        • says

          Its obvious you have not been studying the craft and just want easy answers to basic questions. Its not worth it. Basic things like can a spell be edited or how to burn a fire WOULD be a waste of my time to answer again and again. I am glad you realized this.

          The fact is I am one person with a site that millions of people see. If you really appreciate the site then instead of demanding answers to basic questions you will take you faith in your own hands and seek out the answers.


          • Invader K says

            I know one of my bad habits are being inpatient and looking for the easy way in everything. I asked but i wasn’t getting a response (i guess because like you said i wanted the answers first hand, its a terrible thing) so i felt ignored (which i was, but then again i shouldn’t complain).And the reason why i asked “basic questions” because i HATE being wrong.

            I apologize if I made you upset : /

        • says

          I actually am sorry. I meant what I said but could have said it better. I was frustrated because of all the comments I get that require just a little research. I am sorry for being rude. Good Luck and Blessed Be!

  13. Invader K says

    Hi my name is Katyy and I’m 14 years old. I’ve come across your website and it gives alot of spells :). I was looking for love spells and I seen a love spell called “True Love Spell” were you can attract a lover just right for you in your life. But since I’m new to this i have a few questions if you don’t mind ol wise one!

    1.In the spell it said “Mix lavender” please help me understand exactly what do you mean by “Mix lavender” is “Mix lavender just regular lavender and does it have to be shampoo lavender or ANYTHING thats just lavender? because to be honest im confused.

    2.Secondly in the spell it also said do the spell on the next friday (No problem)but it said put the ash in a satchel with rose petals and wear the rose petals until your love arrives. As i stated before I’m 14 years old and the high school i attend(we don’t get out of school until 4:00 )is VERY strict , So they check our bags,shoes, etc. and its not that i can’t wear the satchel to school but its because the guards (yeah i know “guard” with an “s” its like 6 of them) will check it. i don’t want them to question me asking me why do i have ashes and rose petals in my bag. It will be very akward and they will think I’m crazy, lol I don’t want to experience that moment. So I was wondering is it ok if I was to wear the satchel around the house before school and when I come go home from school?

    3.How do I put out a fire? I was reading that sometimes putting out fire a certain way will mess up the spell. And when it say make a fire, make a fire in what because I don’t want to set my house ON fire Lol.

    4. In the spell it said write down the things you want to see in your lover. I know this will kind of stupid but i have to ask lol. Okay were i live alot of boys are name michael so on the paper i wrote “His name will not start with the letter M. If he was to come to me his name wouldn’t be michael right? since its alot of people i know most of the boys name are “Michael” and its annoying me and I don’t want a boyfriend with that name, I dislike that name. And I also put down what city i wanted him to live in because in my city its mainly bad and I don’t want a boyfriend living here. But will the request of the city and the letter of his name work?

    I really hope you will respond, I would be very grateful if you were to answer my questions that i asked. OH and another thing, your website opened up a whole new world for me. And for that Thank you, and be blessed <3 <3

  14. Katyy says

    Hi i have some questions for this spell
    1.What is “mix lavender”?
    2.Make a fire in what?
    3.When it say “Do the spell once more on a Friday and put the ash in a satchel” do the WHOLE spell all over again? And where do i get a satchel from?
    4. I know this sounds pretty stupid but on the paper were
    I’m suppose to throw in the fire can i put my lover name cannot start with the letter “M” lol like i said i know it sound stupid but its to many boys i know who name start with the letter “M”.
    5. I’m 14 and have school and i’m not sure if they will allow us to wear a satchel so is it ok if i was to wear it around the house and when i get in from school wear it around the house again?

    Please respond :)

  15. says

    What do you do with the satchel when all goes well! And, do you have to do the spell on each and every friday before the friday of the full moon or only the first friday of the 3 fridays before the friday of the full moon? And, what can I use in place of a satchel and lavender?

  16. Zoe says

    Oh, and also, can I use pink rose petals or what color does it have to be? Does it make it more powerful if they are red? When I think of love I think of it as more pink. And, red as just passion. Can it be a combination of the two? Thank you Moon!

  17. Zoe says

    Raven Moon,
    I want to know if I should do this spell on my ex that broke up with me a month ago and now wants to come back into my life but he wants to be friends first for a while. I’m somewhat confused because he wants to kiss and cuddle as friends. I’m not sure if that is going to work as friends. When he broke up with me I was devastated. I cried so much I got horrible chest pain. I’ve tried to date other guys but just can’t seem to do it. When I look at other guys and only start to compare them with my ex and think this isn’t my ex I do not want them. I feel I will never get over him. I’m truly in love with him. I think he cares about me and wants to be with me but is afraid of something because he tries to act tough around me like he doesn’t care too much, he also told he hadn’t been with someone for a long time before me and he’s a bit scared of getting hurt. But yet he wants me back. He’s also a Libra. So, it might explain his loofyness perhaps. All I know is that I feel like I want to be with him forever and even have his kids. If he is truly meant for me will this work? Will it awaken his heart and quite his mind? I don’t want to go against anyone’s will. I just want to know if this spell will work because it is meant to be or or does it work against will and be forced? Even though I feel like he broke my heart so bad when he left that I can only be more in control this time if he wants to come back. And, I truly also want to be with him. But, want to make sure that he will truly love me as well. Thank you.

  18. soph says

    Hi Raven Moon,

    I really want to cast a lover return spell but i am a lesbian. I have casted spells in the past with great success. I really believe in my abilities. But I need something that is powerful and something i can do soon. I am a lesbian and I never had problems with casting regular love spells. But is there a difference in casting when you are a lesbian? Thank you! and i love you website! Oh and any advice on making spells more successful?

  19. CharlieGirl says

    we dont have a full moon on a friday for sometime can you assist me switching this around to accomodate?

  20. Andi says

    What if I only just discovered this page and only have 2 days before the full moon. Can I still do it with the same results?

  21. hollie says

    Thank you! You have changed my life! My boy friend proposed to me, after I casted the spell. I can only feel I made him do this, what should I do?

    • says


      Love spells are really powerful! Why did you cast the spell if you didn’t want to be with him forever? You run the risk of breaking his heart and losing him forever.

      You’re in luck though, try a reversal spell that will undo the love spell. It should turn him back into the man he was, but you might be losing the ring!

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