Another Sugar Love Spell

Using a sugar love spell are simple, effective and fun… I adore them! After you read this spell, please check out my simple sugar wish spell! This spell was sent in by Ravana. You can send in your spells ( and a free gift! Just email me for the details.

Using sugar in magick is great and very effective. Sugar like honey, is use to attract favorable circumstances and to “sweeten ones life” per say.  Some people use this spells like this sugar love spell when fighting with an spouse, friend, family member or whomever. You put your name and the person whom you are quarreling into a sugar bowl and visualize making up and/or resolving the issue with that person.

Simple but cool magick. Chocolate, sugar, candy, honey and other natural sweets have always been associated with love and can work wonders in love magick. Most of you have heard of the honey love spell right? The thought of the taste, the sweet, the love, corresponds beautifully with love and sugar spells.

Some people even use brown sugar for use in home made incense to bring luck. So use your mind, and you individualism and really make your magick or food magick as some people call it work for you. There are people who use magick to bake brownies and sweets for a loved one, and as they are making their concoction they visualize the outcome they want. Food is the quickest way to the heart and can make magick happen for your love life!

Sugar Love Spell

Want to learn more about Wiccans in the kitchen? Read this Awesome article: Wicca in the Kitchen by Kitty the Dreamer.

Here is what Kitty says about Sugar and Wicca:

Sugar: a Wiccan food for Wicca in the kitchen that is ruled by Orishas and Venus. When powdered, sprinkle sugar on pink or red love candles to draw someone’s attention.

A really nice girl on twitter recently responded to a question I asked. The question was “Do you guys use sugar in your magick?” Here is what she said; (Oh you can follow me too… @BallisticJW)

@BallisticJW ive not used it,but hear its good when working with fairies,and in attraction spells that need quick action (sugared water)

So now I bet you are dying to find out about this powerful and wonderful sugar love spell. Without further ado, here it is!


Sugar Love Spells

What you’ll need:

  1. Sugar :)
  2. Jar or Container
  3. Pen
  4. Red Paper Heart
  5. Candles (Optional)

Write his or Her name 9 times on the red paper heart. On the back of the red paper heart write the message you would like to send. Something simple like ‘call me’, ‘im sorry’, ‘please forgive me’, ‘miss me’, seems to work best. I think its because its easier (at least in the beginning) to send simple energy messages or thoughts.

Once you write your message, fold the paper heart in half and then place it standing up in the jar. Try the stand the heart up in the container but this isn’t always possible. Cover the heart with sugar, honey or candies.

Place the jar onto your altar and then spend sometime meditating on the outcome you desire. See the person doing the exact thing you want them to do. See it vividly and with as much detail as possible.

Ask the Goddess to aid you in your wish. Keep the lovers jar somewhere safe for as long as you need it. This spell can be done during any moon and/or day but its traditionally Friday for love spells, although some circles prefer Wednesday or Sunday for love spells and relationship work.

Do you know a sugar love spell? Has this Spell worked for you? Do you use sugar in your magick? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

I have plenty more spells so if you need a sugar love spell check the other spells out in this section!



  1. Sandra says

    Lady Raven, I did the spell last night because I felt like I needed to reconnect on an emotional level with the person I’m dating. I had already done the Make Someone Fall in Love with You spell 2 weeks ago and it seemed to be working, though I didn’t bury the jar as instructed because I like to bring it out sometimes and meditate on it. I was wondering if it would cancel out the spells if I layered the Sugar Love Spell with the first one? I just thought I needed a bit more aid from the powers that be. Thank you.

    • Hazel says

      I did mines a few days ago , I do a lot of meditation… And I noticed that everything that I wrote on the heart disappeared and just last night I took a video of my kids playing and I saw 2 green orbs….. I’m not sure what that means … I haven’t seen any signs of him .. But I do bump into movies that has my exs name or something that reminds me of him … I’m not sure if that’s a sign that it’s working :)!… But I really do miss him more and more every day

  2. jas says

    The spell works ! I did this spell in the afternoon and prayed to goddess to get a friend I like to contact me and get in touch (it’s been well over a month). And he sent me messages at night apologizing for not returning my messages. I used brown sugar by the way. Thank you so much for sharing this spell !

      • Anonymous says

        Hi! I did this spell around january 16th, but it didn’t take effect until a week after. I cast this spell on my girlfriend who got detached from me, so far its been working great! She’s been sweet and not totally detached anymore. We have been talking things through and we have been working things out! So its been about 2weeks after i did the spell but i did not bury my jar. I just placed it on a safe corner in my room & whenever i find time, i open it and meditate on it, also thanking the goddess. So i’m not sure if you are supposed to bury it, i think it all depends on you. And fyi, the spell has been working great but of course i gave my all out effort too to make us work again. I just wanted to share my experience & i’m glad of the breakthrough of this spell! :)

        • says

          That’s wonderful it’s working out for you :) however it went well for a month or so with me then he started becoming distant after that so just be careful the jar does have to be buried I’m sure :/

          • Angela says

            Hi I just tried it tonight. I hope it works. Am I supposed to meditate every Friday night until it works ? I don’t see where it says to bury it? When am I supposed to bury it? Thanks

  3. Anonymous says

    This spell works. I did it in the afternoon and my close friend sent me messages apologizing for not returning my messages.

  4. Anonymous says

    So I did the spell yesterday. Ive been trying to contact my close mate and his not replying. I can only assume I have done something wrong. So I really hopping this spell work. Just want to patch things up with him.

  5. jessica says

    So did this spell Wednesday.. and today which is saturday my friend texted meso it does work.. but our conversation wasnt wht I expected.. he asked how I was and he talked about his new girlfriend. . I told him I was happy for him etc.. conversation lasted five minutes and then I didnt hear from him.I feel so distant from him..he’s not the same as he once was..i miss him so much and our frienship.. eny suggestions on wht else i can do? The spell worked by all means..should i do it again..and ask my wishes in a diffrent way? Please enyones opinion is appreciated.

    • Anna says

      Hey Jessica I done it to an it worked for me but I didn’t bury the jar so he became very distance after a month or so :(

      • jessica says

        I didnt bury the jar either… didnt know we were to do tht..guess him and I arent ment to rekindle our frienship

  6. jessica says

    Did this spell best fren no longer talks to me since hes started dateing sumone 10 dayz ago.. I evn asked him if he no longer wanted to talk due to him haven new gf and he said he stil wanted to talk nd b frenz an said his gf is ok with it. Him and I talked every day we nvr fought or argued. I miss him I miss the frenship.. so far this spell hadnt worked but only has been two dayz. Guess I need patience.. eny suggestions would b greatly appreciated

  7. kassy says

    I just did the sugar love spell i hope it work i wrote for him to forgive me to give me a chance to call me text to come to my house to rember all the things we done together let see if it works i hope he gives me a chance

  8. says

    I did the sugar spell sunday or monday morning. What I did was write his name 9x and what all i wanted on the back of the heart. My heart was pink. I took some sugar and powdered sugar over the heart. I added some of his hairs and deoderant hair fir a deeper connection. I cried so hard while doing the spell so I decided to add a drop of my tears for his sincerity. Then today i came back to meditate and put more sugar, honey, and chocolate and meditated. Tomorrow i will add pink, red, white candle wax to to the top of my container. I do keep it in a dark place. Anyone have more suggestions on what else to do or add?

    • says

      Oh yeah I forgot begore I did the actual spell i wrote an im sorry love letter and told him what I wanted and asked for forgiveness and a chance to make things right. I know in my heart who I want and i also have to change. Hopefully the goddesses will give us another chance to build and grow stronger together. For deep in love i know it takes time. We both me and him have to break away from our exes to make it work better.

        • Carly0187 says

          Hello I’m glad the spell had worked for you did you leave your jar open or kept it closed and reopened when you added more to your jar? When you meditated did you meditate on the outcome? Did you put the letter in the jar as well? Sorry so many questions I just would like to start one.

          • says

            I opened the jar and left it open for awhile. I meditated on what I wanted to happen. I spoke to my jar and cried on top of the sugar. I put as much love as I could into it. yes I put the letter in the bottom before I put the sugar in it. Each time I meditated over the sugar I thanked the Goddesses the Gods and God and said please aid my cast.

    • jessica says

      So I did this spell lastnite. A guy friend of mine hasnt contacted me in over a week. We talked evryday for months. But since he has started dateing someone its like I dont exsist. I even asked him if he wanted to stop talking etc due to him seeing someone. He said he stil wantz to talk and be frens. That his gf knows about our frienship and is ok with it. I get his focus is on her right now. But I feel I lost my fren and it hurts that hes not contacting me. I was good enough the whole time to talk to. Now he seems distant. We had great connection and awsome frenship we never fought argued or enythng. I hope this works I dont want to b cut out his life. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

  9. Mercedes says

    Hey raven. So here’s my story, my boyfriend and I broke up last Thursday. And we both still love each other but he just don’t trust me Nomore it sucks so I’m deciding to do this spell? You think its the right one? And I just wanted to know can I do it on a full moon? And if we had promise rings can I put the ring in there? Let me know asap please!

    Thank you.

    • Mimi says

      I’m not Lady Raven, but I see that she’s said to many others that you can add your own elements to the spell, so I’m thinking the rings will help! Of course, I’d go with her answer. I don’t think phase of the moon strictly matters. More the intent and focus. But – Lady Raven Moon – we will defer to your knowledge!

  10. Mimi says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon. I used the spell to attract someone to me; it worked immediately but I decided that this was not the man for me for various reasons. I used it again for someone I was with for six months (after the first man). This man is much more solitary, and we eventually broke up because, while he loved me, he has not been in a relationship for 20 years and felt that relationships are not for him.

    I’ve been trying to do the spell for him, as I do believe we do and can have something special – but I had a question — I’m not a fool for love (well, lol, maybe we all are fools for love!) and I think that, when I work the spell daily (meaning doing the intentions and visualizations after meditating – I’ve been doing so for about 60 days) I’m not allowing myself the mind-space to separate a bit from him, deal with the possibility that he may not return, and be the person who can accept him back. CAN the spell work if I leave the jar to itself, after having done the visualizations, etc?

    I’m thinking about re-doing the jar, visualizations and ceremony and all, and then leaving it to work its magic without my active daily visualizations. In a way, does the spell need more “space” from me? :-) Suggestions???

      • Jane says

        Hi Jane

        I think you have to follow your gutt and do what you feel is best. I did the spell the way I thought was best and more effective. I also think that if there is still a strong attraction from both sides the spell will work. Stay positive and after you did the spell try to focus on something else, if the message was meant to reach the other person, it will happen.

        Keep the faith guys and believe in yourself and the power that lies within all of us-as long as you dontry to force your will on another, everything will manifest in due time.

  11. jessica says

    Was thinking of trying the sugar spell. Never did a spell before. Really curious to see the outcome. Im a little scared to do it. I would like to have a second chance with my ex. Or least have him think of me or contact me.Just a little nudge so tht mayb we can start over

      • jessica says

        Yes I have read most of the comments. Its I just never did any kinda spells before. I wana do it right. And hope it workz

      • Jane says

        I did the spell a week ago, 2 days later it started manifesting as I wanted it to, this morning when I dispossed of everything I used, something shocked me, the paper hearts wrote on didn’t have his name or the message on anymore, no writing what so ever,
        As in nothing, why did this happen? I did the spell outside under the moon, just love the connection and power from the moon.

        • Annie says

          Hey jane I done this too an it also worked for me but he suddenly stopped all contact as I came on to strong I think :( I actually didn’t know we have to get rid of the jar I still have it in my press, wat should I do??

    • Anonymous says

      Mine worked in about 2 days after I did the spell, but when I dispossed the sugar and everything I used to give my spell a boost, the writing on the heart, his name and my message to him vanished, there was no writing on the paper hearts what so ever….lady Raven moon, why did this happen? I’m a bit puzzled!

  12. Gabriel's C says

    The spell does work but you need to be patient. Mine was realised after 5 months… It is a long time but have some faith people :)))

  13. lyn says

    I hope I am not overstepping any boundaries. I apologize if I do. This spell is very simple. The items needed are easily found. If you can’t get a red piece of paper, get creative. Get a white piece of paper and color it red. Have faith in your spell. Try looking into the older posts for answers. Improvising and personalize your spell whilst using this spell as a guideline is also good. I wish everyone luck and blessed be. :)

  14. Jency says

    Can use pink colour paper heart? My boyfriend still angry with me even already past 2 months.. I message him, he replied that do not disturb him and get lost.. Will this spell work out? Help me please.. Another problem is i does not have altar.

  15. Jency says

    Can use pink colour paper heart? My boyfriend still angry with me even already past 2 months.. I message him, he replied that do not disturb him and get lost.. Will this spell work out? Help me please..

  16. tanzina says

    at first i want to say sorry that my english is not so good. i found ur site by searching on google. I badly want my love back. its nearly two month we was so damatic and we argue a lot.after the break up i called him so frequently al most everyday. because i love him a lot and want him back in my life at any cost. i want to do this suger spell. but i dont have alter. so where else i could place the sugar jar. i hope this spell will work for me.

    • lyn says

      You can do the spell anywhere. It is the intention that matters. If you have to hide out in the bathroom and do it. Do it. It is your spell your space. Create it. Good luck.

  17. Nichole633 says

    I did this yesterday around noon it was my first spell and by 8 o’clock that night my spell had worked my boyfriend came back to me and trusted me, I did change up the spell a little I made it more personal by adding candy he bought me and crouched up rose petal from the roses he bought me almost a year ago and then I added rose quarts a piece of his hair and a piece of mine then a drop of my blood and a tear drop then I poured red candle wash on top for love and passion then white candle wax for trust and honesty

  18. A Guy says

    WOW! After our huge fight, my girlfriend and I were no longer even on speaking terms for days… and this worked in a matter of hours! I was so sad that we were done for sure, but she suddenly reached out to me, and we had a great conversation and are working on things! Absolutely incredible! Thank you so much!

  19. Mimi says

    The spell worked on a fellow who turned out not to be worth my time. Now I’m shooting for the bigger prize – a guy who has been more battered by love and solitude. It’s tough. Trying to hang in there. I think what we have is real but sense he’s running away. Trying to let the power of three times three magnify what he already feel for me . Any other suggestions? Thanks

  20. Autumn says

    I’m so sorry! I meant Lady RavenMOON! I was emailing a my friend who calls herself RavenWolf just now. Omg I’m so sorry!

  21. Autumn says

    I did this spell back in Feburary. It works people. I didn’t have a jar, so I used an empty water bottle (EASIER WITH A JAR). I didn’t have red paper so I used white paper. I followed the instructions. I share an apartment with 3 other girls so they would question why I needed so much sugar. So instead, I bought candy hearts with the little messages on them like “kiss me”. It took a while but after a month, he started blowing my phone up and texting me and saying how much he loves and misses me. It July now and he’s still doing this. So yes, this works. Thank you Lady Raven!

  22. Hopeful says

    Just did the sugar spell with miss me as the message. I hope I did the whole meditating visualizing part correctly. Now Im just waiting to see if anything happens.
    New to this site & am hopeful this works.

  23. Cinni says

    I cast the spell Tuesday. And he texted me the same night but not what I expected him to say. I want him to love me and want me back. But he hasn’t texted me since then. I tried casting it again yesterday, it doesn’t seem to be working. But I am impatient. But I want it to work faster.

  24. maria says

    I have just cast this spell. My first ever! I followed the instructions. I made my own heart out of red paper, I drew it and cut it out. It’s not perfect, but it’s the intention that counts. I also put a heart shaped crystal and a heart shaped crystal earring in the jar. The earring has a significance because I lost it when we were together and shortly before we broke up I found it in his car. He loves his car so i thought that it was fitting. I don’t have an altar, but I sat and visualized exactly what I want to happen. I ran through this is my mind from start to finish twice. I really hope this works!! Thank you for this! x

  25. Rachel says

    This is my first reading about it .. I want to do since it is friday but its not a full moon its Waxing Cresent Moon?? do you think it will work ? and we broke up with a lot of drama but I love him and I know he cares about me but very influencial listening to others. I want us to be happy can someone tell me if this will work or what can I do to make it work? We do not even talk anymore its been 2 months I stopped calling and texting him. I want to see if it will work even tho Im not too familiar with this Wicca stuff so yes kind of skeptical. what do you all think? oh he is very stubborn . As I . But I do love him very much.?Please help ?

  26. loveonfire says

    Hello Lady Raven Moon,

    I only had dreams about my ex bf and his family but nothing is happening yet..i didnt receive any call or text message since i did the spell.i strongly believe in magic so im still waiting for the universe’s will to grant my wish..i always think of my ex bf.still loving him so much.


    • says

      Try focusing on other things if this is truly what you want. Ever wanted something so bad it seem like you could never get it? But when you are distracted you get exactly what you want? Time to stop ONLY focusing on him. Passively manifest your desire.

  27. loveonfire says

    So i cast the sugar love spell tonight…i added few of my own touches,instead of sugar alone in the jar, i added honey on it as well where my petition letter is at the centre.inside my petition letter is the necklace he gave me,the first gift i ever received from my ex boyfriend..after i made my petition letter, i sprayed the perfume he gave me as well..added inside the jar,added cinnamon and rosemary to enhance the effect of my love spell…this i used to bring back my ex boyfriend.. i meditated while dressing my red candle, during my petition wrting all i was thinking is him and me and repetitively enchanting my desired outcome…

      • loveonfire says

        Hello Lady Raven,

        Do u think i did the right thing doing my spell? I mean the steps i did for my spell?

          • loveonfire says

            Hello Lady Raven

            I will update you about the outcome of my not giving up…i know will take time but willing to wait for the universe’s to grant my wish :)

          • loveonfire says

            Hello Lady Raven

            I dreamed of my ex bf last was the first time he communicated with me in my dreams since i cast the sugar honey spell.. thoughts was something positive.i even saw his family in my dreams.. its something like he wants us to give ourselves another chance… Is this a good sign?


  28. Lindsey says

    This spell worked within minutes for me, lots of hard concentration and peace and quiet:) thank you for this lovely spell.

  29. willow says

    I’ve been trying to find a spell to help my ex come back to me, we met on a music course at college as I was the guitarist and he was the lead singer. When I first saw him I instantly fell for him and my feelings grew so strong so fast, I didn’t know how strong my feelings were until he kissed me for the first time, and that is when I knew I’d fallen in love with him. We’re both still in college together and still speak to each other but I’m going to try this spell when I feel it is the right time, I’m not going to do it straight away, I’m going to wait for nature to alert me when it is time. I do hope that it happens soon as I really do love him. Blessed be to all who are trying this spell

  30. Kevin says

    If I may offer all of those who have tried this spell, or any other for that matter some advice. First of all, relax. Don’t get so wrapped up in ingredients and whether or not you used the right color paper. You’re wasting your energy. What helps a spell is the intent, the focus, and the will of the caster. YOU. The more you personalize the spell to your own situation the better the chances are. For me, I used a pink candle for love and a blue candle for forgiveness. I used parchment paper to write my petition which I left in a jar filled half way with sugar and the rest of the way with honey. I burned the two candles on the lid of the sealed jar every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And also every Sunday for forgiveness. The melted wax dripped down the sides of the jar making it quite beautiful. I noticed that the honey suspended on top of the sugar made a kind of hour glass. Slowly the honey would seep down into the sugar. So I made that my timetable. Once the honey reaches the bottom of the jar I know I should have an answer. Or at least a couple well defined signs. As time goes on and candles burn out, I replace them, re-inscribe them, and write out a new petition. As days go by I notice that my energy is focused more on several aspects of the situation and not just on one broad concern or plea. I gain more understanding of my stand point as well as hers. So I take my latest petition with her name written 9 times across the back and set it on fire using the candles and concentrating on visualizing the outcome which becomes progressively easier overtime.
    Hence why this is a slow spell to cast. It takes time and concentration more than anything.

  31. Lauren says

    Hi i just wanted to share my story. My ex left me a month ago but still haa strong feelings for me. I tried this spell at 7pm today. The hour of venus. I found when i was meditating i started crying. Is this normal? Also i did everything in the spell and added honey, cinnamon a necklace he bought me..his picture and i wore his top while casting the spell. I also kissed the heart with red lipstick and sprayed with my perfume he bought me before folding it. I love him more than words can say i really hope this works. We have a child together. I wamt us to be a happy family like we once were. I hope i did everything ok. Can i put candles around the jar daily and meditate? Will this enhance the spell?

  32. crimson says

    I did this spell, and added the rings knotted by a three stranded red cord, plus the wax of the candle, plus my favorite honey from my country, plus a picture of our family . This is my last hope. Hope it works, need a miracle.

  33. Nina says

    This spell truly works, but definitely in unexpecting ways. I wrote the guy’s name 9 times and wrote “Miss Me”, “Love Me”, “Think of Me”, “Text Me” etc.

    I did this spell with a guy I was with in august. I felt like he was too gung ho on his ex gf, and I thought this will help add some “umph” to our relationship. Unfortunately we broke up in early September. However, Around late september, the spell started working. I received a random text from him stating he was sorry. He kept thinking about me since our break up. He was saying he wished me happiness and felt bad for what he did, and was basically doing majority of the things I wrote on the heart.

    Unfortunately, I did not go back with him, however this truly does work. I finally JUST realized that. However, definitely be specific. I wanted the spell to work when we were together. However, I guess it was beneficial when we broke up! I shall do this again! Thank you so much! :)

    P.S. what may also work is adding a little sweet treat they like. I added our favorite candy in it! :)

  34. Me says

    I did the spell last night I lit a red candle and a white candle I had no red paper so I made heart out of lined paper and I used a red pen to write my stuff to symbolize love I also put her wedding, engagement, promise, friendship ring and her necklace. This spell will work cause last night I got good vibes and dreamt about my wife and I getting back together. This morning I woke up with positive energy and if I start to think negative I cancell it out by stating 5 things I love about my wife !!!

  35. Annie says

    So I did this last night & I dreamt about him all night. It just made me miss him even more. Could my dreams about him mean something?

  36. Taylor says

    I did this on Friday and on Saturday night I was with the one I love. Maybe it was because I did it during the full moon that it worked so fast or my belief but this will now always be one of my favorites!

  37. jellybeaner says

    I tried this spell today around 10:30am to this guy I’m really liking on that I hang out with, he would usually text me everyday but he wasn’t for a couple of days and I thought he lost interest in me, when that happens I would always have to contact him first which I hate… and around 5:30pm the same day, I was in class and all of a sudden it was him! Thank you! I will keep meditating around the sugar cup so it can keep working. All I wrote was “call me” and sent him positive energies.

  38. Lauren says

    At first I was skeptical, but I decided to put my faith in Wicca and magick, as I’ve always had a strong yearning to do. As soon as I began this spell by writing his name on the heart, I felt as if I had a deeper connection and understanding with everything around me. It was subtle, but grew stronger as I progressed. Toward the end, as I was closing out my meditation and thanking the goddess, I felt a sort of humming in the base of my skull. Even if this doesn’t work, I have complete faith in this now. Ever since I was little, I wanted magick to be real. Now that I’m older, my heart soared with hope after being introduced to Wicca, and after all this, I cannot begin to describe my joy.

  39. Anonymous says

    WOW is all i have to say. I never thought it would happen but i had and continue to have faith. Never in the world would we have spoken again and that same day he called and we met. its been a 2 week healing process but we are together and getting better and our relationship is getting stronger

  40. Southerngodess66 says

    This spelled worked within 10 minutes after being broke up for a few day, i got a text, a call and he came over to top it off with an apology! The real deal!

  41. loveme says

    I’m worried, I did the spell but while meditating I covered the jar.
    Ehat sgould I do now?
    Please help, thank you!

  42. LRB says


    I performed this ritual last night and I have a couple of questions:

    1/ What do I do with the jar of sugar afterwards; and

    2/ Can I perform another sugar love spell within the same time period – basically the first I ask for forgiveness from my ex g/f and the subsequent spells will be communicating a couple of things to her subconscious.



  43. Desiree says

    I just did the spell, hopefully it works. I have faith in it.
    All I know is that i have to keep trying. I’ll tell you how it goes. :3

    Although, I had to change a few things. I used real sugar, not the store brand. The real sugar sugar. Instead of red paper I used pink.
    Either way, i felt the strong vibes on it. I’m very positive. :3

  44. Desiree says

    I was wondering does it have to be red paper?
    Could it be white instead?
    I can’t seem to find red paper anywhere.

  45. layla says

    this spell worked for me like a week after, I mean all spells work for me i love it. I cast this spell on a ex hookup buddy it worked of course, now im in love with some one its been 2 months since i last did the spell so here i go again and i have total faith in my magick that it willl work again!!!!! <3333

  46. Amber says

    I’ve recently tried this, of course adding a few of my pieces of rose quartz, and I hope it works. I know these things take time and I will gladly wait for it to come true. I would mention the details of my situation with my love, but it is rather complicated. I will at least mention that my boyfriend and I will have been dating 7 months on October 7th.

  47. kisses says

    I did the spell last night tuesday past 11 and finish the entire thing before 12 but the candle melt at 3am.I forgot to put my name in the heart…but I put his name around the heart…I additionally lighten a red candle with his name on the candle and a wish…I also write wishes in a red paper and prayed deeply after I burn the paper after I burried the another heart red paper with his name and wish at the sugar.but I forgot my name.will I do the spell again…pls.reply me.

  48. Ashley F says

    I am trying to do this spell . I’ve been trying to get back with my husband so i’ve been searching different types of spells i tried doing some but never worked. I am not wiccan nor do I have an altar. I was wondering if it would still work. And what do I do if i don’t have an altar?

  49. Mandy says

    I was wondering if I can use this love spell to get my ex back because I realized that I still like or love him. We broke up because I was mad and didn’t think about it. But I also made a really nasty seen at his house because I was really mad at him now even if I had any chances with him its gone. I read one of the story about the love spell that you did and it worked for you so I’m wondering if any or these would work for me

  50. Marine says

    Hi Lady Raven

    Thanx. Can one do too many spells? I am no longer talking to him and havent for a while. I fear that if i dont concentrate on my spells they wont work… I have a lot of little spell reminders around the house … the glass Under the bed, pics in drawer, honey jar… i also threw a care parcel to the sea … I see ur point but if i abandon my spells, wont they abandon me?

  51. Marine says

    Hello Everybody

    I cast a full moon spell that went no where about a month ago. Then I cast a special spell last friday as it was full moon friday in pisces. I cast a fairly powerful spell invoking spirits. Its a 7 day spell. So I hope it will be successful! Parallelly I have made a sugar jar with a picture of my wex and kissing, a letter telling me the words I want to hear from him, a cut off piece of his clothing one of my underwear, two shells, juniper berries, cinnamon, the ring he gave me for our engagement, a bracelet with peace signs made of turquoise colors, bits of my nails and hair, love oils i made myself with love (not sure the ricpe is right but the love was there making it which is the most important, its a blend of coco, almond, rose, musk, jamin, juniper berries, cardamon seedss) i also added to the jar of course honey, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and instead of sealing with a metal top i sealed with the wax left over fron the 7 day spell. I am working my jar for the last 3 days non stop as it needs a lot of work. I also am burning little spells continuisly that say call me or come back with his name.

    We had a terrible break up and lot of it ws due to outside elements. He never wnted to leave in the end but had to because his family bought him the flight, and he called them too late to cancel. Then other things happened and now we are not talking AT ALL!!! He refuses all contacts. I know he still loves me because he told a friend of mine he does but his family and his pride are getting in the wy; I forgive him for everything and I want him to come back and stop the silence that is killing me. Sadly way before working the spell I gave him until the end of this month to come and pick up his things and mainly car. But he stays silent. I feel the hostility and the silence cannot be broken soon enough and it worries me. Another thing, my 7 day spell says to use the same candles to avoid redressing them but my candles are pretty much already brunt out… :( should replace them anyway or would that start another spell? Thanx for your thoughts… I believe the spell is working as I keep feeling all sorts of emotions and feelings. I read somewhere that if we are strongly connected to the person we cast the spell on we will feel what they feel and vice versa. I believe we were strongly connected and still are but outside influences are keeping us appart. Please tell me what you think of my spells. Toniht I will had a picture of him Under my bed as a spell booster :)

  52. Chris says

    Greetings! I was just wondering if I could write more than one message, like “miss me” and “call me,” “dream of me” – not many, but just a couple little things.

    Thank you, and blessings!

  53. MMB16 says

    MY first spell ever!!!!!!!! so excited, i added things to my spell like, marshmallows and i put it into a cup with a lid because i couldn’t find a jar and I shook up all the ingredients in the cup and put it on my window sill

  54. Ray says

    OMG it totally worked!! I cant believe it! We were broken,I mean done. No contact whatsoever until just now. I ended up flushing the sugar and red heart down the toliet AFTRE i did it bc I thought it wont work bc he might just be with someone else already…well low and behold he called me back. He has never replied to my textes,emails,or calls one..but tonite he did. It didnt go that bad but it wasnt that great. He did say he loved me but I said it first and he said if he didnt care about me he wouldnt have called back. I never thought the spell would work but it has. IT REALLY HAS!! It took only 7 hrs for it to work TOO. I cried and focused on the good times and I cried some more as I was doing the spell. I never imagined it would bring him back (well I dont have him bk yet but its a start) Im going to do another right now saying come back to me…Thank you sugar spell!! IM SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!

  55. Ray says

    I just got pissed! I found out that he was cheating.. I cant believe I wanted him back! I love the sugar spell and will use it in the future IF I must…but on HIM…NEVER! I flushed it down the He isnt even worth the spell. My energy is too good for him! Thanks a lot though.

  56. Ray says

    I just cast my love sugar spell. I cried and focused on us being together when things were good. I cried alot too. We just broke up under a month ago so I hope the sugar spell works. If it doesnt he really doesnt want me back. I love him dearly and I hope he see’s there is no other better than me for him. I know he cares about me but he just doesnt know how to show it. I wrote miss me and come back. Can I do the sugar spell again making it more personal? How long should I stop waiting if it doesnt work? thanks.

  57. Pink says

    My bf of 9 years off and on grew distant with me over the last few months. Everything seemed fine. Then out of the blue he started saying he was depressed. Two weeks ago he left me. We had contact one or twice since then nothing spec by email. I have always been so good to him and always loved him. He is a cold person somtimes and shuts down. His line of work stresses him out so maybe thats why he gets so cold. I never did a spell in my life. I just love him so much and want him to come back and work things out. Us ending wasnt my fault and I feel he owes it to me to come back and say at least sorry. He did say at the end he loves me and misses me in a text and that was it. I even lied and emailed him that I met someone else to get him jealous to come back. That was yest. He never replied. I just did the spell. I concentrated on us being tog again and I cried so much. It really was from the heart. I felt good energy and tried thinking good thoughts of us. I hope it works. I hope he comes back to me. I wrote miss me on the back. I will keep you posted. So far day one and nothing yet:(

  58. Confused says

    What if you don’t know his full complete name? The guy I’m thinking of has two middle names and I always confused them together..would this spell still work with his first and last names only?

  59. augustine says

    hello i just cast this spell i have faith and hope . i just really hope it works cause i really do miss him being in my arms :'(

  60. taylor says

    hi,just did the spell..hope it works! belive it will :)!!
    and have had dreams about me and my ex getting back together latley..could that mean somthing??

  61. saraswathy says

    Dear Moon – i have done this couple days back and believe me iam a first time spell caster with no experience. iam just a strong believer. thank you zillions, it worked straight away. my man did everything i wished him to do for me. then he went on a holiday for 15 days and when he came back he is again exactly the same what he was before the spell is cast. he loves me deeply but also is equally confused with all ifs and buts. now, i believe in the spell. i still have the previous one in my alter. what can i do with the paper and sugar. can i add that sugar to the regular jar in the kitchen so he consumes everyday and all my prayers works well. can i make another one wishing him to comeback to me permanently this time without any fear or doubts and if iam allowed to use the sugar that i used to spell the cast the first time – what do i do with that paper. thank u in anticipation…..

  62. Anonymous says

    Just tried this spell Friday night to get someone back. I added a piece of milk chocolate (for the sweetness). I really hope it works!!!

  63. curiositykillsthecat says

    I just finished my sugar/honey jar on Friday… I customized mine (as there is alot of negative feelings) by placing some lavender, chamomile, charged rose quartz, two bay leaves, two cinnamon sticks, an item of mine and am item of his in the jar… what do you think?

    I also used lavender oil and a pink candle to burn ontop of my jar.

  64. Anonymous says

    Hey just tried this spell , added a piece of milk chocolate to “sweeten it”. My situation is really complicated. Long story short – bf and I broke up he won’t talk to me – so I did this for him to want to try again with us. Staying hopeful it works :)

  65. nellie says

    Just done this one, thinking of good times with my ex and the power felt in my stomac while I was meditating has made me feel really positive.
    Got a good feeling,
    Blessed be xxx

  66. Marceline says

    Hey, I wanna do this just for fun… Will it work if I do that? And if It did work for me.. How long should I kept the jar ? :) thank You

  67. Want his love says

    Dear Raven,
    Can I write, “Love me and tell me” behind the paper? and after this wish comes true can I ask to marry him as my wish? Please tell me as soon as you can. :)

  68. Anon says

    I did this spell tonight and praying that it works! I forgot to do the clockwise thing will it affect my spell?! I hope not. I’m a little worried now, but I did everything else it said to do. I’ll post on here when my spell has worked. This is my first real spell. Fingers crossed!

  69. Eugenie says

    My boyfriend broke up with me nearly two months. He said we have nothing in common and he is not able to forgive me that I was rude to him and calling him a name sometime last year. I do not understand why only now he ended the relationship now. He told me not to call him anymore but I eventually text him nearly a month later. He did reply and answer my call. But he only message me if I message him. I love him very much and I want him to return. Please help me Lady Raven Moon. Many thanks

  70. upasna says

    if i dont have a red paper can i use any other paper?And do i need to make a heart out of the paper?i want to try this spell now?please help me.

  71. Aminaive says

    I wanted to try this spell I really do.. What altar you mention? Do we need a proper set up? Or jus do it on table/floor? And while doing it do we have to recite any spell? Lastly, wrote 9times of the person name, the other side can I write: call me, text me, miss me, be with me..?
    I will do it full moon..

  72. Anonymous says

    Dear Raven
    Firstly let me say I just think its so lovely how you take the time out to answer all the comments on here… Your kind words are really encouraging :)
    I just tried this spell I really hope it works!
    The relationship with my ex has been hard due to his situation and ended because he felt he wasn’t good enough and having a girlfriend just complicated his life :( I’ve been devastated since,
    Hopefully this helps him to see I can help make his life better not burden it.
    I used a red patty pan (what you cook a cupcake in) and made a heart from it, and as a container I used an empty sugar pot. I feel really positive about it :) thank you so much! X x

  73. Anonymous says

    I diddddddddddd the spell I have faith in the goddess I hope this work I’m anoxious what will be the outcome though

  74. Thomas says

    Does the paper have to be red on both sides, or can it be two different colors? Or can you take two pieces and glue them together to make one red piece?

  75. SK086 says

    Today is new moon …i just did this spell just now , my husband is staying with another woman now.. I wrote my husband’s name & after turn 90 degree & I wrote my on top his name.. i made the heart stand and top up full sugar.. added some red rose petals into the container. with our photo on the altar i only managed to lit a pink tea candle.. & made my prayers..
    Its true.. when i call earlier he never bother to answer it.. but after the prayers.. in 20 mins he called me asking did i call him earlier.. hope not only calls but he will eventually come back to me & be faithful to me … Thanks for the spell dear.. :)

  76. dannybookinZziii says

    I just tried this now, I love my ex boyfriend we broke up because of something I said but I’ve apologized a lot but hê is very hurt, so I put the heart necklace hê gave me for our anniversary in the jar with the sugar hope it works really miss him :(

  77. venus says

    Hi, I have question.. Once the process is complete can we close the jar with lid or need to keep it open in altar?
    Kindly answer
    Thanking you in anticipation

  78. Lydia says

    Hi. :)
    I customized the spell by adding sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon and honey into a baggie and then placing the folded heart into it. Afterward, I put the baggie in the jar. Since I am a naturally gifted writer and poetry was a theme in our short-lived affair, I personalized the message by writing a poem describing exactly what I wanted to happen. However, I’m mad at myself because I forgot to write his name 9 times. :/ Do you think this shall make a difference? I hate how I’m always forgetting vital steps in the spell process. >:(
    Thanks! :3

  79. Anonymous says

    actually i had a break up 3months back and i cant live without him so decided to do this spell today…but can u tel me that does distance matter in this spell coz he is 1200km far 4m me…reply soon

  80. TL says

    I did this earlier today and within 6 hours he texted me that he misses me and is lost without me. Finding the power of my own inner strength thanks to you! Blessings to you!

  81. nadia says

    HI me and my boyfriend havend spoken in 4 weeks, wil this spel brieng my bofriend backe to me an let as get marryd and have chidren ?.I dont want to loos hem help!

  82. gurl says

    hey, i made this sugar spell 4 weeks ago, and i see absolutely no results. My exboyfriend left me heartbroken..and i want him back. Please help me..

  83. jessica says

    My fiancé and i have been together 5 yrs n he recently left me again. We always fight around a full moon. I’ve been trying to get pregnant forever and can’t. How can i get him to come back now that I’ve figured out the moon makes us fight and how can i get more fertile??

  84. Lita527 says

    I just did this spell, I use some candy that we both like, and some natural sugar and brown sugar, but I didn’t fold the heart clockwise, can this affect the spell?
    One out of the spell kinda question, I for some reason get this images before it happens and when I meet somebody it feels like I can see they present and future, nature is what normally affects me, any thoughts?

    Thank you for sharing this information, all the joy, happiness, love, light and blessings sent to you!!!!

  85. Emmie says

    This spell worked AMAZINGLY fast. I did it yesterday because Wednesday is for communication and at 7 O’Clock – the hour of Venus. I did combine it with a “Attract Your Love Spell” and after 6 hours he called me which was strange because we had a really bad breakup and had a no contact rule about 3 weeks ago. I’d like to share what I did if that’s alright? I know how difficult breakups can be :(
    What I used: Sugar, Jar, Pen, Red Paper Heart, Pink candle, and perfume. After casting a circle… 1) write their name 9 times on the heart and on the back write the message you want them to say or know. 2) Light the pink candle and on the paper heart spray the perfume 3 times 3) Place the candle on top of your paper heart and say only once : “The love of the Universe is plentiful. The essence of love is kindness and As I give the others love shall return to me.” 4) Say the following 7 times: “I love __________, honestly, purely and truly”. 5) Place the candle on top of the heart and meditate for 3 mins. Imagine what you want to happen in vivid detail. 6 Fold the paper in half and place in the jar upright. Cover fully with sugar. Place on your altar or infront of you and then meditate as above for 3 mins. See the person in as much detail as possible. 8) Ask a Goddess to help you (whichever you want, I used Venus since it was in that planetary hour). This is the chant I used: “I is He and he is Me, Venus O might Venus, Let his love Find Me. LET IT HARM NONE (REALLY important), so mote it be”. I hope this helps you guys. Thanks you so much Lady Raven Moon.

    Blessed Be

  86. Bunny Love says

    Hi! I did the spell last night, with the new moon in Gemini. My ex fiancé is a triple gemini. It’s been 7 months since he left me…I hurt him, he still loves me, & I truly believe we’re meant for each other. If I don’t hear from him, I’m planning on casting a different love spell on the full moon at the end of the month. Your thoughts?

  87. Joy says

    I’m excited to try this out ,you are very helpful with your responses I have read all the comments above and I have a question that hasn’t been mentioned .. do these love spells and specifically this sugar spell work on somebody who I have never met face to face brfore but we’ve spoken and flirted on facebook ..? Thanks in advance

    • says

      Merry Meet!

      I have heard stories of this working very well with people you know casually. If you can’t find other comments about others spell experiences then please come back and share yours!

      Thank you for visiting Just Wicca and Blessed Be!

      PS. Find more witchcraft information on the Witchcraft Forum – after 7 posts you get a free crystal :) Just use the contact form with your username and personal information (Name, address and preferred crystal:)

  88. joanna says

    hi, I did the beauty spell and the spell to make hair grow during the full moon and it really worked!! The next day I went for a walk and everyone looked at me and talked to me. one guy asked me to go to a party together and anotherone asked my number! But I like a guy and I try this sugar love spell and nothing happen. The true is that I didnt do it during the full moon. Is that why it didnt work? What could i try?

  89. Ari says

    Hi Lady Raven, I did this spell two nights ago, so this past Friday, and I did exactly what this spell said to do, plus I engraved wishes on a red candle and stuck that in a vase of sand my ex got me from the beach and put rose petals he gavee on the sand in the vase. I also wrote down my desired outcome on a pink piece of paper and burned it and put the ashes in the sugar jar and the vase. Once I did that I burned the candle while thinking about the outcome I wanted and positive thoughts and just when I was about done, my mom wakes up from her sleep an barges in on my spell and so I had to tell her about it. Now I don’t know what to do, do you think it will still work and should I just believe it will or should I try a new spell? Please help me, I miss my ex like crazy and we were perfect together and I made mistakes that drove him away and I just want a second chance with him. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Merry Meet!

      This is a spell that works with intention. This is the time to tell your mom the truth about how you feel about co creating your reality.

      Thank you for visiting Just Wicca and Blessed Be!

  90. Jackie says

    I say that my psychic friend said that Reed was falling for me
    and got scared. I have known him for 10 years. I knew his wife for 8. We
    were friends. Also, I meant she was initimate and I wasn’t. I really love
    him and want him back. I was the first woman he dated and touched after
    his wife died. He is my neighbor. For 5 months until a few weeks ago he
    would not talk to me or even look me in the eye. He is now coming
    around . He has started looking me in the eye, smiling, and waving. He
    even did some weed eating for me. I texted him to thank him. To my
    surprise he texted back and said your welcome and wished me a good
    weekend. He meets with this other woman every weekend half way
    between where they live. She lives about 5 hours away. My psychic
    friend says it is ending now between them. I hope she is right, though
    I don’t want anyone hurt. My friend is usually correct in what she sees
    Please tell what you think.

  91. Jackie says

    Dear Lady Raven Moon,
    It it ok to do this spell if the love of your life is engage to someone else and
    has set the wedding date for October. We dated for awhile and he told me
    he could have fallen into a deep relationship with me if he let himself. He still
    broke up with me for this other woman. A psychic friend of my told he was
    coming back to this summer. She said he was fallen for me and got scared. His
    late wife died in October 21/2 years ago. She said this other woman has a dark
    side and has him confused. She i itimate with him but I wasn’t, I promised God
    many years ago that I would not be I itimate with a man until I was married. It
    may seem old fashioned but I am a devote Christian and I had to keep my
    promise. I really don’t want this other woman hurt in any way. I thought about
    writing on my heart to let Reed and this other woman to split in a amicable
    way and for God to bless her with a new wonderful man and to send Reed back to me in romance and marriage. What do you think.

  92. Claire says

    Dear Raven,

    The first time I did this spell, I got instant results. Indeed during the spell, my boyfriend of 5 years (with whom I had a fight and wasn’t even speaking to me) sent me a chat. Since then, I have used this spell on numerous occasions. Sometimes it works and other times not. However it never worked as efficiently as the first time.

    Also a lot has happened since then. My boyfriend has wrongly accused me of cheating and says he has lost trust in me and ever since then, more than 1 year ago, our relationship has been strained. Sometimes I feel like he just lashes out at me or picks a fight with me for no reason. Our last break up happened 2 days ago. Over the weekend we had a disagreement and then made up and again tuesday we got into another argument & he just shut down. He says he is unhappy with me. Since then he has ignored all my chats, sms, emails & calls. I know he is probably hurt or wants to punish me and I should give him time but it is killing me not to hear from him. He is my first love and my only one. I can’t imagine a life without him in it. I have just tried the spell but no results yet.

    I feel so helpless and I don’t know what to do. I fear that this time this break up might be permanent. I don’t want to lose him. Please help me. I feel like the energy I am sending him is not reaching him. We live in different countries at the moment. We don’t seem in sync anymore whereas it seemed we previously had a telepathic link. It seems like he shut himself off and distanced himself from me, maybe for fear of getting hurt again. So instead, he hurts me with his words and actions. Please help me to bring back the love and passion and open communication in our relationship.

    • trishy says

      oh my same thing just mines has been cheated on so he always has his doubts n fears, sooo sooos sad he is my first to and he hurt me really bad when he ended things throw msging, i love him sooo much…clair the same problem with me i hope you get him back cause its hard to move on and people dont understand

  93. Samantha G says

    I have a awkward question. I want to try this spell but to make someone fall in love even if I don’t love them. See, he made me fall in love, and after he cheated more than 10 times I still forgave him. Till I got pregnant. Now I hate him and want him to suffer and fall in love with me as I did with him but not to be with him. Just to make him suffer. What do I do

  94. seekingmylove says

    I meant I wrote my ex’s name all over 1 side of the heart, not clockwise or in any order and just wrote the message on the other side all over the heart…

  95. seekingmylove says

    Hi Raven,
    I just wrote my ex’s name all over 1 side of the heart, and on the back I wrote the messages, is that ok, or does it have to be clockwise 9 times and what the message on the same side..?

  96. Jules says


    I just did mine an hour ago… A bit different but praying for him to call me and/or text me. I did the first half of the jar with white sugar while I held the heart in place… Then the second half I added brown sugar. While slowly adding the sugar I repeated his name… And mentioned my wish, for him to call me.. To reunite… To reconcile. I said may this sweet sugar sweeten his heart, mind and soul. Then went around the with my hands- and said his name then sealed with a kiss. I put to while long candles on top of the sealed jar. Wrote our names on the candles and tied then with a pink string. Now I’m keeping the faith in it and in my work that came from the heart that this will reunite us and that he calls me. I believe in the universe and the law of attraction! More to come. I will be back to let you know what happens.

  97. G says

    Thank you so much! I did the spell two days ago and he messaged me today :)
    I also added few pink flowers in the jar from a plant I have.
    Thank you

  98. Pinky San says

    Hi, I want to do this spell because I want that my ex will love me back even he has his new girlfriend. What is the first step and how can I use a candle? Thanks for sharing. I will just inform you if I it works. Please let me know what to do first.

  99. WB says

    I just finished doing this spell. I did it on a Saturday during the waxing moon, with the Moon in Virgo, Venus hour. I put my paper in my cauldron along with honey granules, powdered cinnamon, pink rock candy, regular sugar, his picture and dried pink rose petals. I cleansed a bright red candle with holy water and water from the ocean, then dressed it with a Love Drawing Oil made with red rose petals and sprinkled more powdered cinnamon to coat the candle. The last time we actually communicated was over 4 months ago (we had an argument). I will let you when the spell comes to fruition. Love and light!

  100. Omo says

    Pls I ve bein single for a while nw I ve decide I need to start dating again but I’m nt getting suitors. Help me with a very simple spell that works

  101. Rebekah says

    Do you have to use red paper or can u colour in white paper red?? I’m new to this so I don’t know really anything:/

  102. Anonymous says

    If i already have a honey jar.Can i still do a auger jar. i just did a honey jar not that long ago but would like to do a auger and water jar. but do i have to get rid of my honey jar or can i keep both

  103. Ella says

    I cast this for my ex fiancé to came and see me at work, I hope it works, I love him dearly still, and I used a rose candle just to add my touch to it, as rose is the sent of love, and I do hope it works quickly please work.. :)
    Thanks for having the spell here

  104. Amber says

    Hey raven :-).i was wondering what does it mean if my sugar turns red.i used sugar and grape jelly,and i added a sip bit of pink lemonade this morning because those were his favorite but i dont see why it turneed red.i thought maybe since we both love the color red but idk whats ur input?

  105. Pablo says

    I am from Argentina, my ex left me more than half a year ago… I was told by a tarotist that her mother used magic to break our relationship and that we were destined to e together by the universe before the interference…
    I knew other girls but I simply know my ex girlfriend is the love of my life and the person I want to marry and grow old with..
    Today is full moon, our favourite moon, I will try this spell today. It´s my first spell and I´m really confident, wish me luck!

  106. gotit says

    I did the spell with couple of additions. I then burried the jar under my beloved mango tree so that it can be nurtured as my tree grows.
    Is that ok?

  107. Nella says

    I did the spell last night, but forgot to put my name on it rather i put his name seven times and did everything same..can I replace the heart and put a new one? or do the spell again?

    • Nella says

      Also I used red card, one side where i put names was red and the reverse side was white? it was a laminated u think it matters if its not a paper but a laminated card? I also forgot to fold it :( now what to do?

  108. kennedy says

    i tried the spell to talk to a girl from the past that i was falling for. but my question is could i also used pink paper? that was all i had

  109. rach says

    update: I did the spell on Wed on venue’s hour. I put alot of positive vibes, good intent, and happy thoughts to it and left him be.

    I didnt hear back from him, but heard from his friend that he wished I moved on. (could be a lie or hes still hurting) Not the outcome I want. I think the spell is slowly working because heard hes sad, misses me, hurt and wants to come fourth. Give it time. Give him space.
    The spell did make me accept the current situation and allowed me not to obsess over the situation. It’s a two way spell? lol
    Advice: Respect the one month of no contact rule before you do the spell.

  110. d says

    Well it worked she got in contact with me in about 5 days… was bitter sweet ……her son is really sick and she has met someone. …..anything to help her come back to me…….please email me. Thanks

    • says

      Maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something D? Also I can’t email you (you didn’t leave an email and I wouldn’t have the time!). I would meditate on the situation and get really clear about what I want.

  111. positivelove says

    Hi, I was just wondering once spell has worked and I am with my desired lover, who I have been dating. What do I do with the bottle, if i no longer want the bottle? Barry it? open it? break it? throw it in a lake?

  112. Lala says

    I was wondering can this spell work on 3 different people because recently me and my boyfriend got caught in the house doing something we werent suppose to be doing and i dont know if my moms gonna be able to accept him being around anymore and i really love him we cant break up because of this.. I was wondering if i put my name, my boyfriends name, and my moms name on red hearts and put sugar in the jar will it still work?

  113. Megs says

    ok so I just did this sugar spell. My first time ever useing magic so Im going to put alot of faith that it will work. I did it with the purest of heart because I only want to love him and watch out for him. hes my world, we just had some issues like every couple.
    while I did it I had one of our photos near by, wore some clothes he bought me as my first bday gift from him and I even added cinnamon to add something special plus the sugar. now only time will tell. Ill let you know :)

  114. Mezi says

    I don’t want to love again coz I’ve been hurt a lot in the past.itz ok I’ve accepted the fact that no matter what all I do he can’t be mine.He only used me for my money he never loved me in the first place wish he understood me and my feelings.thanks again :-)

    • says


      I’m so proud of you! It takes a lot to let go and decide that the Universe has other plans for you! Goddess Bless and Blessed Be!

      But remember! There IS LOVE out there, made just for you, for your good and benefit! Heal and take your time to heal but don’t close your heart to love!

      • Anonymous says

        Hi dear
        Months later I still can’t get over him..I don’t know what to do I desperately need your help…I can’t move on with my life I think his the only one for me…can you please do some spell for me…I really need your help….I can’t live without him….please do something

      • Mezi says

        Months later m still waiting for him…I realized I can’t get over him coz I love him alot n he is the only one for me…plz help me get him back in my life…can you please do a spell for my sake and make things right for me…he texted me last week n I don’t hear anything from him this week I txtd him twice yestaday and today but no rply I dnt know what’s on his mind…I get my hopes up and he disappears from my life…plz help me I really need your help…..:-)

  115. Mezi says

    Ya I lied coz I wanted him back in my life.thoyght telling him that I’m pregnant will make him leave his girlfriend

  116. mezi says

    i tried this spell once on the love of my life and it worked instantly he text me saying i thought i lost you…it was like a long distance relationship…I’ve known him for last 13 years we both had a crush on each other at school and i was madly in love with him thought il get over him when i came to know that I’m migrating to another country but the sad thing was i never got over him :-(
    he contacted me on Facebook 2 years back and since then we were in contact with each other my love for him grew deeper and deeper and so did my feelings….i had no option but to tell him that i loved him for all these years and guess what he loved me too…but my worst nightmares came true three months ago when he text me saying we have to end this because his seeing someone else and wants to get married to her…my worst nightmares….i was so pissed at him and accused him for using me and contacted his girlfriend and told what all was between us and the fact that I’m pregnant and want him back in my life…he got really pissed at me and cut all contacts what so ever with me…its been three months i haven’t heard from him…i really want him back because i love him unconditionally what should i do please help?
    should i do this spell will he come back to me?

    • says

      Are you pregnant? Did you lie? The spell won’t work very well if there are energy blockages, aka karma. I think you need to attempt to make things right. If the person has closed their heart to you then chances of any love spell working are slim to none.

      If this was me. I would do a cleansing spells (use the search), a forgiveness spell, contact everyone you hurt by lying and apologize, and then go from there. You have to make things right before you can move forward!

  117. sam says

    hi lady raven, its me again, sam, she slept again in my house last night still she never gave me any affirmation that she is going back. i performed the spell last feb 13. soon it will be march 13.. does it mean i need to redo the spell or i need to perform another one (a new love spell) if yes, can you recommend a spell to use.. maybe it is effective but not of great power thats why i it does not turned out the way i want it to bee. i hope you can respond. thanks!

  118. sam says

    just an update, i dont know if my spell worked already. right after doing the spell my lover came to me atleast once a week after feb 13 but unfortunately she does not even say she love me and want me back. today is march 8 and i havent hear anything from her since monday. her last text was her GF found out that we are seeing each other and sunday would be the last time she will see me :( i dont even now if its really my ex or the gf who made the text. i still want my lover back.. i love her so much.. what will i do next? please help me.

  119. louis says

    my ex left me to months ago…i went through a stage wher only wanted her back called the whole time. leave messages…and at the end pushed so far away that she broke all contact with me blocked me on facebook…the reason for the break was that she did not want to be fully commited to live together…she sais she is on a road where does not know where she belong…she also told me that her feelings died for me..but i know she still loves me deep down in her hart. i gonna cast this love spell tonight. to get her back and to get a fresh start…i believe this wil work…thanks for all the comment you give me hope. for this is the girl i want to spend my life with. blessed be. thank you raven

  120. Anonymous says

    I’ve never practiced magic but I jut tried this one. I put the necklace he gave me inside of the jar with the paper heart and sugar…awaiting results :D

  121. Tanya says

    I did this on a wednesday, a day after the full moon. My boyfriend had broken up with me two months ago and we weren’t talking at all. I had a pink post it note and cut it into a heart. On it I wrote his full name and on the other side I wrote “tell me that you’re sorry, tell me that you want me back.” I wanted to make sure I did this on day that I was really happy and not one that I was crying and angry. I put 3 red candles around the cup of sugar. I meditated over it, imagining him not being able to fight the urge to text me and me receiving the text. The next morning I felt silly about the whole thing and just dumped the sugar in the trash. That night he messaged me and we talked till 1 am. Then he said he had to see me and just showed up at my place! We stayed up talking all night :)

  122. Priscilla says

    I want to do this spell asap but im am confused with one thing, the person concerned has double barreled name, but I just call him by one of those names, should i use the name I call him plus his surname? or should I use his full name including his surname.

    • says

      Which ever name makes you think of him, your name for him is the one to use. Some people use nicknames and other things that make them think specifically of that person.

  123. TA says

    I did mine yesterday but added a few more ingredients in me, sugar, some honey and a few strands of hair. Waiting for results now

    • says

      Congrats! Most of the time (because of the energy of the full moon) spells works better during the full moon phase. Please feel free to come back and share any tips/tricks for others. :)

      Blessed Be!

    • kai says

      I have used this spell 3x n so far has worked every
      time. I love how simple it is. I appreciate spells that call
      for things I don’t have to search high n low for. Thanks so much:)

  124. Betty says

    I tried this and did not hear from him until a week later, then he came over last thursday stayed the night and left friday afternoon and didnt hear from him until monday night. maybe he is confused since i found our he was with someone else. i have been waiting for him to come back home since before christmas, he would not answer my calls and so i listened to his messages and some girl said she wanted to know if he was going to go over if not so she can go out.. it was 7;35 that night when i was talking to him and her call came in i guess when we were talking it was 7:39 and he said he would call me right back and never did and never answered my calls. I feel i should just move on . what do you think?

    • says

      I’m glad the spell worked for you. But as you see some things aren’t meant to be. How is it fair that you give you whole heart but all he does is play around?

      Thats not right or fair and you deserve all the love the Universe has to offer and all the love your heart can hold.

      I think its time to move on but thats not my decision…

      All I can say is that it takes two. You can’t love him and the relationship enough for the both you. He has to be in it.

      I think you will find the answer. And TAKE HEART the Goddess has your back. The Universe will send you someone made especially for you. :)

      Good Luck and let me know how it all works out.

  125. Betty says

    I tried this about a week ago and he called and even came over lastthursday but didnt hear from him until monday I dont know what to think. maybe he does not know what he wants since i had found out he was talking to someone else.

    • says

      If he is playing games this might be because he is confused but honestly that’s not your problem. You did the spell and he did come around… Maybe he needs time and space. Personally I would severely limit my contact because you are running after him and he knows this and he takes advantage of this…

      Thank you so much for visiting the site and good luck.

      • Anonymous says

        I just did the spell having a lot of faith I wrote a lot of stuff on the back of the card I love and I know he loves me

  126. sam says

    I did the spell just right now.. a bit customized with a candle and carved “all my love come back to me” on it and two cinamon incense stick.. the candle and smoce from the stick helped me concentrate better. i hope it works. im keeping a journal for this!

    • says


      The tools, the candles and incense are just to help you concentrate your intention.

      Great idea about keeping a journal. You will be able to record which spells worked, which spells didn’t, and you may be able to troubleshoot for your self if it doesn’t work (what moon phase? what day? etc)

      Blessed Be!

  127. Ana says

    So i tried this spell about 2 months ago …. seeing no results after a couple days i gave up and just thought i had wasted my time. But little by little i felt him coming back to me, the spell really worked ! ….
    In my case it took what seemed like forever (2months) but believe me it worked ! :)
    maybe even a little too good …. :/
    I have a really important question and hope to hear a reply back soon, how can i safely reverse this spell ??
    or is it okay to use this spell on someone else / multiple people ?

  128. Louise says

    Hi Raven…Is casting a spell from a person under the influence of drugs possible? . Will it work? I really wanted my fiance to treat me better since he was into drugs he’s been very rude and paranoid about everything I do. And he’s always yelling at me.

    • says

      You shouldn’t stay with a man who hurts you.

      From just past experiences with friends they never change.

      Find a safe place and get away from him. Maybe when he gets sober you can be together.

  129. glily says

    So I tried this spell and once but i think I did something wrong and I didn’t see any outcomes…So i tried again following the instructions to the T but I am having problems with my concentration, like something is blocking my thinking… I have never actually done this apart from the once I tried. I do believe we are all connected via our energies. I need to work on my concentration and learn more about Wicca. If this one doesn’t work. I’ll just let it be….Hopefully it does

    • says

      You seem really grounded in reality and the ways of the world. GOOD FOR YOU. Try meditating before doing the spell again. Meditating will help you regain your focus. Try it for a daily for a week. If you still feel a mental block then try to do a purification spell. Good Luck!

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

    • says

      Good Luck Latasha, just know that even if it doesn’t work the Universe knows your heart, mind, and spirit and there’s something even GREATER out there for you. Once I did a love spell that didn’t work. Years later I knew why… The guy was HORRIBLE!

  130. Flicker says

    Also im not in love with my dad of course lol but I need a spell to get his love for me back . My dad is my number one and ik ive always been a toubled child but I feel like im just done with everything since my dad said its hard for him to live me anymore…only becuz I ran away to live with my mom

  131. Flicker says

    I read all of these comments and im really excited. When I saw this spell it vaught my attention so I decided to see what others say. I have a great feeling about his becuz ive been going through major depression lately . And just to add on I think you are a really cool person lady raven moon haha . Ik its irelevent but yeah you seem awesome , you should totally email me becuz I definetly would love someone to talk to about things whenever I need to since I dont know people to look to. Anyways thanks haha :)

    • says

      Sometimes I fail in being the best me I can be, but I always try! Good luck to you, unfortunately I don’t have the time to regularly interact with everyone but feel free to add me facebook!

      Blessed Be and Thank you so much for visiting the site! :)

      • Sampa says

        How do I find you on facebook? I tried searching with your name- Lady Raven moon, but FB does not show any results :/

  132. Karen says

    Hello Raven,

    I did this spell on a wednesday night about 2weeks now. But i havent see any results. im sad but i am not loosing hope yet. just a question, i read from some of the comments here that i need to turn it clockwise. i was not able to do that since it was not mentioned on the above steps. should i do it again? please help me, I want him back:'(

  133. Gold says

    I did the spell last night since it was the Waning Gibbous moon. I put on the heart “Ask me out!” I added her favorite flavor skittles and a ring she has given me once before. Reading these comments makes me feel better. Thank you Raven. :)

  134. Abi says

    Ok so I did the spell only one time bc I read somewhere on here not to do them twice while ur still waiting bc it will reverse. So I did it on Wednesday and he’s txt me everyday since then. He keeps telling me he loves me n misses me blah blah blah but the babe n I still aren’t important enough to come be with us..the spell is def working but it’s taking time I guess. I know he’s a strong person..but only time will tell. Ill keep u posted. Thank u!

  135. Abi says

    Raven I did this spell yesterday, but I used pink paper instead of red and I put a rose quartz inside the jar. The jar is in my closet safe n sound. The reason i did the spell is because my boyfriend i guess u could call him n i have been dating for a year and a half n were madly in love. i got pregnant with his baby and im 6 months right now. i had to move back to my parents 3 hours away feom him bc he just isnt growing up. he doesnt realize what a big resposability this is and hea pitting other things first. But two hours after after I did the spell he txt me and told me that he doesn’t want our relationship to end but he doesn’t know how we’re going to make this work. I wrote on the back of my heart “come to me” and that’s all I got from him…should I wait or should I do another spell or should I just let it be? Part of me wants to bind him to me but part of me believes if its meant to be it will be. It’s just so hard for me to get over him when we were so in love before all of this :(

    • says

      Abi, I know you are going through some hard times. Try not to over exert yourself or your magick by casting spells over and over back to back because you may be disappointed with the results. You achieved some results with the spell you casted. You should try to work with your magick by talking to him/

  136. Kathleen says

    I tried this and of course added my own personal touches. However, in the same day afterwards I saw some things that could be considered bad signs or could be coincidences. Since I am knew to these type of things, maybe started a month ago I was just curious about your opinion of examples of what could be signs the universe could be sending you that are positive or negative

  137. Ebby, the spiritual says

    I’m using magik wiccan candles in boiling hot water, and putting it in a altar bowl and putting the jar in the center and metidating on it for three days each night and i replaced the water each night

  138. Shey says

    I did this spell to try and win the heart of some guy. For the simple message I wrote meet me at the pub in Friday (I was set to go out with friends) however my friend canceled at the last minute, however I found out he WAS at the pub, do you still think it could have worked?

  139. Laeb says

    Would it appropriate to put “want me” as the message. We are dating and things are going great, but I am ready for it to be taken to the next level.

          • says

            How do we know?

            Well you will know by the way the person responds to you.

            Some people get Facebook messages, friend requests, phone calls, letters, a text from the person they want. Some just bump into their ex and start fresh. There is no way I could tell you how your wish will manifest for you specifically…

            Just keep your eyes open.

        • Stephanie ramdin says

          My dear if i can not meditate what can i do then to get my love pls help me sm so desperate love ur work

  140. Jose says

    I did the spell yesterday. My first spell. I added a picture and some words/chants on the back of the heart also did a chant while doing the spell. Hope it works for me.

  141. jess323 says

    hi there! I tried a similar spell. It is my first as well, only the lady who did it for me asked for a picture each of us, red thread, cinnamon, & honey + a glass jar. she gave me a prayer of the Intranquil Spirit. Its been almost a month & nothing yet, I wanted to know if the one u describe is more effective n if so, when can i try it?

  142. lonelylilac says

    I just performed this spell. My boyfriend left me a year ago for another woman. 2 months ago they broke up and he came back to me again full of love but then left again as they are back together again. I haven’t seen him in over a month and just saw him today at the grocery store for the first time. I thought today would be a good day to perform the spell. I didn’t do it at night as I was in the mood to do it now. I really hope it works. Fingers crossed :)

  143. missy says

    Also i stood three candles in the sugar watching the flames. They burnt high and were dancibg up and down. I used red, pink and purple and let the flames burn together. Can anyone tell me if this is anything of significance?

  144. missy says

    I had to re-do this spell yesterday. I also burnt a white candle and meditated on what i want to happen. So far nothing…in fact he has stopped responding to me completely. I will continue to meditate daily and hope this works to at least open communication as we have an infant daughter. My cincern is i did not turn the paper, i wrote his full name nine times on one side and his date of birth. On the other side i simply wrote miss me and love me. Folded the heart and put it in a jar standing up with basic white sugar. Will this be okay?

  145. Rachel says

    I did this spell but i’m wondering whether it will reach my ex bf coz he’s in new york coz i’m in asia. Is there a certain perimeter in which the spell could only work?

  146. fallen says

    UPdate :)
    thank you so much for the fast reply
    you are the best! :) does it matter heart shaped paper (is it ok if i give the heart shape with ordinary paper with scissors) stands vertical or horizontal after folding? and for the lid is it necessary to make some holds on it because im afraid of bugs while keeping the jar under my bed :) thanks in advance

  147. Carine says

    Dear Lady Raven Moon,

    The 1st time I did this spell, it worked instantly. As I was covering the paper with the sugar, my bf sent me a chat. I did the spell on the night of a full moon. However we had an argument yesterday & he broke up with me and isn’t answering my msgs. I did this spell again this afternoon but still no news from him. I was wondering what went awry. Is it because I did it in the afternoon while the moon is in a waxing phase or are there other parameters that are affecting this spell? How long shall I see positive results. Please advise.

    Kind regards

    • LadySheba says

      Moon phases AND days of the week do have a lot to do with spells speed and action. I would wait 30 days and see what happens…you could have put to much on at once as it were. Then after the 30 days, see if you can talk and just see, maybe you can work everything out without another spell. My advice would be if he doesn’t contact you in 30 days maybe do a spell to obtain a clear answer from him about your guys relationship. Then go from there.

  148. fallen says

    Hello there,
    I have 2 questions.
    As a experienced wicca practitioner, what do you think about language issues during spell casting? I mean my mother language is not english but my english is ok for example. Should i cast them in my own language or the original ones? Does it matter?
    And the second one is; I did not understand properly that how the heart paper could stand when we add and cover it with sugar or honey? Probably it will fall down because of weight of sugar? (I am not sure the amount of sugar though)

    • says

      I saw since you are using language to speak things into existence you should use which ever language you feel more clear. I don’t think it matters in some official sense but clarity always matters, so whichever makes you feel more clear.

      Hold the paper standing up while you pour the sugar. This should help it stand.

      • fallen says

        thank you so much for the fast reply
        you are the best! :) and one more thing does it matter heart shaped paper stands vertical or horizontal after folding? thanks in advance

        • says

          I am sorry guys I am trying to get to all of you! Thank you for your sweet comments. Try to make it stand, it best to pour some sugar and then put the heart in. You could also tape it to the side of the jar.

  149. missy says

    I just did this spell. I didnt have red paper so i improvised and cut down a red disposable bowl to make my heart. I held the heart and imagined him kissing me and being happy. I am hoping this works as fast as it can. We have a four month old daughter and i want her to have a complete family if possible. I will update if it works.

  150. ASH says

    Hi! I had done ths spell on friday bfr ths I had done it on d white papr method (with personal touch added my name & his last name aswel once along with his name 9times )n it ∂ι∂ work instantenously like I got the call mny times & I was super happy :)… agn I ∂ι∂ it on RED heart ppr & added little personal touch like I applied RED lipstick & kissed the heart before folding it, bt while writting d name d ppr ws fragile(it ws gift paper selected attractive red paper ) so while folding it into half it broke ….is it something to worry abt? & than later I ∂ι∂ it again on whilte paper method ,wrote d name 9times ,(added personal touch : wrote my name n his last name one time aswel) turned it clockwise & wrote my messages …….its been 2days I’m waitin for d response bt I’m v PoSitive :) leme knw just little confused…….thnkuuu:)

    • LadySheba says

      If you look on the side of the spell pages will tell you what days and what moon phases are best for love spells. And, if I may, why would you want someone back who didn’t treat you right?

  151. Penguin says

    I did this spell at 2 am this morning. The girl I wish to get back is kind of seeing someone else. Things ended off very bad between us. Will it still work?

  152. Demetria says

    What do u mean by turn the paper clock wise I’m confused and about asking the goddess to help who is the goddes this is my first spell I need help

    • says

      I changed the spell it should read easier. You can read more on the Goddess here:

      But here is an excerpt!

      In Wicca “the Goddess” is a deity of prime importance, along with her consort the Horned God. Within many forms of Wicca the Goddess has come to be considered as a universal deity, more in line with her description in the Charge of the Goddess, a key Wiccan text. In this guise she is the “Queen of Heaven”, similar to Isis; she also encompasses and conceives all life, much like Gaia. Much like Isis and certain late Classical conceptions of Selene,[12] she is held to be the summation of all other goddesses, who represent her different names and aspects across the different cultures. The Goddess is often portrayed with strong lunar symbolism, drawing on various cultures and deities such as Diana, Hecate and Isis, and is often depicted as the Maiden, Mother and Crone triad popularised by Robert Graves (see Triple Goddess below). Many depictions of her also draw strongly on Celtic goddesses. Some Wiccans believe there are many goddesses, and in some forms of Wicca, notably Dianic Wicca, the Goddess alone is worshipped, and the God plays very little part in their worship and ritual

  153. Saffron sky says

    Does this really work? How fast does it work? And when can you get rid of the jar of sugar? Someone help me.. Im desperate for this love of my life…

    • says

      I am always shocked by how many people ask this question! Get rid of the sugar when you see the results from the spell! Does what really work? Magick? Thats something for you to decide. Surely I wouldn’t have built a whole website about magick if I thought it wasn’t real!!!!

  154. Krissy says

    Hello Raven,

    Will it be okay to do multiple love spells to break my fiancé back who I’m carrying a baby with? Also will it be a great idea to do it this July 31 when the Venus Retrograde does a full circle?

    I was also going to ask if there is a spell to open up a clear path for my fiancé and get rid of negative people that love to ruin his mind and our relationship?

    Please help me! I’m desperate and this is my first to be attempting spells. Please please.

    • says

      I don’t think its good to multiple spells regarding one issue over and over. You aren’t waiting for the results from one to cast another then it will cancel the actions put in motion by the previous spell and you’ll be kinda stuck in a loop of resending this energy.

      Do the spell once. Trust that what is best will come to pass, and release all the doubt and worry.

      There are spells to remove obstacles and blocks on the site. And many purification ones as well. Try this one:

      Good Luck Krissy!

  155. mary says

    i am interested in bringing my ex love back, we broke up about 2 months ago, and tried everything i could at first and i almost had him back and he slipped right through my fingers, so this was my final hope. back when we broke up years ago, i considered turning to magic but i never tried it. I tried this spell tonight. first spell i ever did. I am not sure how it really went. I added a few touches like a cinnamon incense, a pink and white candle with carvings in it, a picture in the jar and a the first present he ever gave me a heart shape necklace, i also wore an article of his clothing and i set the sugar jar on top of a card he gave me. I really hope it worked :)

    • says

      What do you mean he slipped through your fingers? He isn’t a slippery piece of property!

      You shouldn’t turn to magick just because everything else seems impossible. Because thats still doubt and it will make your magick much less effective.

      Cinnamon incense is a nice addition! Pink for Attraction and White for truth.

      Did you have runes engraved? Its seems like you did the spell well, adding personal touches and effects. I really hope it works for you as well!

      Blessed Be and lemme know what happens next!

  156. Tammy says

    i jus tried the spell my boyfriend just wants to break up with me after 9month .i never cheated but we have had our ups and downs.and i luv him and im not going to accept that.hes my everything .pls i hope this works im….im worried n scared :(i cant lose him

    • says

      You shouldn’t be scared! You will make it with or with out him! You are so much stronger than that. But I do understand how you feel, its hard.

      Give him some space and work on you, you did the spell, so just release the energy and trust.

  157. Isabel says

    Will I need to cover the paper entirely with sugar or can I sprinkle some onto the paper? Also should I say anything out loud to make it more effective, if so what are some suggestions? Please and thank you! :)

    • says

      If it raises your energy to say a chant aloud then do it! Write your own, the words will mean more to you; making your spell more effective. You can sprinkle it, but I would cover it completely as the instructions say?

  158. tj says

    i did the spell and now i am a dad to 3 different women but a want someone younger will it work raven moon x

  159. Ramya says

    i did it yesterday! no text from him til now..i am actualy worried.its been some 7years relationship and he broke up with me.crying every night..i cnt live without him plz help me.

  160. Moonlight says

    I still haven’t heard anything back from him…like at all. At least yall guys are getting a call/text.
    I’m not sure if I did this right.
    What did I do wrong??
    This is really bothering mr :(

  161. full of love says

    It’s working but not the way I wanted it to. He came back after a long time but it was just to take some stuff he left at my place. Shall I keep the spell?
    Make a new one? I miss him so much

  162. Celina says

    I tried this sugar spell to make my ex invite me to his place. But the spell did not go well. Within few minutes he texted me asking wanna come to my place. Before I could reply, he texted back saying that leave it, its too late. Why did this happen? Should I repeat it again? Or will it still work?

  163. moonlight says

    Well I’m not trying to make him fall inlove with me. He’s my friend and he thought it would be best to never speak again because of something so ridiculous. I’ve known him for over 15 years. This really sucks.

    • says

      I know how you feel moonlight but you are stressing over this and restricting your magick with all your worry.

      Try meditating on the outcome you want everyday for five to ten minutes.

  164. marianne says

    I just performed this spell on a friday during the waning moon a few mins ago. I am afraid I did it slightly wrong because I did not turn it full clockwise like from 12 to12. I only turned it halfway to 30 and then when I put the paper in the jar I had to bend it slightly but it is covered in sugar. Do you think it would still work or should I repeat it at a later time. Also, if I do repeat it can I empty out the contents of the other jar and reuse it??? Thanx for your help. Love and light!

      • marianne says

        Thank you so much! Doing it the way I did worked great.and within just a few days!! I haven’t spoken to this person in 5 almost 6 months and things ended very bad for us so I was nervous about this working but it worked perfectly!! I was so happy and surprised. Thank you again. One quick question. What do we do with the sugar jar after it worked?do we hang on to it forever or dispose of it?

  165. Amanda says

    Well I just did it myself, I change a little by adding two while candles and buring what I want him to do and placing it in the bowl and then burning mine and his name together. Then writting his name nine times, mine one time. Placing it on the burn papers in the bowl and putting the suger on top. I added a few words in there, but I hope it works. I pried and cried to the goddess to help. When will this happen. I cant go on another day without him.

  166. moonlight says

    Also, how long should it take? Im not sure I did it right:( we had a really bad argument and I haven’t gotten a call from him since I did it. Should I retry?

  167. jennib says

    I’m goin to do this tonight I miss my husband so much and want him back we have two small children that also miss him. I will do nethg to get our fam back together

  168. sean says

    i am interested in trying this but instead of sugar i would like to use blueberry syrup in a jar. because i would like to ask for healing forgivness and for her to return to me… and this syrup is blue for healing and sweet to atrract..
    does this sound okay? or like a good addition?
    is tonight a good night to attempt this?
    can i burn apple cinnmon incents as a part of the ritual?
    is there something more suited to my needs i can do?
    or do you think this will work well for me?
    might this backfire?
    she is my soulmate that is certain.. but there are many people involved and working agenst me.. and i understand they dont want to lose her and thats why.. but this love is honestly what is best for her.. and i… please help
    excuse my terrible writing

    • says

      You can change the spell however you see fit. And actually I like the color and the fruit aspects of using blueberry syrup it sounds like a good idea.

      For forgiveness try to do it on Sunday during a waning moon.

      All of your additions sound great but don’t worry or else you will be too tense for the spell to work. Meditate on it working and let your doubt go!

  169. Cee says

    Do we put a lid on the jar or container or do i leave it without lid? One last question do we write his full name and what we want all clockwise right?

    • says

      You could put a lid on the container but maybe poke holes so the aroma and energy will be released. If this isn’t possible cover it for the night and uncover it when you meditate on the outcome.

      No. Right his his name then turn the paper clockwise and write the message.

      • Melly says

        Do we turn the heart clockwish 90 degrees and write the message over the name written 9 times or on the back of the heart?

        Thank you!

  170. says

    Ok so raven, im new to this and a little confused when yu say turn it clockwise yu mean the paper?? and when i write his name do i write his wholr name or just his first?? i know they aren’t the smartest questions but still

  171. Unknown says

    It worked! We haven’t talked in two weeks and our situation was bad trust me but we are texting being very mature

  172. Unknown says

    I just tried the spell I made it more personal by adding some herbs to the jar such as rosemary For love, dill for protection, thyme for healing, and parsley for purification I hope it works I’m excited

  173. Carine says

    I made a mistake and hurt my boyfriend. Will this spell work? I need a spell for his forgiveness and to regain his trust and love & desire and ultimately strengthen our bond. I want him to stop accusing me of cheating & nagging me. I want peace & harmony & love in our relationship. I want an unconditional love & trust from him & fidelity. It’s been too much of a roller-coaster ride lately! Please help!

  174. Amberley says

    I just did the spell and I could see my wish so clearly. It made me so happy. I hope it works.

    • says

      I get happy when visualizing the outcomes for my spells too! They actually make me extremely happy. The more detail you put into it seems to make a difference IMO.

  175. Quartz says

    Ok.. I did this spell – I used a bowl, put sugar on the piece of paper and on the bottom of the bowl. turned it clockwise, put it under my bed, but then I added ‘on facebook’ cause i had put ‘ask me out’. Will it still work I repeated the steps.

  176. Sarah says

    I did this spell, and 3 days later I received a message from my ex saying he wanted to come over. It really worked. You have to truely be in touch with the universal energy that lives within you, and believe. I’m a little unsure what to do next. I’ve wanted him back for so long. Now I have to figure out what to do right this time to keep him. Any advice is very much welcomed. Thank you so much Lady Raven Moon.

    • says

      Just be yourself. Spells like these work with your intention. Just be your kind, sweet, compassionate, loving self and be worthy or giving and receiving love! I know you will work out! Good Luck!

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

  177. Melissa says

    and i really hope this works bcuz if it doesn’t, idk what i’m going to do, i need him and i am getting physically sick bcuz of how much i love and miss him

    • says

      I know how bad you feel. I have been there! But if this spell doesn’t work its because its not time, your not ready, or the universe knows that this isn’t whats best for you. I say take some time to make sure he is what you really want, because its easy to be blinded by all the hurt we feel.

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

  178. PhilipvonGrave says

    Spell worked well! Got a text from my ex asking me out to “catch up abit” the next day!

    Thank you!

  179. Melissa says

    i’m doing this for my ex boyfriend that just broke up with me a little over a month ago, i am absolutely miserable without my boyfriend…we went out for a year and a half…tbh when i was younger, i wanted to be a witch (next to being a superhero) and always wanted powers
    i can’t live without my boyfriend and will literally try anything to get my reason for living back…i am putting all of my energy into this, and i realllyyyyy hope it works

    • says


      Magick is wonderful and can be used to enhance your life many different ways. I don’t want you to be sad but I also don’t want you to be working towards something thats not in your best interests. Because the break up is fresh you are going to feel alot of pain, but that doesn’t mean you have to be with him or even that you should. Meditate and let the Goddess and your heat give you the answer…

      Is he what you need?

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

    • says

      Most love spells can be done on a full moon. Some witches don’t count the phase the moon is in… but I think its very important! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

  180. Sawa says

    hello again Raven moon!
    I’m having problems communicating though I cant seem to be honest with him?
    since Mercury is in retrograde right now I understand but I need a bit more of a confidence spell/communication? in general since I’m quite secretive …

    Blessed Be! )O(

  181. Sawa says

    Can I just say this worked within a week got my ex to come back from Holland!!! he moved there and I was upset since were friends I guess
    got a message from him recently and he wants to meet!!!
    Thank you ever so much!

      • Lover21 says

        Hey I did a jar spell a few weeks ago but I was told very different I just want to know if this is also a working spell. I used gerber baby food jar with baby food still in it and I added honey , white sugar,brown sugar , wrote my ex full name on paper and put it inside. Then tied 3 red ribbons around it . Nothing has happened yet, is this spell wrong ?

  182. lola says

    I kind of made up my own spell, but incorporated the sugar…

    I inscribed a red candle with his name and some wishes with a needle, let it burn half way down, while concentrating on him. Happy thoughts, sending him love, then wrote some wishes in a small piece of paper to burn, one the wishes was for phone/text contact. As soon as the paper touched the flame he texted! I actually screamed because it had frightened me.

    Also Just about 20 minutes ago, I was making a “contact me wish” paper, and before I finished writing his name, he texted again!

    I don’t know what to think!!

    • says

      Its always best to incorporate your own magick into the spell making it more personal for you. I’m glad this spell worked for you, pretty soon you’ll be doing more and more! Keep in touch!

      • Madame Moon Masquerade says

        I did it (jar,sugar,heart,etc.) But I placed a mood ring he gave me inside to add something more personal . Almost done I’ll post results later but after I put the ring in it turned the colour it’s supposed to be for love :) <3 so excited

  183. Rema says

    Can I place a rose quart stone iniside the jar to make the spell more stronger? And how you use the candle in the ritual?

  184. Leena says

    I’ve just tried the sugar love spell. I dont believe in magic. But i believe in the hidden and forgotten powers of every human. And as they say in India-life is mysterious enough to make you fall in love with herself. Will return to give you details about my spell results.

    • says

      Please do! Magick is the universal energy that lives in all of us. Unlocking that inner power can be done many ways and can manifest things in your life using other means. I believe in magick and I live a magick life everyday as proof :) Tell us about the spell and remember to focus!

    • says

      I think its a matter of concentration, mental clarity and focus. I have known plenty of non witches who get spells to work on there first try. Scroll down and read through the comments.

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

    • says

      Yes! As a matter of fact some people don’t understand why I choose the waning moon instead of the waxing moon and its for personal reasons. But if you feel a different moon phase would work better for you then on all accounts make the spell your own!

      Blessed Be! @BallisticJW

      • says

        You should try to be patient. I always give my spells ample time to work, but if you really see NO RESULTS wait a full moon cycle before trying again.

        Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

        • JustAPhillyGirl says

          Hi Am Goin to do it by tm does it need to be with red papper can it be with white also does it really work am tryin to get my ex husband back <3

    • Lisa says

      Does it have to be a red paper? I’m desparate so I made one with honey n sugar but I didn’t focus well so I’m going to do it again, gotta search for red paper! Ill let you know how it came out, I did this sugar and honey spell when I was in grade school ( in the 80’s!) and even though it took long, maybe I lost faith, it worked anyway, I got to kiss the boy I wanted! Lol

      • Lisa says

        IT WORKED!! In less than one hour I got a text saying “sorry and I love you”
        Blessed be!! <3<3<3

        • lady raven moon says

          How long will this work and i only go to school with this guy and i really like him but how would i give him the love spell without him knowing??????

    • supriya says

      Today I did the spell and had kept the jar in my cupboard.. Safe.. I want to ask u that once we are done with the ritual can we take the jar from the place and mediate … If so then how many times we can do this…??? How long it will take to come in to effect??? I m eagerly waiting for my ex to come to me

    • remona says

      I tried it an it worked,took a few days but he came to me after a terrible argument that he accuse me of something I didn’t do.He was so sweet to me an still is..:)

    • Anonymous says

      I just wanted to say that the sugar spell inhanses the honey spell Together they r great and work extremely fast mine worked in a day and half Good Luck all.

  185. says

    You can do this spell. You can do the spell to bless someone or send them positive energies. Stop running after him. Do the spell. Take heart. Tell him you love him very much and when hes ready to start fighting for the life you both deserve you be here. Cut contact. Let him come to you. You can’t keep running your mind through the wringer for him. He’s in his feelings right now, feeling how he wants to feel, you can’t change that.

    Blessed Be and Thank you so much for visiting the site! :)

  186. Pink says

    Im confused. Im not sure if the last reply was for me. I havent really been chasing him. But if you think its best period not to ever reach out to him ever again. I will not contact him whatsoever. Hoprfully the spell will work and he’ll come around. Crossing my fingers:)

  187. Anonymous says

    I just did the spell today .. It is fullmoon. I have high hope it will works for me because i really do beleived in magic!

  188. Mimi says

    I’m generally a skeptic, but I did this spell to gain the renewed attention of someone I know has some feelings for me and had pursued me for a while (but who basically ran away when I finally expressed interest). Within the first day or two of the spell, I started getting spontaneous texts from him. I’m letting the spell work its magic and I’m not doing too much pursuing at the moment. So far, so good…sometimes I bury a small intention for the day in the sugar and, so far, each one has come to pass. We shall see…

  189. janise says

    I just did the spell. I customized it by lighting a pink candle which represents friendship, love and romance. I chanted in my head while filling the jar come back to me, on the back of the heart I wrote specifically what I wanted a message a call an I miss you and for him to remember how we use to be. As I meditated I could see and feel his presence in the apt as I visualized how it would be. I could hear his voice in my head as he said the words. I also incorporated a thumb tact in his favorite color because it was the only small object of that color I could find and another object that he gave me. I put the jar in the window that faces to where we both work. I wore while casting the spell a shirt he gave me and my favorite hoodie. While talking and asking the Goddess I asked to send all the love and energy from my spell to him and for him to feel it. I called upon the energy of the moon. stars and sun to remind him of me and to bring him to me. I want to do another spell to help enforce this one to give it more potency

  190. Mimi says

    It worked! And guess what? I no longer wanted him. Doing the spell on a different fellow now. Need to be very patient.

  191. janise says

    Is the spell already working? Today after I casted the spell last night, I went walking to work and saw him getting ready to leave going in his truck. I walked past didn’t look his way or anything just thinking..let things go as they should. he honked the horn and stopped walking to talk to me. Asking how I felt after my migraine from the day before. We talked for a good ten minutes. Talking was one of my wishes. But like I said I put multiple small wishes on the heart. So is it starting to work slowly? That is what I am thinking. Which clarity or purification spell would you recommend?

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