Another Sugar Love Spell

Using a sugar love spell are simple, effective and fun… I adore them! After you read this spell, please check out my simple sugar wish spell! This spell was sent in by Ravana. You can send in your spells ( and a free gift! Just email me for the details.

Using sugar in magick is great and very effective. Sugar like honey, is use to attract favorable circumstances and to “sweeten ones life” per say.  Some people use this spells like this sugar love spell when fighting with an spouse, friend, family member or whomever. You put your name and the person whom you are quarreling into a sugar bowl and visualize making up and/or resolving the issue with that person.

Simple but cool magick. Chocolate, sugar, candy, honey and other natural sweets have always been associated with love and can work wonders in love magick. Most of you have heard of the honey love spell right? The thought of the taste, the sweet, the love, corresponds beautifully with love and sugar spells.

Some people even use brown sugar for use in home made incense to bring luck. So use your mind, and you individualism and really make your magick or food magick as some people call it work for you. There are people who use magick to bake brownies and sweets for a loved one, and as they are making their concoction they visualize the outcome they want. Food is the quickest way to the heart and can make magick happen for your love life!

Sugar Love Spell

Want to learn more about Wiccans in the kitchen? Read this Awesome article: Wicca in the Kitchen by Kitty the Dreamer.

Here is what Kitty says about Sugar and Wicca:

Sugar: a Wiccan food for Wicca in the kitchen that is ruled by Orishas and Venus. When powdered, sprinkle sugar on pink or red love candles to draw someone’s attention.

A really nice girl on twitter recently responded to a question I asked. The question was “Do you guys use sugar in your magick?” Here is what she said; (Oh you can follow me too… @BallisticJW)

@BallisticJW ive not used it,but hear its good when working with fairies,and in attraction spells that need quick action (sugared water)

So now I bet you are dying to find out about this powerful and wonderful sugar love spell. Without further ado, here it is!


Sugar Love Spells

What you’ll need:

  1. Sugar :)
  2. Jar or Container
  3. Pen
  4. Red Paper Heart
  5. Candles (Optional)

Write his or Her name 9 times on the red paper heart. On the back of the red paper heart write the message you would like to send. Something simple like ‘call me’, ‘im sorry’, ‘please forgive me’, ‘miss me’, seems to work best. I think its because its easier (at least in the beginning) to send simple energy messages or thoughts.

Once you write your message, fold the paper heart in half and then place it standing up in the jar. Try the stand the heart up in the container but this isn’t always possible. Cover the heart with sugar, honey or candies.

Place the jar onto your altar and then spend sometime meditating on the outcome you desire. See the person doing the exact thing you want them to do. See it vividly and with as much detail as possible.

Ask the Goddess to aid you in your wish. Keep the lovers jar somewhere safe for as long as you need it. This spell can be done during any moon and/or day but its traditionally Friday for love spells, although some circles prefer Wednesday or Sunday for love spells and relationship work.

Do you know a sugar love spell? Has this Spell worked for you? Do you use sugar in your magick? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

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  1. Akey says

    I did this spell this morning a little after midnight. I have not heard from the one I love in almost 4 weeks. I am just realizing how much he meant to me. I reconnected with him after almost 14 years. Before that 10. We have spent time together, and yet there is always some disconnect. I love him, but I cannot help but feel used. I would do anything in my power to help him, but when I need him, he is nowhere to be found. He has recently had some loses in his family (son & close 1st cousin). I thought he needed time heal from those, so I tried to give him space, until I realized that he blocked my number.

    I got upset and said some very nasty comments in text and voicemail. I didn’t mean it. I want him happy, even if it is not with me. I miss him, but I am lost. He is acting as though I don’t exist.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am having a hard time dealing with this.

  2. Anna says

    I did the spell just now i didnt had a heart red papper so i used white and i put sugar and i metaditied on it with a candle i hope it works!!!!

  3. IC says

    So I did the spell Wednesday morning and I got a text about 8:30 tonight which is Thursday night but not really the response I was looking 4. I’m guessing I’ll just keep meditating on my jar n see if anything changes?

  4. IC says

    I just wanted to know since this would be my first spell, are there any specific things I need to know about thanking the Goddess in particular? Help did the spell an hour ago and I feel like I left something out.

  5. Desperate says

    So I did the spell exactly 1 week ago. It wasn’t a full moon and it was a Saturday. I was so desperate to have the man that I love and am dating love me back. My intentions were pure. I want to love him and care for him and he’s slowly opening up to me. However, I felt that he was becoming more distant. I got upset and last night I ripped up the paper heart and smashed the jar into the concrete. Did I end the spell? Did I end my love relationship? I don’t know what happened.

    • Desperate says

      So update, as soon as I smashed the jar into the concrete and ripped up the heart, things instantly got better!! He called every day, texted and wanted to see me. Then we saw each other and it was blissful. But then something changed dramatically…he just turned cold and started ignoring me. Then, he broke up with me and it’s over. Be careful what you wish for…I got a broken heart.

  6. Sandra says

    Lady Raven, I did the spell last night because I felt like I needed to reconnect on an emotional level with the person I’m dating. I had already done the Make Someone Fall in Love with You spell 2 weeks ago and it seemed to be working, though I didn’t bury the jar as instructed because I like to bring it out sometimes and meditate on it. I was wondering if it would cancel out the spells if I layered the Sugar Love Spell with the first one? I just thought I needed a bit more aid from the powers that be. Thank you.

    • Hazel says

      I did mines a few days ago , I do a lot of meditation… And I noticed that everything that I wrote on the heart disappeared and just last night I took a video of my kids playing and I saw 2 green orbs….. I’m not sure what that means … I haven’t seen any signs of him .. But I do bump into movies that has my exs name or something that reminds me of him … I’m not sure if that’s a sign that it’s working :)!… But I really do miss him more and more every day

  7. jas says

    The spell works ! I did this spell in the afternoon and prayed to goddess to get a friend I like to contact me and get in touch (it’s been well over a month). And he sent me messages at night apologizing for not returning my messages. I used brown sugar by the way. Thank you so much for sharing this spell !

        • says

          This is why it didn’t last I believe :( we we’r meant to bury them, we’ll have to repeat it again but before we do I guess we still need to bury the first one

            • Desperate says

              No you were just NOT meant to do this spell at all! If it works, it works for a finite amount of time and then the love dissipates. Hate then replaces the love. Be careful!!

      • Anonymous says

        Hi! I did this spell around january 16th, but it didn’t take effect until a week after. I cast this spell on my girlfriend who got detached from me, so far its been working great! She’s been sweet and not totally detached anymore. We have been talking things through and we have been working things out! So its been about 2weeks after i did the spell but i did not bury my jar. I just placed it on a safe corner in my room & whenever i find time, i open it and meditate on it, also thanking the goddess. So i’m not sure if you are supposed to bury it, i think it all depends on you. And fyi, the spell has been working great but of course i gave my all out effort too to make us work again. I just wanted to share my experience & i’m glad of the breakthrough of this spell! :)

        • says

          That’s wonderful it’s working out for you :) however it went well for a month or so with me then he started becoming distant after that so just be careful the jar does have to be buried I’m sure :/

          • Angela says

            Hi I just tried it tonight. I hope it works. Am I supposed to meditate every Friday night until it works ? I don’t see where it says to bury it? When am I supposed to bury it? Thanks

  8. Anonymous says

    This spell works. I did it in the afternoon and my close friend sent me messages apologizing for not returning my messages.

  9. Anonymous says

    So I did the spell yesterday. Ive been trying to contact my close mate and his not replying. I can only assume I have done something wrong. So I really hopping this spell work. Just want to patch things up with him.

  10. jessica says

    So did this spell Wednesday.. and today which is saturday my friend texted meso it does work.. but our conversation wasnt wht I expected.. he asked how I was and he talked about his new girlfriend. . I told him I was happy for him etc.. conversation lasted five minutes and then I didnt hear from him.I feel so distant from him..he’s not the same as he once was..i miss him so much and our frienship.. eny suggestions on wht else i can do? The spell worked by all means..should i do it again..and ask my wishes in a diffrent way? Please enyones opinion is appreciated.

    • Anna says

      Hey Jessica I done it to an it worked for me but I didn’t bury the jar so he became very distance after a month or so :(

      • jessica says

        I didnt bury the jar either… didnt know we were to do tht..guess him and I arent ment to rekindle our frienship

  11. jessica says

    Did this spell best fren no longer talks to me since hes started dateing sumone 10 dayz ago.. I evn asked him if he no longer wanted to talk due to him haven new gf and he said he stil wanted to talk nd b frenz an said his gf is ok with it. Him and I talked every day we nvr fought or argued. I miss him I miss the frenship.. so far this spell hadnt worked but only has been two dayz. Guess I need patience.. eny suggestions would b greatly appreciated

  12. kassy says

    I just did the sugar love spell i hope it work i wrote for him to forgive me to give me a chance to call me text to come to my house to rember all the things we done together let see if it works i hope he gives me a chance

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