Do a Love Spell WITHOUT ingredients!

By | October 29, 2012

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to do a spell or specifically a love spell without ingredients? Yes! It is so possible to do a love spell with little or no ingredients. With a little creativity, maybe reusing some older items, some concentration and mental ability you can successfully complete a love spell spell. In this article I will explain some simple techniques for doing a love spell. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Sometimes we want to do a more elaborate love spell… but its just not possible.

I have gotten  a lot of emails from some of the regular visitors from this website looking for Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients. Because I have never written a love spell with out any ingredients I found this spell to be a challenge. Let me know if this spell has worked for you, as I have not attempted this spell. (I am in a great relationship already :) ). Let me know how you think I can improve this spell of if this spell has worked for you.

Be inventive. Be intelligent. Be creative. USE YOUR MIND. Use your intuition. Build up your ability to visualise, and concentrate. Learn to take basic things like sand, a rock, plain water and CHARGE THEM with intention to become the tool you need. Magic, Spells and Potions

So since we are making/writing/doing Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients this means we have to work with out intuition and visualization skills. Sometimes you may not have any ingredients right for a particular spell, you might not be able to have witchcraft related items in your home, or you may not have the supplies for some other reason. I feel with or without the ‘right’ tools you can do magick. Esp if you are creative enough. :)

Learn how to do a love spell without ingredients!

Focus everyday on the qualities you would like to attract. Don’t focus on a particular person as this spell does not seek to encroach on someones free will and is meant to attract true love to you. Practice meditation, energy raising and visualization daily. You need to be really clear about the person you want to attract. Don’t send the universe  mixed singles. When you have sufficient focus start chanting a simple chant. You should write your own, something along the lines of;

“Brilliant Moon, At this hour

I call upon your magick power

Give to me the love I seek

As I will it so mote it be.”

I would do this spell on the night of the full moon for the next six months. You should have attracted love just with your visualizations alone in this period of time. You can also add other elements to this spell such as the right herbs and candles, but since most of the emails have been about doing Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients I thought it would be best for me to post this spell as is.


36 thoughts on “Do a Love Spell WITHOUT ingredients!

  1. John Lipinski

    Hi. Everyone,
    My name is John. I’m 37 & I live in Woodstock, Illinois. I’m new to this Wicca stuff & I go to a Catholic Church weekly.
    Is there anyone who can help me write a Wiccan love spell for beginners that doesn’t require candles or any ingredients? Will someone help me write the spell without charging me for the help If I tell them specifically what I’m looking for?

  2. John Lipinski

    My name is John & I’m 37. I currently live in Woodstock, Illinois. I am new to this white magic stuff. I haven’t had much luck finding a woman who will accept & love me for who I am. Is there anyone who can help me write a simple love spell that doesn’t require any candles or ingredients without costing me money for the help?

  3. Anonymous

    If I’m 11 years old will it work I kinda like this guy named konner fisher and I really want to be with him

    1. John Lipinski

      In my opinion, 11 years old is too young. You have plenty of years ahead of you.

  4. reita

    i am currently trying get my ex back i lost my husband of twenty plus years and was very lonely till i meet tommy there was an incident an he left i know we can pass all that away but hes now with another and i want him back i know he was n love with me u could c it help lonely reita

  5. Ko

    I met this girl Im seeing an I have fallen head over hills for her how can I make her feel the same way about me

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  7. Kare

    My ex and I had been together for five years and I found out he was actually married but separated … He says he should work on his marriage but he’s not happy and can’t give me up either… When I ask why he went back he can’t really tell me… I know we are meant to be… Everything pointed to that.. Help me get him back.. Please…

  8. Adam

    Hi is it possible to perform a spell with no ingredients to get an ex back she says she doesn’t love me that’s from her mouth but the way she looks at me her eyes say different I love her so much more than any words could describe don’t want to sound cheesy but she is my princess and I need her back

  9. Sterling

    Hi I’ve been reasearching wicca and magick for a while and I’ve meditated and such but I’ve never really preformed a spell before. What spells would you suggest to help me get started?

    1. Rivermoon

      Something simple like a protection spell, that’s what i started with x
      Blessed be

      1. Sterling

        Thank you so much Rivermoon I really appreaciate the help. Blessed be )0(

    2. Starfire

      I think you should start with spells for beginners. I started with a luck spell.


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