Do a Love Spell WITHOUT ingredients!

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to do a spell or specifically a love spell without ingredients? Yes! It is so possible to do a love spell with little or no ingredients. With a little creativity, maybe reusing some older items, some concentration and mental ability you can successfully complete a love spell spell. In this article I will explain some simple techniques for doing a love spell. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Sometimes we want to do a more elaborate love spell… but its just not possible.

I have gotten  a lot of emails from some of the regular visitors from this website looking for Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients. Because I have never written a love spell with out any ingredients I found this spell to be a challenge. Let me know if this spell has worked for you, as I have not attempted this spell. (I am in a great relationship already :) ). Let me know how you think I can improve this spell of if this spell has worked for you.

Be inventive. Be intelligent. Be creative. USE YOUR MIND. Use your intuition. Build up your ability to visualise, and concentrate. Learn to take basic things like sand, a rock, plain water and CHARGE THEM with intention to become the tool you need. Magic, Spells and Potions

So since we are making/writing/doing Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients this means we have to work with out intuition and visualization skills. Sometimes you may not have any ingredients right for a particular spell, you might not be able to have witchcraft related items in your home, or you may not have the supplies for some other reason. I feel with or without the ‘right’ tools you can do magick. Esp if you are creative enough. :)

Learn how to do a love spell without ingredients!

Focus everyday on the qualities you would like to attract. Don’t focus on a particular person as this spell does not seek to encroach on someones free will and is meant to attract true love to you. Practice meditation, energy raising and visualization daily. You need to be really clear about the person you want to attract. Don’t send the universe  mixed singles. When you have sufficient focus start chanting a simple chant. You should write your own, something along the lines of;

“Brilliant Moon, At this hour

I call upon your magick power

Give to me the love I seek

As I will it so mote it be.”

I would do this spell on the night of the full moon for the next six months. You should have attracted love just with your visualizations alone in this period of time. You can also add other elements to this spell such as the right herbs and candles, but since most of the emails have been about doing Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients I thought it would be best for me to post this spell as is.

Do you want that special man or woman of your dreams to finally start noticing you? Do you long for the affections and attentions of that particular person? Do you wish he or she would just ask YOU out on a date? Take action now! Red Magick Love Spells has the right spell for you, even if you are not an experienced witch!



  1. Kare says

    My ex and I had been together for five years and I found out he was actually married but separated … He says he should work on his marriage but he’s not happy and can’t give me up either… When I ask why he went back he can’t really tell me… I know we are meant to be… Everything pointed to that.. Help me get him back.. Please…

  2. Adam says

    Hi is it possible to perform a spell with no ingredients to get an ex back she says she doesn’t love me that’s from her mouth but the way she looks at me her eyes say different I love her so much more than any words could describe don’t want to sound cheesy but she is my princess and I need her back

  3. Sterling says

    Hi I’ve been reasearching wicca and magick for a while and I’ve meditated and such but I’ve never really preformed a spell before. What spells would you suggest to help me get started?

  4. gaurav amberkar says

    I think my shear will is working for me. I liked one girl for years and wanted to talk to her so badly but I did nt. After some time I started to use my will power which is completely zero wen I try to stop smoking but here it is so intense. She talks to me nw and quiet interested to listen to me. Hope this goes ahead. Spells is nt my thing. Only thing I knw is human mind has lot of strange powers.

  5. SpiritualOwl says

    Hi I was wondering if just in a comment because I don’t wanna give away my email anyone could tell me how to do magic a favour? I try spells and the really simple ones work and a few medium hardness but I feel with a little help from “magic” my spells could really kinda go more above and beond…:) Any advice would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!

    Blessed be,

  6. Krissey says

    I also think i have psychic peers but i want to matter them how so besides meditating my way of meditating is smoking weed and no such thing called peace in NY

  7. Krissey says

    So yeah i have a bf and i feel like he doesn’t really like me because I’m younger than him and i feel like he is mind fucking me is there a spell where i can get him to obsess over me

    • DarkQueen says

      Ooh things like that can be very dangerous, you have to be careful because if he were truly “obsessed” with you a lot of damage could be done. Not only to him and his body but to everything and everyone around him. Anyways, good luck and blessed be x

  8. jaanu says

    I’ve been married to the person I loved. but now there have been a lot of probm between us because of my in law. which is affecting our relationship and due to which we fight all d time. n there has been lot of space developed. is there any spell so tat the love between us comes back. pz help n lots of trouble

  9. Kayree says

    I actually tried this last week on Wednesday night very late at night, I concentrated and really focused on what I wanted. Which was for my ex to open his eyes and realize we have a good thing and for us to fix things. I repeated the chant over and over again, added his name to it and alittle more of my own words. I repeated it until I was fully focused. Saturday night came along I seen him but we got into a HUGE fight. Sunday morning comes he wants to meet up and talk.. He says he loves me and wants to work things out, that he realized alot of things the night before. I don’t know about you guys but I believe this helped me. THANK YOU, I have my lover back and we are definitely working on building ourselves back up. You must believe for it to happen.

  10. Pockets Full of Posies says

    I’ve always wondered…
    Will the opposite thing happen if you preform a spell on a new moon?
    I’m a really curious and would like to try, but do not wish to do anything dangerous.
    Thank you, and blessed be!

  11. deep says

    :'( maah story is same as frank’s n remind me of her . These galz are too mean , first they show smile n attract us then when we approach………i thought we were……… ” thats what really hurts me …….please help me i m also in love wd someone……….i failed in certain projects due to her rejection causes depression on my mind.. …

  12. frank says

    Please i will really like you to listen to my story because i have heard of spells and i believe that you can help me , i was born in imo states some where in nigeria,i was 10yrs old when things become better abit i later moved with my parents to portharcourt city where my dad built his new house then i met my child hood friend called ekpotuatin,we became the best friends ever and even my friends where jeliouse of us but my must greatest mistake was that i didn’t approach her because i was too shy then, but later my mum died when i was 13yrs, and things became too hard for my family since then i hardly see her around but i later realized my mistake and made an approach to her at my 19yrs old mean while she’s in the university now ,but she refused and stop talking to me ,she calls me all sorts of name e.g the last time i called her she told me that am an idiot , please what can i do to gain her love not just as friends but for what i have in mind ,i want her to be my wife if possible i have bonded all my love in her ? Please help me with a simple that i can used to get her back ..thanks am franklin email

  13. Essence24 says

    I second that i believe in magic and all tgat but it neva seems to work 4 me either my belief mind body & soul is in it but again it neva works… Wat can i do different to bring back my love i need him & want him here so bad i want us to gave a great relationship u claim u have wat can i need HELP!!!

  14. brandon pena says

    Can you help me please I believe in magic a lot but it seems it never works please HELP!!!

    blessed be :)

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