Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

By | March 27, 2013

There is that one person who we love so much that we would do almost anything to have those feelings returned. This spell to make someone fall in love with you has worked for so many people and I am sure it will work for you too! I have added two new spells to make someone love you to this page. These new spells use similar intentions and supplies and work to open the persons heart to connect with yours. This isn’t a spell for celebrities and people you barely know. These spells are for genuine connections, to enhance loving environments and to foster the seed of true love. If you need more information on love spells then check out our forum on witchcraft and wicca.


UPDATE: 2/26/2015 This spell has worked for almost everyone who has tried it. If this spell hasn’t worked for you after the first time then wait 28 days before trying this spell to make someone love you again. If it doesn’t work the second time then you must know that it may not work for you at this point. You can try spells to clarify feelings, truth spells or spells to find a true love. I wouldn’t try this spell more than twice.

UPDATE: 11/07/12 This spell CAN BE MODIFIED all spells on this site are just a template. You can change them to include whatever you need and substitute items as needed. I love you guys so I am writing this spell again to make it a little more clearer but  I really can’t spend a lot of time on answering the same questions over and over so look to the comments below to see if your question has been answered or look to the Google search bar at the top of the screen. Like most things in life this spell may not work for you. Try some other love spells or read about why spells sometimes don’t work and/or finally this article on how to make love spells more effective. Sometimes it helps to read other spell success stories while your wait your your wish to manifest. :)

This article will cover how to do a spell to make someone fall in love with you. 

This love spell was submitted to us from Crystal Starlighter who is a solitary witch. Although she is a solitary witch she says she is “blessed by the goddess to have wiccans in my area” who have given her great knowledge and tools to become a better witch.

You can submit your spells via email: JW@JustWicca.com. I always worried when posting love spells. Love spells are powerful and should be considered before foolishly pursuing something that is beyond your realm or beyond their will. You should not enact your will on someone who does not want it. I always say… be careful what you wish for…

You can use a spell  to make someone fall in love with you.

wiccan love spell to make someone fall in love with you

spell to make someone fall in love with you

You can find more spells on this website. This magic spell is to the spell to make someone  fall in love you and help attract the person you want. If you would like to enhance this really potent spell then consider buying a charged love crystal or consider buying love perfume or rosemary oils. Of course if you are confident in your ability these items will only supplement your own power.

Most guys want to be a girl’s first. Smart guys want to be her last. Lucky guys get to be both.

How to make someone fall in love with you.

So without further ado, here is the spell to make someone fall in love with you! You should read it thoroughly three times to make sure you got all the details. Once you do the spell put blind faith in it and release it from your mind. The biggest reasons spells don’t work is because of the persons lack of knowledge and faith.

If you read the comments below you will notice that most of the people who achieve the desired outcome of having someone fall in love with them truly believe this spell will work for them and also have true intentions. They aren’t trying to manipulate the person into loving them, they aren’t trying to win the love of some random celebrity or the hottest guy in school, they are using their loving energy to reach the hearts of someone they truly love. When this spell works it is almost always because of the intentions of the caster. If you are meant to be then this spell will help you, if it is not written in the stars for you to be with that person then it simply will not happen.

Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love

What You’ll Need

  • 1 meter cord of red silk.
  • 1 photo of yourself.
  • 1 photo of the person you want to love you.
  • 6 red roses (make sure the petals are completely dried before putting them in the jar or you’ll get mold read more about How to Keep Rose Petals.)
  • Your personal perfume.
  • 1 large glass jar.

Do this spell on a Friday. If you can’t do this spell to make someone fall in love with you on a Friday during the full moon then don’t worry! Try to find corresponding days and moon phases that work with your schedule. Be careful! Love spells are not something to play with and what you sow you will reap. Be careful what you wish for…

  1. With 6 red roses you remove the petals and cast them into the bottle, saying: If you want to love, if you want to listen, open your heart, never forget me (or your own words)
  2. Spray some of the fragrance into the bottle with petals.
  3. Take the cord or string and chant while wrapping the cord around the pictures say: If you want to love, if you want to listen, open your heart, never forget me (or your own words)
  4. Place the pictures into the jar and place it on your altar.
  5. Cover the jar for 7 days and on 8th day uncover to let the smell float freely.

On the 9th day the person you did the spell on will love you deeply, if it is their hearts desire.

After the spell is done you can dispose of the jar or keep it. You can bury the jar in the earth, you can dispose of the love spell jar in natural water or you can toss it. My preferred method is burying it under tree.

After You’ve Done this Love Spell

So did you do this spell to make someone love you? Did it work to your desire? Or did you end up regretting you decision? With power comes great responsibility; think before you act.

Wiccan Love Spells are tricky and powerful things. A lot of people get into Wicca by trying simple spells like this one, but I would suggest learning a little more about Wicca before you try to cast any spells especially ones like this spell to make someone fall in love with you. You don’t have to be Wiccan to cast simple love spells but a little research and a little knowledge will help your spell castings become more effective and will help you learn what spells to cast and the consequences thereafter.

Good luck and I am trying to get to all the comments ASAP but some of you are asking duplicates! Read the other comments and if you really have something new to ask then leave a comment below. That was kinda rude but why am I answering the same thing over and over and over! I love you all bunches :)

Where can I buy the items needed for this spell?

You can find everything you need online and if you use this link on amazon you will help support this free website resource for young witches. Here are some additional online shop links that carry what you need for this powerful love spell.

If you cannot afford an item or can’t find the spell item then modify! This wiccan love spell to fall in love with you forever is a very powerful spell and it is important you use this spell with caution and clarity.

Sugar Spell to Make Someone Love You

Sugar is commonly used in love spells because of it effectiveness and meaning. It is said to ‘sweeten’ the heart of the one you are after. Before my hand-fasting I loved using sugar in love and friendship spells. My favorite spell is ‘Another Sugar Love Spell’ available to read for free.

Who is this Spell for?

If this spells calls out to you then try it. You will know if this is the right spell for you. This spell is primary for people who have been seeing each other for awhile and you feel you may ‘love’ him a little more than he or she loves you.

What You’ll Need

  • one pink candle
  • sugar
  • your wiccan altar

How to Cast: Spell to Make Someone Love You

  1. Place the candle onto your altar and try to make a heart shape around the wick with the sugar. This will work best if the candle is wide and uncovered. You can pour the sugar into a small bag and poke a hole in the bottom of the bag to spread the sugar precisely and evening.
  2. Light the candles and chant the following; “Winds to the west, our loves a success, while nine is near, you are my dear,  winds to the east, ill feelings cease, Goddess shows us how, you love me now.”

After You’ve Cast This Spell

Meditate and drink water daily. This will help you become more aware of your progress. Journal any new thoughts and/or experiences. Take the relationship slowly and make sure you take responsibility for any feelings you have in order to put them into proper perspective. If you relationship hasn’t moved to the next level of awareness and connection after six months then the timing may not be right for you. This is happens when we delude ourselves into thinking we can have a romance with someone who isn’t meant for us at this time.

Whats the expected outcome?

This spell will work by creating more opportunities for you two to get to know each other and the chances to create a lot of happy memories. You will find more openness in conversation, more laughter and more fun. This does require work on your end as well. You will need to let go of any fears, doubts and underlying resentments in your current relationship. You will need to work hard of your on inner struggles and feelings of lack to become a better, (more) whole person while you seek companionship with your beloved.

This is very important not to ignore. You must be able to work on self if you want to maintain a rewarding and resilient relationships.

Tips and Tricks

  • Meditation is absolutely essential in helping you calm your mind and focus your intention. Read: Why meditate?
  • Drink water to flush out toxins and to be clear in body, mind and spirit before casting a spell. This along with meditation and intention will certainly increase your chances of love spell success.

Alternate Chants and Items

  • Although this spell simply states sugar, the best option is brown sugar. While white sugar will work fine, this spell was written for use with brown sugar. You can buy brown sugar from amazon and support our online free online book of shadows.
  • Check out LOVE SPELL CHANTS for alternate chants and information.

In order to modify this spell you will want some more information on spell correspondences, check out the dictionary of witchcraft for more definitions.If you cannot find a pink candle, then try using red, white or combination candles for use with your spell casting.

Let others know your experience by talking on the Wicca forum.

Common Mistakes

  • Do not try to cast this spell on someone you really don’t know well or have no connection to. In some cases the spell will still work but its not meant to work on the superficial.
  • Do not use this spell to try and break up a couple. It’s not a nice thing to do and you wouldn’t want someone to do this to you. You want to work with positive and light intentions.
  • Do not cast this spell back to back to back. If you don’t see results right away then take some time and distance yourself from the intense need of having this person. You can interfere with the magick working and doing its job if you are consumed with seeing the changes right away. If after 28 days the spell hasn’t worked for you then at that time I would try it again.
  • This spell doesn’t have a specific time frame and it doesn’t have a specific outcome. You should see some results by day 28 but it could be as simple as an extra text message or as extravagant as a proposal.. it depends on you and your intention.


  • Want to know about others experience with this spell? Read some love spell stories or check the comments out below.

Are love spells really that bad and create bad karma?

Here’s a great answer to that question. :) Read it here. Whats the best days to do a love spell? Have you done this spell to make someone fall in love with you? Did it work for you? Please leave your experience down below.

560 thoughts on “Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

  1. Anonymous

    well I just finished using the spell so what do I do after

  2. Nicholas

    The woman I love is amazing. She has unbelievable courage and resolve. Her two beautiful daughters will always be where her heart is, she is a wonderful mother and I love her children as if they are an extension of her. I adore her and truly believe that she is the only woman I will ever love. We have been on and off for over three years now and have known each other for 15 years. Through my eyes she is the epitome of beauty and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her or her children. However, there are many issues in our relationship, we are currently officially over by her desire. I have made mistakes, she has made mistakes, words have been spoken out of anger and resentment. I suffer from depression and anxiety, she suffers from PTSD and anxiety from a tragic event that not only almost took her life, but has tormented her for over a year now. Other things beyond our control has happened too, shortly after we connected intimately she fell ill to a cancerous form of HPV. Her mother and friends have resented me and despised me ever since. She resented me for a long time as well but we were able to move past it (her cancer is and always has been benign). She has yelled in my face “I don’t love you” and has hurt me deeply on many occasions. I even spent time in jail because I was feeling suicidal after a fight and ended up taking a bunch of pills in her apartment while she was out of town. I woke up alright, but her friend called the police and I was arrested for domestic violence even though we were never even face to face. We worked through that too. I still love her, and believe she has stopped loving me, I believe she has had enough emotional pain and stress in her life, mostly from the traumatic event that happened to her, and the stress from her job and ex-husband as well. I have made mistakes as I have said, and have contributed to a large portion of the stress in her life but I also think I was the scapegoat, the sacrificial relationship that represented the stressful and anxiety ridden time of her life. My question is… am I crazy to still be in love after so much has happened between us? If she doesn’t have any love in her heart left for me, should I not attempt this spell? I don’t want to ever hurt her again, and my intentions are only to get her to love me and talk to me again. I don’t expect her to want to marry again like she did less than 3 months ago. Should I cast this spell?

    1. Nicholas

      I also plan to study what Wiccan spells are all about before I would ever consider casting this spell. I believe but don’t know anything about casting spells, I won’t rush my decision. I know how much I love her and that my intentions are pure, but I don’t think she cares about me at all anymore. She has made it clear that I should let go, and I have. I still desire her love and won’t lust for another, but I also realize that I must let her have her peace and leave everything to fate. I am at a crossroad right now.. Should I attempt a spell and continue to pursue what I believe to be true love? Or should I fully let go and remain alone until eventually someone else comes into my life (which i don’t want and don’t see happening)? If anyone has read this, could I please have some advice?

  3. Gary Cremeens

    Wow! I read this and from a mans perspective believe it is her that I love who has commented. It also seems too routine. Like it fits in with any situation. I want to believe with every ounce of my heart this is real. The mind is incredibly powerful and can make anything so I know this. Is mine strong enough? I will meditate and cast this spell. I love you Sarah. Love me too. Realize this and trust I always will. If you have any thoughts you are settling, leave me now and forever! Never return! I’m not to be settled for. I am to be cherished for what I am, das kina shizer!

  4. Anonymous

    I have been doing this spell and it hasn’t worked. I have gotten very frustrated and thought the universe just didn’t love me. But then I went through some tough times after a man I was seeing just up and left and is now ignoring me. I sought help from a therapist and after talking to her about him, I realized something important – this spell DOES NOT WORK on men who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder or are sociopaths/psychopaths. You may be in love with this type of men and not even know it. You’ll keep performing spells and questioning your love for him, your intentions, your energy. Until you stop and realize that not even magick could help you because mental illness is not curable. No magick can overcome narcissism or another pathology of the mind. Narcissists simply cannot feel love or have any real emotions. They are just empty soul suckers. Beware. You’ve been warned!

  5. Vanessa Rowson

    Can someone help me make my man fall and stay in love with me I am de separately seeking help.

    1. Anonymous

      Help yourself by letting go. Hanging onto a man won’t make him love you. You shouldn’t need help to make a man love you. If he loves you, he’ll figure it out. Just enjoy your life and stop being desperate. LET GO! BE HAPPY! It’s already yours!!! He already loves you, just let go and believe in that. The rest will come, I promise you.

  6. Anonymous

    I have tried this spell twice. The first time, it was a Friday (not full moon) I had a lot of substitutions and ended up personalizing it. Within a few days, it seemed to be working. I was patient and he came around eventually. Then, something happened (not sure what) and he turned away from me. He left me and I was devastated. I had vowed to give him up but then I loved him so much that I did the spell again on a Friday (new moon). This time, I stuck exactly to the spell and did not substitute. I was heartbroken but I cried and wished for his love. On the 9th day, he still hadn’t contacted me. Nothing has happened. It’s now the 13th day since the spell and I’m in agony. I don’t know if he still loves me and is thinking or is completely done with me. I’m too afraid to reach out to him for fear of ruining any potential chances. I keep doing the love chants, but nothing has manifested. I’m on the verge of giving up entirely. I believe in magick. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done any of this. I don’t know what went wrong but I am still in love with him and can’t seem to do any spells that will bring him back to me.

  7. A

    So… it worked for me :) it’s been almost a year since we last spoke and like clockwork, he texted me on the 9th day, telling me how he’s been thinking about me and that he really misses me. He wants to have dinner this week! I’m seriously still in awe of how well the spell worked. I’m so happy and grateful to you Lady Raven Moon :) thank you thank you thank you!


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