Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

There is that one person who we love so much that we would do almost anything to have those feelings returned. This spell to make someone fall in love with you has worked for so many people and I am sure it will work for you too!

UPDATE: 2/26/2015 This spell has worked for almost everyone who has tried it. If this spell hasn’t worked for you after the first time then wait 28 days before trying this spell to make someone love you again. If it doesn’t work the second time then you must know that it may not work for you at this point. You can try spells to clarify feelings, truth spells or spells to find a true love. I wouldn’t try this spell more than twice.

UPDATE: 11/07/12 This spell CAN BE MODIFIED all spells on this site are just a template. You can change them to include whatever you need and substitute items as needed. I love you guys so I am writing this spell again to make it a little more clearer but  I really can’t spend a lot of time on answering the same questions over and over so look to the comments below to see if your question has been answered or look to the Google search bar at the top of the screen. Like most things in life this spell may not work for you. Try some other love spells or read about why spells sometimes don’t work and/or finally this article on how to make love spells more effective. Sometimes it helps to read other spell success stories while your wait your your wish to manifest. :)

This article will cover how to do a spell to make someone fall in love with you. 

This love spell was submitted to us from Crystal Starlighter who is a solitary witch. Although she is a solitary witch she says she is “blessed by the goddess to have wiccans in my area” who have given her great knowledge and tools to become a better witch.

You can submit your spells via email: JW@JustWicca.com. I always worried when posting love spells. Love spells are powerful and should be considered before foolishly pursuing something that is beyond your realm or beyond their will. You should not enact your will on someone who does not want it. I always say… be careful what you wish for…

You can use a spell  to make someone fall in love with you.

wiccan love spell to make someone fall in love with you

spell to make someone fall in love with you

You can find more spells on this website. This magic spell is to the spell to make someone  fall in love you and help attract the person you want. If you would like to enhance this really potent spell then consider buying a charged love crystal or consider buying love perfume or rosemary oils. Of course if you are confident in your ability these items will only supplement your own power.

Most guys want to be a girl’s first. Smart guys want to be her last. Lucky guys get to be both.

How to make someone fall in love with you.

So without further ado, here is the spell to make someone fall in love with you! You should read it thoroughly three times to make sure you got all the details. Once you do the spell put blind faith in it and release it from your mind. The biggest reasons spells don’t work is because of the persons lack of knowledge and faith.

If you read the comments below you will notice that most of the people who achieve the desired outcome of having someone fall in love with them truly believe this spell will work for them and also have true intentions. They aren’t trying to manipulate the person into loving them, they aren’t trying to win the love of some random celebrity or the hottest guy in school, they are using their loving energy to reach the hearts of someone they truly love. When this spell works it is almost always because of the intentions of the caster. If you are meant to be then this spell will help you, if it is not written in the stars for you to be with that person then it simply will not happen.

Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love

What You’ll Need

  • 1 meter cord of red silk.
  • 1 photo of yourself.
  • 1 photo of the person you want to love you.
  • 6 red roses (make sure the petals are completely dried before putting them in the jar or you’ll get mold read more about How to Keep Rose Petals.)
  • Your personal perfume.
  • 1 large glass jar.

Do this spell on a Friday. If you can’t do this spell to make someone fall in love with you on a Friday during the full moon then don’t worry! Try to find corresponding days and moon phases that work with your schedule. Be careful! Love spells are not something to play with and what you sow you will reap. Be careful what you wish for…

  1. With 6 red roses you remove the petals and cast them into the bottle, saying: If you want to love, if you want to listen, open your heart, never forget me (or your own words)
  2. Spray some of the fragrance into the bottle with petals.
  3. Take the cord or string and chant while wrapping the cord around the pictures say: If you want to love, if you want to listen, open your heart, never forget me (or your own words)
  4. Place the pictures into the jar and place it on your altar.
  5. Cover the jar for 7 days and on 8th day uncover to let the smell float freely.

On the 9th day the person you did the spell on will love you deeply, if it is their hearts desire.

After the spell is done you can dispose of the jar or keep it. You can bury the jar in the earth, you can dispose of the love spell jar in natural water or you can toss it. My preferred method is burying it under tree.

After You’ve Done this Love Spell

So did you do this spell to make someone love you? Did it work to your desire? Or did you end up regretting you decision? With power comes great responsibility; think before you act.

Wiccan Love Spells are tricky and powerful things. A lot of people get into Wicca by trying simple spells like this one, but I would suggest learning a little more about Wicca before you try to cast any spells especially ones like this spell to make someone fall in love with you. You don’t have to be Wiccan to cast simple love spells but a little research and a little knowledge will help your spell castings become more effective and will help you learn what spells to cast and the consequences thereafter.

Good luck and I am trying to get to all the comments ASAP but some of you are asking duplicates! Read the other comments and if you really have something new to ask then leave a comment below. That was kinda rude but why am I answering the same thing over and over and over! I love you all bunches :)

Are love spells really that bad and create bad karma?

Here’s a great answer to that question. :) Read it here. Whats the best days to do a love spell? Have you done this spell to make someone fall in love with you? Did it work for you? Please leave your experience down below.

Where can I buy the items needed for this spell?

You can find everything you need online and if you use this link on amazon you will help support this free website resource for young witches. Here are some additional online shop links that carry what you need for this powerful love spell.

If you cannot afford an item or can’t find the spell item then modify! This wiccan love spell to fall in love with you forever is a very powerful spell and it is important you use this spell with caution and clarity.

Common Mistakes

  • Do not try to use this spell on someone you really don’t know well or have no connection to. In some cases the spell will still work but its not meant to work on the superficial.
  • Do not use this spell to try and break up a couple. It’s not a nice thing to do and you wouldn’t want someone to do this to you. You want to work with positive and light intentions.
  • Do not do this spell back to back to back. If you don’t see results right away then take some time and distance yourself from the intense need of having this person. You can interfere with the magick working and doing its job if you are consumed with seeing the changes right away. If after 28 days the spell hasn’t worked for you then at that time I would try it again.
  • This spell doesn’t have a specific time frame and it doesn’t have a specific outcome. You should see some results by day 28 but it could be as simple as an extra text message or as extravagant as a proposal.. it depends on you and your intention.



  1. Anonymous says

    Lady Raven Moon, after the 9th day, will his love deepen for me?

    This is my 9th day of the spell. I’m not sure how the person I love will fully express his love to me but 2 days after doing the spell, the guy I’m dating started to show me that he cared about me in the best way possible. For those thinking to try this spell, please do not force the spell on someone who you truly cannot love. I knew he had feelings for me so I opened up his heart and allowed him to feel what would be natural to him because I love him deeply. I would advise using this spell only if your intent is NOT to force someone to love you.

  2. Uttama says

    I think I learned my lesson. Never gonna practice these kind of magic at all. I followed every step of this love spell and by 4th Day the person basically left me giving a lame excuse! I knew he liked me but I just wanted to boost up his feelings. When he was far away he cared me so much and when he came back to country within 24 hours he just said NO!. So much of spell. I could be happy if it didn’t work at all rather than work totally opposite. Be careful everybody before you start working with these.

  3. Uttama says

    I want someone to fall in love with me badly and of course want the relationship for future as well. I understand that he likes me but doesn’t love me the way I do. Is this spell going to stay or just go away if it actually works? When is the best time on Friday to cast this spell? Day night specific time etc. I am way too serious about it so kept everything ready and waiting for this Friday. I have my Birthday this month so i am really looking forward since we are missing the Valentines day.

    • says

      Merry Meet and thank you for visiting Just Wicca!

      Why not try red yarn?

      You can always enhance this spell by adding your own elements or substituting hard to get items.

      Magick is so personal and it works off the energy of the host -you.

      Please make this spell your own and let us know how you changed it and how it worked for you!

      Thank you for stopping by and Blessed Be!

      PS. Find more information on the Witchcraft Forum – after 7 posts you get a free crystal :) Just use the contact form with your username and personal information (Name, address and preferred crystal:)

    • Angela says

      Did you try it? And did it work? I want to try it! I guess I have nothing to lose by trying it. I already lost my bf

  4. Theodore. says

    So much tragic love here… But actually do you know into what your’e pushing yourself? Magic always has a price. What if you two were destined to break up, but you chained him to yourself and thus deleted his original life line? Maybe he was destined to find a happy family or bring world to peace and sthm shit like that.

    • Anonymous says

      These spells are not meant to FORCE anybody to love you. If it is within their free will, they will love you but just needed some guidance, which is what the spell affords.

  5. MilesApart says

    Hi, I am curious about if this spell would work on a guy I have been involved with for 2 years this March. He is my best friend, we talk everyday, text and yes I have told him I love him and that I am in love with him. I have flown out to spend a little over a week with him. We live a little under 600 miles apart. I know he cares for me, and I know if he did not want a relationship with me he would say. And he wouldnt spend the time with me everyday talking in skype or texting when we can not be at a computer, if he did not care for what we have. I am so in love with him, truly in love. I turn down other men because I only want to be with this wonderful man. I want to close the distance and be with him. And I am wondering if this would help that happen and hopefully make it last..Please reply I would like to know your input on this. Thanks

  6. Anumaarit says

    Dear Lady Raven Moon,

    Thank you, thank you for this and for the clarity of the advice. I fell in love with someone very charming who seemed to like me as well but shied away a little. I’m hoping this will improve the chances – if he wants to. I cast this spell last week with what I had – leaves of an orange tree I am keeping for him, our photos, red cord, my perfume I used to wear when we were seeing each other and a candle and will let you know what happens when I release the energy. I had sent him a letter earlier. We shared a very powerful and a beautiful connection so I hope this works out, if our energies work with those of the universe and with each other … By the way, I am also a yogi and the meditating advice is excellent. Thank you for everything.


  7. Deisy says

    Hi,as today my bf brakes up with me for the dumbest reason ever. He says I like to get alot of attention from guys when it’s not even true. I’ve been with him for 8 months already. And I already love him alot. I need your help. By any chance can u do me the spell. I really want him to fall in live with him.

  8. Migz says

    My boyfriend broke up with me after weeks of treating me indifferent and going from loving me to really angry, He claims its for something from months ago when I read his email between him and his ex. He is holding on to I invaded his privacy and ok yes I did yet he leaves me alone in his apartment for hours and doesnt worry about that. He said we were past it and we could move on but now he’s back to it. I never argued with him about it and never have brought it up again because he apologized for lying and I apologized for snoping because I fealt he was lying. But we were past it. Now he is mean and hurtful. I can not understand how something so minimal as one email is ruining everything that was so great. we never argued. he was perfect, we were perfect. Our kids like eachother. I Love him and want him back. Dec 6th is a full moon. With him being so bitter can I do this spell and bring him back. or is there another spell I can do to make him move past his anger and get back to what was good between us.He knows he’s hurting me and says he’s sorry and hates that he has to be like this but he cant get past it.. Please help. i havent slept for days and this is tearing me apart.

  9. Nompumelelo says

    I love this man he’s staying near where I live and he always drive on the road near my place.I just need your help will I get easy spell to win him over?

    • Jaycee M says

      This man lives in Canada and I live in England, I like him since childhood after 37 years we met again. I went to Canada just to meet him. He said he likes me but his not ready for a commitment. For more than a month now he stops sending me message. I wanted him to love me forever and be my soul mate. I can’t stop thinking about him every single day, am crazy about him. I just need your help very badly. Will I get easy spell to fall in love with me? Please help.

  10. Margarette says

    My boyfriend broke up with me 3 days ago, saying he was confused about his feelings -he wasn’t sure if he had forgotten or not his ex-girlfriend. He told me he didn’t want to hurt me, so he’d prefer to settle down and think without me/my help, though we are still friends. However, I don’t believe that was the reason why he broke up with me. I believe he got tired of me or simply fell in love with someone else -which I suspect it is a girl whom he his friends with and that today he was being really sweet and close to her, right in front ofme, probably with the intention of making me jealous. Sadly, it worked, I wish I was over him but I’m not, though I didn’t love him, he was just a little passion/crush that lasted one month… I don’t really want anything bad to happen to him – I could curse him, make him talk to me again (I’ve done this one before with an old friend and it worked, but I cannot remember how it worked); I could curse the girl; or I could do this spell and make him love me again so I could reject him and make him feel what I’m feeling. It’s mischievous and wicked, but I just feel like I’ve been played with and hurt many times and I want to turn my infirm self into a strong and confident one. I need help for both my love life and my mental sanity, but right now I couldn’t care less.

  11. Kevin says

    Hi Lady Raven,

    I’ve never done anything like this before, but I am desperate to safe my marriage. I have been seperated since January from my wife. We have had problems over the last few years and it started when I lost both parents. I couldn’t focus, stopped talking and we drifted. I’ve been with her 17 years, I still love her but I was unfaithful and I also spent a fair bit of time online in chatrooms. It was a big mistake and my wife became very ill with mental issues, people said it was because of me. During her illness I looked after her, but she got better and took advice from others to leave me. Well I am actually in a flat she has the house. I want my wife and my family back I made ugh mistakes and I still see her, but we argue and fall out because of the all the stress I’m under. I haven’t worked full-time in a few years and this is all part of the problem. Apparently she’s told my sister she doesn’t love me anymore, but it’s through another person I’ve heard this. She still has our wedding images up at home though. I go to the house because she asks me to help with various things and I still see my daughter. I know I’m the one who caused this, but I want another chance to save my marriage. Do you think the spell might work or is there no hope? I do still love her, but I haven’t shown it I know.

    • says

      This spell will work but you also have to put the work in. You may have adult adhd and you should see a psychiatrist for a full evaluation. This may be something you can control without the proper tools. Do this spell and then SHOW her the man you can be and be that man for the rest of your days. Workout, drink water, meditate (mediation is key!), get a job (a full time job!), go to weekly talk therapy and a month after you do this spell ask her to go to couples therapy with you. If you don’t open your heart to the truth… it won’t work forever.

      • Kevin says

        Dear Lady Raven,

        Yes I want to do that. It’s very difficult being apart and living on my own I have lots of anger built up towards other people as well because I feel they got involved when they shouldn’t. My anger comes out sometimes around my wife as frustration at the whole situation. I’m trying to get work, but at 53 it’s not as easy as it was. To be honest when this happened I felt my whole world was falling apart. I think my therapy might be to write this as a book at some stage… I was journalist once and maybe I could get this whole ‘affair’ out in the open and so releasing some of this tension. I did have some talking therapy. but maybe I need more. I do want to go back home at the moment I don’t think she’ll even consider couples counseling as when things were going wrong I dismissed it. I need her to change her thinking before that happens. I just hope it’s not too late…

      • Migz says

        My boyfriend broke up with me after weeks of treating me indifferent and going from loving me to really angry, He claims its for something from months ago when I read his email between him and his ex. He is holding on to I invaded his privacy and ok yes I did yet he leaves me alone in his apartment for hours and doesnt worry about that. He said we were past it and we could move on but now he’s back to it. I never argued with him about it and never have brought it up again because he apologized for lying and I apologized for snoping because I fealt he was lying. But we were past it. Now he is mean and hurtful. I can not understand how something so minimal as one email is ruining everything that was so great. we never argued. he was perfect, we were perfect. Our kids like eachother. I Love him and want him back. Dec 6th is a full moon. With him being so bitter can I do this spell and bring him back. or is there another spell I can do to make him move past his anger and get back to what was good between us.He knows he’s hurting me and says he’s sorry and hates that he has to be like this but he cant get past it.. Please help. i havent slept for days and this is tearing me apart.

        • kevin says

          Hi Migz,

          Your situation sounds so much like mine, except i have been the bad guy in all this. I accept that. I just wish I could turn it all around and get back where I was before all the problems started. I really don’t know if that will happen, but I’ll try. I also wish you luck and hope you manage to sort out your situation as well good luck. I will try the spell this week and I hope it will work.

          • Migz says

            hi Kevin,

            Thank you.. I hope so too. I wish you luck in your situation. How did the spell go? do you see any change? any contact?? I really want to do it. I havent heard anything from my love its as if we dont know each other. not one message. so I really want to do the spell.

          • kevin says

            I didn’t try it I missed the full moon as I didn’t have any roses or petals I could use. I wanted to do it. I badly want my old life back, but I feel it’s all too late. I need to try next time around… this is the only hope I have now ((

  12. KahMun says

    Hello, recently my boyfriend broke up with me but i can’t stand it… I need him in my life, I need him again. i LOVE him soo much and I know he still loves me deep down. I’ve hurt him but I repent. But now, I must have him back. I did the spell. IS this okay?:
    I used a red string (from an old leash)
    Instead of roses, i used something that reminded me of him which was a keychain he gave me and a hear shape plushie thing (the heart shape is unrelated to him).
    I got two pics and a body mist i normally use.
    So I made up my own chant:

    You will want to love, you will want me again, open your heart, come back to me.

    i did it on a Tuesday morning but I think it should be fine right?
    Thanks a lot :)

  13. Reshma says

    I’m in a relationship.but my boyfriend couldn’t tell this to his family.I’m feeling detached from him.I want him back.Is the trick is helpful in this case?

  14. James says

    Hey , I have a question.. I dated this girl 2 years ago.. But we broke up beginning of this year.. The reason is she left me for another guy .. We cut contact for about 6 months already .. And I am hoping for a reconciliation.. Will this spell work? Please reply .. Thanks

  15. lavanya says

    Hey.. I wanna do the spell on a guy whom I knw…he likes me bt never shows me..Im planning to do tis spell on him..nd the major problem is I dont have his photo..or any such fraganence of him…wat should I do..or else can I just print out his photo from facebook ?? Nd im gonna do the spel on oct 8, Wednesday and its a full moon.

      • says

        Hi, Dear Lady Raven Moon,
        Do we have to use the roses because I don’t have any access to flowers and if my parents find out they’re going to think I’m being weird. So can you please suggest a substitute for this spell. I’m looking forward to doing this spell but I don’t have the right ingredients and I really want it to work.
        Thank you

  16. Danika says

    Hey, I need some help. I was with this guy for a year and we were engaged and in a lot of love until I got pregnant. When I got pregnant his parents and our families caused us to break up. Now he has another girlfriend. I would like a spell to see how he really feels about me. Any ideas?

  17. Cedes says

    Hey Raven I Have An important question I’m in a relationship now and I have been with this person for almost 4 years. But he’s hasn’t been paying attention to me or loving me. And I need to make him love me again like he use to. Is this The right spell I can use or can you give me a spell?

  18. lavanya says

    Hello..I wanna use tis spell on ma ex..but the thing is he came back to me aftrr a year of break up nd told he loves me..bt sometimes says no…I cant bear this..I knw he likes me..but wat I need is a love life like everyone..I want him to keep on texting me, be possessive on me..wil tis work out nd one more thing I dont have his photo can I take a printout of his photo in facebook and use it??? Please do reply I need ma luv

  19. Kat says

    I’ve read elsewhere that you shouldn’t do a love spell, but wait for true love to occur naturally; “do you really want someone who has to be forced to love you,” etc. Well, I am 50 years old. I had a love, but it’s over now. And I feel, at my age, maybe forcing it is the *only* way it’s going to happen! I was patient for 38 damn years before it happened, and then it only lasted 6 years! When do I get to quit being patient and get what I want (and have it LAST, instead of crapping out on me after 6 years)?

    • says

      I would try to focus on releasing negative blocks. ‘Forcing’ only applies if you have a specific person in mind but if you don’t then I don’t see a problem with love magic. That being said meditate for 20 min in the morning (i suggest and ahh meditation), 10 during the day (affirmations) and at night (guided sleep love meditation) coupled with this spell, you could also go on a cleanse or additionally buy a crystal… do this for 60 days straight while journaling and exercising and I’m positive you will have a long in your life.

  20. Amanda says

    I want to put a love spell on a guy I like, do you have one that I can use , using a piece of his clothing?

  21. Crystal says

    What if I don’t want to keep the jar and don’t feel comfortable barring it. What can I do? I don’t want anyone finding it

  22. Anon says

    Hi, I was wondering if this spell would work on someone who I saw a handful of times but was never sure of his feelings of me. We haven’t spoken in over a month. Your opinion?

  23. C says

    Hello Lady Raven Moon!
    You probably get this alot & I apologize in advance but what exactly can you use to substitute for the 6 red roses? Thankyou so much! <3

  24. Donna says

    I am so stupid. I did a love spell many years ago, not this one but one quite similar. I ended up marrying the guy and having children with him. At Xmas I had a huge clear out and found the spell, I’d hidden it at the back of a cupboard. Since then we’re falling apart, currently in the throws of a divorce that I really don’t want. How do I fix it? :(

      • Hopeful says

        Idk if it was the spell or not. But we’re moving in together next month. He’s been really sweet to me & trying hard to make us work out so. . I love him so much.. He was so different before,so sure we wouldnt be together but things are different now. I did the spell hoping he would be together still & we still are. Idk if he loves me he hasn’t said those words but I love him anyways. I’ll post if he does say so.

  25. Lauren says

    I am currently seeing someone that I know obviously likes me since we’ve been together for over 9 months now but I need help in deciding whether I should cast this spell on him. I know he already likes me but he is a Gemini and I am a Leo. He tends to hold back his feelings and it’s hard for me to tell how he feels about me. He’s not very affectionate. I know this could just be the Gemini in him but as a Leo I need more. Is this the right spell to cast on someone like him or should I stay away from any spell casting with him all together? Please help.

  26. MishEl says

    I was in a relationship with a person and recently broke up. I believe his ex has a spell on him to never be happy with anyone and to always be alone. When he told he we were going to get married and buy a house together. ? Things changed between us fast. We started arguing a lot and I ended up moving out. He says he loves me but when we argue he says he doesn’t. Would this spell work in my favor. I know she had a spell on him because he wasn’t able to hold a relationship with anyone. But with me we had a good one up until she found out how serious we were. Any advice on how to handle this with a spell.

  27. keira says

    Hi.. Can i do this spell on tuesday full moon next week? Because friday full moon in another 3 months. I could not wait that longer because i am afraid my boyfriend will leave me completely if i wait longer.

  28. lesly says

    My relationship was going good until one day i noticed that he had been talking to another girl quite a bit on his phone. I confronted him about it but he only ignored me and then i just sort of ignored it myself and things went back to normal. 4 days ago he randomly went cold on me mid phone conversation. He ignored me for a while then finally answered one of my texts. He has been talking to me but been very harsh and I know that girl had continued to talk to him and flirt. We will have completed a year of dating in 15 days and I do not want to lose him. I have put so much effort into this relationship and although I have never tried I believe that magic can help me. I have only one red rose and 12 carousel roses (they are light pink with dark pink edges? Can I use 6 carousel roses or 1 red and 5 carousel roses? And is it OK if an ex had given them to me? I would really appreciate your advice.

  29. heike says

    Hi Lady Raven, i have tried the spell for 3 times coz i really love the guy but sad to say that nothing happened, maybe its not meant to be? Instead of coming back to me, he will chat with me when they are fighting with his gf. I decided to stop following him coz i cant change what the universe want. Thanks for posting the spell.

    • says

      Very mature! The spell has worked in the sense that when he TEMPORARILY falls out of love with his girlfriend, he immediately thinks of you, wants to speak to you. But don’t you want his full heart?

      • Heike says

        yes, i want his full heart. what i have to do? today he chatted with me again but i dont know what he have on his mind coz he said im his bestfriend now. please help and advice me

  30. Tin Man says

    This could quite possibly be a dumb question, but I must know the answer… There is a woman that I care very deeply about, and she has made it quite obvious that she has feelings for me as well, and we see each other regularlly… The only problem is, that she is into “open relationships” (Which just isn’t my cup of tea…), and she lives with, and is in a relationship with, another man… I could quite easily fall in love with her, (Yet I will not allow myself to do so under the circumstances…) She and I share 90% of the same interests, and I feel that I can be myself with her… Should I attempt a spell to win her heart as mine and mine alone? Please help…

    • says

      Attempt the spell for clarity of a relationship. Maybe the winds will turn in your favor. In the meantime be the best friend and possible boyfriend you can be without crossing that line. Blessed Be.

  31. Nana says

    Hey raven I just wanted to ask a question. If your in a relationship right now and you want that person to love you more and never leave you is this the right spell to use?

  32. Believing says

    Hello, I did this love spell on Friday, 28, 2014 on the new moon. I’m believing this spell is working in my favor, although it has been 5 days since I have heard anything from the man I feel in love with. We have been dating closing to 8 months and just recently became intimate. So we are dating exclusively and have taken the slow road. All has been great until I told him that I love him. He didn’t say it back but said he feels something for me. So we continued to communicate but on his part he is pulling back not sure why. Communication is less. If I contact him, he will respond but now he doesn’t initiate contact. Not sure what to do but not to bother him and let him come to me. Do you think this spell will work? Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also I used Van Van Oil to dress my 2 candles which I added to this spell. I had 1 red candle and 1 pink candle. What are your thoughts? Thank you

  33. says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon. Yesterday it was a full moon. I think I did everything wrong. Instead of using red silk, I used a meter of brown string. Instead of a photo of me and the guy, I cut out 2 thin pieces of pink paper and wrote my name on one and his one the other. Instead of 6 red rose petals, I used some type of green(healthy not from outside leaves) in my house(6 leaves or 7 I put in.) I did use my perfume, but I didn’t wear it in a period of time. I used a rather short glass jar, but I could easily fit everything in there. I repeated the words that I was supposed to say more than once. Since the 2 slips of papers were so thin, I just put the 2 on top of each other, and used the string to wrap around that. Is that all okay, or too much changes? Sorry this is really long

  34. Claudia says

    Hello again, thankyou for your reply. I am casting the spell tonight as it was a full moon today and is exactly 9 days before my birthday drinks which he said he will come to. I posted earlier above if you recall. I really like this guy and he seems responsive if I text him but it all seems to be on my part. I don’t know if this is because he’s shy or just not interested, hard to say as I don’t know him well. Anyway, I am tying the spell tonight and here’s hoping. Your reply above was it won’t open their heart, it will only work if they already love you so I’m confused as to why you would do it at all….but I’m going to try :)

  35. Riss says

    hi i’m a bi and my gf broke up with me yesterday, she said she doesn’t love me anymore but i don’t believe her.. i want to try this spell on her , but i don’t hve enough money to buy 6roses nor flower. what would be an alternatives to flowers?

  36. Sunshine says

    I have a question and how will I know when I do this spell when it works and if it works for someone like a celebrity (movie star,martial artist) etc. Hope you can help me and answer thank you I really like this guy and have his pic from his facebook page.

    • says

      I think you have to be really in touch with your power to make someone you have no connection to love you. How will it be a genuine love? For love spells, esp with beginners, I suggest you have some connection to the person. If he did fall in love with you, how would he know who you are? His heart will be longing for someone/something he doesn’t know. This is why spells on people who don’t know you aren’t the best ideas.

  37. Claudia says

    I’m going to try this spell on someone I have an attraction towards. I don’t think they are attracted to me (although he did say we’d go out for drinks one night and cancelled and said he’d make it upto me but as yet hasn’t). My question is, the spell ends with ‘if it is in their hearts desires to love you’. So does that mean it will only work if they want you too? Because if that’s the case, then really the spell on its own because YOU simply want them, will produce nothing right? It only will ‘if their heart desires’ too…..??

  38. cobra says

    Completely ignorant to the way spells work, but assuming it does what you want it to do why would you force someone to love you? 1. Their love would be worthless, you might as well have a dog. 2. If you would be willing to force them to want something they don’t want then you don’t really love them. Infatuation maybe, but not love.

  39. Jimmy D says

    Well I tried it and I could you that this spell DOES in fact work… But it doesn’t last long only about 2 months then we fall apart again I tried this spell twice it does work, But I feel I need a stronger spell

  40. Alex says

    Will this work to bring a lover back? We’ve been separated for about 7 months already but I still feel really deeply for him and we still see each other from time to time. Please reply I really need this.

  41. gary says

    Question; When I dispose the jar, do I dispose every thing in it ? including my picture an hers?
    Also when doing so I am supposed to dispose it in the trash?

    Best blessings,

  42. onyx says

    hello, i like this spell very much, its simple and good to follow.
    but i want to know , i have a picture of a man but not his name,is there a way to get to know his name? this will make it a lot easier to do a love spell.
    Please help me i really want to know

  43. Jeannette says

    I have a question the only thing that I have is his pictures is there anything that I can do with only his picture can you please tell me I’m going to see him in 2 weeks because I’m bringing my daughter to see him please answer me quick….thank you

  44. Heike says

    Hi, I tried to do the spell last week for 2 times last Friday and last Sunday coz when I did the spell last Friday I’m not sure of the chants and keep as it is the jar. Then I opened the jar last night on the 7th day by mistake coz I’m too excited. what will I do to first spell jar now? I will open the other jar on Monday on the 8th days of the spell. Please advice what to do with the first jar, by the way I made a spell with the same person. I’m just too desperate him to come back.

  45. John says

    I am guessing no one is responding to these posts anymore but I will give this a try anyways and hope for the best.

    Hello Madam. I do have a question. Can this spell work for a long distance relationship on someone you have not met before? Also is there ever a time in which this spell will not work? I ask because they say love spells cannot be guaranteed so I just want to check before buying the items and doing the spell what the rate of success would be. Thank you.

  46. Heike says

    i want to know if this will work for me coz i made the spell last Friday night and in the morning of the same day he was talking to me so bad like he really dont want me again. i need to do this spell coz i cannot find any reason for a sudden change of his feelings towards me. Now he got a new gf or maybe he was still courting that lady. i want him back or love me as before. is this will work for me even he was talking so bad to me and dont me coz of the new lady? please, i help me..

  47. SquidsInk says

    Just wondering, if the spell doesn’t work the first time around, can i reuse the dried rose petals and everything? Or would I have to buy new roses and use a whole new picture and thread as well? Also, can I just use one rose? It’s all I could afford, but it was a big rose.

  48. Iwillalwayslovehim says

    So after the 8th day when I opened the jar we were communicating he asked to see me so we can talk but things changed. =( we talked on Tuesday and Wednesday we didn’t talk at all. But he just texted me & asked me what I’m doing =) hopefully we go out since tonight is Halloween. =) maybe to the movies. His birthday is next week and idk what’s going to happen. After being in a relationship for 3 years we were around each other everyday that we forgot about friends we were each other best friend & only friend we did everything together. I’m waiting for him to text me back. Everyone that’s doing this spell needs to understand that you have to be patient & believe!!! I’ll let everyone know what happens after he text me back =)

  49. Iwillalwayslovehim says

    The spells really works! Before I did the spell my ex didn’t want anything to do with me & we always argued. The day after I did the spell he’s texted me goodmorning and goodnight he loves me and he just randomly text me everyday ever since I did the spell. He wants to see me too. I’ll keep everybody updated today was the 8th day & I opened the jar. Let’s see what happens! =)

  50. Tip says

    I did this spell. I’m a female and I did the spell on a female that I’ve been involved with for over a year. When I did the spell I didn’t use pictures so I wrote our names and DOB’s on 2 pieces of paper. I tried to dry the rose petals in the oven because it was Friday and I didn’t want to have to wait another week. Mold grew in the jar as a result of the roses not being completely dry. That was 3 weeks ago. All this said, today she told me that she wanted a hiatus from me. The past few days we have argued to the point of anger. Is this a result of the mold? I got upset and thru the jar away last night. What is your insight on this Raven?

  51. Iwillalwayslovehim says

    I did the spell around 7 close to 8 and I also lighted 3 red candles I’ll let everyone know how everything goes.

  52. Kim says

    My questions are: Can you substitute the roses for something else? Does the cord have to be silk or can it be a cotton ribbon? And, my boyfriend used to be so in love with me but we live in two different states that the distance has gotten to him and now he is not sure if he loves me so will this spell rekindle the love I know is still in his heart?

  53. maria says

    i have a question, i know you remover the petal from the roses and wait until there dry in order to place them in the bottle with the words, you mention then you spray the frangrance into the bottle with the petal then you take the cord whil wrapping around his picture with the saying,
    what do i do with my picture

  54. says

    My situation is I’ve known this girl for about six years we were so in love we used to be together an we still talk we had a falling out two years ago an ended up with different people but always stayed in contact always came back to each other we do have a crazy connection the kind of thing where we know when something’s wrong with the other one with out even talking to each other I know she still loves me an I still love her but she’s still with some one else an I know she wish see could be together but I think she gets scared or unsure for some reason an I’m tired of the back an forth I just wanna be together an her to be sure an in love like I am is there any spell suggestions you could make would this help me if you could let me know ASAP that would be great I really need the help thank you

  55. Judith Canasto says

    Ok so I want to do this but I’m kind of scared. Will this interact with the devil. Will it bring demons to my house. Will it poses him?

  56. Jingyi says

    I have been dating a guy for one month. He drove three hours round trip to see me, took me home, said liked me. He talked about many seriously things that lead to marriage with me before we really start, but finally said doesn’t have emotion for me. I thought just because I did some crazy things made he got mad at me. We have not see each other for 3 weeks. And cause I said some bad words, he has never responded me since then. I really like him, if this spell works for me? I did the “make ex back spell “yesterday. But don’t know if I did it well, and I feel I got more pain after that. The picture needs to be bury with the jar after casting? The next Saturday will be the day of full moon, I’m going to do it on earlier Saturday on 12am, it’s Friday also. Does this date work?

  57. Filipe says

    Will it still work altough she hates me to guts because i did something unforgivable? :( i once deserved her but dont think i do any more. But it was not supposed to be this way

  58. gorgeous_mind says

    i plan to start the ritual on Friday,but full moon will be on Thursday, which day would be the day to do it..thanks!

  59. MiaBellaa says

    hi i have a crush on this guy… we have talked only a little… i want to give it a try but he makes it so hard.. if i do the spell on him what would happen? what would be the good things that will happen and what would be the bad things that happen

  60. Erica says

    I would like to know, I want to do this spell but, does it really work? And also instead of using the large rosé petals can I use the mini/small roses.

  61. Nicole says

    Will this spell work the person I am in love with I have never actually physically met, only talked to over the phone and Skype?

  62. louise says

    I have a question!! I open my jar in about an hour as today it the 8th day for me but tomorrow I go on holiday and I’m not sure whether or not to take my jar with me od leave it at my house!! What would people suggest?? Love and light :D

  63. V says

    I have a question? I was dating a man for 2 yrs. I broke up with him and decided I was still in love with him. We continued to see one another, until a woman approached him at work. I made the mistake of calling her and telling her I still loved him! He says he still loves me but he want to also see her. He does everything she say, she even has gone as far as telling him I cant go to his apartment. I love him and want another chance. I must also say, when I met him he also cast a spell of blood magic to make a women or women fall for him. I think its what he told me? Can you please help me here?

  64. nasim says

    if you need love spells ; make some one (you must know him/her) love you, get back ex then contact me, i’m very experienced spell caster, i’ve never failed in my life but one thing you must decide well and know well your intention, because love spells casted by me are so strong and extreme, the person will remain with their usual moral but he/she will love you, like you extremely, the spells have no side effects. contact me !

  65. Katie says

    Hello Lady Raven, just a quick question…will it matter if I use only one rose to do this spell rather than 6? Will there be any side effects if I change some things around in the spell? Thanks!

  66. says

    I had a fiance ..we were happy just before the day he and my bestfriend chatted…but after the talked my fiance fell inlove with her…I want to get him back..will this be the right spell ?

  67. Kelly says

    Hello Lady Raven ,
    I am new to all of this , never tried anything like this before. Anyhow I have a question regarding the things are needed to perform the spell. Meter cord of red silk , can you use red ribbon instead ? Also regarding the pictures will it be a problem of the picture is not very recent one ? Also I tried looking for the love spell stories of people saying if it worked or not sadly I was unable to find it . Hope to hear from you soon till then have a good day !

  68. Denise says

    Magic is not supposed to be used in this mannor, you can’t make someone love you, and if it did work, it would be a fake affection, would you not rather they loved you for real?, just tell the person how you feel talk with them, get to know that person and let that person get to know you, shortcuts never make things better.

  69. john says

    I’m lost my ex broke up with me she said we moved to fast that she was confused she said she would always love me and that when she is single we can try again she is currently dating another guy but she does not say she loves him and that they fight a lot I feel I’m making it better for their relationship because it is said that jealousy causes the person your jealous of’s relationship greater I’m lost I want to do this spell but am not sure of my skill as a pagan thank you

  70. Assmaa says

    what can i use instead of flowers and red silk ? and will it work ? please answer me !
    p.s : i would love to read a spell that makes my parents a little bit nicer ! please help me , im begging you !

  71. Hope says

    Hi, I would like to try this spell. As its a love spell, should I do it tomorrow on a friday or wait until the next full moon which is Wednesday August 21st?

    Many thanks

  72. Shaaron says

    hi I’m Shaaron..
    I love one guy as I’m gay but tht is straight..I told him tht I love him bt he said he love me as a frnd.bt my heart want him to love me…should I spell this n I searched n got one spell bt it luks Vry simple..so wat should I do it..wat u suggest??

  73. Saiyed Salahuddin says

    Hi. Everyone my ten years relationship fall apart cause of her parents I wanna to marry her so bad I wanna to spend all my life with her I love her to death. Please anyone help me if you guys think this spell is good for me please write my personal email. Is. Sal_000@hotmail.com. Please help me it has been one year and two months and she is still in my heart and mind. HELP

  74. Gerly says

    I love my husband.. and i want him to be loyal with our marriage because i do too. But hw many times i read from his cellphone that there wer girls saying” i missed u and i love u” to him. Being a wife its a big insult to me dat my husband is texting wid these girls. I know he loves me and i can feel it but why does he kip on texting girls?can i used these spells?

  75. says

    Hi I was woundering some things me and my husband aren’t getting along and he has kicked me out our house and his family is getting involved I was woundering hat I should do to get him back to fall inlove with me.. Please help me..:)

  76. Claire says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon
    I dont have a picture of him But I do have a business card he gave me with his name
    does that work?
    Im Super in love i really hope it works thanks
    Blessed you be Lady Raven Moon.

  77. donna says

    this spell has now laid too rest he wanted me for 3 months then now tells me he is in a relationship of seeing someone within two wks sad but all least i tried i guess u cannot change whats mean to be always on my own thats life i guess i need to accept this :( xx

  78. laxmi says

    did this on 19 th at 7pm, he called and talked for 10 minutes, today i opened the jar, he called and spoke for 30 minutes.

    • Michelle says

      Did this spell 7 days ago. Two days after, he texted me and was all upset and was obviously really sad/mad or what ever it was. (we are going trough a diverse, hade 2 children together ).
      The textmessages are slowly tärning nicer and kinder. Two days left, then we hade to see what happens when I open The jar… he now is a bit creepy nice to me, and it seems like it is a bit fake…

  79. Sampa says

    I have a question-While wrapping the chord around the photos, the photos should be facing each other? or it doesn’t matter as to where the photos face. Also, I have plain red color thread-the one used for sewing clothes; can I use that or it necessarily has to be silk?
    Thanks :)

  80. Kaia says

    Hi, me and my ex boyfriend broke up 2 months ago, ever since he’s just wanted to be friends and he’s always busy and it’s heartbreaking. I’m going to try this spell next friday, I’m quite excited :)

  81. Jennifer says

    Me and my husband are going thru a divorce. Do you think it will work to get us back together? I truly love him and don’t want to lose him. I just want to start a new beginning with him!

  82. m says

    hello please this is a very important question is it okay if someone was with me while casting the spell? just standing and watching not doing anything.

  83. Sheila says

    Hello Lady Raven Moon,

    On July 22, 2013…,I would like to ask for how long if the full moon? JuLy 22, 2013 is the full moon at 19:00 but it is monday.,thats why i want to ask if the full moon last till friday?or should i do it on monday instead?
    Hope for your positive response.

  84. Sheila says

    Hello Lady Raven Moon,

    I would like to ask for how long if the full moon? June 22, 2013 is the full moon at 19:00 but it is monday.,thats why i want to ask if the full moon last till friday?or should i do it on monday instead?
    Hope for your positive response.

  85. Liz says

    I am currently married to this man now for almost one year we married Aug 18th 2012 and we had down fall a few months after our marriage we were involved 4 years before we married our relationship has always been complicated but we have always had a very strong attraction and in my heart love for eachother he had a previous relationship and had three children with this other woman and for along time lived with her for the kids well being when we married and moved in with eachother she never went away and it just got complicated to the point we were getting a divorce but before it finalized we got back together and we were sorta in hiding because everyone disapproved of us being together the previous mother of his three children always tries affecting him with his kids and currently he is living there with her but we are still married so because i love him with all my heart I have tollerated it now for 9 months we are having a baby I am almost 5 months pregnant and want us to get back together so bad but he is a bit distant and says just to give him time how can I make him commit to me again and leave this past relationship he is my husband and he says he loves me but is afraid to leave that home he lives at with his children I own my home and it was our home when we married i want him back our anniversity is coming up Aug 18 2013 . Please help me with a spell that you think might work

  86. Lilac says

    So I plan to do this spell soon, my story is long and drawn out so I will save you the details. But my one question is, what should I cover the jar with?

  87. Sheila says

    Hello Lady Raven Moon,
    I would like to ask a questions, According to the calendar here in sweden, Full moon will be on June 23, 2013 at 12:34 noon. Should i perform the spell on that time? Or in the night where i can see the full moon? If the full moon is at 12:34,is it until at night?
    I am planning to do it in my balcony, is it okej?
    Hope for your positive response.
    Thank you Lady Raven Moon.

  88. kim K says

    this works; it worked for me. I am going to do it again on the same man. altho; last week he told me he feels me doing somehting to him. He said I feel extremely attached and in love withyou.

  89. tiffany says

    I want tl do this spell to make my daughters father come back to me so.that we can be a family. We split sometime before she was born and he moved on.. I.have hope because when he came home from Afghanistan the fourtth of julywe made love. Will this spell work for me ?

  90. Nina says

    I just tried your spell. I did it by candlelight around 10pm. I used my own words. Now I wait. I did it on a Friday, July 5, so when I remove the lid, it will be next Saturday, July 13, on the morning of the 8th day, correct?
    I will try it again on the next full moon, July 22.

  91. angela says

    i did this spell last full mun whihc was on sunday morning but it did not work for me:( i gave up with love spells i think when things mean to be happen it happens doesnt matter if you do spell or not if it is not meant to be whatever you do doesnt help at all.

  92. says

    I done this for 7 days. 8th day was Monday so I opened box at 10 pm Tuesday morning I see him and he waived nothing else since its now Wednesday does it mean it didn’t work or still need time????

  93. Jennifer Gaytan says

    hi um i dont have perfume will body spray work ? and can you sleep in the same room with the jar ? and when you say dry do you mean like a brownish color or fresh pedals but without any moisture ? and i dont have a picture of him … what else will work ? and please reply im desperate for help …

  94. confused says

    I have a fairly complex situation that I desperately need help with involving love. I would really like to speak privatly about it so that I may get the best advice but I realize that may be pushing it. Are there any spells that can aid in making the best/right choice?

  95. B2BF says


    i would like to do this spell next week friday (growing moon) but before that i need to make the roses dry.. my question is, can i touch the roses & other items and do the preparatiion during my mensus time? thanks

  96. Dana says

    can I do spells of different kind and make it work together? for example I cast a spell this week about this and another one the same week.. will that work or jinxed the spell?

  97. Tabu says

    Hi this is me frm pakistan was searching internet found ur comment i luv a guy my parents got me married to another guy i broked my marriage for my luv dint let my husband even touch me coz i cudnt betray my love till one year he was ok now suddenly he started changing his parents r against out of family marriages they are not agreeing but if my love wud stand for me they vl agree coz i stood for him every time i contacted alot of people everyone wants money which i dnt hav m crying writing this letter to u plz help me if u can m a muslim may b u can do something i can just beg u nothing else plz help me he still loves me but he is under pressure of his family v havnt talked since 20 days n m almost dead i hav no other choice than suicide plz help me will it work for muslims?

  98. brian says

    I cast this spell but decided right after I should just let it work its self out can this still cause bad things for me.i unwrapped the picture and uncover the jar.anything else I should do.

  99. lin says

    Hey Lady Raven Moon , I met this guy online last year. The first few dates were great and we had great times. We did not really have a relationship. Just a few hanging outs. Suddenly he withdrew and never asked me out again. But we were still friends on Facebook and occasionally he likes my postings on Facebook. I met everything he said he was looking for on his online profile. I am still crushing on this guy.
    Does your spell work in this case? Thank you.

  100. Sylvonya says

    Thank you for posting this beautiful spell . I am doing this spell tonight with my daughter . We didn’t have time to let the roses dry out , hopefuly with tonight being the solstice it will work as effectively . Would you agree with my thinking so ? Blessed be .

  101. Anonymous says

    Thank you for posting this beautiful spell . I am doing this spell tonight with my daughter . We didn’t have time to let the roses dry out , hopefuly with tonight being the solstice it will work as effectively . Would you agree with my thinking so ? Blessed be .

  102. Hopeful Love says

    Good Evening Lady Ravenmoon,
    I was wondering if in order to do this spell, do you need a strictly Wiccan altar or can I make an altar myself? I hope to hear from you soon! Friday is in two days!
    Much Love and Hope <3

  103. Sheila says

    Hello Lady Raven Moon,
    I would like to ask a questions, According to the calendar here in sweden, Full moon will be on June 23, 2013 at 12:34 noon. Should i perform the spell on that time? Or in the night where i can see the full moon? If the full moon is at 12:34,is it until at night?
    I am planning to do it in my balcony, is it okej?
    Hope for your positive response.
    Thank you Lady Raven Moon.

  104. Andy says

    This strikes me as very interesting. It seems as though many are getting good results. I’m thinking about trying this out, myself. But I do have a question. Can anyone do this? Or would I have to be involved entirely with Wicca and all it entails?

  105. Tammy Jackman says

    Do I put the dried rose petals into the jar one at a time, saying the incantation with each petal or do I put them all in at once and say the incantation once?

  106. donna says

    hi, i did this spell on tues night/early hrs wednesday morning. since friday he spoke to me straight away and we had brilliant communication, we been txting all wkend. on friday night i was alsleep and in my dream he was at the end of my bed and all these rose petals came over us. as the spell worked or it it just what was gonna happen, also when do i open the jar plz would it be wednesday morning or thursday morning for the 8 day plz. many thanks. for spell really appericate it so much. i only did it as i knew he was intreasted and just needed a nudge so it wasnt against his will.. many thanks. donna.

  107. Saiyan says

    Ok, i’m gonna try this soon… I will tell you if to worked for me or not.
    By the way, i’m a boy. Hope that’s not a problem but I really love that girl

  108. Lola says

    Does it really work? Please anyone who tried it reply at this comment, i want to know if it works so i can do it, i miss my ex :(

  109. psychic jessica says

    hi every one i know about this spell i ben doing alot of research on it for many years if any one needs help with this spell or has any questions please call me @ 256 683 8462

    i know how to make the spell stronger

    • Jess says

      I am deeply in love with the father of my child. We got into a big mess and he says he still cares and loves me. But not in love with me and says he cant see himself ever being with me again. My heart is in pieces. I am desperately in love with him but he says we’re not meant to be. I don’t wanna waste my time if this doesn’t work. So can you let me know if this will work to bring him back? Im also scared a little, whats the worst that can happen? Please respond.

  110. Jess says

    I am trying to do a love spell on the father of my kid. We have gotten into a big mess and he says he still loves and cares for me but that I am too much and cant ever see himself with me. I don’t know if he is saying these things out of anger, but gut feeling tells me he means it this time. Would this love spell work to bring him back because I desperately love him? What’s the worst that can happen? Please Answer :(

  111. Claire says

    Hello Lady Raven Moon,

    I would like your counsel before attempting this spell. When you say that “if it is in the person’s heart’s desire”, does it mean that it will inevitably fail if the person has no romantic/love feelings left whatsoever? My boyfriend tells me he is unhappy with me and wants to move on and have his freedom. He says he is happier without me and thinks I will be happy without him too. He has lost trust in me & seems to see the worst in everything I say or do (or even think). I love him deeply and still believe we have a chance but he does not make any effort to even meet me halfway. I am desperate to save our relationship. I wish there was a spell or something I could do to make him see me as who I really am (not his bad version of me) and remind him of why he fell in love with me in the beginning and remind him of all our good times together.

    Please help.

  112. Norah says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon! I love your site. Just wondering what to do if I don’t have a specific person in mind and just want love in my life?

  113. free says

    Hey i made that sugar spell 6 days ago and i still see no changes. Look i’m sure my boyfriend loved me, but i don’t know what made him change and become heartless until he dumped me, since then he never returned my mails or anythin. I’m so in love with him and i want him to come crawling and see me as the only girl in the un universe. help me please when the spell will work? i see no signs..Thank you hope you answer me

  114. iamweird234 says

    THREE!!!!! This is bending a persons will!!!!!!!!!! They might become obsessed with you,
    or break up with you in an awful way or push you to go farther then you want…………

  115. Daniel White says

    I like this girl very much, we’ve been friends for about two years now. We have become really close lately, so i told her how i felt and she said she really likes me but as a friend. She said she has tried to see me more than a friend but then she said she was not able to. She has no idea why but she does want to go out with me but for some reason she cant. ive tried everything to try and work this out but just no advance.. we do flirt and i go to her house, stay there pretty late at night and stuff, but we are still not hooking up. I see her directly into her eyes and i am most positive that she like me to but for some odd reason we are still friends. Do you think this spell will work if i do it?

  116. elie says

    is it really crucial to place it in an altar? will it still work if I just place it somewhere no one will find it?

    thanks! =)

  117. time says

    For this spell, the red roses, should they be fresh or dried? I can do either. I actually have red roses that “he” gave to me and are drying out now. Should I use them or get freshly cut ones?

    Thank u.

  118. Katie says

    Hi I’m 13 and I’ve never done a spell before but I want to be a Wiccan can I do this spell or ………..
    Blessed be!

  119. Katie says

    I’ve never coasted a spell before and I want to turn Wiccan (I’m 13) and I really want to start with this one would it work or am I not experienced enough?? Blessed be!

  120. lizz says

    If the spell says it has to be done on a Friday during a full moon what do you do if the full moon is on Saturday

  121. Hugh says

    I’m prepared the best I can. I’ll be performing this spell this coming Friday, May 24 at approximately 9pm Los Angeles, California time. There will be a full moon on this night. I truly believe and have faith the love spell will become a reality. I will do anything for love, anything. If this woman asked me to kill myself in order to prove my love for her, I would do it without giving it a second thought. Deep in my heart that is what I truly care about and wish the most, LOVE. Now, the only question I want to ask you Lady Raven Moon, which day exactly do I open the jar? Does Friday May 24 counts as the first day? Or Saturday May 25 is the first day of the countdown? Please clarify, much appreciated. Thank you :)

  122. Emily Owens says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon, I need help with this spell. After doing everything, instead of placing the jar on the altar can I put it somewhere else? And if yes, where? I’m going to do this spell this coming Friday and I want to be fully ready. Thank you!

  123. Vian says

    Would like to ask now its friday 3:am. Is it possible to do it now? Although its not fullmoon. Im ready with the details. Can i start now? Second question, or should i do later but notbfriday already and first quarter moon. Which is the best!,,, but ibreally to do it now! Please help me with this. And i habe strong belief in this kind of matter….
    Thank u so much

  124. Steffie says

    Hi, I am curious will this work on an ex who bluntly said he doesn’t wanna date me, but shows that he still loves you, and he believes in his heart that it won’t work , and Just wants to friend zone ya?

  125. sofia says

    hey ravin. i have a confusion. help me plz. i may sound stupid. friday night? so means on thursday after 12 am, when friday begins? or on friday after 12am, when saturday begins?

  126. sabrina says

    So ive been with my bf for almost 7years. And there is this guy I like. Hes getting married this year. We both like each other and should I do this….???

  127. says

    I need to contact u
    Please send me ur number
    I am depressed I want to make a Boy love me
    And make I want to have a long term relationship
    With him
    Can u cast a spell for me
    Please do reply ..

  128. jose rodriguez says

    Hey Lady Raven Moon i have a very important question i’m gay and the guy i want to love me is straight will the spell still work?

  129. kayla26star says

    So raven moon i have a question i try this spell last week friday when there was a full moon on the eighth day i uncover the jar. But i want to know have u heard of feeling a strong energy when you uncover the lid in past because it was very strong…but other than energy i felt since ive done the spell it has worked for me i received textes and calls. Also a chance to see my ex even though the spell wasnt completed but is true you have to have faith in order for it to work.

  130. candy says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon,

    I have a few questions. 1. Is the spell done outdoor or indoor? 2. When you say dry rose petals do you mean dry as in brown in colour or dry as in red but dry of moisture?

  131. ME says

    Lady Raven Moon,

    This is the first spell I have done. Today is day 8 and I have opened the jar and am letting it air. I do have a few questions. After opening the jar I left and came back about 20 minutes later to the room the jar is in and the pictures wrapped in the red ribbon are elevated our if the jar standing almost in the center on top of the roses. When I uncovered the jar the pictures were within the roses and no one has been near the jar. Does this represent anything? (Also the ribbon is still perfectly wrapped around the pictures)

    Next question is since yesterday (day 7) and stronger today I feel a very intense connection like feeling in my heart and my heart races from one moment to the next? Does that represent anything?

    Finally, nothing has happened yet with the person I have done the spell on but I know everything takes time. My questions were really about the other two things I mentioned.

    Thank you in advance for your reply and for posting this spell.

    Blessed Be!

  132. omana says

    I am sorry if i am asking the same question as other people. But was if he really liked you and you don’t see him anymore. If i do this spell will he come to me. And can u give me some examples of the consequences. Thanks.

  133. says

    So me and my boyfriend broke up about three weeks ago and I know that I truly do love him and I want him back and he said he still has love it’s just covered up by some stress and issues we had in the past with trust. Could this spell make him love me 100% and make him want to be in it happily and never break up? Or would it just make his love show? Because I want him back I don’t just want him to know that he loves me. We dated for eight months. I want him back and I want to be able to be in a happy relationship with him and for him to love me as much as possible.

  134. josee says

    my girl and i broke up about 3 weeks ago and we really dont talk muhc anymore someoone told me that someone else casted a spell upon her and that thats why we had so many problem and broke up all i want is to fget her back is it possible with this spell

  135. Rhyme says

    My boyfriend and i had our second breakup in March. we stay apart and I am an aloof person whereas he is very sensitive. So sadly both times he would start feeling detached from me and close to another woman. But he has always loved me dearly. Last time he returned himself. This time he was way too adamant. In desperation i used a little magic and before another woman could take my place i went and met him. I did wanna affect his will or sumthing, but i felt he still loved me and it had been suppressed due to my coldness. I dont know if it was the spell or my action… But it worked and we are back together.
    He promises to make things work now.
    If spells are true and they work.. and considering they have for me.. Can i now hope that he will honestly work on his problem and this relationship. That it is not temporary. Or am i to face karma.

  136. says

    I would look at the jar every morning and every night saing the spell ” If you want to love, if you want to listen, open your heart, never forget me”. I don’t confront her at work other than to say hi. I didn’t want to get in the way of the spell. Maybe on the full moon I should try another spell. My spirital guide told me on the new moon. hmmmm

  137. anisha says

    I love this friend of mine who was close to me. but suddenly started lying to me and ignored me like anything. today he doesnt even want to see my face. will this work on him. please tell me safe words that i can use which will not cause any harm. and yes i dont have his photo.can write his name on a paper with my name on the other

  138. goddess says

    I live in nj and i want to do the spell tomorrow night on a friday however the full moon wont be visible until the 25th and its on a thursday. Do i do it on a thursday when the moon is visible or tomorrow night or next friday…honestly the sooner the better…i cant go on without him. Please get back to me a.s.a.p!!!
    Everybody deserves a 2nd chance…

  139. kavi says

    Dear lady
    here me again sorry for that but one q? pease reply it.
    This spell i done on that guy and waiting for result but on 29april his b’day and i want to give him a gift what should i do?? talk to him without waiting for result on that day…..
    or not
    and yes what to give him that take him closer to me????????/
    I know he like white color……

  140. Wendy says

    Can I do this spell on a married man? We dated when we were single and lost communication and we recently started talking again after like 15 years of not knowing anything from him, and he says he never forgot about me but he has been married for the last 12 years but claims not to love his wife. We talk everyday, all day, and he wants us to meet again. Would it be a good idea to do this on him?

    • Married woman says

      You are the very reason why most women are on this site. You messing around with a married man who is telling you what you want to hear to see if he still got it! When married men become off limits, there will not be any need for this because we will know if they love us!

  141. kavi says

    Lady Raven Moon
    what you say about love……
    I think it is wordless and truly I want to say
    I ll be happy with him in any condition what ever it may be…….. even like frnd
    I dont know, but i love him….
    It is impossible to explain myself how , why and what things i want from that guy…
    I done the spell and waiting for him…
    I think it is all about trust on the enrgy of universe if it ll not be come true then what to do
    even though i ll wait till my last to see him and try for my best also…..
    Thanking u very much!!!!!!!

  142. Mike says

    Hi, I know that wicca spells are Strong, but my question is, if you do that spell to your special someone is it like i’m cheating ?

    Loving someone that wasn’t even fall in love to me will it be a nice way to have my own family?

    Spells are like addiction to drugs?


  143. noor says

    hi i did tjis SPELL last Wednesday on a full moon night…and opened the jar today…the petals were moulded…..fragrance is still there…no results yet…wt do u suggest..whether i shud wait n keep the jar or dispose d jar and do a purification spell and try this again later…Please suggest…

  144. Lady Baltimore says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon,

    The spell casting didn’t go as planned, and I think that’s either my karma or the fact I never broke the original spell (for my off-kilter, soon-to-be-gone husband) coming through.

    I met with the January man tonight. We meet regularly, as he’s tutoring me for a class in grad school. He stayed after the session, and as usual, opened up to me about his life, etc. He almost seems like a child testing the waters to see if it’s safe. He’s my age (34) but *so young*, if you understand.

    Afterward, I came home to a husband who had surprised me with, of course, red roses. Not twelve- three, which is half of the number for the spell- Three for one person, three for the other. (This giving affection does not discount the emotional horror he puts me through.)

    Before I began the spell, I asked him to stay out of the bedroom, as I would be recording. (I’m a musician.) He ALWAYS respects this, but tonight, he did not. I was spot on in finishing the spell, about to put the lid on the jar (which my intended inadvertently touched) when my husband walked in. I cowered over the jar, as my husband doesn’t know about my Wiccan ways. (He thinks it’s b.s.) Completely destroyed the vibe and sense I had.

    He left, apologetic, and noted I hadn’t started recording yet. I fibbed and said I was “about to,” and he was gone.

    I poured everything back out into a silver bowl and started again. I don’t know what will happen with the spell now. I used seven roses (I prefer this number), but with the centers missing, as they were still damp after two weeks of drying. I’ve now doubled my scent (perfume). I can say, though, that at the end of the second casting, when I said, “listen,” it felt as if my voice was speaking to his ear while he dreams.

    I don’t think my comments will be much use to anyone, but just wanted to give you an update. Also, the day I am opening the jar is the same day of my Aunt G’s memorial service. She was very, very much about being independent and being with someone who loves you no matter what society says. I hope she is blessing this, looking down with a raised eyebrow and that big, toothy grin she had.

    Blessed be,


    • says

      Thanks for the update. I think it can help others to read about your experience and it helps you by ‘publishing’ or recording the progress of the spell.

      Too bad… When I am doing the spell its absolutely essential that I have my vibe right, but I think the Universe was calling out to you and your husband as well.

      He came in RIGHT when you were finishing the spell. Maybe his heart was open and is sensing that you won’t be around to much longer.

      This is very complicated. I can’t in good conscience tell you to pursue a relationship with another man when you are married.

      This won’t be the answer you want because it won’t provide any ‘quick’ solutions of answers. So if it was me….

      I would do a purification spell.

      I would then do a spell for answers (are you meant to work this out with your husband? are you sure?)

      I would then make the moves that are important for me to make to move on (moving out, or reuniting the love you once had with your current partner).

      I would then do the love spell when I have the clarity of knowing what it is that I want.

      A lot of times people don’t understand the mixed messages they send the universe. Doing a spell for $1000000 when all you need is $1000, or doing a love spell for someone you think you love but then acting in love with someone else.

      The universe doesn’t really read or understand ‘wants’ the universal energy understands thoughts/intentions/vibrations.

      Its about keeping your thoughts on what you really want and really need.

      • Lady Baltimore says

        Hi Lady Raven Moon,

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply and suggestion on the purification and answer spells. Him coming in right at the end really does say something. And I would never expect you (or anyone) to advise that I pursue someone while still married.

        I’m going to break the spell I did on my husband those many years ago, do a purification, and try an answer spell. (I’ve never done one before, so that will be something new.) We’ll then see where we go from there, be it together or apart.

        As for January man, from what I know of him, he’s got a healthy dose of good morals, including keeping his distance because I’m married. If it’s meant to be, eventually it will happen. I can, for now, keep him as a friend at arm’s length.

        One thing that I (and I think many) of us forget is that rushing things never helps. Time is our friend and often the Universe shows us where we need to go without us having to ask it. Patience and an open mind are key.

        Thank you again!

        Blessed be,

        -Lady Baltimore

      • Mike says

        if only you know how to understand Mageitism, then you can build your own Building isn’t true?


  145. Lady Baltimore says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon,

    I’m very excited about this particular spell, mainly because of style and the emphasis on free will. I’ve cast two love spells before. The first one drove me and my intended apart, but the second one to a different person “took.” We’d only known each other for three weeks when I cast it, but he wound up proposing after only four months of dating. I realize now that the spell I used was dangerous and I used it on a person who’s mind is unsound. I’m now currently extricating myself from an emotionally abusive marriage that’s gone on for five years.

    With that said, in January I met a man who, after meeting me for only the second time, showed utter and complete trust in me with his emotions, fears, and hopes about the his future. (No spells were used, promise!) I feel the same way about him. I’m going to cast the spell tonight, but put an emphasis on it being his *choice* and his *will*; I learned the hard way. If he wants to take things further, it’s up to him. I’m simply using the spell to encourage him, as he’s not terrible sure of himself.

    So, in essence, many thanks for posting such a lovely spell!

    Blessed be,


  146. Em says

    I have done the spell and followed the instructions closely. Opened the jar on the 8th day( this was Tuesday 26th) that same day I saw him and texted him later on. The exchange was heated and he told me ” well you don’t have to worry about that none has my heart”. So today I asked him if he’d like to go to a movie tomorrow and I haven’t heard back and I am loosing faith a bit. I have been waiting so patiently since we last spent time which was last August…

  147. Em says

    So I followed all instructions and opened the jar on the 7th day… that same day I saw the person I am interested in (with whom I have history) at the gym, 2 hrs later I sent him a text and got an answer. I am not sure if it’s due to the spell or simply my questions were specific. I asked him to go out tomorrow and still no response … i know I have to keep the faith going but I am on the edge of loosing all hope.

    • says

      I’m going to rewrite the spell to be a little more specific because I see a lot of you have questions about it. Its a must that you keep the faith. Maybe you should ask the universe for guidance. What comes to you after meditation?

  148. says

    Hi my boyfriend just broke up with me and I’m really sad I love him so much but his friend likes him to and she started spreading rumers about me and she was flirting with him right in front of me yeah it pissed me off just a little…I’m the freak of the school so I get picked on a lot… I’ve wanted to be able to read what they are thinking…so I can b e a step ahead of All the bitchs …gots any advice???

  149. rahmel says

    does this spell really work and does it really have to be on a full moon and on a friday too work i really want the mother of my child back and i really wanna do this is this for real

  150. says

    hi i have a question this spell works for a person that never met me and he even know that i exist in this world?and can miles miles far away from me?

  151. kavi says

    Dear Lady Raven Moon
    As i m bi……..
    I m meet a guy on 9th of march……..
    i dont know but i started to love him………..
    i also tried much to overcome by this situation but i m unable realy i need him…….
    today on full moon i m going to cast this spell plz bless me………. thanking u…….

  152. Zach says

    My ex-boyfriend suffers from Capgra’s Syndrome, where it seems that someone has been replaced (namely me). He say’s I taste different, I smell different… And he says that he really wants to love me. Do you think this spell will bring back those old feelings he had, and relieve him of his feeling that I have been replaced with an identical imposter (Though he doesn’t believe that I really have)?

  153. Clare Hutcheon says

    I have tried so many spells and wishes i’ve lost count.
    I must be doing something wrong as they dont seem to work for me. What am i doing wrong.
    Please tell me what i’m doing wrong xx

    • says

      Do you meditate?

      Have you checked the dates and times when you do your spells? (A spell journal)

      Do you modify the spells?

      Do you personalized the spells?

      Do you concentrate?

      Do you have a clear intention?

      Do you have the items the spell require or any substitutes?

      Are you paying any kind of karmic debt?

      Have you really researched/studied magick and Wicca or are you just reading spells online of things you want and blindly doing them?

      Do you have faith?

      This is enough to get you started.

      Good Luck and Blessed Be!

  154. noor says

    Hi I hv decided to do this spell…on the coming Wednesday being the full moon day.. One question which I hv in mind is… Can I bring those red roses today. And start drying them.. I am in India and it will take. 4 -5 days for them to dry also. Do I hv to keep The whole rose till next Wednesday which is one week. From today. Or do I hv to pluck the leaves and dry…. Also can I do this in the moarning… Or during the day… Please suggest Asap …regards

  155. Huneybear says

    Actually I found your sunrise spell.. I feel this spell is more appropriate for the results I’m looking for.. which is many blessings for our relationship.. again thank you so much, blessings and love..

    • says

      Thank you so much! I love your independence! I really hope others can take something from this! Read through the different spells and go with the one your heart agrees with!

      Blessed Be!

  156. Huneybear says

    I used this spell on this past snow moon.. I had instant success.. he called me the very next day to check on me.. and it has taken awhile but it has brought my ex back into my life and we are getting along great.. the love was still strong between us but this spell has reawoke our love and made it stronger.. you have to truly have blind faith and let the spell work.. but it does work! My situation was different than most considering I wanted my ex to feel the love again we once shared.. we had healthy relationship before we split.. I’m going to use a spell to bring our relationship back together next.. thank you so much and lots of love!

    • says


      I appreciate your comment so much because it does require faith and its something that so hard for most! I am hoping that others read this and become encouraged!

  157. lina says

    hi, i just met this wonderful guy, i know he really likes me because he told me, thing are a little bit tricky between us, specially because he just got out of a horrible relationship and doesn’t want to fall in love again…i know a love spell isn’t necessary in this case, but i do know what i can do to help him overcome his fear of love!!!

    thank you!!!!

    • says

      You can do the spell but its best to give him his space to heal his broken heart. You can do the spell, but I wouldn’t ACT on the intention to be more than friends until he is ready. Just be there for him…

      He won’t forget it.

  158. catherine says

    actually never mind…..i was so excited about doing this spell and bringing him back to me since i miss him so much and the same night i came across on facebook pictures of a girl and him together.
    i guess the universe is giving me a sign ……

    • says

      Have you asked him about it>? I’m glad you are looking to the Universe for signs but by the same token if you don’t know how he feels about you guys getting together its not fair to assume. IDK. I would just be honest at this point and ask him how he truly feels. At the very least the energies will work toward you finding out the truth!

  159. snapdragon says

    I was wondering if the number of roses has significance to the spell, does it need to be 6 roses? The object of my affection, a man i love with all my heart, gave me roses for valentines day, but I only kept 2. I want to use them in the spell as i feel that they would add more personal power to the spell because they hold special significanse to me. My question is can i just use the 2 roses or do i need 6 for it to work properly? Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully answer my question.
    Have a blessed day!

    • says

      Hey SnapDragon!

      The number does have its own correspondences and they are intended to make the spell stronger but I do realize its hard to get a hold of every item and I encourage you to modify the spell. I do also feel that using the one rose from your love would make the spell stronger!

      Follow your heart, it won’t lead you astray!

  160. catherine says

    i am really excited to do the spell…..*my guy and i* have not spoken for a year and 2 months now, but we see eachother everyday at work. i miss him and want him to realise he misses me too. before we stopped talking there was an attraction. My question is if i look at my calendar the next full noon is Wednesday march 27, will that be effictive as well….i strongly beleive this will work and the help i need to get him bac. please help

    • says

      Wednesday is a great day for love spells. The next full moon would be great. But remember if he has closed his heart to you then there’s a chance that the spell may not work. Please be sure to apologize for past mistakes and be that person he fell in love with.

      Good Luck and Blessed Be!

  161. Lady Bell says

    I would like to do this spell tomorrow, but it will not be a full moon. Waning crescent. Can I do it tomorrow because it’s Friday or do I wait until Tuesday for a new moon?

    • says

      Moon correspondences and days aren’t set in stone. Magick is something that a lot of witches use daily regardless of the day, time or moon phase. In the end its up to you!

      Blessed Be!

  162. julie says

    I truly believe in these spells. Can you help me reverse or break a spell put on my son by his girlfriend. I know she practices this and she has so much control over him and he cant function without her approval. This is not a “whipped” boy..he is under a spell. Please help me!

  163. christina says

    My ex and I broke up because of my insecurities and I know he loves me hes just sick of me being dramatic. Im learning to tame my temper but it might be a little bit too late. I realized I dont want to lose someone great because of past experiences. Would this be a good spell for me to rekindle that old flame and bring him home?

    • says

      No. I just wanted to say that I’ve been there. It sucks. Its really hard to let go of the past and not let it hurt your future. With my current boyfriend I would treat him so bad because of things that happened to me in the past. I too am realizing that we can’t mistreat the person who we are with now just because of the past. Try a spell for forgiveness, write him a letter or better yet TALK TO HIM face to face and explain your heart to him.

      Good Luck and Blessed Be!

    • says

      These spells work for lesbians and gays all the time. The only thing I have to caution… you have to take the other person and their sexuality into consideration.

      Only ONCE out of my 2+ years running the site have I gotten a comment about a gay boy doing a spell on a straight boy and having it work out for them…

      But I think obviously the other guy was bi-sexual…

      SO! Let me know how it works out, good luck and thank you soo much for visiting the site!

      Blessed Be!!!

      • Jake says

        I’m a gay male, i tried the spell yesterday on my best friend, who is also a boy. I don’t think he is gay, but he very feminine. I hope the spell works. Do you have any past experiences with love spells? I would love to here your stories since you seem very practiced and know what you are doing. What are some signs that your spell is working? Will he look at you different? Please respond! thanks

  164. Ashley says

    This worked amazingly!! It worked for about two months.. It was magical… How can I renew or refresh this spell? We are starting to argue again and he no longer has that love sick puppy look in his eyes. lol it was so great while it lasted I just want that back.

    • says

      When the fire starts to dwindle its up to you to bring the fire back. Both parties need to be understanding. If you have to do this spell over and over and over then in the end you don’t really have what you want, right? Try putting more effort in. Do do this spell again for at least three months.

  165. Saurabhi says

    Hi, Lady Raven Moon,
    I am doing this spell today because today is Friday and full moon day both so I have question how do I put picture? Do I tie picture with something. If yes then how? And my rose are not dried??? Do I have to use dry rose???

  166. kary says

    is it ok to use a red polyester thread..its not thin but not silk. please bless me with your wishes so that our bond is always strong.. i will try my luck on 28th being friday and full moon.
    i know he loves me but his trust keeps shattering some times and i only want him to trust me
    Thankyou and please pray and wish me luck

    • says

      Well what do you mean?

      The spell will either work or not. To do the spell is your choice.

      Thanks for visiting the website and I hope you have found these love spells helpful. Blessed Be!

  167. Ariee says

    Dearest Lady Raven Moon,
    I did this spell last night(waxing moon) and I added a little touch, I read the other spell Attract Your Love Spell so what I did was i cut out a heart shape out of a white paper and colored the front with a red pen and wrote my love’s full name on it, then i bought a pink candle earlier(it’s actually a scented one but I actually charged it and I drew a rune Wunjo on the base of it), i did the chant(also, i turned the lights off so meditation is easier) “The love of the universe is plentiful. The essence of love is kindness and as I give love to others love shall return to me” and said “I love ________, honestly, purely and truly.” 7 times.

    I placed the candle on top of the heart and meditated on the flame for about 2 minutes. After that I proceeded with this spell@with the candle still on), I added some words too. When I was done I also put the cut out heart shape inside the container with the pictures and meditated again.

    After I put the container inside my closet my ex boyfriend texted me and I literally jumped out the bed. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but he actually told me he suddenly thought of me. And I instantly thought to myself that the spell was real. He texted me all night he even asked me if I still think of him and even told me that he would want to meet me today. Thankyou so much for this spell. I cannot wait for more good things to happen. Bless your heart! :)

  168. Maria says

    I would like to do this on the 28th, during the full moon. I am currently out of town and will return on the 1st- in the process of this spell. Would it fail if I were to move the location of the jar?

    • says

      I haven’t tested it out personally… but I don’t think so. You’ll just be modifying this spell. Too bad you can’t keep it in the exact same place… I’m not sure. But all spells can be modified :)

      Blessed Be and Thank you so much for visiting the site! :)

  169. Sunny says

    ok it worked for me thx for it but i want to tell all something that dont tell your fruend or patner about the spell. eventually it might factor as ur love one might think these is all a spell not true love so can get busted badly and burtaly .. ok just believe the spell and if it dont work you should search for a better partner for u to settle for whole life and dont imagine to use it for means purpose

  170. Lily says

    hi there … i am deeply in love with a university mate of mine, the problem is he is married but i can still see some sort of feelings from him towards me, can i cast this spell to make him deeply in love with me, i know he is married but i truly love him, i tried to not think about it because he is a married man but i cant help it :(

  171. jc. redbone says

    I am in love with this guy and he knows this, he had send one of his friend to my house to speak with me about the situation, and the talk was about the guy i am in love with, he said he likes me to but he thinks that i am talk with other guys and he don’t like that and that is the reason why he barely speaks to me like he use to, now he is playing hard to get not to mention my lover live across the street from me, my question is i have gotten the roses, they gotten dried, the next fool moon is on a Friday December 28, will the roses will be alright to use until then?

    • says

      They should be fine. When they are dry the burn better for the spell. Good luck! I hope the Goddess blesses you with your wish!

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  172. moonlighttreasure says

    In 2008 I did a Wicca love spell. It was a binding spell taking a picture of myself and the picture of the man I was in love with. Taking red ribbon sewing the pictures together and chanting some words(I can’t remember 3times)
    I need some help! This man I thought I loved and wanted turned out I swear to be the devil himself. .a year later u tried to burn the pictures of us bonded thinking that would break the spell. I swear to this my picture and the red ribbon burned but his face would NOT! Burn. Freaked me out so I them them in the trash.

    Sine these past 4+ years my life went to hell. This man keeps coming in and out of my life. I lost my house my job my entire life. He horrible person. Ruthless. I can feel him when he drifts away for awhile. I can’t seem to excape him. My life was great till I met him. Its like this man has stolen my soul. He is a very very bitter man. Tons of baggage I didn’t no of prior to that binding spell. He’s evil. So evil. Glancing at him one night from the bedroom. His reflectiont from the mirror looked like he had flames around his face.. I once watched his eyes turn a brightish orange in a rage. I swear this is all true. Or I wouldn’t be here looking for help.

    I need the spiritual ties to this man broken. Its pure evil …my life has been destroyed. My spirit broken and that man has my soul.

    I was just a very foolish woman that thought I found the man of my dreams and I wanted to keep him.. I’m not wiccan nor do I know anything about magic. All I no. Is I did that wiccan binding spell and I did remember reading at the time to be careful because ur binding everything about that person to u. I didn’t no at the time that this man. Is so evil. My life will never be free of him. Can anyone help me in unbinding the spell? Only explanation why my life has been nothing but hell and destruction dice netting him.

    Thank u

    • says

      This is a good example of be careful what you wish for but as we know hindsight is 20/20. Try to do a spell to reverse a spell. Before doing this try and aura cleansing spell. Do this on the night of the full moon. Use the search to find the spells I’ve mentioned. Afterwards please cut all contact. With love, even a bad love, or a love that doesn’t bless our life and souls, when you feel connected its hard to let that love go. But make up your mind. You can overcome anything and choose to let him go.

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

    • Anonymous says

      you can try a simple banishing/removal I have used in the past…..Light a black candle while holding a picture of the person Imagine your life without him take the picture of him and placing it in a ziploc baggie sealing it and placing it in the back of your freezer. saying his name I banish you now go away 3 times at the end say as I will so mote it be close the door and walk away not looking back blow the candle out and throw it away out side of your home and forget about him. Simple as that so long as the picture remains in the freezer it keeps an unwanted person away if you have to hide it under something in there so it isn’t seen.

  173. Anonymous says

    can I use a plastic jar as the container? and what will happen if the jar has another scent because my jar used to be a hairgel container

    • says

      All these spells can be changed for men, gays, transgendered, etc. But I do understand your wish and wants.. I’ll try to create more that are geared toward men. What would you like to see?

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  174. Mike Pearl says

    I’m gay would this work on another gay man if he is in a relationship at the time would this spell work or no.

    • says

      Hmm, the properties of the leather are masculine, so I think it will work for attracting your male, but you could also try ribbon or a different color, mainly pink, white, or purple. <3 Good luck!

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  175. Sse says

    My boyfriend n I have been together for 4 years, he has raised my daughter with me n we have a 16 month old son. Just recently he n I had a fight because he thinks I let the kids do whatever n never get after them. He told me I was a b—h n told me to leave. He then left to work on his 2 weeks n recanted. When he came home during thanksgiving he n I got along for the most part until he decided to go out n stay out til 4am. We’ve had problems before but not like this. His mother is against us n I think that makes him hold back a lot. We used to have a strong connection but since I had my son n his mother told him she needed DNA to prove it he’s been a totally different person. I love him n know he loves me so I want to try a spell but since we live together I wouldn’t know where to put the jar. Any suggestions? I want to do this before he comes home next week n see how things go. I also want to know if I can add something to keep him from wondering, if u know what I mean. Thanks

    • says

      Try placing the jar at the highest point in your home, somewhere near the center. When you get some time, just spend a few minutes meditating on your love and your future. He has lost respect for you, probably cause his mom keeps putting nasty and negative thoughts in his head. If you are up to it. Call her and tell her how much you love her and appreciate her and no matter what happens she will always have a spot in her grand childs life. Forgive and watch the miracle happen. BUT if its not meant to be, don’t hold on to bitterness just be strong and move forward. Tell him he can’t mistreat you anymore because you won’t allow it and also tell him that your problems you are willing to work on as well. But it takes two. And the time we have on this earth is small. Don’t waste it with unhappiness.

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  176. matti says

    hello :) my last love spell worked and then backfired over a couple months so i understand now it was not ment to be …but as for rekindeling are broken friendship what would you recommend,i dont want to lose my good friend just because romanticly we didnt have that click.

    • says

      I think I have a few friendship spells that might help that situation. How very mature of you to realize that it wasn’t meant to be. And who knows what the future might bring? Smart and very Self-aware. You’ll go far. :)

      Blessed Be! Thank you so much for visiting the site! <3

  177. Foreignsweetness says

    My boyfriend broke up with about 2 weeks ago. I’m still in love with him and I’m desperately trying to get him back.. I have a few love spells I want to try.

  178. K says

    Hi Lady Raven Moon,

    Im currently having problem bcoz of my Ex-Bf .. he is torturing me and make me messed up.. this were spoiling my relationship wit my new bf.. Please do pm me … pls ..pls … I need your help to make my ex forget me.. pls do something..pls..pls…im suffering coz of him :’(

  179. J says

    I’m very new to all of this but it seems very normal to me. I want to try this. I’m in San Jose, California, do you have any contacts here that I can start a meaningful apprenticeship? That’s beside the point, my real question is what if you don’t have your own scent/ Fragrance? What should I use?? Thanks again!

    • says

      Try to think you may have a scent like a deodorant or soap you use a lot or even a hair spray you use daily. No I don’t have anyone who could teach you in person. Try to learn by reading books about Wicca and learning on your own time online.

  180. judasACE says


    i casted the spell on a near full moon friday– but i personalized it,
    after making this one, i made a candle spell.,
    placed the jar on front,
    then 3 red candles behind it
    then placed one white on the third, but the white had red thread tied around it.

    lighted every candle then i concentrated on him then i chanted 3X

    i looked up to the moon and what happened was totally creepy, the candle flames rose like double and the flames danced, i felt a connection with the moon and some presence that after this spell, i extinguished the candles with my fingers then i immediately went inside,, DID I TOTALLY MESSED UP????

  181. Sofia says

    Hey, here is my doubt, I love this boy, I would do anything for him, sometimes I feel like he has feelings for me but I just can’t tell him, I’m afraid to loose his friendship, I already tried to give him some signals but he doesn’t see them, so I wanted to try this, cuz if he has feelings for me this spell will awake them, what do you think I should do? I have no second intentions, I really really love him.

  182. Ruby Hamilton says

    The spirits are there waiting for your reply let the magic happen
    what better day for it to happen Friday all is forgiven

    Bless it be

  183. judith20 says

    Is works. pe. We recently broke up and it was going on for two weeks. He was the sweetest and supposedly it all changed in one day. I doubt it and I wanna do this asap before its too late. Were not speaking anything I can do to get him to talk to me again.

  184. arielle says

    I did the spell on a monday and opened the jar on the 8th day the petals have gone mouly but still smell beautiful, i read a comment i should bury them in the ground i will do this tomorrow, he has slowly been asking to see me directly after doing the spell more and more loving but today when i opened the jar he seems to be a bit distant has this happened to you? or maybe he was naturally likeing me and the spell has turned him away im so confused i have a date on saturday with him do i wait until then to see how he is? i hope its just a funny day as the spell was working litrally 24hours later from kicking me to the cirb to all of a sudden begging to see me.

  185. Gabbi says

    Hello, I really want to do this spell, there is a guy that I am in love with, and he has told me he loves me too, but we never made anything official. we have slept together and actually deeply connected. well he has fallen on bad times we got into a huge fight he betrayed me and broke my heart. but now that i have healed i realize i still love him and ii forgive him with my whole being. but we haven’t spoken in 4 months i have tried contacting him and i haven’t gotten a response. i want to do the spell to try and reawaken his feelings for me and have him contact me and give this a real shot. my life is miserable without him and he isn’t doing good either (or so i have heard from mutual friends). i want to help him, and let him know that i love him and will always love him. i just wanted to know if it would still work if we are not in contact?

  186. ckryn says

    me and my boyfriend broke up and now we are back, but i am not sure if he truly loves me and I really wanted to know if he really does and to make me feel secure about it. Would this work? It’s kinda complicated though. All I want is assurance that he loves me.

  187. Jen says

    Hi, would it work to clear him from aspell that someone else put on him to drift him away from me? And also do i put our both pics rolled with the face inwards then tye it with rid silk ribbon? And do i just close the jar with the lead? Can i buy dry rose petals or it must come from 6 red roses? Thank u.

    • Maria says

      Lady Raven Moon,
      It has been a week since I opened the jar and the aroma has evaporated. What do I do with the contents of the jar? Do I return the rose petals to the earth ? What do I do with the tied photoghraphs?

        • anxious says

          Dear Lady Raven Moon,

          I will be trying this spell this Friday. I am very excited and anxious. I had a couple of questions for you and would be very grateful to receive a response:

          a) Do you have any advice for how I can clear my mind if my concentration is interrupted by my nervousness?

          b) If I cannot dispose of the items by burying them (I live in a concrete jungle), can I instead, dispose of them in water?

          c) If I don’t have access to a black and yellow cloth, can I use a black and yellow dress that I have instead?

          Eagerly awaiting your response

  188. Maria says

    Hi I carried out this spell last friday night using a photo of a man I know but am not sure how he feels about me. I know he is single and free so I would not be interfering between him and another. I concluded by saying ‘And harm to none, so mote it be’. Is that ok?

  189. Carine says

    I did this spell on a friday night but i forgot to uncover the jar on the 8th day, friday, and instead opened it this morning, saturday. Will the spell still work or have i jinxed it? Also, my boyfriend and I had a fight today. So does it mean that it didn’t work? Please advise

  190. Angel_Eyes says

    Hi Lady Raven

    I’m doing this spell in a about 30 mins as it will be after midnight where I am in the world, which means it will officially be Friday. I know mid night or any time after midnight is always a good time to do workings and cast spells and its a peaceful time because most people are asleep! from what I understand from this spell is that you should tie the 2 photos together using the red ribbon, much like a photo love binding spell. Is this correct? My gut is telling me that this is what you meant so I’m going to do it this way and then pop the binded photos into the jar which already would contain the fresh rose petals with the fragrance. If I am wrong about this, and what you actually meant was that you should just wind the ribbon or cord into knots while the photos are already in the jar with the fragranced rose petals then please do let me know and advize me so that I may re cast this spell on another Friday.
    Thank You & Blessed Be

  191. Foolishgirl says

    I believe I may have cast a love spell without realizing I was doing it, mainly just to make my self get over the feeling. It did make me feel better, but its been a couple of months and now the person I focused this spell on has returned full force. I never beleived in this anyway. I’m highly intuitive and come from 3 generations of psychic women and my mother used to perform magic with candles, oils, powders, etc… I ran from it! But I though hey its silly and it makes me feel a little better. I’m not actually sure if what I’ve done is considered a spell, but everyone says yes it is. I googled what I did and it looked as though I had actually done what I read about after the fact of course. I’m still debating this with myself and let the other person know what I might have done. They say I’m being silly, and I’m reading otherwise letting me know I’ve just royally messed up. Hoping the law 3 doesn’t happen.

  192. says

    Lady Raven..I have this problemwith my spouse now and i feel that he dontlove me anymore for 7 years that we been together he told me that he dont need me and dont love me anymore.but i told him that i need to leave his house together with the kids he doesnt want me to go.and he told me to many lies and chaet on me since the beggining…but i love him so much more than my life..is this working to me?i dont wanna loose him becaouse of other woman on his life that he met in the internet from Ukrain.Plaese Need your help.waiting for your response Lady Raven.

  193. star says

    The person I want to do it on is my ex.
    I know he still loves me.
    But I’m trying to get him back.
    would this be safe?.

  194. bitofaviking says

    My wife and I have been struggling mightily. I want her to love and be in love with me again. We have been together for a long time. She has decided she can’t be happy with me and doesn’t want to risk the rest of her life. I want to get her understand what is in my heart. Can this work for me or should I give up and move on?

    • says

      You should try this among other things with women, what we say isn’t always what we really want of feel. Try this spell, try communicating with her, don’t pressure her just show her you love her.

  195. Blue says

    Hi :) uhm so here’s the situation…i have been loving this guy for 8 months already we’ve done some things that wasn’t really supposed to be done…i know i’m not suppose to love him or feel anything for him but i did and i still feel the same after 3months of no communcations at all i know he did feel something too…he told my friend that he did love me but have to stop his feelings because of our situation he said that he cared for me but because we’re COUSINS he had to stop it and totally forget what he feels and eventually he did forget it but i don’t i had to move out from home and live with my classmate for a month and return home after he left to go bqck in japan i live here in thailand… I know how naive i am for loving him but i can’t move on and i don’t want to honestly because i love him and i want him back i want him to love me again…i miss him and this is the only option i think i have left…will this spell work for us ???please answer lady raven

  196. DragonWing says

    I started seeing this girl two weeks ago. Just today she revealed to me that I was being too persistant (only for the simple fact that not only was there a strong connection when we met but also the communication was consistent and inviting one week and then short and sporatic the next) and that my persistency was pushing her away. Now we cut off communication because she said she needed some time. What troubles me is that I don’t know how much and I’m afraid she’ll end up moving on. I don’t want to drive her away because I still believe that we can have something special if given the chance. What are the chances this spell will work and make her feel the way she did when we first met?

  197. Jane says

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 6 yrs already…however he broke up with me..
    It’s because he was fed up on me… he gave up on me… He said that there was no third party involved.. and the main reason is that he is tired on understanding my attitude…
    He said that I am very demanding, superior over him… and he cant take it anymore… But I really love him.. and I know we are meant to be together…
    Pls help…

  198. only one love says

    Lady Raven Moon I’ve been married for 23 years and my husband filed for divorce I march we used to be very happy and always going out as a family with our two girls and then he did that .its like its not him he is another person…I love him with all his faults cause no one is perfect and I wan t him back and for him to love me like he used to ..he used to hug me so tight and tell that he wishes that my body was inside his cause that &ow much he loved me..so I’m desperate and I’m goinh yo try this spell my question is this Friday ok to start since its Friday 13..please answer back we Ho to final court on the 24th

  199. Morgan says

    full moon in Capricorn tonight.. its Tuesday. I may be in touch again soon. you have helped me with some little things over the past year.. I first learned of a spiritual realm when young as time has gone by small helping spells have altered my life yet never in bad ways just never how I wanted yet in the long run it always gave me what was needed… much love blessed be -me

  200. PrinCess JaZmine says

    I did the spell last Friday and have kept my jar safe…he & I have texted here and there..nothing yet..u just have to have faith in it to w0rk…:) keeping my fingers crossed****

  201. syeda says

    i have never cast any spell before but it looks so simple i want to try this one. are there important instructions for casting this spell and one more thing some1 has already castd a love spell for me can i still do this one or we can only cast one spell at a time?

  202. PrinCess JaZmine says

    Lady Raven Moon,

    I will be doing this spell tonight…I am excited and truly believe I am meant to be for this guy…we met and we hit it off really well..we are not yet dating but have had intimate relationships…only issue is he is not a good texter or caller and he is from another state…he comes to visit family here and is suppose to move back to where I live in a couple of months…I just want him to be obsessively in love with me the way I am…so basically will he have the type of feelings I have for him with this spell?

  203. Fay says

    I met this guy online and we’ve never met before. We had a little thing together and he promised me that he would marry me when we meet. However, now his feelings seems to change and I can’t get him off my mind. I want us to meet each other and get married as promised. Can i do this to him although we’ve never met? And when is the perfect timing for me to do it?

  204. Plafon says

    I’m living with people so I can’t have a altar. Without them asking what is that can I just put somewhere I know u not to tell anyone what u have cast

  205. Maryam says

    id like to ask if it will work for me coz i made the spell last friday and i broke him last Sunday. what will i do now. please help me Raven Moon. when will be the 8 day to open the jar? is it Saturday? please advise

  206. plafon says

    I did this spell on a friday things were going good me and my ex were trying to work out .come sat. he said yes im moving on day after day week after week it seems we are not ment to be together. WHAT could of went wrong??? Please let me know i love this man

  207. James says

    Lady Raven Moon, I am desperate, my wife is leaving me after 25+ years of marriage, and being together for over 30 years. I’ve tried everything, I’m broke and disabled. I want my wife back. Could you cast the spell to bring her back to me? If I do it I will mess it up due to my head injuries. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  208. martin says

    hi i am going to do this spell its work i have one freind we got fight we are not talking from last 6 month is this work for me …… i love her madly but i dont know she love me or not

  209. the soldier says

    She’s mad at me because i told her best friend to go to hell, & i almost got in a fight with another one of her best friends. I tried dating her last year & my friend got the wrong girl, but i think she wants to be friends again but i have to wait her to talk first. And will she still date me even though her friends hate me? Working it out with her friends is something that will not work.

  210. Carina says

    For my situation its a guy I’ve known for 8 years.
    I’ve always liked him and so has he with me.
    He had a relationship that broke his heart badly and since then his scared to love again.

    He has strong feelings for me but won’t take it further because of his ex.
    So my question to you is this the wrong situation to use this kind of spell?

    And if I do use it what can I expect knowing the situation at hand?

  211. the soldier says

    There’s this girl that I’m madly in love with but the problem is she’s mad at me, & i mean really mad. She says she’s never going to forgive me, & all of her best friends hate me. If i do the spell will she forgive me, than ask me out or will she just ask me out?

    • says

      Well first and foremost you need to get back into her good graces!

      Try sincerely apologizing and doing something kind for her without being too aggressive.

      Then try doing the spell and becoming her friend again! No doubt that this will work!

      @BallisticJW Blessed Be!

  212. lorena says


  213. cairo says

    hello lady raven first question is when i put the red cord or silk in the jar, do i tie it around both pictures together or do i just place it in the jar.and can i leaave the jar under the bathroom sink.i ask because i dont have my own room and i dont want anyone to see it

    • says

      Not all beginning witches will have all the items needed for everything. Substitute what you can and remember that proper items and tools are only a means to an end..

      What really matters is you and your heart, concentration and the will of nature..

      @BallisticJW Blessed Be!

  214. Alondra Aguilar says

    Can I use read String ? and what do u do with the jar when you open it , ?
    And we had take a picture together can i use that one or does it have too be two difrent puctures , Will this bring bad luck to my home

    • Amanda says

      Does it have to be done on a Friday or can it be any day? I’m curious to see if this actually works. As much as I want it to work I do have my doubts.

      • says

        Friday is the traditional day of love. Venus rules over that day, so its a first choice. No you can do this spell when you are ready to. Corresponding days means a lot to some who do magick more than others.

    • says

      Use red or pink string. Leave the jar in your room till it loses its fragrance. You can use a picture of you together, thats probably best.

      If you are worried about the magick being bad for you or bring bad into you life PLEASE DON’T DO THE SPELL.

      You’ll either attract bad things, because your thoughts become things or you’ll go crazy thinking you have. Then the spell won’t work and you might be in a mess. If you have doubts then don’t do it.

      • Bianca says

        If we use a picture of both of us together do we still tie the red silk around the picture itself? Or we still need to pictures?

  215. Gene says

    What if the spell is for someone who has a girlfriend/fiance? Is this still ethical?

    Also, I have read that it is wrong to cast love spells on a particular person, so what gives? (if you could answer both of these questions, I’d sure appreciate it!!!)

    • says

      Is a touchy subject and I really don’t have a clear answer for you. Its for the best NOT to do a love spell for a particular person (IMO) because you are enacting you will on someone else. But I also believe in the power of the Universe to realign and correct paths. I’ll post love spells or all kinds but deciding to do a spell is a personal choice.

      • Gene says

        Thanks for that. At this point, I think this spell is really more to soothe my heart more than anything else (but it would be nice if it worked). To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about attempting this, because I have so much doubt (I’ve only dabbled in this sort of thing). I’m wondering if this is merely a way to will something that you want to happen into existance, through embracing an open mind. I think I’ll eventually give it a try, I just would wish that it would actually work on the person I have in mind.

        If you don’t mind my asking Lady Raven Moon, have you had good luck with this spell?

        • says

          I have had great success with love spells in the past. And yes it possible to manifest what you want without magick! Watch The Secret or email me @ jw at justwicca.com and I’ll help you if you are dealing more with LOA (law of attraction) type work instead of magick. If you don’t believe it won’t work… I wouldn’t suggest you pursuing this spell till you work it all out.

  216. Here's hoping says

    Today I am suppose to open my jar. Do I do it at the same time I closed it 7 days ago or does the time matter?

  217. jon says

    do i have to do the spell all over again if i didnt say the correct incatation at first? or just say the incatation correctly before closing the jar? thanks.

    • says

      It depends on you. Personally I would start over because it would distract me and make me worry about the spell. The real key to getting love magick, or any magick really, to work is to do it correctly, trust that whatever you wanted is now done, and being ready to receive. If you have doubts then retry.

  218. jojo says

    i really like this guy and we have been taking for a couple of months and hanging out a lot my friends tell me that he likes me too but i dont see it because whenever hes around me hes always shy but when he txts me hes a total sweet heart what would you reccomd for me to do? Do you think this true love spell will work?

  219. Anonymous says

    Will it work even if they already have a girl friend or no because I really like this guy but all my friends say he likes me too because he flirts with me but do you think it will work and can I use fake roses

      • Sky says

        Is camp paracord okay or do I have to use some certain items?
        And also by their love is”awakened”,and mine”deepened” do you me if she likes me then she’ll like me even more and I’ll want her even more or how exactly does that work?
        And can I do it on the full moon,but not a Friday?

      • Anonymous says

        Pleas can you contact. Me I haven’t seen my son or the Mother of my son I miss them so much I know She loves me an I love her I Would like you to contact me please here’s my email j3halfawaketm@Yahoo. Com

      • patty says

        Actually, I have the same doubt. After opening the jar and letting the smell float freely…..what do we do with it?For how long does it stay like that? Also, my ex is coming from another town to visit our kids. There is still a lot of chemistry between us. He will arrive on Thursday and stay for a week. What should I do? I only have 3 days left before he comes, not really enough time to dry the flowers and wait for the full moon and the seven days and all.What do you recommend? Do I speed up everything or do it as it is timed even after he is gone,?

      • celey says

        i did the spell exactly at 12am at the start of friday and it was a full moon…but like a silly goose that i am..im confussed about when to uncover the jar exactly…at the start of sundayy at 12 am ..is that 8 days??hahah i knw silly question !!! :/..hope u can help.

    • Rose says

      Actually i want to hang out more often and have the kind of fun and joy we had in a relationship and then i am sure he free will open up to love me again , is there a spell for this haha i hate the distance right now and then at least i know for sure he will love me for real

        • Lisa Hunt says

          What would be a good spell to mend a broken friendship? And if I did this, would a thursday on a full moon be okay? The next friday full moon is over a year from now but there is a thursday full moon in March that I would try. Would this work for spells?

        • kim says

          Oh my god..it’s already 2 weeks since I perform this spell..I don’t want to loose faith toward this thing..but till today,nothing happen..I really want her to come back to me…

  220. Rose says

    If i do this spell and it works, will he love me because i simply awakened his love and then be an authentic feeling or will he only love me because of the spell?

    • says

      This is the controversy surrounding these spells. In some cases it can awaken a hidden love or desire he already had for you. If you are true loves then this is the case more often than not. If he never knew you even existed or never would have loved you without the spell, you might get him to love you but it won’t be true love and all kinds of things will happen to drive you apart because it wasn’t meant to be and the universe knows it.

      • Rose says

        Oke, in my case it’s my ex and we broke up loving each other , but had bad communications, so now he truly believes we are ment to be only good friends. If i cast a spell to make him feel a romantic love again, what can i expect in terms of the rule: getting the good or bad thing 3 times back? making someone love isn’t negative right? if it is because it is a manipulation how will this be turned back on me?

        I know its a lot of question but i really wanna inform myself good first before making the decision of casting a spell

      • Hannah says

        hi, will this be effective if he was my friend, and I’m thinking that he has LOVe for me before but then LOST. :-(

  221. Ruby says

    What if the person you do the spell does like you and you just want to deepen that feeling? Will there still be consequences? And if so what kind?

    • says

      My exp with love spells is that they work. They make the person feel deeper for you, but you also feel way deeper for the person. You become your own hindrance, because it is you who has an obsessive love.

      • Jonathan says

        I dont hav a picture of her, i have a picture of me and her in one photo, do u think tht will still work?

      • Haley says

        Hi im Haley and i am wondering if this spell really dose work and i reallyvam madly deeply in love with this guy named Bryce and he dosent like me and i need to know if it would work on him :-)

      • Ari says

        Can you please tell me how to break this love spell or what to do about the jar. Because I did it and it didn’t work and that guy who I did the spell on is now bf and gf with my best friend and I want to get rid of the jar and break the spell that didn’t work … Please reply back it’ll mean the world to me

          • Ari says

            Thank you for replying! How do I dispose it? Do I just through it in the trash do I take the rose petals and pictures out? How can I dispose the jar properly without the spell doing a reverse effect on me? I’m so sorry for bothering you but I really do need the help, and this was my first spell I did.

          • says

            You can bury it in the earth, You can burn the contents and toss the jar, if any of these things don’t work for you then tossing in the trash is another option.

    • Fee says

      Dear Lady Raven Moon.I have cast many spells before.I have 2 questions im not sure about,when it comes to” Make Someone love you spell’.When i tie the two photos of us,with the red thread,should our photos be facing down on top of one another?And can i use satin ribbon to tie the photos together with.Hope to hear from you. Blessings-Fee

  222. Sofia says

    I don’t have his picture…can I, instead, write his full name on a paper, and use it, for the purpose? Thanks.

    • says

      Yes if you don’t have his picture for this love spell, then use something else of his or his name on paper will do. But treat the paper as you would his picture, see him not just his name.

    • Anonymous says

      I’m not into Wicca or Magic at all. I did lose someone who I loved very much once though. I had a book which was given to me as a gift that contained spells in it. One night I decided to give a spell a try, it was a spell to have something returned to you that you lost. It was by coincidence that there was some sort of rare, crazy eclipse going on that night. I went out onto my balcony with the objects, said the words and did what the book said. About two to three weeks later, there’s a knock at my door out of nowhere. It was the person I wanted to come back. I’m not sure if it was coincidence or the spell or a little bit of both, but I line to believe it was the spell. I’ve never cast any sort of spell since and I don’t think I will.

    • Sarah says

      Hi if you like someone but he lives in another state will the spell still work? And we don’t know each other at all i just found him on youtube

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