Spell to Bring Someone To You

By | October 8, 2012

This is a spell to bring someone to you. This spell is pretty simple and should make the person come, call, email, message, text or send a letter to you. Basically they should reach out and communicate with you in some way. I have tried this spell and variations of it many times with varying success.

Once, when I was  at 18ish the time, I was dating this older guy who actually slept with my best friend (long story, knew this girl since 5th grade!). This really wasn’t a guy I should have had anything to do with, but I missed him (very stupid of me), I thought I loved him (in reality I didn’t want to be alone) so I did this spell.

Unfortunately it worked and I had the person in my life for another 3 years. Doing those 3 years more of the same occurred, with me allowing this person to hurt me and treat me poorly. None of that really matters but suffice it to say the spell worked. The spell worked so well that when I wanted him gone he stayed in my life anyway!

And even crazier – I haven’t talked to this person in years, but he often mentions me to a mutual friend and is constantly trying to get in touch with me! EEEKKK! It seems as though if I even send a thought that persons way, he will pick up on the energies and want to communicate with me!

UPDATE!: I still had a lot of resentment towards the guy but he got my email from the mutual friend and emailed me. This was fine and so he called… He STILL — after 3 AND A HALF YEARS (almost exactly because I’ve been with my current beau for 3) wants to be with me. He was on the phone saying how I would always be his baby, etc.  He even claimed that he was going to drive to my house (and I live with my awesome BF) and steal me away! WEIRD, right? But back to the story…

I forgave the person a long time ago for everything he did and I forgave myself for being weak and letting it happen. BUT I still don’t won’t this person in my life because they are trouble! Anyhoo.. Here is the spell!

Spell to Bring Someone to You

Spell to Bring Someone To You

This spell should be done during the waxing moon on a Wednesday night

What You’ll Need:

  • 3 brown candles
  • A dish
  • 1 white altar candle
  • a picture of the person

Place your white candle in the center of your altar on the dish and light it. Place the 3 brown candles in front of the white ones. The center brown candle and the white candle should be aligned.

Place the picture of the person on or near the center brown candle. Light the candles and chant “Come to me” while meditating on the flames. Do this for 3 minutes.

Snuff the candles and repeat the ritual everyday at the same time for three days. You should try to do this ritual on the hours of 3, 7 or 9 (meaning am or pm) and On the third night let all the candles burn down on there own.

Within a week you should run into the person, hear from the person, or someone will mention the person to you.

This can be a fun spell, maybe I would have enjoyed my results if I were trying to bring a childhood friend back into my life. Don’t do this spell on an ex… its not worth it… IMHO!

147 thoughts on “Spell to Bring Someone To You

  1. Bella90

    I’m doing this spell tonight. Will update when it works! Wish me luck

  2. Bella90

    Hi! Sooo does it mater if the moon is in gibbous or crescent- as in waxing gibbous vs waxing crescent?

  3. VirgoGirl

    The brown candles are very spiritual you should be very careful with those. They are powerfully grounded and bind to living things on the earth including animals. **Invoking The Power Of Virgo**

  4. Anonymous

    I did this spell starting on a Friday night of a full moon and it ended on that Sunday. My intended did contact me on the Wednesday after I did it but it was very weird. He texted something that was not appropriate for someone to say that hasn’t talked to you in about 3 weeks or so. I replied back to him very diplomatically, casually and then I never heard anything back and that has been about 2 weeks ago, so I really don’t know what to think about that lol

  5. Madonna

    Hasn’ t worked for me….yet …. trying not to feel discouraged :( I did everything right!

  6. Anonymous

    I’ ve tried it a few times and it hasn’ t worked… yet :( trying not to feel discouraged.

  7. Isabel

    I want to do this for someone so they will be my friend. My spirit guide told me that they are one of my living spirit guides and encourages me to talk to him. The problem is that this may the last time I might be seeing him if this spell doesn’t work and I have a roommate that works on different times each day so I do not know when I am going to have the place to myself. Does it have to the same time everyday? What if I extended it out for more than 3 days to balance out the time ordeal? Will that work you think or that a bad idea?

    1. Kiss of a Feather

      No you must do it three days only at the same time each day. If you’re worried about your roommate then I can only suggest doing it at 3am each time. If you have your own room with a door, close it or if you’re in a dorm room sharing space than use the bathroom. If that’s not possible then I don’t know what else to tell you.
      Pick one time & if you have to you can bring it outside if you know of a secluded place that you won’t be bothered for 3 mins for the spell. I wouldn’t recommend going off at night to do it outside though lol So same time, 3 days only. If you do it over 3 days you’re just canceling out the first casting efforts.
      This brings someone to you, makes them come see you or get in touch with you. It’s not a binding spell to keep them from leaving you at all. If they move that is their will. With this spell its not forcing someone against their will to do something they haven’t thought about before. Most people who knew or know each other will tend to have thoughts stray to that person from time to time; like “I wonder how they’re doing”. This puts the thought at the forefront of their mind to take it one step further and to actually reach out to you for the answer or go and see you.
      If this person is your living spirit guide than they shouldn’t fully leave your life. You’ll probably still keep in touch with each other, after all they can’t guide you if they don’t talk to you ever again. That would defeat them being your spirit guide. Hope this helps. Happy casting & good luck!!


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