Spell to Bring Someone To You

This is a spell to bring someone to you. This spell is pretty simple and should make the person come, call, email, message, text or send a letter to you. Basically they should reach out and communicate with you in some way. I have tried this spell and variations of it many times with varying success.

Once, when I was  at 18ish the time, I was dating this older guy who actually slept with my best friend (long story, knew this girl since 5th grade!). This really wasn’t a guy I should have had anything to do with, but I missed him (very stupid of me), I thought I loved him (in reality I didn’t want to be alone) so I did this spell.

Unfortunately it worked and I had the person in my life for another 3 years. Doing those 3 years more of the same occurred, with me allowing this person to hurt me and treat me poorly. None of that really matters but suffice it to say the spell worked. The spell worked so well that when I wanted him gone he stayed in my life anyway!

And even crazier – I haven’t talked to this person in years, but he often mentions me to a mutual friend and is constantly trying to get in touch with me! EEEKKK! It seems as though if I even send a thought that persons way, he will pick up on the energies and want to communicate with me!

UPDATE!: I still had a lot of resentment towards the guy but he got my email from the mutual friend and emailed me. This was fine and so he called… He STILL — after 3 AND A HALF YEARS (almost exactly because I’ve been with my current beau for 3) wants to be with me. He was on the phone saying how I would always be his baby, etc.  He even claimed that he was going to drive to my house (and I live with my awesome BF) and steal me away! WEIRD, right? But back to the story…

I forgave the person a long time ago for everything he did and I forgave myself for being weak and letting it happen. BUT I still don’t won’t this person in my life because they are trouble! Anyhoo.. Here is the spell!

Spell to Bring Someone to You

Spell to Bring Someone To You

This spell should be done during the waxing moon on a Wednesday night

What You’ll Need:

  • 3 brown candles
  • A dish
  • 1 white altar candle
  • a picture of the person

Place your white candle in the center of your altar on the dish and light it. Place the 3 brown candles in front of the white ones. The center brown candle and the white candle should be aligned.

Place the picture of the person on or near the center brown candle. Light the candles and chant “Come to me” while meditating on the flames. Do this for 3 minutes.

Snuff the candles and repeat the ritual everyday at the same time for three days. You should try to do this ritual on the hours of 3, 7 or 9 (meaning am or pm) and On the third night let all the candles burn down on there own.

Within a week you should run into the person, hear from the person, or someone will mention the person to you.

This can be a fun spell, maybe I would have enjoyed my results if I were trying to bring a childhood friend back into my life. Don’t do this spell on an ex… its not worth it… IMHO!



  1. asdf says

    Will the spell work if the white candle is not an altar candle, because I have been doing it the last 2 days ,but just realized I had the wrong kind of candle.

    • says

      Merry Meet and thank you for visiting Just Wicca!

      You can always enhance this spell by adding your own elements or substituting hard to get items.

      Magick is so personal and it works off the energy of the host -you.

      Please make this spell your own and let us know how you changed it and how it worked for you!

      Thank you for stopping by and Blessed Be!

      PS. Find more information on the Witchcraft Forum – after 7 posts you get a free crystal :) Just use the contact form with your username and personal information (Name, address and preferred crystal:)

  2. Anon says

    Could you used a distressed brown candle with gems on it and a gray Fleur-De-Lis small logo on it? That is the only one I can find.

  3. Anonymous says

    this spell worked on the second day but i was at work when he called
    but im carrying on with this spell. and i did this with 3 white candles and his photo
    magic! :-)

    • Anonymous says

      I had started doing it and then someone saw it on the second day so I think that’s why it didn’t work……/: Can you explain how to do it? I got confused with how long you leave the candles on for. Do you leave them on for 3 days straight or how?

  4. Anonymous says

    So do you leave the candles on for the whole 3 days or do you blow them out each time you do this during the 3 days and light them over when your about to do it again and repeat that 3 times? And how exactly do you line up the candles? How soon could this spell work?

  5. Anonymous says

    This spell worked for me! I just thought you all should know. I got e-mails from the person I wanted to be in touch with for days afterwards. It was amazing. I use this spell often.

  6. Karen says

    Should the photo be facing you or facing the dish also if you do not have a pic and have a digital image on your phone can you just put ur phone their with photo being visible

  7. Ariel says

    Hi!!!! I have a few questions on the third day when were suppose to let all the candles burn are you suppose to be present and meditate while they burn? Or can you let them burn while your do other things?? Also do you let the white alter candle burn all the way??? Blessed be xx

  8. V.R.H says

    Im trying to find my biological father. I have tried multiple ways that aren’t magick, yet. It was for sure an option i have been looking into for years, I just want to know if i could possibly substitute the picture with either my hair or blood, since he is a part of that (blood/hair)?

  9. Mary says

    Hi, i was wondering, since the picture is suppose to be on the center brown candle (or near it/next to it) how does one light it up? or is it not suppose to be lit up?

  10. Daisy says

    Hi I am new to trying out spells but I find it very intriguing. My story is that I want to get back in touch with a childhood friend of mine he was my first love. We never went out or anything we were just kids and messed around but I always thought back on him fondly there was always a special connection. Things have been fairly good for me and I am on this new journey in my life of becoming a more self confident and responsible adult. Still there are days that I think back on him and would love to hear how he has been. I only have pictures of when we were young would those still work?

  11. Dann says

    You mentioned it has to be done everyday for three days. But does it need to be done on waxing moon wednesdays? Should I start counting from the wednesday I started casting the spell? (That means wednesday, thursday and friday)?

  12. Jon says

    Hi, I happened to run across this site and it all looks very interesting. Hopefully it’s ok for me to post here. I am wondering if only girls can use this? Or can men also use this to bring certain women into their lives? Would this work if I wanted to meet a certain person but have never met them? Thank you

  13. Kaitlyn says

    I just did the spell for the third night tonight, but I didn’t let the candles burn down all the way because I wasn’t going to be home all day. Is that a major issue? Will it still work?
    Also, the person I’m trying to attract isn’t (strictly speaking) real. He’s a character from a cartoon I watched like 10 years ago, but I believe that if the universe is infinite, he’s gotta be out there. Do you think it’ll work???

  14. Ana says

    IMG, its so wicking cool! :) I keep breaking up with my boyfriend and then doing the spell to bring him back and it works. The only problem is that for a while now I’ve stopped using the spell and I can’t get rid of the idiot. Do you have a spell to make him go away. PLease HELPPPPP MMMME!

  15. JustMe says

    I began doing this spell this morning at 3am. I have a picture of the man and I together. Now because I had just learned of this spell yesterday evening I did not have the proper colored candles in hand. I went to the pharmacy and bought one of those scented “Glade” candles (not really the glade brand but similar) and three brown catholic church candles. Out of respect for the catholic religion I was trying to avoid purchasing these candles but those were the only brown ones that they had and I really did not want too much time to go by before I began this spell. I know that on the third day I am supposed to let these candles completely burn out. Here is the problem. Since I realized how thick the candles are I decided to allow them to continue to burn so that on the third day they actually do burn out. As we speak they are still burning and the picture of this man and I is leaning against the brown candle that is in the center. I have not disturbed the layout of the candles. The only this that I have touched is the picture and when I do so it is to send my energy through it so that he can receive it. (He is in another state by the way and now has a girlfriend) Because I have a life, I am going to have to leave my house tomorrow and I definitely do not want these four candles burning while I am not here. To make a long story short, I doubt that they will burn out of the third day. WILL THIS BE A PROBLEM IF THEY DO NOT?

  16. Cornelius says

    I have been doing this spell for a long time for other people. She changed it here. If you want your ex back u must use red candles instead of brown candles. But as soon as you make contact with your ex in anyway this spell will be broken. It only works until contact is made.

  17. Cami94 says

    Will this work if I haven’t seen the person in almost 2 years and he doesn’t want to talk or have anything to do with me. Also he lives in another state. I have tried to move on from him and find someone else but just cant seem to.

  18. Cassandra says

    I really need a white altar candle can’t I use a regular white candle and what kind of dish can I use any kind??

  19. jean says

    hi,,im inlove to a guy…he is an aussie guy,,we always talked after his work,,,he always say he loves me,,but everytime he went home,,theirs a girl always calling me and say they r together,,i want this guy so bad,,,but we’re far from each other,,pls help me,,

  20. Gina says

    I did the spell today on a Wednesday on the hour of 9, but I just realized it’s a new moon and the spell suggested that it should be done on a waxing moon…therefore, will this spell still work???

  21. infinitlove says

    will it work if the person is long distance from me?
    I want and need him to break up with the girl he’s currently with!!
    I need this to work!!

  22. Lelde says

    This spell really works! I went on a date with this guy, after that he refused to meet me. He was kind of avoiding me a little bit.. I did the spell and he asked me on a date. we had a really great time together. He is messaging me and saying compliments since. x

  23. Kay says

    Day 3 he text me even though I missed it i text back but no reply lol so do I contact him , wait for him to contact me again or wait and let the spell keep working ?

  24. Benjamin says

    Hi. As I don’t have a picture of the girl, can I use my phone instead to get her photo? Also, is it guaranteed to work? I really believe in spells, but I’m afraid. Another thing is, she’s only a friend from another class.

  25. Chrissy Martel says

    I have done this spell for all the wrong reasons and for the wrong men…and it always backfired. Complete regret. I need help. I need a spell to bring the man I’m in love with to me…distance wise. He feels the same…but we are almost 1400 miles away from each other. The process is taking way too long for him to settle things where he is to be able to come to me. I just want to speed that process up…and so does he. Please!! HELP ME!

  26. Midnighy says

    I am looking for the perfect spell to bring an ex (who was later a best friend) back into my life as a best friend again, under positive circumstances. We didnt speak for years and I want us to be very close great friends who are in touch and see one another regularly. Please let me know!

  27. says

    Can the colour of the brown candles be modified? its really hard to find them becuase I can’t order them online, I bought some yellow/brownish candles from muji though, will they be ok?

  28. Anonymous says

    I think I am going to do this spell soon with the hope that it will cause me to bump into an old friend or cause us to come in contact somehow. This is a person I used to be really close to that I lost contact with a couple of years ago (I had moved, his number changes all the time and he doesn’t have FB) and have been thinking about a lot lately. Hope it works!

  29. Rain says

    Hi, i kinda hope you can help me. The thing is i have a best friend and we argued for something then the rumors started. The point is, we did not talk for about 7 years. I just wanted to talk to her and tell the truth but she doesn’t want to talk or reply me. Can u help me get her back, she really is have a stone heart. Is there any spell for this?

  30. Legna says

    Hi there,

    I can’t find any brown candle here in my country. May I know if what other candle color can I used to do the spell?

    Thank you and God Bless

  31. jaansamyan says

    You mean to say wednesday early morning i.e 3 am??? I am about to do this spell.
    Pls do let me know. :)

  32. T says

    I started this spell yesterday on the night of full moon on a Sunday. Is that ok ? And should I repeat this spell again on Friday and end it on the Sunday night again ?

  33. VRG says


    My boy friend and I are in love but his family dispute has made situation very complicated and now he fears that if he will marry me then he may lose his mother…. I have a son he loves him too… He has waited for me for 13 yrs please help which spell would work to clear the blindness his mind is carrying about losing his mother…

  34. LilPrincess23 says

    I tried this on my ex . And Im so excited to say it worked after a few days he’s started calling me and calling he’s just wanted to know how I was and everything. But I think this is just a start not sure but will keep u updated ….

  35. meRmaiid says

    Ok. What do you mean with dish? I have glass pedestal for candles is that ok? Sorry my english is good, but i have limited vocabulary, so can you explain it to me more simple? :D Thank you! NK*

  36. she says

    i just want to know what if you i dont have brown candles what else should i use aside from the mentioned above.

    Please reply. thank you so much

  37. Yaya says

    I had a dear friend that moved away… and we are losing contact more and more..Im afraid of losing his friendship. Will this spell work for this situation? and can i use red candles instead of brown?

  38. Jasmine says

    Will the spell work for someone you met online but not in person? All I have left of this person is pics and that’s it. We live 5 hours away from each other. I do not have their email or phone number. We met on a social site and kept in touch for a minute and then lost touch. We both deleted our accounts….I know enough about her…I’m not on facebook or any other social site. So can I use to this spell to hopefully run into this person?

  39. JASMINE says

    How does this spell work? What are the best ways to make this spell very effective?

    I want to use this spell for someone I met online. We never met in person, exchanged numbers or anything…we only spoke online. This person shared pics with me and they only saw one of me. We met on this social site. And that was it. This person lives 5 hrs away from me…we live in the same state. I want to be able to meet this person face to face. There are so many options. Running to each other, meeting each other through a mutual friend, or running to each other online again and actually exchanging numbers and meeting face to face. I do not have this person’s email or anything. Just pictures. We both deleted our accounts. But I believe there is a strong chance of us meeting in person. I just want to make sure the spell will work in this situation. So will it?

    This would not be my first time casting a spell…but for some reason my spells do not work…and I understand why they haven’t.

  40. Rachel says

    Question brown is the color of friendship correct? Would it be okay to use pink or red candles I want to use this on an ex lover

  41. Ashley says

    Hi i was just wondering do we have to do anything extra when doing this spell.. like rubbing a special “come to me” oil on the candles or something else to make it work even better?? Thank you :)

  42. Maria says

    I did this spell but was unsure if I did it right so I did it again the following week. I saw this person and a friend mentioned knowing them for years. Other than that nothing has happened. Did I do the spell wrong both times or did I jinx it by doing it twice?

  43. dolli says

    will this work to get my ex back? :/

    i dont a have pic can i subsistut it with something else?
    and if so like what?
    i dont own anything personal or given from him
    but i just really want him back

  44. Anonymous says

    Well, i kinda want my ex back
    just for to tell me thats hes stupid for leaving me
    and such
    this happened like two days ago
    i dont hv a pic ,will it still work without one? D:

  45. DragonWing says

    I know you had posted that it should be done on a wednesday but will any day of the week work as well?

  46. sainTT says

    is there any substitute for brown candles? where i’m located, brown candles are rare. waiting for your response

  47. Lonety says

    I have heard that you can work magic without things/materials/…it is the intent that counts….is it true?

      • Sage says

        I don’t have three brown candles. Can I use a red purple and pink one?
        The pink one is chipped slightly at the top and the red one is only an inch high since I was just meditating on it yesterday. Would the color, size or perfection of the candle create conflict or reducer he effectiveness of the spell???:(

    • says

      I have received emails and messages on Facebook from people who have had sucess with this spell. I would just say try the spell and see if it works for you. Make sure you let me know how it goes!
      Blessed be! Follow me on twitter @BallisticJW

      • Sasssy says

        I have question, exactly how are the brown candles suppose to go? cause it says in front of the white one. but that mean in a straight line? So they don’t go around the whe white candle? Im confused. do they go in 3 star diamond? please let me know


  48. Luna says

    By “3, 7, or 9″ I think she meant ” it’s best if done at 3:00, 7:00, or 9:00pm:)
    I’m going to do this to my ex:D

  49. HLove says

    Hi Sweetie!!! I like you and everyone else are still waiting on a response since the spell is so unclear. Hopefully she will reply back to us soon. And good luck to you too!! ☺

  50. steph says

    hey there… do you repeat the spell 2 days after the FIRST night or 3 days after? In other words: is it 3 nights in TOTAL (wed-fri) or 4 nights in TOTAL(wed-sat)?

  51. carla says

    Will this work if someone is long distance with like a poem or a card that this person has sent. I do not have an actual picture of the person. will it still work.

      • vimi says

        Hi my bf suddenly stopped contacting me his phone is switched off since from 2 months he stays in different state it takes 2hrs by air ways I don’t have any other contact number or address of him I want to know y he his behaving so bad with me I was blindly trusting him he made me fall in love with him now i am madly in love with him an I can’t step back pplz help me to fill his heart full of love for me forever an ever an com back plzz help me

  52. gerz says

    well,this worked out too quickly for me,
    on day 1 he already called and said he missed me :D
    thanks for sharing this spell

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