Spell to Attract a Specific Person

By | October 3, 2012

Sometimes it is our inner obstacles that block us from obtaining our goals or fulfilling our wishes. This spell is one to send the universe on alert that you are ready for love and are open to the possibility of inviting and obtaining love into your life. This is a love spell that should be done on a Friday during the night of the full moon is possible. The waning moon or new moon should work fine as well. Spend some time mediating on love and what love means to you in preparation of this spell.

What You’ll Need:Spell to Attract a Specific Person

  • • A ring (your mothers wedding ring in tradition)
  • • Red ribbon
  • • Pink candle
  • • Unblocking oil
  • • A wine glass

Cast your circle and anoint charge and consecrate your pink candle with your intention. Place the wine glass onto the center of your altar and place the candle behind it. Tie the ribbon (silk if you have it) to the ring making a pendulum.

Take the pendulum into your power hand and let it hang in the center of the wine glass until it is steady. While holding your pendulum, say your name and the name of the other person. Say your name once and their name twice speaking the names three times total (Mary Carter, Lee Johnson, Lee Johnson). After meditating on the person for a bit more, spell out their name while clearly picturing them in your mind’s eye. Tap the pendulum to the side of the wine glass as your spell out each letter of their name.

Wear the ring as a necklace close to your heart. Repeat this spell every Friday for three weeks. By the end of the third week the person will be in your life, showing interest or communicating with you on a more romantic level. If the person has not shown any interest then take it for what it is. The person is not interested in you or you and the person are simply not meant to be.

12 thoughts on “Spell to Attract a Specific Person

  1. Abby

    I FOUND UNBLOCKING OIL, but it’s out of stock…. >^< How u make it?

  2. Anonymous

    Hello what would you recommend for someone trying to fix a damaged marrige. I hurt my husband pretty bad and I think maybe he feels like he can’t trust me anymore but I really love him and feel so bad for my mistakes and having tooken him for granted I don’t want to lose him.

  3. Ava

    Where can I purchase unblocking oil??? Or how can I make it at home???

  4. SalemsWhispers

    What if my mother doesn’t have a wedding ring because she lost it many years ago? Can I just use a ring she wears? Any ring?

      1. meRmaiid

        Anything? So it don’t need to be a ring? Can I use the watch he gave me? Ty, NK* (and sorry for posting on so much spells, I sitll didn’t chose the one i want to use) :)

        1. meRmaiid

          And can you please help me with unblocking oil? I was searching the web but i can’t find the instructions how to mix it. Ty, NK*


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