Spell to Remove Obstacles

Obstacles can prohibit and bind you in your life. If you ever hit a point where you can move forward this is probably due to some unresolved issues in your life. Working towards forgiveness, purpose, acceptance, responsibility, are all difficult tasks. What we need to remember is that while we might not be responsible for the outside things that affect us, or the things other people do to us.. but we are responsible for how we react to the situation. This is a powerful spell to combat these unresolved issues but you have to be ready to move forward and move on.

This spell… is about release. You may cry, you may yell, but you will also heal, release and move forward. Do this spell during the full moon or the waning moon.Spell to Remove Obstacles

What You’ll Need:

  • lime half
  • lemon half
  • orange half
  • a shower (or waterfall 🙂 )
  • a black candle

Light the black candles and meditate on the flame. See yourself happy and healthy and see the obstacles be resolved as your forgive, as you heal, as you move on and take full responsibility for your life. As the candle burns take the fruit half’s with you into the shower.  Start with the orange move the half on your body as if you are cleaning yourself with it.

Move in the direction away from your body. Start with the top of your head and move towards the soles of your feet.

Orange: As you work with the orange think of all the people you may have hurt in the past, by being mean, being angry, being rude. Feel the guilt, and allow yourself to cry. When you are ready to move on say the following; “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” This is a powerful affirmation from Joe Vitale.

Lemon: Think of all the people who may have hurt you. They may have hurt you intentionally, they may have hurt you with no bad intentions, but it still hurt you. Allow yourself to feel this hurt. Yes! Its not okay but it happens. When you are ready to really let this go and move forward say the following; ” You hurt me, but I will not allow this pain to control my life. I forgive you”

Lime: Think of yourself. We punish ourselves more than anyone else. We are so mean and judgmental to ourselves but this is our lives, You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. How do you treat yourself? Why don’t you love yourself? Why do you hurt yourself? Let it go. Resolve to change your life and be the person you always wanted to be. Have low self esteem because you are overweight? Resolve to do better. Resolve to do better in all that you do. Hug yourself. Be one with yourself and when you are ready say the following; “I forgive myself for whatever misgivings or short comings I have had in the past. I resolve to take 100 percent responsibility for my life and I am ready to be happy. I accept happiness.”

Clap out the black candle and discard away from your home. When you have finished this you will feel weak and emotionally drained. You may want to go to sleep after this process. If you still are battling with the pain of the past you may repeat this process as often as needed.

This spell was written by me with a few people in mind. It came to me as a friend and I were talking about obstacles and removing them. Work towards prosperity, work towards forgiveness, work towards being the ultimate you. Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

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Spell for Psychic Protection

This spell was sent to me to a good friend. I was really feeling drained (psychic vampire attack) over the past few weeks after some different falling outs with friends and formers friend etc. I have been a practicing witchcraft for over 1o years (I am now 24) and recently when I started achieving success, focusing on my happiness, trying to give love to the visitors on this site (YOU! THANKS SO MUCH FOR VISITING!),and other things to improve the quality of my life. People around me became unhappy with my success! Friends I thought would never talk down on me, and lie on me did! I have no problem with these people but thoughts and negative energies were sent my way and my friend wrote this spell for me with psychic protection in mind. I haven’t had a chance to do this particular spell but I plan on it!

The people who have in their minds and hearts to hurt me or be hateful to me, guess what? I don’t care! I love my website, I love myself, I love my friends, I love my visitors and I love the Goddess! With all that love I am happy and content. So to my haters, I want to say four things – I am sorry. Please forgive. I love you. Thank you. I release all negative motives and pray that karma is kind in this land where the law of three lives and acts boldly!

I have my own method of protection that has been working, but I am still excited to cast this spell on the next full moon! Here is the email my friend sent!

Raven! I know you said you are busy, and I hope to not bother you but you were in my heart and I though you might need this. Blessed Be!

My friend is something! I had not told this person how I have been feeling or what I have been going through lately but this person has the gift of knowing such things. I am going to share this very special spell with you!

What You’ll Need:Spell for Psychic Protection

  • a black candle
  • a red candle
  • a cauldron
  • mint leaves
  • protection incense
  • protection oil

24 hours before the full moon at 12 am take a ritual bath. After your cleansing fill your cauldron with water and mint. Anoint and charge you candles and allow them to stay untouched on your altar until the night of the full moon. Light a white candle and meditate on the Goddess before bed. Blow out the white candle and wave the candle over the altar letting the smoke disappear over your altar, infusing it with the love of the Goddess.

On the next night at the same time do another cleansing. Skyclad light your protection incense and let the smoke touch everything you own. Let the incense burn and light the red and black candle with a wooden match (not a lighter!).

All the thoughts you send to me flow back to your three times three

Negative or positive you decide but your thoughts shan’t penetrate my mind’s eye

Do no harm I ask of thee, less you fear the power of three

Goddess protection of your seeker

 Take your oil and anoint your body. As you do this visualize a bright blue-ish white energies surrounding you and becoming as hard as steel. When you have done this give thanks to the Goddess and no longer fret, because you are protected.

Interestingly enough my WHOLE BLOG went down when I tried to post this spell. NO LIE! I spent the last night since 2am – 710am working on getting the website back up and running. You guys I am telling you this is now joke. I am so happy and grateful that I didn’t lose my whole site!

Please keep me in your thoughts! Right now I am a little.. astonished!

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Pet Protection Spell

This is a spell to protect your pet. Do this spell on a Sunday during the full or waxing moon. Keep your pet safe by making sure they are healthy. Keep them current on all vaccinations, keep them clean and feed them and give them fresh water every day. Show them plenty of love and attention play with them and keep them active!
This is a charm bag for pet protection. This is best for inside animals like cats and dogs. This spell can be done for a reptile but you may want to change certain correspondences.

What You’ll Need:protection spell for pets

  • • • Catnip
  • • • Hair or feather from your pet
  • • • Bay leaves
  • • • Cotton
  • • • Protection oil
  • • • 2 Light blue square patch of cloth
  • • • Thick white yarn or thread

Place the light blue patch onto your altar. Place the cotton balls as a first layer. Place the bay leaves and catnip into the center of the pouch. Lay the hairs or feathers on the top and place 3 drops of protection oil on top. Place the light blue cloth on top and sew the patches together to make a small pillow. If you have the room, sew the animals name onto the pouch. If you don’t use a white paint to paint the animals name.

Hold the pillow with your power hand on the very top and charged the item with protection intention. Raise energy and see the white light building in your hand till your hand is over flowing with energy. See the energy leaving your hand and shooting into your pouch infusing it with energy.

Keep the pouch on your altar or a place where the animal you are protecting can’t reach it. Keep the charm for 3 months and then replace with a new one or charge your pouch.
This is a great spell for the protection of your pets but keep them safe with love and regular medical checkups.

Hey! If you are over 18 remember to vote! I won’t tell you who to vote for but I vote Barack Obama for 2012!

Magick is a wonderful gift given to us by mother earth to manifest anything that we want in life. I believe in the power of manifestation, witchcraft and magick, and I know that is real because I used magick every day. For those of you who don’t use magick often, or not at all it is my recommendation after you read a bit more on the subject that you consider getting witchcraft exposed.

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Nine Wood Incense Home Blessing Spell

This is a spell is a home blessing. This spell is to be given to a friend on the day of their move. This spell is not actually a spell per say but more of a working. It is said that the best type of gift for this type of working would be something from nature. A lot of people give wooden items, herbs, plants etc. Another home blessing for your to check out: Windchime Home Blessing.

What You’ll Need:Nine Wood Incense Home Blessing Spell

  • paper
  • charmed pen
  • blessing oil
  • brown candle
  • Nine Woods Incense

Do your usual cleansing and meditation and cast your circle. Anoint your candle with the blessing oil. Charge the candle with your intention. Place the candle on the altar. Spend sometime meditating on the flame.

Take the blessing oil and place 2 drops on each hand starting with your power hand. Rub your hands together to create energy. Feel the protective energy building in your hands. When you feel ready take the incense in your power hand and visualize the energy leaving you hand and infusing with the incense.

Light your incense and take the charmed pen and on the fine parchment paper write something similar to the following (using your own words is best):

I hope you find happiness and joy in your new home; bringing you endless smiles, memories, and protection.

Once the ink on the paper has dried pass the paper through the smoke of the incense three times.

Place the note on your gift and place your gift onto you altar. Spend sometime meditating quietly. Thank the Goddess and close your circle. So mote it be.

Spells like this are wonderful because in the act of selfless giving the three fold law is working its best. Coming from a place of pure love is the best way to do magick and one of the easiest ways to make fast Karma or to change the luck in your life is to give selflessly to others.

This spell is unique and requires simple, easy to get supplies. You can substitute the Nine Woods incense with something like sage, or sandalwood.

If at all possible do this spell on the night of the new moon to signify new beginnings. You can also do this home blessing spell for your own home with chanting instead of writing the note. You can write a chant/blessing and say it aloud while burning the Nine Woods or Sage incense.

I hope you all find some use for this spell. It was written to provide you real and free information. Please leave me a comment below. 🙂

Merry Meet. Merry Part. Merry Meet Again. 🙂

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Lost and Found Spell # 1

If you own you own home, or just live in one, you may find this spell very useful. This is a really great and totally useful lost and found spell. I am constantly loosing my keys, cell phone, wallet, important documents and more.This is a great lost and found spell. This post actually contains to lost and found spells. One lost and found spell is from Charmed, a TV show.

So a friend of mine named Korsha Moon Mountain, forwarded me this very useful and easy to remember finding chant. Since using this well known lost and found spell, I literally don’t like have to worry about losing something important to me. It works well in a bind, and if you are like me and loose something you just put down then add this spell to your book of shadows!

Lost and Found Spell

When you find you self in a bind and looking to find something that was lost to you, relax and repeat this simple (but effective) chant!Lost and Found Spell

“Mother Goddess, I am too weak,

To remember the lost things I seek,

Help me locate what I have lost

I have looked and pondered and thought,

Bring me my item I so desperately need,

as I will it so mote it be.”

Simple little chant for finding things both BIG and small. So go out there and find something now! This lost and found spell is different than the one that appears on the television show Charmed. That chant is different. It goes like this:

charmed lost and found spell

Charmed lost and found spell

“Guiding Angels,
I ask your charity,
lend me your focus and your clarity,
Bring me to the (name of what is lost) at this time,
Restoring me that and my peace of mind.
With harm to none,
This spell be done.
Let it be not reversed,
Or placed unto me as any curse.
May all astrological correspondences
Be correct for this working.
As I will it,
so mote it be.”

I actually tried this spell when Korsha first forwarded it to me, and found $5 dollars in a old coat jacket! Not much… but enough to buy me some coffee.

It also makes a great addition to your online or offline book of shadows.

Another variation of this spell includes making a cinnamon broom and saying the chant while making a sweeping motion with a white candle lit. That version of this simple spell works really well, and if I am looking for a really important item, I often take the time to work the lengthier version of the finding spell.

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Spell for a Safe Flight

Thank you so much for visiting my little website. It means a lot to me and I hope you will visit often! This is a spell to cast before you travel on a plane. I am very excited because this year I am going to pretty much, travel the world. I haven’t be on too many planes and so I wrote this spell to make me a more comfortable on the flights.

What You’ll Need:

  • a white candle
  • sandalwood oil

Annoit the candle with the oil and light it. Spend time meditating on the flame before chanting the following three times:

Safe and Sound throughout my travels

As I will it so mote it be

Walk though the whole process in your mind. See yourself getting up, getting dressed, Safe Travel Spelldriving to the airport, going through search, getting on the plane, having a great flight, and arriving safely. See the whole process in its entirety and try to be as detailed as possible. Feel the feelings of being safe and arriving safely at your destination.

You can modify this simple spell a lot of different ways. You can place your favorite necklace around the white candle (after you cleanse it) to make a spell charm. If you do this hold the charm while you are going through the process of seeing your flight. See yourself with the necklace as you safely travel. Then place the necklace around the white candle and let it burn out completely.

I have a really exciting traveling year ahead. I charmed my necklace and plan to wear it on every flight!

You can leave questions, comments, suggestions, tips, and everything else in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Just Wicca and thanks for being apart of spreading the word and helping the website grow. Good luck to you all and have a safe flight!

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Spell for Energy and Protection

This spell is designed to fill you with light energy. This spell is meant to raise your energy vibrations, leaving you feeling energized and closer connected with the Goddess. This is a spell I used often (as of recently) and it has helped me in many various ways. This spell doesn’t have a particular outcome in mind but does work towards raising your vibrations and magickal connection with the divine.

Spell for Energy and ProtectionWhat You’ll Need:

  • white candles (any odd number will do) and holders
  • Frankincense Oil

Anoint the candles from the middle to the the bottom of the candle and then from the middle to the top. This is symbolic and will help you achieve a equal balance of spiritual and physical energy.

Place the candles in a circle. Cast your circle as you normally would and light the candles in a clockwise motion.

Move into the center of the circle and raise energy. When you are ready begin to ‘draw’ the light energy towards you. You can stand, sit or lay as you do this. Visualize the energy and feel the energy as its moves in and through your entire body. See and feel each cell of your body as the light energy combines with the cells making them stronger and giving you energy and protection.

Now while concentrating on the center on your head, feel the energy building there. When ready let the energy go and see it manifest in space around you;

I accept and apprecitate this gift of light.

Allow the energy to expand fill the circle; spend sometime meditating in this state. When you are ready allow the energy to form a cocoon around you. See the energy seeping inside your body.

Ground yourself but don’t lose the sense of being infused with the energy. Snuff out the candles in the same clockwise direction.

You may reuse the candles only when doing the same energy ritual until the candles are no more.

This spell can be help to you in many different ways. It can help newcomers when learning to work with energy. As you spend more time working with the light energy you will find your magick ability increasing and a greater connection with the Universal energy.

Some witches don’t do energy work in this particular sense and when they do it is mainly self taught. I am recently beginning to work more with energy and as I try to understand the sensations I’ll be posting more on my own personal experiences.

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Do you do any energy work? Do you have any suggestions about working with energy? Leave your comments in the section below.

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Spell to Send Someone Positive Energy

This spell is for someone who is wanting to send some positive energies to a friend or loved one. This spell is self less and good in nature so you can always expect good results. This is one of the times where doing good can bring happiness to not only your friend but into your life as well. Remembering the threefold law, whatever energies you send out you get back threefold. Come into this spell working with pure and honest intent to help your friend and watch the results.

What You’ll Need:Send Someone Positive Energy

  • a Amethyst crystal (Can be in the form of jewelry or cuff links if a crystal is too unconventional of a gift)
  • sage herbal incense
  • incense burner
  • a white candle
  • blessing oil

Spend sometime meditating and clearing your mind. Try not to think of your friend or anything else. Afterwards do a purification or aura cleansing ritual.

Cast your circle as your normally would. Charge your candle with the blessing oil and place it onto your altar. Place one drop of the blessing oil on each of your hand starting with your power hand. Rub your hands together and raise your power. Place the incense into your burner and meditate on the flame of the candle.

Take the crystal into your power hand and pass it over the smoke of the incense.  Do this three times.

Face towards your friends direction (map, assume, intuition). Hold the cystal out directly in front of you and say the following three times:

Oh Komodia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] happiness

Oh Protogenia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] success

Oh Aphrodite I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] love

Oh Abudantia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] wealth

Oh Euphrosyne I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant [FRIEND] joy

I thank you. So mote it be tonight.

This spell works for many reasons. You are giving your friend a gift of encouragement by simply being in their life and giving them the gift. The gift itself is wonderful and will return to you the same positive energies you sent out threefold. Spells like these are amazing. They really can bring a ton of happiness in your life because you are bringing joy into someone’s life. Like attracts like. I love this spell.

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Spell to Stop an Argument

This spell is to stop an argument. You can use this spell when arguing with a  lover, a friend, a authority figure or anyone else in your life. This spell aims to change the way you and the person with whom you are arguing with feel about each other and the situation.

I would suggest you take a ritual bath first and spend some time clearing your thoughts as to not let any of your more negative thoughts enter into the circle and spell casting.

What You’ll Need:

  • a glass plate (oval if possible, and purple, clear works just fine).
  • a purple candle
  • a picture of the person you are arguing with
  • attraction oil

This spell should be done on the night of the new moon. The plate is used for twoSpell to Stop an Arguement reasons, firstly because glass reflects back to the person and secondly because the color raises your communication vibrations. After you ritual bath cast your circle as you normally would and charge you candle with your intention. Anoint the candle with the attraction oil and place it on your altar.

Place a drop of attraction oil onto the picture and lay the picture face down on the plate for around 15 minutes. You do not want to over-influence the recipient, so spend no more than 15 minutes remembering all the goo times you had with the person.

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Make sure you use a good picture of the person, where they are happy and enjoying themselves. If at all possible use a picture of you and the persona having a great time together. Afterwards place the picture on the altar and let the candle burn down.

The person you are trying to reach should drop by, or try to communicate with you within the next 24 hours so you can solve your difficulties. If they don’t respond do the working again for no more than 15 minutes.

After a third time if you still haven’t seen or heard from the person you should give them a call or try to visit them because by now their feelings should have changed. If they still do not respond or do not respond in kindness it is time to let go and give them more space. Let them know the door is always open when they need to come to you and let them have their space.

Know in you heart that you did everything you could to let go of the past and start the friendship anew. Do dwell on them if hey decide not to move forward with you with kindness and friendship. Wish them well and ‘Merry Part’.

This spell is intended to work with someone with whom you may have had a recent falling out with. It is not intended for someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in years or is very very angry with you. Feel free to do the spell but I wouldn’t suggest speaking with the person for at three weeks if they don’t respond well after you contact them.

This spell works with the intention that you are truly ready to move froward with your friendship and put this argument behind you. You should be prepared to make the first move and apologize for any wrongdoings on your part. This spell doesn’t aim to clear all the issues within a friendship but it should clear the air for this particular argument. It is sometimes hard to get back to normal after a big blow up with  a friend, but after doing this spell and making the effort, things are sure to go your way.

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Spell for Protection at Work or School

I don’t know about you, but bullies tend to make life miserable. Sure it’s easy to say how unhappy the person maybe etc., but feeling sympathy for them doesn’t really stop the problem. I would suggest in additional to this spell you avoid the bully (if at all possible don’t speak to them at all!). If the bully is harassing you consistently and maliciously talk to a manager, or school authority you can trust.

You will be protected with this amulet but most bullies don’t have just one target and speaking with someone who can get this bully help they need. Hurting people hurt people. People who are happy and satisfied with themselves don’t go out and maliciously attack others. I am sorry that this spell is even needed.

My personal complaint is leaving high school and entering the workspace only to run into adults who act like children! Don’t ever be a victim; stand up for yourself and what you believe always! You have the right to a safe work place and school environment.

What You’ll Need:Spell for Protection at Work

  • • • A black candle
  • • • A gray candle
  • • • A white candle
  • • • A piece of paper
  • • • Binding oil
  • • • Protection oil
  • • • A small dish
  • • • Four thieves vinegar

On the night of the full moon anoint your white candle with protection oil. Anoint your gray candle with blessing oil. Anoint your black candle with binding oil. Carve your name onto the white candle and charge it with your intention. Light your black candle:

“Your heart is dark at night this spells represents you;”
Light your gray candle with the flame of your black candle
“You may no longer harm me, I neutralize you”
Light your white candle:
“Goddess of light, I am protected”

On the white piece of paper, using black ink, list the name of all of the bullies. Put the list of bullies into a small dish covered with four thieves’ vinegar. Keep the dish with the vinegar on you altar for until the night before the next full moon.

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