Spell for Energy and Protection

This spell is designed to fill you with light energy. This spell is meant to raise your energy vibrations, leaving you feeling energized and closer connected with the Goddess. This is a spell I used often (as of recently) and it has helped me in many various ways. This spell doesn’t have a particular outcome in mind but does work towards raising your vibrations and magickal connection with the divine.

Spell for Energy and ProtectionWhat You’ll Need:

  • white candles (any odd number will do) and holders
  • Frankincense Oil

Anoint the candles from the middle to the the bottom of the candle and then from the middle to the top. This is symbolic and will help you achieve a equal balance of spiritual and physical energy.

Place the candles in a circle. Cast your circle as you normally would and light the candles in a clockwise motion.

Move into the center of the circle and raise energy. When you are ready begin to ‘draw’ the light energy towards you. You can stand, sit or lay as you do this. Visualize the energy and feel the energy as its moves in and through your entire body. See and feel each cell of your body as the light energy combines with the cells making them stronger and giving you energy and protection.

Now while concentrating on the center on your head, feel the energy building there. When ready let the energy go and see it manifest in space around you;

I accept and apprecitate this gift of light.

Allow the energy to expand fill the circle; spend sometime meditating in this state. When you are ready allow the energy to form a cocoon around you. See the energy seeping inside your body.

Ground yourself but don’t lose the sense of being infused with the energy. Snuff out the candles in the same clockwise direction.

You may reuse the candles only when doing the same energy ritual until the candles are no more.

This spell can be help to you in many different ways. It can help newcomers when learning to work with energy. As you spend more time working with the light energy you will find your magick ability increasing and a greater connection with the Universal energy.

Some witches don’t do energy work in this particular sense and when they do it is mainly self taught. I am recently beginning to work more with energy and as I try to understand the sensations I’ll be posting more on my own personal experiences.

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Do you do any energy work? Do you have any suggestions about working with energy? Leave your comments in the section below.

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