Pet Protection Spell

This is a spell to protect your pet. Do this spell on a Sunday during the full or waxing moon. Keep your pet safe by making sure they are healthy. Keep them current on all vaccinations, keep them clean and feed them and give them fresh water every day. Show them plenty of love and attention play with them and keep them active!
This is a charm bag for pet protection. This is best for inside animals like cats and dogs. This spell can be done for a reptile but you may want to change certain correspondences.

What You’ll Need:protection spell for pets

  • • • Catnip
  • • • Hair or feather from your pet
  • • • Bay leaves
  • • • Cotton
  • • • Protection oil
  • • • 2 Light blue square patch of cloth
  • • • Thick white yarn or thread

Place the light blue patch onto your altar. Place the cotton balls as a first layer. Place the bay leaves and catnip into the center of the pouch. Lay the hairs or feathers on the top and place 3 drops of protection oil on top. Place the light blue cloth on top and sew the patches together to make a small pillow. If you have the room, sew the animals name onto the pouch. If you don’t use a white paint to paint the animals name.

Hold the pillow with your power hand on the very top and charged the item with protection intention. Raise energy and see the white light building in your hand till your hand is over flowing with energy. See the energy leaving your hand and shooting into your pouch infusing it with energy.

Keep the pouch on your altar or a place where the animal you are protecting can’t reach it. Keep the charm for 3 months and then replace with a new one or charge your pouch.
This is a great spell for the protection of your pets but keep them safe with love and regular medical checkups.

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