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Wiccan Animal Spells are an nice addition to any book of shadows. You can find spells to find a lost animal, spells to speak to animals and more.

Animal Spells: Find Your Lost Pet

You must be in a meditative state with one green candle for luck, one white candle for wishing, one blue candle for health, and one red candle for strength. Get a scared bowl filled with pure water, and light the candles around the bowl.

Look at the water and visualize your pet.

Chant “Lost love return to me, lost love its you I seek, mother goddess I ask of you, let this wish of mine come true”.

Chant the spell over and over while visualizing your pet, remember him or her perfectly, and imagine them coming home. You can also hold something that they like, a toy, or a jar of treats to help you settle in the right mindset for this magickal working. Be in the moment as you find them, feel the feelings you feel, all the while chanting and meditating deeply.

Do this Wiccan animal spell everyday for one week, if the pet hasn’t return within one week, wait one week and try again.

This is one of hundreds of free wiccan animal spells on this site and I hope that if you have a lost pet then you will some success with this spell. Wiccan animal spells are interesting in general but this one is very useful and practical on a much broader level.

You can leave a comment or ask a question about this wiccan animal spell or use the search bar to find a spell that will work for you. I would try to modify or write a few of my own wiccan animals spells to have in your book of shadows. Good Luck! I am interested to see if this spell works for you guys 🙂

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A Spell to Bless Someone

Blessing OilHave any questions about this post? Read the forum discussion here. (After five posts you’ll receive an awesome gift!)

This is simple and can be used for multiple reasons. You can change this spell however you like.  This spell is so mold-able that you can use it for almost any purpose, luck, protection, and wishes are just a few. I would start this spell during the waxing phase, synchronizing it to end on the night of the Full Moon. While starting this spell the week before the full moon works the best, doing this spell anytime during the month has been effective for me.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1) one white candle
  • Blessing Oil (How to Make Blessing Oil)
  • a Bolline (if you don’t have one, just use something you can carve with)
  • A chant written by you

Using your intent, charge your candle. If you aren’t sure how to charge a candle read my post:  How to Charge a Candle. Next, using your bolline, carve your name or the name of the person you want to protect, bless, or give luck to on the candle. Dress the candle with the blessing oil. If you are using this spell as a luck spell, blessing oil is still fine to use, but you may want to consider using a luck oil.

Put the candle in the center of your altar. Light the candle for the next seven days burning an equal amount of the candle each day.  Each time you light the candle say your chant. Spend a few minutes seeing the outcome of the spell as if it has already happened. Snuff out the candle. On the last day let the candle burn out. Thank the Goddess and expect the blessings immediately.

This spell is so simple and only requires two things! (Oil and Candle) Let me know what you think about this simple spell by leaving you suggestions, comments and questions below.

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