Spell to Stop an Argument

This spell is to stop an argument. You can use this spell when arguing with a  lover, a friend, a authority figure or anyone else in your life. This spell aims to change the way you and the person with whom you are arguing with feel about each other and the situation.

I would suggest you take a ritual bath first and spend some time clearing your thoughts as to not let any of your more negative thoughts enter into the circle and spell casting.

What You’ll Need:

  • a glass plate (oval if possible, and purple, clear works just fine).
  • a purple candle
  • a picture of the person you are arguing with
  • attraction oil

This spell should be done on the night of the new moon. The plate is used for twoSpell to Stop an Arguement reasons, firstly because glass reflects back to the person and secondly because the color raises your communication vibrations. After you ritual bath cast your circle as you normally would and charge you candle with your intention. Anoint the candle with the attraction oil and place it on your altar.

Place a drop of attraction oil onto the picture and lay the picture face down on the plate for around 15 minutes. You do not want to over-influence the recipient, so spend no more than 15 minutes remembering all the goo times you had with the person.

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Make sure you use a good picture of the person, where they are happy and enjoying themselves. If at all possible use a picture of you and the persona having a great time together. Afterwards place the picture on the altar and let the candle burn down.

The person you are trying to reach should drop by, or try to communicate with you within the next 24 hours so you can solve your difficulties. If they don’t respond do the working again for no more than 15 minutes.

After a third time if you still haven’t seen or heard from the person you should give them a call or try to visit them because by now their feelings should have changed. If they still do not respond or do not respond in kindness it is time to let go and give them more space. Let them know the door is always open when they need to come to you and let them have their space.

Know in you heart that you did everything you could to let go of the past and start the friendship anew. Do dwell on them if hey decide not to move forward with you with kindness and friendship. Wish them well and ‘Merry Part’.

This spell is intended to work with someone with whom you may have had a recent falling out with. It is not intended for someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in years or is very very angry with you. Feel free to do the spell but I wouldn’t suggest speaking with the person for at three weeks if they don’t respond well after you contact them.

This spell works with the intention that you are truly ready to move froward with your friendship and put this argument behind you. You should be prepared to make the first move and apologize for any wrongdoings on your part. This spell doesn’t aim to clear all the issues within a friendship but it should clear the air for this particular argument. It is sometimes hard to get back to normal after a big blow up with  a friend, but after doing this spell and making the effort, things are sure to go your way.

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