Spell to Attract Friends

Having friends that you can depend on through all types of situations both good or bad is very important. That sense of community is important. We all want to be accepted by a group of people and we all want to have people in our lives with similar goals, thoughts, ambitions, feelings and ways of thinking.

This spells works well if you are constantly trying to improve yourself and your life. You can also supplement this spell with a daily affirmation. You can find wiccan friends on my Witchcraft Message board or the Wiccan Pen Pals Page.

This is a spell to attract multiple new friends into your life. This spell works fast and is very effective. Try this spell to attract new friends and tell us your results in the comment section below this post.

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Do this spell during the waxing moon on a Sunday

What You’ll Need:

  • multiple ribbons or yarn strings in various colors
  • a yellow candle
  • good luck oil

Cast your circle and gather your supplies. Anoint your candle and light. Gather the yarn and braid the various colors into a friendship bracelet. As you do this chant:

“Interwine and interwoven, may our friendship never be broken;

True friends attract to me; as I will it so mote it be”

spell to attract friendsDo this until your bracelet is made. Put three drops of the good luck oil onto your friendship bracelet and wrap it around the candle as it burns down. Wear the bracelet and be the friendly person you are. Friends will  naturally be attracted to you. Place three drops of good luck oil on your bracelet every three weeks.

Not only is this spell meant to attract friends but also luck. You must try your best to maintain positive thoughts and actions. Its not always easy to be a positive person but you can start by telling someone you love them daily, and tell yourself you love and accept yourself. If you don’t love and honor yourself first, how can you expect others to do the same?

I love you. All of you. I don’t know where you have been, or what you have been through. I may not ever know. But I love you and you all are always in my heart. Its my goal to show you all how much you mean to me by making this website the best it can be. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on this blog. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this spell to attract friends. You can leave comments, questions, suggestions and everything else below. Thank you so much for visiting JustWicca.com!

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