Spell to Change Your Luck

This spell requires 7 (yes seven!) candles and its a very intense spell for a life overhaul. I told you guys a little earlier that I wasn’t having the best of luck… Well in a matter of minutes you guys came to my aid with some awesome spells for good luck. Thank you so much! This spell was sent to me by my friend Death Potter (what a coool name! I love harry potter!). Death Potter writes:

Raven! I hear you have been having some bad luck! Try this spell it works for me every time. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you so much Death and thanks for the good luck bro! This spell is to be done on the night before the full moon and Death suggests you(I) do a cleansing ritual before hand. You can use the search to find some of the purification rituals.

Spell to Change Your Luck

Spell to Change Your LuckWhat You’ll Need:

  • black candle to represent the bad luck
  • gray candle to neutralize the bad luck
  • white candle to move into the light
  • green candle to wish for prosperity
  • red candle to wish for love
  • yellow candle to wish for happiness
  • orange candle for speedy changes

You can anoint all the candles (except the black candle) with good luck oil if you have it.Light the black candle and think of the bad luck. Light the gray candle to neutralize the bad luck. Light the white candle to stop the bad luck and move into the positive. Light the green candle and make wish for abundance. Light the red candle and make a wish for your love life. Light the yellow candle and make a wish for your happiness. Light the orange candle and ask for a speedy delivery.

Spend some time before and after you light each candle meditating on the candles purpose. As you light each candle you may want to add some words or a chant whatever feels right and comfortable to you. Let all the candles burn down. Gather the left over wax of all the candles and place it in a wooden box. Place the box under your bed and don’t remove it for 3 months. After three months you can do the spell again.

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