Get the Job Interview Spell

For this particular spell it is best done on Thursday,

Day of Jupiter, and on waxing moon.

Candles That Correspond to your zodiac sign:

ARIES = red
TAURUS = green
GEMINI = yellow
CANCER = silver
LEO =orange
VIRGO = yellow
LIBRA = pink
AQUARIUS = all colors
PISCES = mauve

What you will need for this spell:

2) Green Candles

1) White Candle or Black Candle

1) Candle of your corresponding Zodiac Sign located above.

Incense: Cinnamon, Patchouli, or Sandalwood.

Success Oil: Cinnamon Oil, or Patchouli Oil

Herbs of Success you can use 1, or mixture of multiples of: Cinnamon, Clover, High John the Conqueror, Patchouli, and Vanilla.

A copy of your Resume

A photograph of yourself/ if you can’t access, or do not have a photograph your full name on paper will work just fine.

Also runes if you wish to carve on the candles.

To start the spell off:

1) Do a ritual cleansing bath asking the universe to remove obstacles out of your path, and cleanse your spirit of negativity. Also cleanse your sacred space of negativity.

2) Cast your circle

3) Cleanse, and concrete your candles plus you may have the option to carve money symbols or runes, or even ruins of success on them, dash a hint of success herb on them.

4) Light incense circle around your sacred circle.

5) Light the black candle, dash a hint of success herbs on the photograph, and resume. Then place your picture, and resume below the black candle. Then meditate on the walls, barriers, or obstacles being torn down, and seizing your new opportunities. Chant this spell: “O Great Universe I come to thee with perfect love, and trust. To open great paths for this opportunity I seek. May no harm come to none as well as myself. May this come in the most correct way so shall it be. So mote it be!”

6) Place the light black candle of to the side and now light the remaining candles. Place the green ones on opposite ends of your picture, and resume. Now visualize yourself having the job that you so desire. Visualize your first check coming to you, and happiness surrounding yourself. Chant the following spell: “I call upon the Universe, Bring me this Job I need. Bring me good relations with my fellow workers, and employers. May they see me compatible in all ways possible. I ask this of thee in perfect love, and trust, please make it just. Bring harm to no one, and myself. This I ask of thee. So mote it be! ”

7) Place the green candles off to the side, then take your zodiac candle, and place it on top of your photograph. Visualize your success at getting this job, and further meditate on good things to come from the job. Chant this following spell “This Job I need, I cast this spell, in perfect love, and trust, Bring me what is just. I (Your name) ask of the universe if it is meant to be, bless me with this job I seek for that I thank thee. So mote it be!”

8) Meditate further on until you feel drained. Then snuff the candles out. Place your picture, and resume up in a safe place until you get the interview.

9) Close your circle, and thank the goddess/god and the universe for all that they have done.

10) You may light the remains of the candles to seal the spell’s power until they are no more. Dispose of the candles properly either burying them, let them wash away into moving water. When you get the interview, picture in your pocket, or purse. Then take the resume with you to your job interview.

11) Remember be patient and be positive. Blessed be, and good luck!

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