Spell to Get a Boyfriend

This spell to get a boyfriend was sent in by Clara Magi with no modifications made by me. She wrote this spell with out the consideration of moon phases and so this spell is great for beginners. For more experienced witches, you can of course modify the spell with appropriate correspondences and make it more powerful. I think this spell is a wonderful example of not having to do everything “the right way” but achieving desired results.

From Clara:

I wrote this spell to get a boyfriend because I am 15 and was the only girl out of the 9 girls in my class without a boyfriend. I go to a small school and its a Christian one, so you can imagine how hard it would have been to find someone who thinks like me.

I did this spell less than 3 months ago after coming to you website: JUSTWICCA.COM and reading something you wrote about the movie “The secret”.

I didn’t meet my boyfriend right away. I met him after I worked on my self confidence because I felt ugly and thought to myself that no one would like me. So I knew that love wouldn’t come until I loved myself and so that what I worked on first. Remy came into my life after I had been working out and feeling better about myself.

I am so happy and I know that I can create my life like anyway I want it to be like.  So I hope this spell works for someone who was like me. 🙂  — Clara

spell to get a boyfriend

Here is Clara’s Spell to Get a Boyfriend.

  1. Write down everything you want in a boyfriend. Don’t write things that you don’t want on the paper. Just the positive things. I wrote mine in pink ink on printer paper because its nicer than my school paper but I didn’t have things like Raven’s parchment paper. I read the letter and at the bottom signed my name and wrote ‘so mote it be’.
  2. I folded the letter and put it under my bed. I was worried about my mom finding the letter so I placed the letter and the envelope with a love crystal I bought from your shop inside this plastic container I have under my bed with my socks, pjs and underwear.
  3. I understood that I didn’t really feel like I was ‘good enough’ for a boyfriend so I decided to start trying to work on myself and make myself feel good.
  4. I started working out and meditating because I was a size 15 and I felt bad about myself.
  5. When I started to workout and like who I was.. people like changed around me… like magick, complimenting me and telling me I was pretty… I went to a used bookstore/video game/music store with my older sister and I was looking at anime and comics and met a guy that lives IN MY SAME NEIGHBORHOOD, we never met because I go to a private school!
  6. We have been together 3 weeks and we have so much in common! I lost the love crystal I bought from your site but I know its because the crystal is alive and wanted to go help someone else find love.

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